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Highway workers are acutely aware of the pressing need to upgrade the nation’s transportation system. This is the reason you need the help of Highway Insurance Limited to protect your car from crashing. Also here in the article are the reviews on the company’s profile.

Highway Insurance

Highway Insurance is, therefore, a market leader in personal lines insurance, dedicated to technical and customer service excellence. Its also principal motor insurance products include personal automobiles, specialty automobiles, fleets, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. It thus distributes insurance products via middlemen. The business was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Brentwood, United Kingdom.

Highway insurance claims

We’re doing everything we can to reduce collisions on our streets and sidewalks, it’s part of our commitment to serving the community. However, if you are involved in an accident as a result of a pothole or an uneven surface, you may decide to submit an insurance claim to us.

We will entertain a claim only if the incident occurred as a result of our failure to maintain the road or pavement in question. Additionally, you must file a claim within three years after the accident’s date. You are not entitled to compensation automatically. To succeed with your claim, you must also establish that we were negligent.

We thus have a responsibility to safeguard public funds, and the information you submit may be used to prevent and identify fraud.

Use the following links for additional information and to submit a claim:

  • Leaflet titled “Injury or Damage on the Highway”
  • Information about all insurance claims made against the council in general 
  • To file an insurance claim, please contact us through email at highwaysgeneral@lbhf.gov.uk. Include your address and phone number, as well as full details of the location, date, time, manner, and cause of the accident.

How to Make a Claim

You must completely fill out a claim form. The claim form is available for download below. You must include the following:

  • the incident’s precise location
  • the date and time
  • climate conditions
  • travel direction
  • by foot or automobile
  • a rough sketch of the area
  • if possible, photographs

And the reasons you believe we are accountable. You must also supply original receipts for repairs and, if possible, invoices for the damaged item’s original purchase.

We will also investigate your claim, examine our own evidence, and if we believe that we are responsible, we give you an offer based on the value of the damaged objects. If we cannot agree, we will notify you in writing and provide an explanation for our decision.

There is also no set timeframe for when a claim will be fully in progress because each situation is unique.

According to the Highway Website 

“Highway is a premier personal lines insurer that is dedicated to technical and service excellence. It is also a member of the Liverpool Victoria Group of Companies (LV). Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, founded in 1843, is the largest friendly society in the United Kingdom; and a market leader in financial services goods. At LV, our mission is to assist people in protecting and providing for the things they cherish. This is a cause close to our hearts, and thus, we hope it reflects in the way we work with you.”

Highway Insurance Company Limited

Highway Insurance Company Limited is an insurance carrier based in Brentwood, United Kingdom. In addition, Highway Insurance Company Limited employs 170 people and generates $429.96 million in revenue at this site (USD). (Employees are approximations.) The Highway Insurance Company Limited corporate family also comprises 2,155 entities.

Highway Insurance Company Limited, registered in England and Wales under company number 3730662, is authorized and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority, both of which are registered under company number 202972.

The registered address for all companies is 57 Ladymead, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1DB, Tel. 0330 1239970.

Highway Insurance Reviews 

Oftentimes, Highway Insurance Company offers discounts and advantages on a variety of insurance quotes; to help their customers save money on their coverage. They offer high-quality goods that protect their consumers against a wide range of mistakes and calamities. Their insurance comes complete with a plethora of outstanding perks and possibilities. They offer a variety of options with each insurance quote; which ensures that their ever-growing client base is always completely happy.

Their solutions are also ideal for anyone in need of dependable auto, van, or motorcycle insurance. The company’s objective is to provide affordable policies while maintaining the highest possible standard of terms; benefits within each quoted premium.

They also provide outstanding coverage at a price point that the majority of people in the UK can afford. Highway coverage is unquestionably of exceptional value when compared to comparable products offered by other UK insurance firms.

To see more reviews on highway insurance click on this https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=29023 for more information.

Highway Car Insurance

Highway Car Insurance had over 600,000 clients in 2005, generating £265 million in premium income. Consequently, Highway Car Insurance distributes its goods exclusively through third-party brokers. They presently interact with 2,500 intermediate insurance providers and brokers.

Highway auto insurance offers a variety of products to their intermediaries; for sale to the general public in the United Kingdom. These products include private auto insurance from Highway Choice, commercial vehicle insurance from Highway Choice, motorcycle insurance from Highway Choice; fleet insurance from Highway Choice, truck insurance from Highway Choice, and motor trade insurance from Highway Choice. Additionally, they offer specialized insurance packages for a variety of motor insurance needs, including 4X4 vehicle insurance, Japanese insurance, and a variety of other forms of insurance.

Highway auto insurance provides consumers with internet access to their policies as well as a key facts paper; that they can download and examine on their laptops. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open and read these documents.

Highway Car insurance is meant for drivers aged 19 to 80; who are searching for comprehensive or third-party, fire, and theft coverage.

Coverage selection

Your customers can opt for complete coverage or third-party, fire, and theft coverage, depending on their specific needs. We can insure vehicles up to the value of £50,000 under comprehensive insurance. Up to the value of £7,500 under third-party fire and theft insurance; and we offer a number of discounts on both types of coverage.

Highway Insurance Company

The primary goal of Highway Insurance Company Limited (‘Company’) is to conduct general insurance business through broker distribution channels. The sale of motor insurance products is the principal source of premium revenue. Private Cars, specialty Cars, and Motorcycles are all types of motor insurance.

On 28 December 2017, the Company transferred its commercial broker lines renewal rights to Allianz Insurance plc as part of a larger transaction; in which Allianz Holdings plc acquired 49% of Liverpool Victoria General Insurance Group Limited (‘LVGIG’), an intermediary parent holding company. As a result, the Company halted writing new business for commercial brokers in 2018. Commercial brokering is a distinct primary line of business for the Company and is thus classified as a terminated operation. Thus, discontinued operations are shown on a single line in the Statement of Comprehensive Income.

The Company purchased the renewal rights to Allianz Insurance plc’s personal lines business from Allianz Insurance plc. As part of the same 2017 transaction for a cost of £1,000,000, which contributed to premium growth in continuing operations this year.

Allianz Holdings plc bought the remaining 51% of LVGIG on December 31, 2019, to achieve complete ownership. As part of its ambition to diversify and enhance its company, LVGIG acquired Legal and General Insurance Limited (‘LGIL’) on January 1, 2020, which was then renamed Fairmead Insurance Limited (‘Fairmead’).

Fairmead is a non-life insurance company based in the United Kingdom; that was previously part of the Legal and General Group. Its primary concentration is on home insurance, with a modest but expanding pet insurance division. Fairmead is the seventh-largest supplier of home insurance in the United Kingdom; with over two million customers. Served through a variety of distribution channels, including direct, brokers, managing general agents (MGAs), and independent financial advisors (IFAs).

Existing Fairmead customers will be encouraged to renew their policies with the Company or one of its intermediate parent companies; Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company (‘LVIC’), beginning in late 2020.


Is Highway insurance part of LV?

“Highway is a premier personal lines insurer committed to technical and service excellence. It is a member of the Liverpool Victoria group of companies (LV=). Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, founded in 1843, is the largest friendly society in the United Kingdom and a market leader in financial services goods.

Why do insurance companies care about crashworthiness?

Safety is an important consideration for automakers, and Crashworthiness was created to raise their awareness of that fact. A consumer is more inclined to purchase an automobile that has been demonstrated to be safer in crashworthiness tests than one that has been found to be less safe.

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Safety is an important consideration for automakers, and Crashworthiness was created to raise their awareness of that fact. A consumer is more inclined to purchase an automobile that has been demonstrated to be safer in crashworthiness tests than one that has been found to be less safe.

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