CLEANING BUSINESS PLAN: Template & All You Need to Know

cleaning business plan

Whether you own a window cleaning company or perform a roof cleaning service, having a cleaning business plan gives you a fair advantage over other competitors. Blindly starting your cleaning service business without a plan is more like going on a road trip without a map. A great cleaning business plan will help you create, visualize and conquer your goals and that is why this article is here to help you create that professional business plan by yourself. 

We have also made some provisions for a pre-made cleaning business plan, in case you need a plan urgently. 

What is a Cleaning Business Plan?

A cleaning business plan is more like a living document that sets out your objectives and helps you see exactly what your aims are and how you will achieve them. A business plan will help you to be organized and keep a focus on what’s more important in order for your business to thrive. 

It is also called a living document because it needs to be constantly kept in check and updated according to any new developments in your company. By doing so, you will be able to determine if your business needs some changes or not. 

What is the Importance of a Cleaning Business Plan?

Before we go into details of how important a business plan can be, I need you to analyze these basic situations. Imagine going to an exam without studying or going to an airport without booking a flight. How does it play in your head? Starting a cleaning company, either offering a window or roof service, without a business plan isn’t any different from the above examples. 

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If you don’t plan ahead of time, you will end up struggling to achieve growth in any form of business. In essence, a business plan is crucial for the growth of your cleaning company. There are other important factors of a business plan, which include. 

  • Helps your business to operate efficiently while aiding decision-making.
  • Helps to define who your target market is and how to serve them right. 
  • Helps to stay organized and easily attain goals and objectives. 
  • It helps attract investors or bank loans.

It is also important to note that your business plan is not just written to be kept safely in a box. For you to advance in your business you need to always review your plan and make changes if necessary. 

How to Write a Cleaning Business Plan

When writing your business plan, it should be written in a way that tells your readers anything they need to know about your cleaning company. That is why we have created this guide that will show you some elements that should be present in your business plan. Before we dig in, you should also note that this cleaning business plan covers any cleaning company, which can be either a window cleaning service or a roof cleaning service. 

#1. Cover Page

This section of your business plan mostly serves as a reference point for investors, potential business partners, or new employees. Being the first page your readers will see, it needs to contain a piece of clear and accurate information. You can include key information like your business logo, name, contact information, business address, and your role in the cleaning company. 

#2. Executive Summary

This is where you will need to give a brief summary of your entire cleaning business plan. You can also add some information like your business concept, goals, mission statements, strengths, competitors, and company history. The executive summary will contain a brief description of every element of your business plan. To get all the information and points you need, it is best to complete other sections, before coming back to this. 

#3. Company Overview

The company overview should cover an in-depth analysis of your business. Reading this section of your business plan should give your reader a clear view of the type of cleaning service you operate. You should be able to share some information regarding the company’s ownership, your startup costs, and a list of assets. Before you conclude this section of your business plan, don’t forget to specify the type of cleaning service your run, is it a window service, roof service, or an indoor service? Would you like to expand your service offering?

#4. Market Analysis

This section requires that you do some level of research to learn about your market. It will give you a clear understanding of what your current market looks like. You would be able to understand who your competitors are and what they offer. You can only write in the section when you have done a thorough market analysis.

#5. Business Strategy

Your business strategy comprises your pricing plan, marketing strategy, logistics plan, and your goals and objectives. In essence, you would be telling your readers the plans you have for making your cleaning business a success. While working on this, you should also include how you will package your product, how you will get your services to your customers, and what you plan to achieve after a specific period. You should also elaborate more on your marketing strategy and inform your readers about how you plan on creating awareness for your business. 

#6. Operational Plan

Since you have mentioned the plans and goals you have for your business, in this section, you will tell your readers how you will carry out those ideas. You can also give a brief description of your management team and specify each of their roles in the organization. You can also tell your readers how these teams you have chosen will help you actualize your plans.

#7. Financial Plan

The financial plan is one of the important parts of your cleaning business plan. It will contain every aspect of your financial projections. This is where you will also describe your growth strategy and tell your readers how you intend to turn your company into a profitable one. To attract investors and to make this section look more professional, you should also include your sales forecast, startup funding, expense budget, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. If you feel that this section is too tough for you to handle, you can seek the help of an accountant or get a professional. 

Cleaning Business Plan Template

A cleaning business plan template checklist is another form of guide that can help you set up your cleaning business. To utilize this template checklist in an effective way, you should follow each step in accordance with how it was listed below. 

  • Identify your Market
  • Get qualifications and licenses
  • Set a budget
  • Choose a pricing option
  • Write a business plan
  • Promote your cleaning business
  • Plan for growth 

Wish to Finish your Cleaning Business Plan in 1 Day?

When it comes to creating a business plan for your cleaning business, there is no trick to it. It is either you know how to create a plan or you find it difficult to create. It is understandable if you find the process daunting, especially when it is your first time. To curb this stress, you can stick to our professional pre-made cleaning business plan

At Businessyield Consult, we specialize in creating professional business plans for entrepreneurs like you. We have also helped multiple businesses stand on their own and we are eager to help you through this process too. What are you waiting for? Get access to your plan now!


If you have had a hard time creating a business plan, then say no more. With the help of the outlined processes listed above, you can create a business plan within a short period. You should understand that there is always a significant impact a business plan has on any company, so it is best to have one that ignores the whole idea. A business plan will always clarify your objectives and allow you to move with confidence. 


What can I do to keep my cleaning business safe?

A cleaning business can be hazardous in most cases due to some harsh chemicals found in the cleaning products. To ensure the safety of your cleaning company you need to avoid using those harsh chemicals, check for the expiry date of each product you purchase, avoid mixing products, keep the chemicals out of people’s reach and educate your employees on the importance of safety. 

Do I need to get any training before I start my cleaning business?

No, you do not. A cleaning business does not require any form of training or legal requirements. You can only advance and manage your business effectively when you have gained relevant experience over time. You can also improve your skill level by signing up for a course. 

How can I quickly attract cleaning clients?

If you plan your marketing and sales strategy in the right manner then you can get clients over a short period. You can also create awareness for your business by getting a website, using social media platforms, offering coupons and discounts, paying for ads, and creating a business plan. 

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If you plan your marketing and sales strategy in the right manner then you can get clients over a short period. You can also create awareness for your business by getting a website, using social media platforms, offering coupons and discounts, paying for ads, and creating a business plan. 

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