Cleaning Franchise: Best Opportunities In UK 2023

Cleaning Franchise
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Statistics have shown that the cleaning business is on the rise in the UK. According to BBC, the cleaning industry in the UK is worth almost £55 billion, making it one of the most lucrative niches in London. As the name implies, cleaning business franchises involve the act of cleaning. However, there are different types of cleaning services such as commercial cleaning, residential, as well as specialized cleaning. Whether you are opening a cleaning business or looking for a franchise in the UK, this post is for you.

In this post, we talked about all you need to know about the cleaning business, as well as some of the most reputable brands in the UK that offer franchises in oven and window cleaning services.

Cleaning Franchise

Recently, I supervised an apartment that was under renovation; I’m talking from tiling down to painting and some other construction work. You could imagine the mess the laborers would have made of the apartment after the work. Now, the owner of the house can either do the cleaning by himself (which I doubt he could, by the way, considering the mess) or contact a cleaning service to do it. 

Every now and then, folks move into a new apartment and feel the need to renovate. New houses are built, motels, etc, all these give relevance to the cleaning service industry. For instance, the UK has over 27 million households and over 5 million businesses. This means there is a lot of cleaning, which is why the industry has been so strong over the years and the buying of the cleaning business franchise has been quite successful. 

The cleaning industry is a thriving industry that is growing year after year. Low entry costs, a 27 % in the last ten years, and at least a 10% increase since 2011 are all indicators of a healthy and growing sector. It’s also an excellent area to start a cleaning business if you don’t have any qualifications or prior expertise.

While many businesses bore the brunt of the Coronavirus pandemic, the cleaning industry appears to be well-suited to the situation, as demand has increased. Professional cleaning services that sanitize homes, hospitals, and commercial facilities have been doing exceptionally well recently. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people are considering purchasing a cleaning business franchise in the UK. 

Start a Cleaning Business Today 

There are hundreds of cleaning business franchise opportunities available. They offer a different spectrum of specialized, commercial, or general cleaning services. A general cleaning franchise typically requires little to no training or expertise and has a cheaper initial investment cost.

A Commercial cleaning franchise, on the other hand, has modest start-up costs but necessitates some experience and training. Pool, mattress, window, tile, and automobile cleaning franchises may require a larger initial investment, which may include portable, truck-mounted cleaning devices. You’ll have the option to enjoy larger profit margins with a specialized service because higher start-up costs prohibit a competitor from entering the market. So go ahead and explore a comprehensive list of profitable cleaning franchises today.

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How to Choose the Right Cleaning Franchise

You are probably asking yourself hundreds of questions right now, which indicates that you care, which is a good indication by the way. However, enthusiasm is insufficient. Before taking any action, it is critical to conduct extensive research and make some conclusions.

First and foremost, determine whether you have what it takes to achieve success in a commercial cleaning franchise. While franchisors show you how to run a business efficiently, they are not responsible for the performance of the network’s commercial cleaning businesses. That is typically your assignment.

Purchasing a cleaning franchise is not the same as purchasing a job; therefore, you must be self-motivated, tenacious, resilient, capable of mastering sales and marketing. Even without prior experience in these disciplines, have good people skills. A commercial cleaning franchise that is effective is also concerned with providing excellent customer service.

Next, look into the already existing commercial cleaning companies offering franchise. How much do they set you back? What exactly do you get for your money? How much money can you make and where can you make it? What’s the timeframe? It’s also a good idea to speak with current franchisees about the brand to get a firsthand understanding of what the commercial cleaning business franchise entails and whether it met their expectations.

Lastly, you must ensure that your values align with those of the company and that you can envision yourself in a long-term business relationship with the cleaning business brand, its network, and its headquarters team.

Once you’ve decided on a cleaning business franchise to invest in, it’s time to start training. The franchisor will provide you with all of the information you need to start and run a successful cleaning business.

Oven Cleaning Franchise for sale in the UK

According to the British Cleaning Council, cleaning businesses, in general, contribute more than £55 billion to the UK economy. They are one of the largest employment groups, employing 1.4 million people. Many entrepreneurs in the UK can benefit from the oven cleaning franchise. Assume you decide to diversify your income by starting an oven cleaning business. In that case, you should look into different franchises that can help you build your business from concept to implementation

The number of clients you serve determines the profitability of your oven cleaning business. Franchising is a beneficial venture, especially for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in the cleaning industry. You don’t need a lot of knowledge or money; all you need is to research, commit, and work hard. The foundation and support provided by the franchise will be sufficient for you to maximize your returns from the cleaning business.

Therefore, you have a wide range to choose from because oven cleaning services lend themselves easily to franchise packages. This includes well-known brands such as:

#1. Oven Wizards

This is the fastest-growing oven cleaning franchise in the UK. As a member of the Oven Wizards Franchise community, you will receive the best value-for-money Franchise package available. Also, you’ll get hands-on help from successful and experienced Franchise business owners from the start.

Their van-based Franchise has low overheads and, a relentless focus on customer service. This means your successful, profitable business will be built on a solid foundation. Also, they have assisted people from all walks of life in launching and growing their own successful oven cleaning franchise business under the brand name.

Interestingly, they’re looking for people with the right attitude. No prior experience is required.

 #2. Ovenclean

Ovenclean is the original and most successful oven cleaning business in the UK, with over 27 million customers nationwide. They offer a flexible work-life balance and the ability to schedule your work around your life. 

More so, they have built a reliable business model with great income prospects, the ability to be your own boss, and a full package of support to help you create a massively successful business with over 25 years of experience and a network of over 100 specialists. With Ovenclean, you can start reaping the benefits of your labor right away. Clean up your oven with this gleaming oven cleaning franchise! Invest in this unique franchise opportunity today and launch your own van-based business.

#3. OvenRescue

OvenRescue is another oven cleaning franchise for sale. They take pride in providing great training and support. With the help of oven rescue, you’ll be able to provide your customers with a high-quality, unrivaled oven cleaning service. 

As a franchisee, you’d spend your days building relationships with existing clients and signing up new ones, all while providing the greatest oven cleaning services possible. You’d also spend your days running your company, making sure all inquiries and paperwork are handled before relaxing and reaping the benefits of your investment.

As part of the package offerings by oven rescue, you’d be provided with:

  • Vehicle and livery
  • Tools
  • Branded workwear
  • Products and consumables
  • Training etc.

#4. Betterclean

Betterclean is a commercial cleaning franchise for sale in the UK. It’s one of the most affordable management franchises available, with a proven business model that provides commercial services to local firms. Betterclean services provide a lucrative chance for savvy investors to combine their passion and drive with their help and direction to establish a commercial cleaning management franchise.

Furthermore, Betterclean Services not only understands the importance of being by your side every step of the way but also wants to be by your side. Everyone on the franchise support team shares the same overarching goal: to assist others in establishing the business of their dreams. Ongoing support is provided through a combination of the Head Office team’s direct experience, guidance, and assistance, as well as a wealth of more specialized expertise from their support partners. The combination of internal and external support means that you will receive all of the assistance you require to achieve your objectives.

#5. Merry Maids

Merry Maids, which has over 100 franchises in the UK, has become one of the most successful home cleaning chains in the world over the years. Training and development are part of their mantra, which is to provide continuous support to each business owner who operates under the brand. This opens up incredible opportunities for your employees, with a focus on long-term, successful, and profitable futures.

Furthermore, they specialize in assisting potential franchise owners in making the best transition into franchise ownership possible and focus on several factors that will assist you in building the best business possible. Beyond their attractive training and development pattern, Merry maids pride themselves on their existing network, meaning, they offer assistance from an already established franchise owner. 

We have seen some of the brands and the packages each offers when you purchase an oven cleaning franchise. Now, let us take a look at the window cleaning franchise offers in the UK

Window Cleaning Franchise for sale in the UK

Buying a window cleaning franchise is becoming increasingly popular in the commercial cleaning services industry. As a franchisee, you are guaranteed to benefit economically and socially by earning a high salary, forming trustworthy partnerships, and operating a profitable business. Window cleaning franchises are extremely profitable, and the demand for these services is only growing. And, due to complex architecture and an increase in the number of working parents, demand for window cleaning services isn’t expected to decrease anytime soon. 

By joining a window cleaning franchise, you are guaranteed not only a growing but also a profitable business. So, if you’re looking to buy a window cleaning franchise in the UK, here are some of the most exciting window cleaning franchises to identify with in an industry as exciting and diverse as this one.

#1. My Window Cleaner

First on the list is My Window Cleaner. The company currently operates trading franchises in four different locations, with plans for additional locations in the works. Also, customers can communicate with the cleaners and book appointments using My Window Cleaner’s systems, which make it simple and easy for them to do so! Furthermore, the company has its own app through which many services are automated, freeing franchisees to focus on growth and exceptional service. 

You do not need any previous work experience to obtain a franchise from this window cleaning service because the company places a higher value on personality than a few set skills on the CV. In other words, My window cleaner welcomes anyone with an outgoing personality and a genuine interest in providing high-quality services. As a result, they are more likely to provide comprehensive training and support programs that cover both the cleaning and administration aspects of running your business.

#2. Kingsmaid

Many household cleaning products can be extremely harmful to the environment, contributing to issues such as climate change. Kingsmaid Cleaning’s goal is to provide high-quality cleaning products to its clients without causing environmental damage. The company describes itself as “a modern green domestic cleaning company that is extremely concerned with the environment.”

To obtain a window cleaning franchise from Kingsmaid, you will not need previous work experience because the company is people-based. You must, however, be a people person and be comfortable dealing with clients. You must also have excellent communication skills and be eager to assist our clients.

As a franchisee, you will be provided with a pre-loaded PC and two tablets with access to the Kingsmaid portal. This way,  customers can utilize the site to communicate with all cleaners and check when staff has completed cleaning at a client’s house. Also, a complete training curriculum that takes you through all facets of the new business has been built using a plethora of online training modules. Again, a specialized support team is ready to address any questions you may have.

#3. Zero Dry Time

Tired of long, pungent cleaning services that harm the environment? Zero Dry Time is a company that will handle everything for its customers. Its goal is to provide eco-friendly cleaning services and non-toxic treatments for homes, apartments, and commercial properties. Becoming a Zero Dry Time franchisee allows you to grow your own business while also providing you with the ability to generate quick returns and access to a sustainable income as soon as customers sign in!

Needless to say, there are numerous advantages to purchasing a window cleaning franchise from Zero Dry Time. For example, you’ll have access to cutting-edge cleaning equipment, advanced cleaning products, and a maintenance program. All of this is done at a low cost.

Zero Dry Time provides all necessary support and training to new franchisees in order to increase business opportunities. The company offers back-office support to continuously develop new offerings and ensure that the launch of your business is as successful as possible. Zero Dry Time also handles all paperwork, giving franchisees more time to focus on growing their franchise into the best window cleaning service in the area 


You can see from this post how important the cleaning industry is to the UK economy. You’ve also seen that joining this niche doesn’t require much. With the information in this post, you too can become a franchisee and reap the benefits of purchasing a cleaning franchise. I recommend that you get to work right away.

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Why start a cleaning franchise in the UK

The cleaning industry provides more than £24 billion to the UK economy. This means there are vast household and commercial markets in which to expand your cleaning service and practice your craft. Cleaning franchises are also among the top franchise options currently available. Learn how to establish a cleaning franchise business right now.

What are the laws and regulations for a cleaning franchise

The laws and regulations differ greatly depending on where the franchisee would conduct business. Sanitation laws and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) standards are two rules that cleaning franchisees must follow in addition to normal company laws.

Is janitorial and cleaning business a good franchise to start

When it comes to franchise options, the janitorial and cleaning industry may be one of the most straightforward. They frequently allow franchisees to start small and grow their businesses as they go.

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The laws and regulations differ greatly depending on where the franchisee would conduct business. Sanitation laws and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) standards are two rules that cleaning franchisees must follow in addition to normal company laws.

" } } , { "@type": "Question", "name": "Is janitorial and cleaning business a good franchise to start", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "

When it comes to franchise options, the janitorial and cleaning industry may be one of the most straightforward. They frequently allow franchisees to start small and grow their businesses as they go.

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