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Finding the best motor trade insurance policy can be a difficult task. Roadrunner Insurance can get you covered quickly with a team of motor trade insurance specialists and a simple online quote system.

Roadrunner auto transport insurance has amassed a diverse portfolio of motor trade clients over the years, and they are proud to be able to offer flexible terms and accommodate unusual risks. Whatever your occupation in the motor trade, Roadrunners Insurance can find cover to suit your needs, from large dealerships to mobile mechanics.

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About Roadrunner Insurance

Roadrunner Insurance is a firm that has been placing insurance for independent motor traders for many years. The firm was among the first brokers to specialize in this type of insurance service. Roadrunner Insurance has amassed a wealth of experience over the years, allowing them to provide you with expert Road Risks, Liability, and Premises insurance that could help you save money.

Their team members take pride in getting to know you and your company so that they can find you a flexible and competitive policy that is tailored to your specific needs and not bloated with unnecessary extras.

They understand all aspects of the motor trade, from roadside assistance to body shop repairs to second-hand sales. That’s why their coverage is tailored to your specific requirements because they understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy in this industry.

So, whether you work full-time or part-time, their coverage is designed to support you – no matter what trade you work in.

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Motor Trade Insurance definition

Motor trade insurance, also known as trader’s insurance, is used by a wide range of businesses, most notably those involved in the repair or sale of vehicles.

It protects your employees while they are driving or working on your customers’ vehicles, as well as those owned by the company.

Flexibility will be the most important factor. You’ll want policies that cover any employee, so even the most recent hires can get behind the wheel.

Of course, policies vary greatly, so do your homework to learn exactly what each one covers, the level of protection provided, and any exclusions that apply.

Motor trade insurance isn’t just for driving other people’s cars; if you interact with customer vehicles in any way, you should think about getting one. A mobile tyre-replacement service is a prime example.

Why get Roadrunner motor trade insurance?

If your company deals with vehicles, you’ll almost certainly need motor trade insurance provided by Roadrunner Insurance.

Car dealers, mechanics, body shops, breakdown recovery companies, valet parking services, and car restorers will all require insurance.

Basically, if your employees have ‘care, custody, and control of the vehicles, you’ll need this type of insurance in some form.

The requirement for motor trade insurance will apply to all businesses, whether they are self-employed or run a fairly large, limited company. The same dangers exist.

Should you get roadrunner Insurance?

Yes, if you are a motor trader because you are breaking the law by not having motor trade insurance. This requirement does not only apply to limited companies; if you are self-employed but have responsibility for other people’s vehicles, you must also have the necessary insurance.

The type of motor trade insurance you must obtain is determined by the area of the motor trade in which you operate. For example, if you have vehicles in your care, custody, and control, you’ll need a motor trade insurance policy that covers customer vehicles.

However, if you work in car sales and demonstrate, collect, and deliver vehicles, the type of insurance you need may differ.

It is also common for motor traders to operate in more than one area, necessitating a policy covering all of their business activities. Roadrunner Insurance has many years of experience dealing with motor traders and finding policies that meet their specific needs.

Importantly, in order to qualify for a motor trade insurance policy, you must be able to demonstrate that you run a legitimate business that generates an income. Motor trade insurance cannot be used solely to obtain coverage for private individuals driving multiple vehicles.

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What does the Roadrunner insurance policy cover?

The following individuals are covered by Roadrunner insurance:

  • A sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited company working full-time or part-time in the trade
  • Located in the United Kingdom, Wales, or Scotland (If you live in Northern Ireland, please contact Abbey Bond Lovis at 028 9099 3600 to discuss your requirements.) Roadrunner Road Risks, Liability, and Premises products are only available through Abbey Bond Lovis in Northern Ireland, and the conditions are slightly different.)
  • A minimum of 23 years old (there are certain restrictions for drivers under 28 years old as well)
  • An experienced trader – whether you’re well-established or just starting out.

Also, the company have coverage for the following:

  • Standard cars and light commercial vehicles
  • Motorhomes, caravanettes and campers
  • Motorbikes, trikes, scooters or mopeds
  • Sports and high-performance vehicles
  • Classic, vintage and veteran cars
  • Agricultural plants and machinery
  • Foreign vehicles and grey imports
  • Kit cars
  • Q plates
  • Modified vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • People carriers and minibuses

Roadrunner Insurance products

Here are the top Roadrunner insurance products:

  • Road Risks Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Premises Insurance

#1. Road risks insurance

Road risks insurance is a legal requirement for all UK motorists, but it provides more than just permission to drive on public roads.

Even the most basic form of road risk protection will ensure that the driver you impacted is compensated for damages in case of a bump that was your fault. Beyond that, you can upgrade your road risks to include coverage for fire and theft and fully comprehensive coverage for your own accidental damages.

All of the drivers and vehicles named on the policy are covered under a single quote for motor trade road risks. As a result, those who run a business with multiple vehicles on the road can get everything covered for a single flat fee.

What does Roadrunner Road Risk Insurance cover?

  • Only named drivers are permitted.
  • Automobiles owned by the Insurer or the Policyholder’s spouse if they are a named driver – vehicles must be owned by the Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership if the Policyholder is a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership.
  • Clients’ vehicles are your responsibility while in your possession – but you can only use them for motor trade purposes.

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#2. Liability Insurance

Accidents can happen anytime in the motor trade, and you could be held liable. Roadrunner liability insurance is designed to protect you from claims ranging from slips. It falls on your property to accidental vehicle loss or damage and claims from your employees.

Roadrunner auto transport liability insurance not only ensures that independent motor traders like you have the funds to defend or settle a claim but also that you have someone to assist you in dealing with the claim. As a result, you’ll have more time to focus on what’s important: your business.

What does Roadrunner liability insurance cover?

Roadrunner liability insurance covers the following:

  • Employers’ liability insurance is almost always required if you have employees.
  • Liability to the Public
  • Liability for Products
  • Defence expenses incurred as a result of claims made against you
  • The option of including protection for portable hand tools.

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#3. Premises Insurance

Whatever your role in the automotive industry, you’ll have invested in the right tools for the job, whether equipment, stock vehicles, buildings, or something entirely different. The purpose of Roadrunner’s premises insurance is to safeguard those assets. It can also help cover you for third-party claims made against you.

What does Roadrunner Premises Insurance cover?

Roadrunner premises Insurance covers the following:

  • Building deterioration (optional)
  • Tools, machinery, plant, fixtures, and fittings are examples of contents (if you have a Hire Purchase or other lease agreement, we can normally note the interest of another party on the policy)
  • Employers’ Liability, Public Liability, and Products Liability are all types of liability insurance.
  • Damage to vehicles left on the business premises, whether stock or privately owned.
  • Money thievery
  • Business interruption insurance protects you against a drop in profit if you are unable to trade at your normal hours.
  • Customers’ and employees’ personal belongings

Roadrunner insurance login

The Road Runner platform offers a quick and simple Vehicle Management solution to keep the Motor Insurance Database up to date, as well as the ability for your clients to view their insurance documents and upload any relevant information. We also offer our Road Runner Plus product solution for your SME motor trade clients who require a combined package quote.

Also, this is intended for:

  • Existing agencies will be able to access the Vehicle Management platform.
  • Requesting a new quote for Road Risks and/or Liability


If you own a business in the motor trade, you must have a basic level of motor trade insurance. If you do not, you are in violation of the law. This includes mechanics, car dealers, car valets, and other businesses of a similar nature. Coverage is required for both full-time and part-time businesses. The bare minimum of coverage is third-party only, though liability coverage is also recommended.

FAQs about roadrunner insurance

How to get a Roadrunner insurance claim?

To file a claim, contact AXA Insurance plc at 0370 900 1753. Please see the Policy conditions, Claims procedures, and requirements for more information.

What is roadrunner insurance?

Roadrunner Insurance is a firm that has been placing insurance for independent motor traders for many years.

What Does A Motor Trade Policy Cover?

The coverage provided by each motor trade insurance policy, like any other type of insurance, will vary depending on the specific risks you face.

What is a road risk policy?

Road risk insurance enables you to drive vehicles that you own. This insurance is required if you are working on them, driving them, or have recently purchased them.

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