Simply Business Public Liability Insurance: What You Need to Know

Simply business public liability insurance

Simply Business public liability insurance is a very big provision made by the Simply Business insurance group, which is one of the UK’s biggest business insurance companies, to cover you and/or your employees from a customer who wants to sue you for an injury sustained in your workplace.

It may not only be that they sustained an injury in your business environment, but it may also be that their property was damaged in your business environment. Some of these customers, suppliers, or any member of the public that may want to sue your business for an injury do not really do so because it would benefit them in any way.

While some of them are just naturally troublesome, others are just willing to make sure that they do anything possible to make you and your business a crush. Now the big question is, how do you intend to avoid those kinds of people when they come up with their troubles?

Therefore, this article will talk about Simply Business Public Liability Insurance, Simply Business Public Liability Insurance Login, Public Liability Insurance UK Business, Simply Business Public Liability Insurance Contact Number, and how good the Simply Business Insurance Group is at their job.

What is simply business insurance?

Simply Business Insurance is one of the UK’s biggest business insurance providers. They are known for providing cover for both small businesses and landlords. The business insurance company has reported that they have more than 800,000 customers who trust them wholly to support them with their business insurance.

They make sure to provide their customers, both new and old, with fast and flexible insurance coverage for their businesses. For those who are based in the UK, there is a UK-based team that is available there for such people should there be a need for them to make a claim and they need someone to talk to about that.

The UK-based company has gotten several amazing reviews from different people who are obviously their customers. They also offer services to provide landlord insurance and not only business insurance.

It is a very good thing to do, to try to compare providers, their offers, and services before you make up your mind to settle for anyone that suits you most.

We will help you to analyze the services of the simple business insurance group, including the offer and cost of public liability insurance.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is one of the major types of business insurance. It can cover you as a business owner from any compensation payments and legal costs that would be required if a member of the public, they may be a customer, a supplier, or passersby.

The cover works to cover you when and if they happen to sue your business because they were injured or their property had been damaged for some obvious reason or the other.

If you imagine a very reputable person in society comes around to patronize your business and, unfortunately, something bad happens to them, if you are not careful, your business may have a bad name.

That is the first disadvantage it brings. You may lose customers just once if a customer gets injured in your business area. Maybe a client, then it would give your business and brand a bad name and representation.

Among the several disadvantages of your business not having any public liability insurance, it may also cause you to experience loss instead of gain in your business, as you keep spending your profit and capital on settling a court issue filed against you by a client or any outsider who says they sustained injury from your business area.

Every business should have business liability insurance to protect them from future losses and regrets when the lawsuits are flying in the air for the injuries they may really know nothing about.

Who needs simply business public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance generally is not necessary by law, so it depends on you to decide whether you need it or not.

Normally, public liability insurance is designed especially for those businesses that deal with the public in general. Everyone who discards their duties and carries out their services where the public is involved needs this coverage.

If a business is not meant for the general public, then it may just be family stuff that is meant to only serve the family and helps them out on special needs and special occasions.

The saying that public liability insurance covers business people and their businesses from lawsuits by a customer or client who got injured in their business area means that public liability insurance is usually bought by tradesmen.

It is also important for hairdressers, shop owners, and restaurant owners, for example. But since most businesses come into contact with the public at some point, it’s a good idea for many businesses.

Therefore, for any business person who has decided to protect their business by getting public liability insurance, Simply Business might be the best company for you to take out your policy from.

Why is simply business public liability insurance important?

The world’s most common recorded accident is a slip, trip, or fall, and the majority of them happen outside and always. Public liability insurance is designed to protect your business against third-party’s claims for injuries or property damage.

It could come from a customer or client, or even a passer-by or visitor to your business premises, whether you are at fault or not.

Simply business public liability insurance has made it much easier for their customers to be able to take out their cover for £6.56 per month.

On simply Business liability insurance, they help small businesses and their owners to find the right insurance. We could put it that they offer the best insurance policy cover for small businesses.

But more than that, the simply business public liability insurance also makes sure that they celebrate their customers too by sending them a £25 gift card after they buy their insurance from them.

So, whether your business is hair cutting, window fixing, or hedge trimming, simply business liability insurance would cover you and your business against unplanned expenses from customers’ or clients’ injury claims.

What does simply business public liability insurance cover?

Most UK public liability insurance policies cover you for accidents on your business premises or even off-site, from a customer tripping over your tool kit as a construction engineer to damaging someone’s dress during hair-up at a wedding as a hairdresser.

It is important for you to review a public liability insurance quote carefully before concluding, to know the things they cover and whether it suits well with you.

Checking that your insurer offers cover for the risks you face can be difficult. For example, some insurers won’t cover accidents caused by your products.

Simply business public liability insurance. Below is the list of things they cover, which you may find in the company’s cover terms and conditions

  • third-party sustaining an accidental injury, as a direct result of your work
  • legal fees and cover, up to the level stated in your policy wording.
  • Cover for accidental damage to a third party’s property, as a direct result of your work.
  • accidental injury to a third party, caused by a product you’ve made or sold

These things mentioned as what they cover do not mean that they stop or prevent them from happening or occurring, but they help you to pay for any claims or legal charges and, if the person’s injury demands medical attention, then they would be taken to the hospital.

What is not covered?

As you check out the things that your policy provider, which could be simply business, covers, you also need to be sure of the things that they do not cover you and your business against.

The essence of making sure about that is to make sure that you do not keep calm and hopefully wish that they cover an incident when they do not.

For simply business public liability insurance, below are a list of things that they cover.

  • Accidental damage that your employees or anyone else in your business cause You would usually need to add employers’ liability insurance to be able to cover this.
  • Not all insurers offer cover against product liability. You need to check your policy wording carefully before you buy insurance.

Cost of simply business public liability insurance.

Another thing you need to check before completely taking out any insurance policy is the cost of their offer. Some companies offer good quality insurance at a high rate cost.

While some others also offer quality insurance coverage at a lower cost rate. It takes you some time to carefully check and compare the pricing of different insurance companies to be able to find the offer that is affordable and best for you.

Working out the public liability insurance cost for simply business depends on a number of factors, like the type of business you run and the level of cover you choose.

Usually, some businesses that policy providers consider as risky will pay more for their public liability insurance.

At simply business public liability insurance, they allow their customers to take out their cover for as low as  £6.56 per month, this cost can be calculated to a year.

Meanwhile, if your business is considered a riskier business that is prone to causing damage to the public, then the cost of your cover may increase.

Simply business public liability insurance login

To be able to use the simply business public liability insurance login, you must first create a profile with the company. Create your profile here to get your Simply Business public liability insurance login.

Simply business public liability insurance contact number

You can call the Simply Business customer service team at 0333 014 6683.


Simply business public liability insurance could be the best for you to cover your business from unplanned circumstances that may arise from injury to a third party.

You will be able to access their business, take out a cover, and even make a claim online or offline. public liability insurance in the UK Simply put, business is out for every business. Public liability insurance is equally important for every person out there. You can take out a cover and keep your peace of mind.

FAQs about Simply Business Public Liability Insurance

Does public liability insurance also cover employee's injury

No. You would need to take out employer’s liability insurance to be able to cover for your employee’s injury.

How much public liability insurance do i need for my business

The amount of public liability insurance depends on you to determine the kind of business you are into.

How much does simply business public liability insurance cost

Simply business public liability insurance could likely cost £6.56 if your business is not considered as a riskier one to easily cause injury to people.

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