PERSONAL TRAINER BUSINESS PLAN: How to Write a Business Plan for Personal Trainers

Personal trainer business plan

A step-by-step plan can help you avoid silly mistakes that could render your personal trainer’s business useless. Having a business plan for your personal training career can help you stay focused and successful. You will discover that most of your goals can be attained without even lifting a finger. Having a sample ready-made personal trainer business plan will even make those goals more successful.

Indeed, most personal trainers don’t see a reason why they need to own a business plan. But no matter what form or type of business you have, a business plan will always give you an edge in your career. This article covers multiple reasons why every personal trainer needs a business plan and how to create a successful one. Sample templates needed to compose a personal trainer business plan will also be made available. Read on!

What Is a Personal Trainer Business Plan?

A personal trainer business plan is a written description of the future of your business. If you make a living as a personal trainer, then you need a business plan to make it more successful. Whatever business plan you create will cover your services, products, people, competition, and cost. 

Let’s assume you presently work in a gym, but you have plans to own your own gym. You have gained quality insight into how the management has handled clients so far, and you feel you have even more to offer your customers. Great plan! 

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Sailing off to greatness, you finally managed to open a small gym. Let’s quickly measure the growth. For example, if you don’t have any personal trainer business plans on standby, you’re less likely to grow. Why?? Because you have no mapped-out action or roadmap to help you get to your dreams. You will keep making mistakes, repeating those mistakes, and even losing clients. 

But if you had a business plan, you would be in control. Even if some mistakes are likely to occur in every business, your plan will help you bounce back and counter those mistakes. Your clients will also see how capable you are and, hence, keep coming.

At this point, your dream is not enough. Everyone has a dream, right? But not everyone has achieved their dreams. Achieve yours. 

Importance of Having a Personal Trainer Business Plan

As a personal trainer, your business plan will help articulate the actions you take and the reason for those actions. For example, when it is written down, it will help you stay more focused. It can be tempting to just go right in and start working with clients. But when you do this, you are neglecting the bigger picture. Not just that, you would also be losing profits that a business plan can get you. 

For example, if you can handle 3 clients per week as a personal trainer, a successful business plan can help you handle 5. What you need to note is the high possibility of growth that comes with working with a plan. When you understand it, you won’t neglect the power of a business plan. 

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A business plan can also be tweaked and changed into a better idea or decision. It is normal. The important thing is, to begin with, one and then modify overtime if need be. 

A business plan can also serve as a means whereby you can get investors to finance your small business. Once those investors see a plan stipulated just for your business, they will see how credible you are. They can end up providing capital for your gym equipment because they are already convinced of the validity of the business. Yes, you have succeeded in showing them that. 

Let’s check out how one can even create this business plan with ease and accuracy. 

How to Write a Successful Business Plan for a Personal Trainer

Before you even start with “how”, you must first ask yourself “why”. Why have you chosen to use a business plan for your investment? Are you doing it for yourself, the gym, or for investors? Because who you are doing it for will determine the tone in which you will write, either with jargon (good ones) or in a professional tone. After a decision is made, carry on with the other steps below.

#1. Create Your Summary And Pitch

While creating your summary and pitch, you will need to be concise and clear. This is where the SMART goals come into play. Yeah, the same SMART goals that appear in your level 2 certificate in fitness instructing qualification. You can obviously set it up for your clients but fail to set it up for yourself. This is the time. Talk about what you do, what you want to achieve, and how you intend to achieve it. 

#2. Your Background And Credentials

Time to talk about you. Be selfish (in a good way). Speak forth and state why you are the right person for the job. Discuss how skilled you are naturally and also how your credentials have enhanced that effect. Convince your readers or yourself that no one can do it better. 

#3. Define What You Sell

Tell them what it is that you sell. This section is not as easy as you think, don’t be carried away. Include your income and streams and guide them through all you can sell just to increase revenue. State the benefits of your products, how you would sell, who would buy and how it will be delivered. As a personal trainer, you should not have just one form of income. 

#4. Who Is Your Target Market?

A lot of personal trainers state ” gym-goers” as their target market, but that is not a target market. What happened to being precise and specific? Where are your ideal customers and clients. The people behind the type of services you offer and a goal of achieving it? There are some market target samples that a personal trainer can use when creating a business plan. 

  • A 35-45-year-old executive woman for fat loss can serve as a target market. This is also a popular UK target market. Having a fat loss qualification can even make you stand out from other trainers. 
  • Children’s training for weight loss is also a target market. These children can be 16 and under. You can state how you can offer a fun and interactive outdoor training program that will engage the kids. So they can attain the desired results. 

Training 50 and overs for general wellbeing and training aspiring athletes through strength is another market target. You can choose from these different options and talk about the capabilities and qualifications you have that will aid these markets. 

Adding market trends in this section will also boost you business plan. While adding it, you can include credible resources on why your market is using that particular methodology.

#5. Advertising $ Marketing Strategy

There is a clear difference between advertising and marketing. In the advertisement, you spend some cash and place your advertisement at the same time. That’s the difference. In this section, you will need to determine your assets or what you are good at. 

Do you prefer videos? Or physical marketing? Will you go for social media or even networking? Once you determine this, you will then create an action plan and define how often you will use those resources. It can be twice or once a week. Just make sure to refine it as time goes on.

Personal Trainer Business Plan Template

A template can serve as a example or sample when creating a personal trainer business plan. This sample template can also aid you to formulate a plan that best works for your personal trainer business. We have created the best checklist just for you. They include:

  • Check your mission statement
  • Analyze the fitness industry and your competition
  • Map out a revenue stream
  • Plan for operating costs 
  • Create your sales and marketing plan
  • Assess your risks

The Process Is Too Demanding?? Not to Worry!

Just because your comfort is our priority, a successful personal trainer business plan has been made available for you. 

This article is capable of encouraging you to compose a business plan for yourself, but it is understandable that time might not be so friendly.  

That is why we have gone out of our way to create a professional personal trainer business plan just for you. Our business plan is truly special because it has succeeded in giving numerous success stories to many personal trainers out there. 

You could be lucky enough to be among the numerous personal trainers that have used this business plan to boost their business. What are you waiting for?? Take action now!


As a personal trainer, the same way you set up training plans to help your clients adhere to their fitness programs is the same way a business plan will help you adhere. Still note that a business plan does not always guarantee an immediate growth, but it sure sets you out on the right foot. And this right foot will lead you to success. 


How much should I charge as a personal trainer UK?

If you are in London, you can charge up to £200 for a physical session. If you are based outside the capital, then you can also charge up to £15 per hour. It all depends on your location and the experience of your customers. In essence, an average UK personal trainer can charge £30 per hour.

How much can personal trainers make UK?

As a personal trainer, you can earn between £15,000 and £60,000 a year. But your salary for the year solely depends on your experience and qualifications. Because if your customers like the services you render, then more money will be made.

Is being a personal trainer worth the money?

Yes, it does. Even as a self-employed personal trainer, you tend to improve and grow more compared to personal trainers who work in commercial gyms. Be good at what you do and you will attract customers that can give irresistible reviews.

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