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The objective of asset collections is to assist you in resolving your debts by providing flexible and customized repayment options that enable you to achieve financial independence. However, this article contains a profile on asset collections & investigations (ACI) limited reviews and their connection to the lending stream.

Asset Collections

Asset Collections is a lawsuit, investigation, negotiation, and debt collection advising firm. 

Here is a rundown of the Company’s Information:

ACI-UK Limited

10 Whitehills Business Park



FY4 5LW  United Kingdom

01253 523479 (Phone No)

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Trading Styles: ACI

Brief Overview:

A Quick Overview:

ACI UK is, however, a seasoned debt-collecting agency licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their personnel are highly trained to assist consumers in effectively managing their accounts in a positive and caring manner.

Services Offered: Call Center Support, Debt Collection, Debt Purchase, Litigation, Small and Ad Hoc Collections, Tracing

Company Email Address:

Contact Name: Simon Unsworth

Region: North West

Member Since: 10/07/2015

Outsourced Services: Debt Collection, Debt Purchase, Enforcement Action, Field visits, Litigation, Small and Ad Hoc Collection, Tracing

Types of Debt: Business to Business, Credit Agreements

Asset Collections & Investigations Limited

Asset Collections and Investigations Limited, sometimes referred to as ACI Debt Collector, is a debt collection firm. They also state on their website that they ‘assist customers in managing their outstanding bills.’ Additionally, when visiting their website, you’ll notice that there isn’t much other information about them.

However, they are a Blackpool-based company that was founded in 1999. Clearly, they are an established name in the debt collection industry.

Why are they contacting me?

Typically, firms like ACI debt collectors would contact you after receiving information about you from a creditor. This frequently indicates that you owe money to another company and they have been unable to collect it. In some instances, ACI may be legally obligated to manage your account.

Asset Collections and Investigations Limited will make every effort to collect any money owed to you. They will offer you a range of payment alternatives but will ultimately require you to repay the amount borrowed plus interest and fees.

Are they a legitimate company? 

Yes. This is an extremely critical question to ask when dealing with debt collectors. Numerous examples of fraudulent businesses attempting to defraud innocent customers have occurred. Also, there are typically two sites where you can check whether a firm is legitimate and capable of collecting money – Companies House and the Financial Conduct Authority. Thus, each has a register that keeps track of its transactions.

Asset Collections and Investigations Limited is, therefore, a genuine company registered with Companies House under the registration number 03775287. They are registered with the FCA under reference number 708400.

The company’s registered office is at 10 Whitehills Business Park, Blackpool, FY4 5LW.

Do I have to pay ACI debt collectors? 

This is a common question when dealing with debt collectors. At some point, we must all repay our debts. However, the specific circumstances surrounding your debt will dictate whether or not you are required to pay ACI.

In addition, there are two critical points to examine in this instance. Therefore, the first consideration is whether your obligation is statutorily barred. Essentially, this is a question of whether the debt is current. Often, a creditor must pursue a debt within six years.

If none of you acknowledges it during that time period and you do not make a payment, it may be void.

The second consideration is whether they can establish that the debt was genuinely yours in the first place. However, if the creditor or debt collector cannot establish that you owe them money, they cannot compel you to repay it.

What rights do I have?

You have specific rights when dealing with a debt-collecting firm. This likewise indicates that ACI is unable to:

  • Unless you grant them permission, do not speak to anyone else about your debt.
  • You may also be subjected to verbal or physical harassment.
  • Pretend to possess legal authority that they do not genuinely possess
  • Confusion or misdirection by excessively intricate letters or language

If you believe any of the above is occurring, you may file a complaint with Asset Collections and Investigations directly. They must cope with the matter on their own and formulate a response.

What action can Asset Collections and Investigations take?

Consequently, if you continue to neglect and refuse to pay ACI, they or the creditor may pursue many options. They’ll begin by adding charges and interest to the balance you owe. This may mean that you eventually owe more money.

Following that, they may attempt to obtain a CCJ (County Court Judgment) against you. This is also a court order compelling you to pay your debts, which can have major consequences for your financial well-being.

If you continue to default on payments, creditors or debt collectors; may also apply for the appointment of bailiffs at your residence. If a bailiff arrives, they have the authority to seize your property in order to satisfy any debts you owe.

Asset Collections Lending Stream

Lending Stream is a short-term lender with a six-month loan period. Their sample annual percentage rate is high at 1333 percent, but this is to be expected when contemplating this type of credit. When consumers apply for the first time with Lending Stream, they are limited to borrowing up to £800. Once they have demonstrated their ability to repay on time; and that the loan is in order, they can borrow up to £1,500. Successful applicants will get the loan payment nearly immediately; however, the payment may take up to 24 hours to appear in your online management section. As is the case with other short-term lending choices; they are not a long-term answer because of their high representative annual percentage rate. Caution should be exercised when considering this form of credit; in order to avoid being stung and finding yourself in financial trouble.

Lending Stream thus provides an online account that assists consumers with loan administration. Customers may view the status of their most recent payment, payment history, and loan balance. Since 2008, Lending Stream has provided short-term loans and is a member of the BCCA and CCTA.

It can be frustrating and difficult to struggle with debt management. However, with the right combination of communication and determination, you may be able to change the course of events.

The company’s debt collection department contacts you to remind you of any missed debt payments; or to negotiate alternative payment arrangements that may be more suitable for your current financial circumstances.

How do I get in contact with Lending Stream LLC Debt Collection?

The majority of Lending Stream’s information is available on its website. Lending Stream can be contacted via any of the following methods.

  • Their Head Office:  Lending Stream, PO Box 10756, LEICESTER, LE3 4GX
  • Registered Office: 251 Little Falls Drive, Wilmington, DE 19808, USA
  • Telephone: 0203 808 4440
  • Registration Number: 4124111
  • Financial Conduct Authority Number: 689378
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Pinterest:

Are Asset Collections Lending Streams a legitimate company?

It is a poor idea to dismiss debt collection agencies; they are not simply defeated. If you also continue to disregard them, they may prosecute you; which may include dealing with enforcement authorities or receiving a charging order if you own your home.

Why is Lending Stream LLC Asset Collections Contacting Me?

Your account was most likely moved to Lending Stream LLC as a result of a debt. In the majority of cases, your duty was owed to a distinct creditor; which may explain why you are unfamiliar with their identity. They are a debt collection agency that collects money owed to other businesses on behalf of their clients.

What Are My Next Steps?

If Lending Stream LLC has approached you, the following measures should be taken. Ascertain that the debt mentioned in Lending Stream LLC’s letter is actually your debt. If you’re also unsure whether the bill is yours, check with a credit agency; to see if your name is shown as having any outstanding debts.

Lending Stream LLC must be able to establish that the debt they say is yours is, in fact, yours. They are also forced to declare the debt paid if they are unable to verify it. The verification may contain the agreed-upon loan repayment date, the amount outstanding, and the monthly payment required.

After verifying the debt, you can thus contact their staff to discuss payment choices and strategies. Retain track of your payments and keep an up-to-date record of all transactions and communications with the company.

What Can Lending Stream LLC Asset Collections Do?

Debt Squared Debt Collection is capable of the following:

  • Contact you at your home or place of employment during reasonable hours, unless they are ordered to cease.
  • Communicate with debtors and loan servicers via letters or emails to discuss debt and loan payment options.
  • Discuss your payment history and possible improvements.
  • Come to your house, but do not enter unless invited.
  • Solicit repayment of the loan.
  • Debt-squared debt collection is not capable of
  • Pretend to be a law enforcement officer or a bailiff.
  • In any way, shape, or form, threaten you
  • Disrupt your or your family’s peace
  • Pay a visit to you at work
  • Act threateningly, aggressively, and intimidatingly
  • Create havoc for yourself or your family
  • Take any of your items or information without your consent

Asset Collections & Investigations Reviews

Asset Collections and Investigations, or ACI, is a Blackpool-based debt collection agency. They established their company in 1999, demonstrating their expertise. They will contact you if a creditor has informed them that you owe money.

Asset Collections and Investigations is well-known for pursuing unpaid debts on behalf of a variety of different businesses. They may be really helpful and accommodating with regard to payment alternatives. Here › court-claims-and-issues are some reviews on asset collections Investigation Reviews

Asset Collections FAQ

Who do asset collections collect for?

Asset Collections and Investigations will make every effort to collect any money owed to you. They will offer you a range of payment alternatives but will ultimately require you to repay the amount borrowed plus interest and fees.

What is asset collections and investigations?

Asset Collections and Investigations, or ACI, is a Blackpool-based debt collection agency. They established their company in 1999, demonstrating their expertise. They will contact you if a creditor has informed them that you owe money.

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