British Senior Life Insurance

Dealing with funeral expenses after the death of a loved one can be a huge burden. You sure will not want your dear ones to go through that alone. That is why getting life insurance is ideally perfect for everyone. British Senior Life Insurance provides diverse options for you to help protect your dear ones from unnecessary expenses after your death. This article focuses on British senior life insurance UK, its reviews and outlined its phone number and also elaborate on one of its policy.  Although British senior life insurance offers diverse insurance policies to suit customers’ needs, one of its best plans is the British senior life over 50 policy. This is one of the top-ranked life insurance policies in the UK.   

British Senior Life insurance UK

The British Seniors insurance is an insurance agency that can truly resonate with one desire to protect the interest of people dear to them. It is a UK based insurance company that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA). They issue diverse plans to people and have over the years proven to be a trustworthy insurance agency. Their insurance plan covers funeral expenses, clears debt and also leaves beneficiaries a lump sum. 

British Senior Life Insurance Plans 

The life insurance policy plans include the following;

#1. Over 50 Life Insurance

This is also known as over 50 guaranteed policies and pays up to £10,000 to your dear ones upon your demise.   This means that as long as you make your monthly premium payments you are protected for the rest of your life, and your legal beneficiary will receive a lump-sum payment when you die.

 #2. Seniors  Term Life Insurance 

Seniors Term Life Insurance is a sort of coverage that lasts for a specific period of time.  It provides a bigger payout out the sum to your loved ones in case of death before the end of the term agreement. Unlike Over 50 life insurance, this policy is not available to everyone. You will have to answer certain health questions and through some medical tests to be eligible.   The answers to these questions will help you assess whether or not this cover is right for you. Also, it pays as high as  £100,000 lump sum to dear ones. Finally, term life insurance is available to people from 45-80 years of age.

#3. Funeral Insurance Plan

The British senior life funeral Insurance Plan is a straightforward approach to assist your dear ones in covering the costs of your funeral. It pays out a lump sum to your loved ones to cover funeral fees and other expenditures if you pass away.  Basically, British senior life funeral insurance has three tiers. The first is the gold, the silver and the bronze. They all require different premium payments. This plan provides up to  £5,500 to help cover funeral costs.

British Senior Life Insurance Reviews

The British senior life insurance agency has a 4.7 rating in Trustpilot where a  bulk of their reviews are visible to all. The following are what people have to say about them.

  • Excellent Customer’s Service

The British senior life insurance service has excellent customer’s service. The insurance team of dedicated staff calls you up immediately after you sign up for the quote. Their personnel are extremely friendly and patient with prospects and customers. Their staff excellent professionalism reflect in the way they deal with customers. 

  • Delay In Delivering voucher

Although most people can attest to the professional ethics of the insurance agency, people complain of the delay experienced in getting their vouchers as promised. However, this is because you must pay six months’ premiums before receiving the stated M&S voucher. As a result, some prospects find their advert deceptive. 

  • Great Insurance Policy

They have amazing offers that will meet your life insurance needs. This ranges from term life insurance to over 50 policy and also include the funeral policy plan.

  • Prompt And Punctual

Upon the successful completion of a quote, they promise to call and will do just that.

  • Amazing advisor 

With their efficient advisor, you are sure to come up with an affordable plan best suitable to you. These advisors help you tailor your budget needs without asking invasive questions. They provide detailed and informative guides on how to purchase a package.

  • Quick And Easy Signup

Getting a British senior life insurance policy is quite simple. All you need to do is simply apply for a quote and they will contact you immediately. 

  • Swift Response To Cancellation

Although they want to keep you with them, they respect your desire to cancel a plan accordingly.

British Senior Life insurance Over 50

The British senior life Over 50 insurance policy is considered one of the best-guaranteed insurance plans available in the UK. Anyone up to 50 years of age and a resident of the UK is eligible to apply. It provides cover 

Features Of British Senior Life Insurance Over 50

The over 50 life insurance hs the following features;

  • Open to UK residence
  • No medical test or record needed
  • Up to £10,000 given to dear ones
  • Get double cover for death caused by accident
  • No more monthly premium from age 95
  • Open to people from 50 years and above
  • Cover for any cause of death after 12months

Over 50 Funeral Bonus offer 

The 50 insurance policy amazingly comes with a bonus of £300 for the funeral. However, this bonus offer is optional and does not apply to everyone. They are in partnership with Golden Charter funeral services.  To get this you will have to choose their funeral options and the money will be paid to Golden Charter and the remains will be given to your next of kin.

How much will it cost To Get A British Over 50 Life Insurance?

It all depends on what you want the life insurance plan to cover. Do you want to cover just your funeral expenses or you will like to add a little extra for bills and possibly gift your dear ones from your life insurance?

The cost of acquiring over 50 life insurance is also depended on when you started and the monthly payment you settle for. However, a monthly payment of £4.32 will get you an over 50 life insurance plan. This is however depends on the age you started. 

British Senior Life Insurance Phone Number

Contacting them is also relatively easy as their phone lines are open to all. They also provide an online option for prospects snd existing customers.

To access them via their phone line in the UK, 0800 803 0051 or on +448008030052 from other States.


Life insurance policy is a great relief to our families and friends when we are no more. British senior life insurance offers you the best with various policies tailored to meet your exact needs. You can rest on in peace knowing fully well your loved ones are not burdened with funeral expenses.

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