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It is your job as a professional photographer to capture a moment in time so that it can be treasured forever. These days, competition is tough, but you are a professional who enjoys what you do. Capturing these moments and seeing your clients’ joy when you give the final product is a thrilling experience. Unfortunately, this can put you at risk for some special risks specific to your field. However, with the help of public liability insurance, you can be sure to get coverage as a wedding photographer and a professional.

What is Photographer Insurance?

Photographer insurance is coverage that is tailored to a professional photographer’s insurance needs. It’s critical to select the correct coverages for your purposes since they can assist shield your company from the potentially crippling costs of a claim.

What is the Cost of Photographer Insurance?

The cost of photography insurance varies depending on a variety of criteria, including the size of the business, the number of employees, and risk factors. A photographic studio with numerous studios and photographers, for example, will pay a different premium than a studio with only one studio and photographer.

Basic Business Insurance for a Photographer

  • General Liability: This photographer liability insurance protects your company from mishaps and the litigation that follows. For example, if a guest slips on a tripod leg while photographing a wedding and sustains an injury. General liability might cover their medical expenses.
  • Commercial Auto: If you use your vehicle for photography business activities, like as transporting equipment to a session, you’ll need to insure it with commercial auto coverage. Almost many personal auto policies exclude coverage if your vehicle is being utilised for business.

Other types of insurance for photographers include:

  • Workers’ Compensation: Workers’ compensation insurance covers your employees if they are injured on the job.
  • BOP (Business Owners’ Policy): A BOP is a simple way to combine general liability and commercial property damage coverage into a single photographer insurance policy.

What is Wedding Photographer Insurance?

Wedding photographer insurance is a type of liability insurance designed to cover the costs of liability claims for wedding photographers. A single liability claim can cost your company thousands of dollars and ruin your reputation. Full Frame offers annual and event policies for wedding photographers that include general liability coverage to protect your business against the costs of bodily injury and property damage claims. It may also include camera equipment insurance to protect your equipment, as well as additional policy options for additional protection.

What does Wedding Photographer Insurance Cover?

#1. General Liability Insurance

$1,000,000 Occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate

General liability insurance can cover the costs of third-party bodily injury and property damage claims, such as if a customer trips over your company’s equipment and sustains an injury. It also covers the costs of copyright infringement, personal injury, and advertising injury claims, among other things.

#2. Camera Equipment Coverage

$1,000 Per Occurrence / $5,000 Total

Camera equipment coverage, also known as inland marine insurance, can protect your company from the costs of repairing or replacing damaged or stolen business equipment, such as camera bodies, lenses, lighting equipment, and more. Our coverage can cover claims that happen at home, at work, or everywhere in between. Full Frame offers a variety of equipment insurance coverage options to meet your company’s needs.

#3. Rented Property Damage

$300,000 Total / $300,000 Occurrence

This coverage can protect your company from the costs of claims resulting from damage to hired locations, such as a studio or a booth at an event. Before renting a place, it’s customary for property owners and event organizers to require businesses to include them as additional insureds on a policy.

#4. Professional Liability Insurance

$200,000 Aggregate / $100,000 Occurrence

Professional liability insurance can protect your company against the financial consequences of professional errors and omissions, such as providing incorrect instructions or neglecting to offer vital information on a subject. We strongly recommend this additional coverage option if you conduct seminars or perform demonstrations as part of your business.

#5. Cyberspace Liability

$100,000 Aggregate / $100,000 Occurrence

Cyber liability insurance protects your company from the financial impact of first- and third-party claims resulting from a cyber security breach. Cybercrime has become a widespread hazard to both large and small enterprises. We strongly advise adding this additional protection to your policy if you gather or store company information online on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

#6. Increased limits

Aggregate of $3M / $4M

You can increase the policy’s coverage if your company requires more protection against bodily injury or property damage claims. This increases your general liability policy’s maximum amount of coverage to $2 million per occurrence with a $3 million aggregate, or $3 million per occurrence with a $4 million aggregate.

Does a Wedding Photographer Need Public Liability Insurance?

Wedding photographers record one of life’s most joyous occasions, but they also face a significant amount of danger, ranging from trip and fall incidents to property damage claims and more. Liability claims can wreak havoc on your finances and put your photography business on hold. Wedding photographer insurance can safeguard your business from the financial impact of claims. This enables you to focus on what you do best.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance for Photographers?

Because you operate in a particular field, you may possess some abilities that others may lack. Clients flock to you, expecting exceptional results because you have these skills. What if a client does not like the final product? While this does not occur frequently, it is possible. Thus, you may not be able to please them even if you snap entirely new photos. They can always sue you or your business.

If you finish a session and agree to give the photos by a certain date, but your memory card malfunctions and you lose all of the shots, the customer may sue you for failure to deliver the finished result. What if you’re doing a commercial shoot and a model is hurt? Or maybe you forgot to strike a certain position or shoot in a specific location? These are just a handful of the numerous dangers that photographers must contend with.

Who Needs Professional Photographer Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability insurance for photographers can cover any professional who specializes in capturing photographs. Wedding and special event photographers, photojournalists, corporate photographers, and even videographers fall under this category. You need a Professional Liability insurance policy if you have a camera and receive compensation for your services.

What Does Photographer Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

Photographer professional liability insurance is an Errors and Omissions coverage that will cover the following:

  • Negligence, often known as carelessness, is a risk that any photographer can face. The policy should cover you if you forget to do anything a client demands and sues you.
  • Costs of Defense: Even if you win in court, you’ll have to pay court costs and legal fees. Your Professional Liability insurance policy will cover all of these.
  • Reshoot Expenses: If your memory card dies, you miss the shoot due to an emergency, or your camera breaks, and the client still expects you to complete the shoot, the policy will cover any reshoot costs.

Most General Liability and Professional Liability insurance policies do not include drone liability insurance, so you’ll need to get your own. 

How Much Does Photographer Professional Liability Insurance Cost?

While several insurance firms provide Professional Liability insurance for photographers, the average yearly cost is roughly $500. Naturally, if you have employees or have had previous claims, the cost will be higher. Annual revenue and the coverage limits chosen are also aspects to consider when calculating expenditures. Bundling all of your company’s insurance needs is always the greatest approach to save money.

Public Liability Insurance for a Photographer

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Whether you’re photographing magnificent scenery in the countryside or taking family pictures in the studio, there’s always the chance that something may go wrong. It’s unfortunate, and no photographer wants to be the victim of such an incident. However, once the damage has been done, you can take steps to aid.

Why take a chance when it’s difficult to forecast the unpredictable? By purchasing public liability insurance, you can ensure that you’re protected against the hazards that can arise when you’re out in public.

What is the significance of public liability insurance for a photographer?

The last thing you want to happen when you’re out working or taking pictures in your spare time is for something to go wrong. Unfortunately, there’s always a potential that anything will happen when you’re out in public. You could be held accountable for compensation fees if someone accidentally steps on one of your tripods or if you drop your backpack and damage someone’s items.

Public liability insurance is designed to shield you from the financial consequences of third-party legal claims for bodily injury or property damage. As a result, if a member of the public is injured as a result of your photography or filming activity, we automatically provide up to £1 million in liability costs protection as standard, with the option to increase your coverage to include up to $5 million in liability costs.

What does Public Liability insurance for a Photographer Cover?

If you intend to use your camera and equipment in public, you’ll want to know that you can shoot without fear of something going wrong. Our coverage choices will cover potentially significant legal expenses incurred as a result of legal action brought against you for photography or filming-related incidents involving third-party injury or property damage. 

When it comes to Public Liability, we have the following options:

  • Personal Accident Coverage: When you insure any equipment, you will receive £1 million in public liability insurance as well as £10,000 in personal accident insurance as standard. You can also choose to increase your Public Liability coverage to £5 million and add up to four photography assistants to your team at no additional cost.
  • Public Liability Only: If you choose, you can take out a £5 million Public Liability coverage without insuring any of your equipment. This option also allows you to hire up to four photography assistants to assist you.

It’s also crucial to note that our Public Liability and Personal Accident coverage excludes the following:

  • Any liability or mishap resulting from the usage or ownership of a drone/UAV by you.
  • Liability or accident that occurred in UK or for which someone is being held accountable.
  • Any liability or accident resulting from your use or ownership of photography or filming equipment.

In Conclusion,

If you own photography business, having insurance is essential, regardless of whether you only need liability coverage or want to safeguard your equipment, lost business income, or even your photography studio. If you have employees, you’ll need insurance to limit your liability in the event they are injured or you face a lawsuit as a result of your conduct or negligence.

Photographer Insurance FAQs

What insurance does a photographer need?

  • Equipment insurance.
  • Public liability insurance.
  • Professional indemnity insurance.
  • Employer’s liability insurance

How much does insurance cost for photographers?

Professional liability insurance costs a median of $65 per month, or $779 per year, for videographers and photographers.

Should I get insurance for my camera?

Insurance for your camera is essential, whether you’re a serious amateur photographer or a seasoned pro. Camera insurance will, at the very least, assist you in replacing a cracked lens. You’ll also be protected from potential lawsuits if you get photography insurance.

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