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Whether you own an existing or new mobile tire-fitting company, you will need a business plan to run it efficiently. With the high demand for over 50 million new tyres each year in the UK, it can only mean that a mobile tyre fitting business is very lucrative. And with that being the case, you will need a business plan to help you scale above your competitors in the market. This article will cover all you need to know about a mobile tyre fitting business and how you can create a business plan for your company using our provided template. 

If you wish to take a shorter route, you can opt-in for our pre-made mobile tyre fitting business plan and start working on your company today. 

What is a Mobile Tyre Fitting Business Plan?

A business plan is a living document that describes your business goals and maps out clear steps that can help you achieve them. A well-written business plan should include essential details about your mobile tyre fitting business goals, products or services, and financial projections. 

This will provide a road map for the businesses for the next three to five years. When you are sure you are on the right track, you can then share it with potential investors or lenders, or you can keep it for your personal use. Having known this, let’s analyze how you can write your mobile tyre-fitting business plan with this unique template below. 

How to Write a Mobile Tyre Fitting Business Plan

For a business plan to fulfill the desired purpose, it needs to be written in a professional manner. To explain how a proper business plan should look, we have taken some time to analyze some steps that need to be included in a plan and what those steps are all about. These steps include:

#1. Executive Summary 

This section of your business plan is most often regarded as your elevator pitch. It is on the first page of your business plan but usually the last section to write about. In this section, you should include a mission statement, a brief introduction of the products and services you offer, and a summary of your financial plans. Most readers are only interested in your executive summary, so while creating it, you need to make it clear and concise. 

#2. Company Overview

The company overview of your mobile tyre fitting business plan is basically about your company, starting right from its history. You can also include your business name, address, and the key people in your business. This section should also cover the nature of your business.

#3. Products and Services 

What kinds of products and services do you provide to your customers? Do you run home mobile tyre fitting services or are any tyre fitting available? These are the questions you will need to answer in this section. While describing your products, you can also mention how your products work, your pricing, your supply chain, and your customers.

#4. Market Analysis

This is where you have to note down all the information you discovered during your market research. Your readers would be interested to know how your product is different from that of your competitors. In this section, you will need to introduce your competitors, what they do, their strengths, and also their weaknesses. You will need to show your readers that you have deep knowledge about your market. 

#5. Management Team

Your management team should be your employees or personnel you work with within the company. In this section, you will need to introduce them to your readers and also state their different roles in the company. 

#6. Marketing and Sales Strategy

Without sales, a business cannot grow without sales, no matter how effective your business plan is. To attract sales to your business, you need to have a marketing strategy with actionable plans that can help you attract a customer. In this section, you need to give your readers a full description of what your sales and marketing strategy looks like.

#7. Financial Plan

This section of your business plan is one of the most essential parts of a plan, especially when you’re seeking financing or investors to help support your business. You will outline a well-detailed analysis of your financial plan and how your business intends to generate profit over a given period. You can also include your cash flow statement and balance sheet. 

Is a Mobile Tyre Fitting Business Profitable?

Yes, a mobile tyre fitting business is a profitable and ethical business in the UK. This form of business always holds huge growth potential and attracts a sizeable customer base that can help it grow. If you are still contemplating starting, you should start now. 

What do I Need for Mobile Tyre Fitting?

A mobile tyre fitting van will need a pneumatic car jack, a power take-off, a petrol or diesel-driven compressor that could come in handy when there is no power source required, a truly fitting machine, a wheel balancer, and tyre inflators. With all this equipment, you can effectively carry out your services. 

Do Tyre Fitters Need Qualifications?

A tyre fitter can work at any company or organization without any formal qualifications. A tyre fitter only requires some informal training on the job, but aside from that, you can become a tyre fitter with zero qualifications.

How Do I Start a Tyre Service Business?

To start up your tyre fitting business, you will need to carefully research your target market and try to understand what makes your business special. You should also narrow down your niche and pick a particular market in which you can invest your time and attention. Having done that you also need to choose a pricing policy and invest your time in creating awareness for your business. 

Are Mobile Tyre Fitters Expensive?

Mobile tyre fitters are less expensive compared to garage-based mechanics and this is because you don’t need to pay mobile tyre fitters to run their venue and in essence, they would charge you less. 

How Long Does a Tyre Fitting Take?

Fitting a tyre in your car can take up to 30 minutes. But when dealing with all four tyres, it can take as long as 2 hours. And most times, this depends on the particular damage or state of your tyre. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fit a Tyre UK?

Replacing a tyre in the UK can cost up to £45 to £1200 per tyre, depending on the type of tyre. You can get a low-end tyre fixed for £45 to £70, but a high-end tyre can cost between £220 and £1200 per tyre. 

Is a Tyre Fitter a Mechanic?

Since tyre fitters are responsible for fitting, fixing, removing or replacing tyres on vehicles, they might as well be referred to as mechanics. because their work revolves around replacing worn-out tires with new ones, which is the same as mechanics. 

How Much Does a Tyre Fitter Earn UK?

An average UK tyre fitter earns a salary of £27,000 per year or £13.85 per hour. Most of the time, it also has to do with the level of skill a tyre fitter has. An entry-level fitter can earn up to £24,000 a year while an experienced tyre fitter can earn £40,000 in a year. 

Mobile Tyre Fitting Business Plan Template

While starting your mobile tyre fitting business, it does not just end with having a business plan, you will also need to make use of this template checklist. The essence of this checklist is to ensure that you are on track and not missing out on any important step that you need to start up your company. To make utmost use of this checklist, you should follow it accordingly, choose all that applies and make provisions for the steps you are yet to complete. 

  • Research your target market
  • Pick a niche
  • Set a pricing policy
  • Get your management team 
  • Get a business plan
  • Get the necessary qualifications and license
  • Get an insurance 
  • Promote your business 

Do you Need Help Writing Your Mobile Tyre Fitting Business Plan?

The idea of having a business plan is fun, but the process of writing one can be overwhelming. But at Businessyield Consult, we create business plans to help curb your stress. 

When it gets too tough, don’t fret. Just pick a copy of our professional pre-made mobile tyre fitting business plan here and get your company on the go.


Managing a mobile tyre fitting business comes with multiple responsibilities and challenges, from getting equipment down to insurance and then offering the services. It is only the presence of a business plan that can make these tasks easier to handle. Once you apply a business plan to your company, you will discover how organized and easy to run your business gets. 


How often should you change your car tyres?

The average time you need to change your car tyres is every ten years. However, this can differ when you notice any form of malfunctioning or damage or experience a puncture on your tyre. If that is the case, then you will need to change it as soon as you notice. 

Is tyre fitting covered by insurance?

Most of the time, mobile tyre fitting is not covered under any insurance, but if you need insurance, you will need to pay for it yourself. But the situation can be different if you have specific tyre coverage. You can check your tyre documentation to understand if you are under a warranty or not. 

Is mobile tyre fitting good?

Mobile tyre fitting is a nice option, especially when you need your comfort and convenience at all costs. But to get full satisfaction, ensure that you research mobile tyre fitting options online before booking for one.

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Mobile tyre fitting is a nice option, especially when you need your comfort and convenience at all costs. But to get full satisfaction, ensure that you research mobile tyre fitting options online before booking for one.

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