BLOGGING BUSINESS PLAN: 2023 Template & How to Write

bloggig business plan

It’s certain you already have a killer theme, a super fun blog name, and a few reserved blog posts brimming with passion, but what is starting a blog without owning a blogging business plan? A blogging business plan will guarantee your growth, help you figure out how to navigate any storm and keep you on track. Having a catchy name and snappy content is not enough, and that is why this article will cover all there is to know about your blogging business. With the help of our unique template below, you will also get to create a blogging business plan for yourself. 

If you have limited time to assimilate all the information below, then you can simply get our pre-made blogging business plan here.  

What is a Blogging Business Plan?

A blogging business plan is a living document that helps you navigate an obstacle and still keeps you on track while working towards your most impactful goals. To make it simpler, one can also define a blogging business plan as a roadmap for your business. 

A plan simply outlines your business and goals and then maps out how you’re going to achieve them. If you can get this luxury easily, then what is keeping you from getting a plan?

What Is the Importance of a Blogging Business Plan?

Why do you need a business plan? There are tonnes of reasons why you do need one. When you have a plan by your side, it automatically gives you a clear picture of what you want to achieve and helps you create a greater sense of accountability as well. That’s not all. Having a business plan forces you to set clear priorities and shows you some challenges to expect along the way. 

All these factors and benefits of having a business plan are basically what make up a good business and enforce constant growth. Once followed closely, you can never go wrong with a business plan.

Do I Need a Business Plan For My Blog?

As long as you consider your blog as a form of business and a way to earn profits, you need a business plan. In some cases, one can choose to start a blog out of passion, and if this is the case, then you can start without a plan. But when these two factors are involved, then a plan is essential. 

Having known this, let’s look at how you can write your blogging business plan using this banging template below. 

How to Write a Blogging Business Plan

Writing a blogging business plan requires specific strategies and elements that will enable the plan to fulfil its purposes in your business. To write a blogging business plan effectively, you must ensure to follow this template in accordance.

#1. Executive Summary 

When writing your business plan, you should see your executive summary as the most important section of your plan. It summarises the other sections of your plan and briefs your readers about your blog. In this section, you would also need to include your blog’s name, a brief blog description, and a short description of your blog’s target market. Most readers end up reading this section, so you should make it as clear as possible. 

#2. Market & Competitor Analysis

I mentioned the target market in the previous section. Your target market is the audience that follows and views your blog posts. To be able to analyse who they are and how to reach out to them, you will need to conduct some niche market research. It is only when this research is completed that you will be able to compose this section of your business plan. While on that, you will also have to do some basic research on the top competitors in your blog’s area of expertise and tell your readers how you intend to get ahead of them.

#3. Brand Overview

Your brand or company overview simply covers an in-depth history of your blog business. If you have not gone far in your business, not to worry, you can just include the little you have done. A good company overview should include a description of your brand’s personality, what your blog is about, and your blog’s core values and mission. You can also include your blog’s logo, typography, brand colours and taglines.

#4. Blog Content Overview

The content of your blog will greatly determine the quality of your website. So you need to sit down and make a clear analysis of how you want to pull that through. You should add a summary of your content strategy in this section. You will also include the types of content you will be creating, and how you intend to maintain high-quality content. As a blogger, this section should be highly applied in your blog business, your posting frequency should be constant. 

#5. Sales and Marketing Strategy

What are your plans when it comes to your marketing plan? Which marketing methods would you apply to your blog business in order to create more awareness for your brand? These questions are what is required of you in this section. You should tell your readers what your launch and social media strategy should be and how you intend to use an SEO strategy and other related forms of promotion.

#6. Financial Plan

Phew, that was a lot already! The last step in creating a solid blogging business plan is to have a strong financial plan. You should consider what it’s going to cost you to get started, and if you are looking for any form of financial assistance, then you should pay attention to this particular section. You can include the cost of basic things you need to start off and how much you will need to make it happen. A proper financial plan should also have an income statement, a cash flow statement and a balance sheet.

How Do I Start a Blog and Make Money?

Starting a blog is not as easy as it sounds, but to make it happen, you need to start off at the right place. To do this, you have to choose a profitable niche first, have a working blog content strategy, create awareness for your brand, monetize your blog, and always be consistent with all activities.

What Kind of Blog is Profitable?

There are thousands of niches on the internet, but the most profitable blogs are about pets, dating and relationships, self-improvement, beauty treatments, gadgets and technology, personal finance and a host of others. 

How Do Bloggers Get Paid?

Bloggers get paid in many possible ways, from affiliate marketing to getting paid according to the amount of traffic their blogs pull in a month. Occasionally, when a brand sees that a particular blog attracts a large amount of traffic, it will reach out directly to a blogger to place an ad on the blog. From there, a commission is paid to the blogger. 

The most popular blogs on the internet are lifestyle blogs. Lifestyle blogs attract a whole lot of readers. It also consists of a variety of topics ranging from culture, local news, arts, family, and politics. This vast option gives a lifestyle blogger a wide range of topics to cover, and hence they always have content to write about. 

How Do I Get Readers to My Blog?

To boost your readership and increase traffic to your blog, you can simply carry out some basic procedures that have proven to be valid in this situation. You can choose to write more, use social media platforms, narrow down your niche, incorporate keywords and links, add sharing buttons that are linked to socials, write catchy titles, and include photos and a host of others. 

How Much Do Beginner Bloggers Make?

A beginner blogger can make up to £3,000-£5,000. This average income can also be increased depending on the amount of traffic their blog attracts. The payment can also be influenced when the blog has multiple monetizing activities. 

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog?

When it comes to making an analysis of the amount of cash you are likely to spend when starting a blog, you will find it difficult to make an analysis. On average, a blogger would need a range of £50,000-£200,000 to start up a blog. Then there are also monthly subscriptions that you will need to pay per month. 

What Type of Blogs are in Demand?

The most demanding blogs on the internet are lifestyle blogs, DIY blogs, valuable content, unique selling propositions, affiliate marketing, online stores, pet blogs, Google AdSense and a host of others. 

Does Composing a Blogging Business Plan Seems Too Demanding?

Not being able to write a blogging business plan yourself, even with the simplified template above, is understandable, especially when you’re a first-timer. But because of the importance of having a business plan, you need to make provisions for it, irrespective of its daunting nature.

If you find yourself in this tight situation, it’s better to opt-in for a professional pre-made blogging business plan

Over the years, businessyield consult has solely debuted its time and efforts into creating professional business plans for entrepreneurs. We have so far helped millions of businesses stand on their feet and we are happy to help you too. Get hold of your business plan here and watch your blog grow.

Final Thoughts 

It is one thing to open a blog website, and it’s another to plan what its activities are going to look like. But when a business plan is brought into the spotlight, it makes the journey easier. You should remember that you really do have to use a well-composed blogging business plan like this to experience valid results. More than just a blogging business plan, running a profitable blog also requires a lot of discipline, commitment and consistency. 


Is blogging profitable?

Yes, blogging has proven to be one of the most effective ways to make money across the globe. The only thing a blogger needs to do is to pick up a profitable niche idea, be consistent with it and then monetize it with any promotional platform.

How is blogging a business?

Blogging becomes a form of business when the blogger’s real intention is to make a profit from it. If the blogger’s intention is solely out of passion, then it should not be regarded as a form of business. Most bloggers monetize their blogs and hence tag them as their business.

How do I choose a topic for my blog?

Choosing a topic for what to write for your blog can be daunting, but to make the process easier, you can look at your past content, uncover topics that have generated the most engagement and pick inspiration from there. You can choose a similar topic within the niche and give it your best.

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