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We live in an unpredictable world these days. Thus, many legitimate reasons exist to prepare yourself for those unannounced curveballs.

You get top-notch and high-quality personal or business insurance options with Advance Insurance. These options can help secure a long-lasting future for yourself and your generation.

Read on to explore how Advance insurance works, policy coverages, and more.

About Advance Insurance

Advance Insurance Agencies Ltd is a non-affiliated insurance broker founded in 1929.

They’ve provided unbiased insurance advice and services to local and national customers for almost 90 years. The insurance agency has branches in Westbury, Trowbridge, Swindon, and Chippenham, and their offices are in the South West.

In addition, the organization has teams of highly qualified advisors who can provide information and guidance on a wide selection of goods and services, rather than just one provider, from the insurance marketplace.

Let’s look at how they work!

How Does Advance Insurance Work?

Just like every other insurance company, Advance Insurance has its mode of operation. Basically, they provide a diverse selection of commercial and personal insurance products to meet your needs.

Let’s break them down further!

Personal Insurance

Advance Personal Insurance provides high-quality, trustworthy coverage for all of life’s valuables. It includes the following insurance policies:

  • Caravan
  • Classic Car
  • Japanese Import Car
  • Motorhome
  • Pet

Caravan Car

This insurance policy covers the following items:

  • Competitive premiums
  • Three tiers of protection.
  • Estimated market value
  • 1 year new for old (caravans that are less than a year old)
  • 5 year new for old (caravans older than 5 years)
  • Theft, fire, and accidental damage to the caravan and its contents.
  • There is a cover for the contents.
  • Automobiles: Caravans: Motorized, Static, and Mobile
  • £2,000,000 Coverage for Public Liability
  • Covers for awnings are available.
  • Payment options that are flexible
  • Coverage Right Away

Classical Policy

This is a full-coverage policy that recognizes the genuine value of your classic car. Advance Insurance has been arranging antique car insurance for over 30 years, providing specific coverage for owners, collectors, and traders.

Japanese Car Insurance: This can cover anything from your Japanese supercar performance vehicle to your everyday family vehicle in Australia, and even your 4WD vehicle for off-road activities!

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Motorhome and Campervan Insurance

This policy covers all types of motorhomes and campervans. This could be anything from a Coach-built motorhome to a low-profile. It could be an A-Class vehicle to a van that passes a transformation process into a campervan.

Businesses Insurance

Tasker Insurance Brokers, one of Advance Insurance’s partners, offers a wide range of business insurance products and services.

As an insurer, their expert consultants can assist you in finding the protection your company needs.

  • Combination of Commercial and Residential
  • Directors and Officers of a Commercial Property Contractor
  • Package for Fleet Vehicles
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Employer and Public Liability
  • Transportation

Commercial Real Estate

Advance Insurance has access to many insurers who specialize in commercial property insurance.

So, whether you need to ensure a one-bedroom residential flat, a commercial warehouse, or anything in between, Advance insurance got you covered.

Aside from that, buildings, contents, loss of rent, rent guarantee, alternative lodging, legal expenses, and much more can all be covered.

The following are examples of risks that are covered:

  • Residential Properties: Occupied or Unoccupied
  • Commercial Properties, Occupied or Unoccupied
  • Portfolios of real estate
  • Residents’ associations or property management firms
  • Houses for vacation
  • Previous claims, flooding, and underpinning are all potential hazards.
  • Property with a Thatch
  • Access Refusal
  • Coverage for commercial property owners’ liability and public liability.
  • Damage caused by chance
  • Coverage for the contents of the landlord
  • Tenant-caused malicious damage and theft up to the insured amount

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Commercial Combined Insurance

A single business insurance policy that may be customized to cover all the risks that come with running a business. This can come from the processes you use to the locations where you work to the commodities you buy, sell, or keep.

It could also be required to comply with any regulatory or commercial obligations you have.

It protects you from the following threats, depending on the type of your business:

  • Mechanical breakdowns that impair production due to the loss or damage of buildings, goods, machinery, and equipment.
  • Fidelity business interruption goods in transit legal protection loss recovery the costs of conducting a product recall liability claims from third parties and workers fidelity business interruption goods in transit.

Insurance for Travelers

Advance Insurance will help you with all elements of your insurance needs, whether you operate a single car or a large fleet.

This insurance policy option has access to all accessible markets as an independent broker. They ensure that their premiums are the most competitive on the market.

Moreso, they’re certain that they’re the best broker to handle your insurance because of their great client service.

You may get a lot of coverage with this Advance insurance policy, including:

  • A single automobile
  • Premises with a multi-vehicle fleet
  • Employers’ Liability and Public Liability
  • Stocks of Goods in Transit (GIT)
  • Expenses for legal representation
  • Liability of Tour Operators
  • Directors and Officers in Charge of Personal Accidents Liability

PL & EL Insurance

This type of coverage is appropriate for everyone involved in an Allied Trade. However, they have access to more specialized markets for individuals who work in more narrow areas.

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Insurance for Commercial Vehicles

Businesses that operate at least three company vehicles, which can be cars, vans, Lorries, or any other “special type” vehicle, must have fleet vehicle insurance.

Affordable fleet car insurance can be customized to the exact size of the fleet, as well as any combination of vehicles or usage.

The following are examples of covers that can be provided:

  • Damage, fire, theft, and third-party claims are all covered by comprehensive fleet car insurance.
  • Most automobiles have ‘any driver’ coverage.
  • A claim and accident helpline that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Courtesy automobiles when yours is out of commission due to an accident.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Any business that provides services or professional advice to clients, such as architects, accountants, solicitors, and consultants, needs professional indemnity insurance.

As an insurer, this Advance insurance policy shields you against compensation claims resulting from:

  • Your workers’, partners’, or directors’ dishonesty or negligence
  • Intellectual property rights are infringed on unintentionally.
  • Documents or data are lost.

Insurance as a package

“Package Policies” are insurance policies put together by the insurance sector to cover risks associated with generic stores, offices, and surgeries.

Because many of these distinct sorts of risks cause the same coverage, the many parts that make up package insurance are frequently automatically bundled, up to an amount that is sufficient for most businesses.

Money, public liability, employer’s liability, and business interruption are all covered under these policies. After that, the main variables, such as physical assets, are identified and rated.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Advance Insurance?

Customer feedback on Advance Insurance is varied, with positive reviews on Trustpilot and poor reviews on Yell, as seen below.

Because Advance Insurance is a broker, a lot can’t be said about their features because policy paperwork isn’t available for study on their website. Policies vary depending on which insurer underwrites your insurance.

It’s definitely worth receiving a quote from Advance Insurance, especially if you prefer a local business.

However, Advance Insurance can provide you with a quote by calling or visiting their website.

Advance Insurance’s “cancellation fees” are lower than the average cancellation fees in the UK. Considering that they’re a broker, you’ll end up paying extra fees to cancel.

You can pay extra such as a cancellation fee to the underwriter of your policy; plus new policy arrangement fees start at £100 for personal lines and £75 for renewals (higher for commercial). Note, there is no refund if you cancel.

Customer support for Advance Insurance is available six days a week (excluding Sunday). It’s also worth noting that they’re not to be confused with “Advanced” Insurance Brokers, which is a separate firm.

What is Advance Insurance Cancellation Fees?

Advance Insurance policyholders will pay an arrangement charge for a new policy or renewal as a broker who works with a panel of insurers.

In addition, you will pay admin/cancellation fees to both Advance Insurance and the underwriter for mid-term adjustments or cancellations.

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Cancellation of Insurance Policy in Advance

 The administration and cancellation fees for advance insurance are fairly difficult. It’s best to go over your paperwork to see how you might be affected.

Keep in mind that if you cancel your policy, you will be responsible for both the fees and the premium for the time you were covered.

Also note that if you file a claim, there’ll be no refunds, no refunds on Road Rescue & Keep Motoring policies, and no refunds on commissions/new business or renewals setup fees.

The following is a list of fees from their terms of service:

Advance Insurance Admin and Cancellation Fees

  • Basic Cancellation Fees- £20 + commission during cooling-off period, £30 + commission afterwards

Personal Lines

  • New Business – £100.00
  • Renewals – £75.00
  • Adjustments: SSP Electronic: Additional/Return premiums- £30.00
  • Adjustments: All Other (Manual): Additional/Return premiums – £45.00
  • AIA Management Charge – £50.00Duplicate certificate
  • Bounced cheques – £30.00

Commercial Lines

New Business, Renewals and Re-broke

  • 0-£499 Gross Written Premium: £100
  • £500 – £999 Gross Written Premium: £150
  • £1,000+ Gross Written Premium: £200

Mid Term Adjustments

  • Additional/Return premiums: £45.00
  • Commission Fee: New Business & Renewals only: Up to 25%
  • AIA Management Charge (Includes Underwriting & Claims): £50.00
  • Duplicate certificate (This could be an insurer’s charge):£30.00
  • Bounced cheques:£30.00

Advance Insurance Contact Numbers

Chippenham Commercial – 01249 46320601249 463206
Chippenham Personal – 01249 46166501249 461665
Swindon – 01793 52254201793 522542
Westbury – 01373 82236901373 822369
Trowbridge – 01225 43349101225 433491

To learn more about this insurance policy, visit Advance Insurance Official Website

Advance Insurance Reviews

Here are some Advance insurance reviews made by their customers.

I have just had a quote from one of the search engines for my MH. I have been with Comfort (Aviva) for five years. Last years premium with full UK/EU Breakdown cover was £494.00 It has gone up to £505.00
This includes up to 60days away in one go. Advance is quoting £397.00 but I do not know the company yet. Has anyone used Advance if so any comments?  – Martin2603

I have been insured through Advance for the last three years and they are a broker that simply arranges the policy for you. My current cover which they arranged is with Ageas 180 days Europe cover, no limit on the windscreen. Legal cover included misfuelling, they provide claims handling support service. So on paper, it all looks fine but I haven’t and really don’t want to test them. – jumcg

This week, I just took out Advance insurance covered through Ageas. Only £230 for excellent cover and yes, it is for a Motorhome and not a car. Very professional setup so far. – ABZSteve

Bottom Line

With Advance Insurance, you can get complete protection for your home and offers personal and business insurance to best suit your needs.


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