Cost of Car Insurance For New Driver In The UK

Cost of car insurance for new driver
Cost of car insurance for new driver

The cost of car insurance for the first time is the necessary amount of money that a first-time driver is expected to pay to get their car insurance. It is very important to know the cost of what you are about to venture into.

If what you are about to do or are doing involves insurance, then knowledge of the cost should be paramount.

You might choose to believe that all you need to do to hit the open road is pass your driver’s test and put your keys in the ignition, but that is wrong. All drivers in the UK, including new ones, must also obtain auto insurance before they can legally drive.

So, as a new driver, there are a lot of things you should know about buying your car insurance, including how much it costs.

If you or someone in your household has decided to get their driver’s license, here’s what you or your loved one can expect to pay for car insurance coverage. 

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about the cost of car insurance for a new driver.

What is car insurance for a new driver?

Car insurance is, in other words, known as “auto insurance”, and it is the cover that every driver needs to get to protect their car against injury and or loss. It is a general policy for every driver before they can hit the road.

Getting your driver’s license for the first time can be an exciting achievement. It can leave you with a sense of accomplishment and freedom that you may not have had before or feel the same as when you bought your new car, maybe as a gift.

You can drive to work or school, run errands easily, or go on a spontaneous trip with your new car. But when you just get your driver’s license, you are then considered a new driver, and getting car insurance for your new car could be more expensive until you have gotten some more experience under your belt.

A new driver refers to a person who is just getting their driver’s license for the first time with limited or no driving experience. Because new drivers are just getting their driver’s license, they are then considered not to have an official driving record, experience, or history.

Do I need car insurance as a new driver?

If you plan to share the same vehicle with another driver, who could be your parents, siblings, or even your partner, You can get secondary driver insurance, also known as occasional driver insurance, if you decide to become a part-time driver and only drive occasionally.

Secondary driver insurance is a very affordable option if you don’t have your own policy. Rather, you are added to the main driver’s policy, and that person pays a higher premium.

If at all, it is not a secondary driver or car insurance that you want as a new driver, you can go on to get a personal car insurance policy to cover your car, newly purchased or gifted. Car insurance for a new driver does not necessarily mean that you must have a new car. Parents can decide to get their children their new driver’s car insurance as well as a driver’s license.

If you have also become of age to get your car insurance and/or driving license, you can proceed to compare the policies around you.

Car insurance for a new driver is meant to protect you as a new driver who is just hitting the road and to protect you and your car against loss, damage, and/or theft. You need car insurance as a new driver to protect you and your car. Hitting the busy road may not be as easy as it seems.

The cost of car insurance for a new driver

It is very important for someone who is just going into the insurance business to find out about different policies from different companies and their offers, including prices.

The necessity of comparing the policies of different companies and their offers is to make sure that the policy you are going for is the right one and that it is suitable for you.

It is also very important to have knowledge of the cost of your policy, as there are a number of things that can alter the price and cost of getting insurance for your car as a new driver.

The first thing to note is the fact that the cost of your car insurance may vary depending on your state and a number of other things that will be in the list below:

  • driver’s age and gender( depending on some companies).
  • Your driving history, including previous accidents or violations, if any,
  • Your credit score
  • The vehicle’s make and model
  • driver’s address
  • Personal qualifications
  • Variance by company.

Cost of car insurance for new drivers by age and gender

It can be very exciting for a teen to start driving on their own for the first time, either with their own car or with other people. But the cost of car insurance for new drivers is typically high for those under twenty. As mentioned earlier, age is one of the main factors car insurance companies consider when calculating prices for their new customers.

In calculating the insurance premium, it is considered that a teenage or younger person would be seen as prone to causing violations in traffic or being involved in an accident. That reason would be enough to make the insurance company have them pay higher rates for their insurance cover.

On the other hand, when a person is older in age, say 25 years and above, for instance, they would typically be considered to be more able to handle things in traffic and high way.

Cost of a new driver’s car insurance by state

The variance of car insurance for new drivers can also be determined or affected by the state of the individual. While some states do not charge too much for new drivers’ car insurance, other states do.

The list below shows some states and their costs:

  • Louisiana pays $2,864 per year
  • Florida pays $2,762 per year
  • New York pays $2,996 per year

Car Insurance Costs UK, by Car Make and Model

Not surprisingly, we discovered that car insurance prices in the UK rise with the make, model, and trim level of a vehicle, as well as the vehicle’s underlying value.

This makes sense because a more expensive car necessitates a larger payout from the insurer in the event of theft and typically costs more to repair in the event of damage.

A 45-year-old driver, for example, would pay approximately £575 to insure a £12,000 Ford Fiesta with a comprehensive policy, or £812 to insure a £33,000 Mercedes Benz A Class 220.

How do you get cheap car insurance for new drivers?

It is either that you get cheaper car insurance as a new driver because of the company’s discount, or you can do a few things to attract a discount on your car insurance as a new driver.

There are a few steps you can take to get cheaper auto insurance as a newbie, and the truth is, it is much easier than you could ever imagine.

Getting cheaper car insurance would save you a lot of extra cash that would have been spent on the actual cost of it.

You could start by trying to save up the extra cash that would have gone into trying to purchase an auto policy by comparing different policies and offers from different companies.

Compared to different policies and companies, their offers would help you locate companies with better offers.

Also, you can get cheaper car insurance as a new driver by looking around for discounts, either from your policy providers or your homeowner policy.

Several car insurance companies offer discounts, especially for young drivers and students, but you can save money through other means too, so you can check steadily with your policy provider for discount offers.


The cost of car insurance for new drivers may be altered by several factors, including the company, address of the driver, age, and sex of the driver. It is possible to get cheaper car insurance, and that can happen by comparing and searching around for companies with better policies.

The excitement that comes with purchasing a new ride, becoming of age to get a driver’s license, or even getting a car gift, maybe ruined soon enough by not being able to do the right thing. Car insurance covers a driver against an accident, damage to their car, or a third party’s, so getting the policy as a new driver would be necessary to protect you on the busy road.

FAQs about car insurance for new drivers.

Can i get cheaper car insurance as a new driver

Yes. By searching around and comparing policies of different companies and taking other necessary steps to save up from your car insurance.

What is the actual cost of car insurance for new drivers

The cost of car insurance is generally determined by several factors, like the address of the driver and the age.

Can a teenager get car insurance for the first time

Yes. The family may decide to get insurance cover for their teenage child for the first time. The only thing is the fact that the cost may be a bit higher than the actual cost and the cost for an older person.

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