cute food packaging ideas for your small business

Your packaging ideas say a lot about you and your brand. It is your customers’ long-term impression of you. Your packaging ideas are your marketing strategy for retaining customers and gaining their loyalty to your brand. To be able to scale up as a small business owner, you must take your package ideas very seriously. We understand this, which is why we’ll be sharing cute food packaging ideas for your small business in this article.

Cute Packaging Ideas for Small Business

Packaging is an excellent way to promote your business, while also assisting customers in identifying you through your brand. And, with the best packaging ideas, you might entice customers to return to your small business for more of your goods. If you’re just starting out and need some ideas on how to package your items, I’ve compiled a list of cute and food-related small business packaging ideas to get you started.

Matching Product Design

As a small business owner, you could start with matching product design and packaging ideas. Adding labels that match the design of your product is a distinctive packaging idea. For example, Ariel owns a small T-shirt company that prints its designs in blue and white, adding a matching label to each style. This makes an awesome combo!

Kraft Paper, Botanicals, and Twine

cute food packaging ideas for your small business
image credit pintrest

You can’t go wrong with plain kraft paper and twine! Twine and kraft paper is a common combination, where you wrap the things in kraft paper and then tie twine around the package. It creates a nice and adorable effect that I’m sure customers will enjoy!

The use of kraft paper and twine is a particularly vintage mix that many customers would appreciate seeing and receiving. Handmade goods, such as handcrafted soaps, craft items, and so on, tend to go well with this aesthetic. You can add dried flowers to your box as a modest yet charming touch.

You may make a nice vintage impression with twine, or red and white twine, which looks amazing!


The use of ribbons suits small business owners looking for cute packaging ideas perfectly. They make a huge difference compared to an ordinary package. There are many different types of ribbon to choose from, including red ribbon, gold ribbon, and even glitter ribbon!

For example, you can wrap some ribbon around a gift paper or tissue paper, to add some flair to your delivery. These unusual materials can be found at craft stores or online. The red ribbon looks great with kraft paper, but the striped ribbon can also be used to add a postal touch.

Protective Packaging that is Soft and Simple

cute food packaging ideas for your small business
Tissue Paper image credit packola

Tissue paper are cute packaging idea for your small business that could be used to wrap your products for a nice touch. Simply set your items on a huge square of tissue paper and wrap the paper around them. You may finish your packing by adding a nice sticker to seal the products inside. Its strips can be used as simple protective packaging for products. It’s also a simple technique to keep your goods safe while they’re being sent. There’s a wide range of patterns to choose from, including floral patterns, gold-foiled patterns, and much more.

Tissue paper with patterns is widely available online. You can take a look at the products offered in stores around you; you’re sure to find some tissue paper that matches the aesthetic or vibe of your company.

Cardboard Boxes & Printable Labels

Cardboard boxes are yet another great way to amaze your consumers while also protecting your products at a very low cost! They’re also easy to display at local craft shows or artisan shops because of the hole at the top. So, it’s possible to be practical, functional, and attractive all at the same time!
What’s more, because they’re so basic, they can be dressed up in a variety of ways! Printable labels are a cost-effective way to make an impact. Get label sheets and start your label printing on your home printer.

Pocket Packaging

cute food packaging ideas for your small business
Tie pocket packaging image credit pintrest

Here’s we’ve pocket packaging to put your folding talent to the test. If you enjoy folding paper, you can package your products with pockets folded into the wrapping. The pockets add a unique design element that may also be used to store thank you cards or your business card.

Handmade Package Wrap

Like the notion of bespoke wrapping for your small business but don’t have the funds? Making it yourself is an easy solution! You can start own be your own bespoke wrapping with paint strokes and splatters over at @dorothy.arts!

Custom Rubber Stamps

A good rubber stamp is something we adore. We adore a stamp, even more, when it’s employed as a low-cost branding tool! A bespoke rubber-mounted stamp can be an excellent method to save money on printing for less than $30 (depending on the seller or retailer you pick). If you have a stamp, you can use it to personalize your thank-you letters instead of purchasing custom-printed ones. Business cards, receipts, postcards, and, in this case, packaging cardboard may all be done in the same way. This is one of the best cute packaging ideas small business owners should apply. So, order a personalized rubber stamp today! You’ll definitely have a blast with it!

Made For You Packaging

cute food packaging ideas for your small business
Made for you packaging

Is your product particularly suitable as a gift? Some small businesses provide personalized wrapping in which the consumer can write a personal note to their loved one.

Fabric made to order

Why use paper to wrap your products when you can use unique fabric? Wrapping your things in a lovely cloth gives them a one-of-a-kind, delicate appearance.

Paper from Recycled Sources

Wrap your things in unique papers if you have a vintage stationery theme. Vintage book page scraps can be utilized to make belly bands to hold the merchandise. It adds to the old atmosphere and is a terrific way to recycle!

Tags with Personalized Care Instructions

Care instructions can be kept as simple as possible, or they can go the extra mile by matching the design to the rest of the container. It’s the small things that make your packaging stand out and demonstrate that you care about your items.


You may also add some tags to the packaging of your product for a nice effect! For small business owners bespoke tags are also cute packaging ideas. You can make them by printing custom stickers and then pasting them to the tag one by one. You can also have tags professionally printed using services like VistaPrint.

Tape (Washi)

Washi tape is a great way to jazz up your package! It’s a fantastic way to add personality to a plain packaging bag at a low cost!

Place your washi tape over the seal at the top of your packaging bag so that your consumer can see that the product they’re receiving hasn’t been opened or tampered with. It’s a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your package.

Twisted Muslin Bags!

Made for you packaging

Muslin bags are extra cute packaging ideas for your small business.They have a lovely wheat color, a twine drawstring, and are just the right size for a soother clip and lanyard.

And there’s more?? They are so inexpensive! Looking for a way to personalize it? You can change the twine drawstring with a colored satin cord string using the excess cord you have hanging around. Do you want to dress it up a little? Add a couple of beads to the ends of the strings!

Paper Bags with Patterns

Another option is to place your customer’s items in a patterned paper bag, then place the paper bag in a poly mailer.
For an added flourish, I’d consider sealing the bag with a sticker. It also helps to keep all of the goods within the paper bag from pouring out when the customer opens the poly mailer!

Wrapping Paper with Patterns

Patterned gift wrap is a great way to express your thoughtfulness to your customers, and they’ll love it! It’s one of the most affordable cute packaging ideas small business owners should try.

These wrapping paper with patterns expresses your shop’s distinct flare, from geometric patterns like stripes and polka dots to heavenly-themed wrapping paper. Make sure to look into the numerous internet possibilities available, such as Etsy and Amazon.

Adorable Seasonal Packaging

If you offer products all year, you can tailor your packaging to the season. Custom-created package paper with simple snowflake images gives the product a wintery/Christmas atmosphere.

Jewelry Box, Pillows, and Pouches Packaging

Jewelry Box, Pillows, and Pouches Packaging

Majority of firms use jewelry boxes which are both strong and appealing thanks to the double wall. So it’s one cute idea for jewelry small business owners. You can easily customize them to fit your brands’s image and they’re also a sophisticated option that your customers will appreciate. They are simple to open and provide a delightful unpacking experience. You can also add a well-designed pillow box, for smaller jewelry pieces. The Pillow Box is ideal because they will stand out as a unique packaging option that will draw attention.

Another option are the Jewelry pouches made of various materials. They can be very attractive, but they normally require the addition of a box to protect your jewellery from damage, and they are not as easily labeled as boxes.

Jewellery bag and bespoke jewellery box packed with a few different jewellery pieces and a flower next to them. There’s no reason to limit yourself to just one option. Depending on the type of jewellery you’re carrying, you can use all options.

Food Packaging Ideas for Small Business

Food Packaging isn’t just about making your items seem nice; it’s also about making sure they’re perfectly edible. Have it in mind that, in addition to making a profit, you will need to develop a solid reputation for yourself. So, choosing the best packaging idea for your small business won’t be easy.

Remember that the effects of neglect are severe, therefore it is better to be cautious from the start. That’s why in this guide we have provided safe food packaging ideas for your small business.

Safe Treat Bags

Safe Treat Bags

The food-safe treat bags are coated, so you won’t have to worry about unfinished paper residue (which resembles fine dust) on your silicone beads. Another important factor? They also have a flat bottom that makes mailing, stacking, and storing them easier.

If you offer treats, food-safe treat bags are usually fairly simple in design or don’t necessarily reflect your brand’s concept. Attaching tags or cards with your branding to your plain bags is an easy way to spice them up.

Glass jars with a Lid or Cap made of Metal


Glass is manufactured up of a variety of materials including silica, soda ash, and limestone. Since ancient times, it has been used to package food. It’s transparent with well-lit content which can hold both solids and liquids because it is stiff and impenetrable. While caps can be screwed or pressed onto the opening of the container.
Glass is impermeable to other substances if properly sealed. It offers good physical defense. The product can be protected from light by using colored glass.

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Glass containers with lids are reasonably simple to open and close. They’re also good for the environment. Its simple to personalize and Its appeal is enhanced by the use of color. Glass is a good conductor of heat. Because it can crack at severe temperatures, it can’t be used to heat or freeze food.
Shrinkwrapping increases physical protection and anti-tampering properties.

It can’t keep raw food fresh for long due to its temperature sensitivity. Because this material is so hefty, it greatly raises shipping expenses. It also necessitates extra care when due to its brittleness.

Cardboard box

Cardboard boxes are safe packaging ideas for food small business owners. These boxes are permeable because they are comprised of paper pulp. A see-through top window may or may not be present. So you may have to add a see-through top glass for visibility. When acquired from wholesalers, they are relatively inexpensive, costing only a few cents each and portable.

Cardboard boxes are microwaveable and easy to open because they don’t have a plastic window. They’re also quite simple to recycle and can be stored in moisture-free freezers to extend the shelf life of the food. Boxes can be customized in a variety of ways.

Some of the drawbacks to using cardboard include the fact that boxes are readily wet or distorted. In comparison to other containers, they provide less physical protection. On their own, cardboard boxes don’t do anything to improve food taste.

Plastic Covered Styrofoam Plate

Plastic Covered Styrofoam Plate

Styrofoam is a strong, water-resistant opaque insulating foam. It acts as the robust bottom structure in this type of packing, with shrink or stretch wrap covering the top. Your goods are well visible thanks to the top plastic cover. Colored plastic can shield you from the sun’s damaging rays. Because Styrofoam and plastic wrap are impermeable to air and water, they can help prevent food spoiling. They can be safely frozen to extend the life of the food. It is extremely light, customizable, and really simple to open this style of packing. Wholesalers charge between 3 to 15 dollars or more per package. Microwavable styrofoam is also available.

Some of the drawbacks of this food packaging idea are that it’s only suitable for solid food because the container’s top is weak. Waterproof styrofoam and plastic wrap are used in this packing, but only a thin layer.
The recyclability of this form of packaging is restricted.

Tub, jar, or bottle made of polyethylene

Tub, jar, or bottle made of polyethylene

These robust, non-toxic PE containers are made of polyethylene making them air-tight suitable for both solid and liquid items. PE provides see-through containers that can also be customized. There are no hazardous compounds leached from the plastic composition. Some have screw-on caps, but they may all be taped or shrink-wrapped to keep them sealed. It is relatively easy to open and close these light containers which can also be chilled and reused in a safe manner.PE containers with a capacity of 500 ml or more are sold by wholesalers for $5 or more.

One of the drawbacks to this packaging idea is the fact PE containers cannot be microwaved. When torn, they also have low recyclability. The cost of shrink wrap-sealing is increased.

Vacuum Bag

Vacuum bags are constructed of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polyamide, which may be coupled with another plastic-type (PA). A vacuum removes oxygen from within while the heat-sealing keeps air and fluids out.

These containers have the same advantages and disadvantages as PE pouches. The appearance of the box and the cost are the most significant variations. Vacuuming has the tendency to distort surface graphics, which can lead to poor product presentation. Meanwhile, the added equipment and maintenance might drive up the initial prices significantly. Vacuuming, on the other hand, can increase the shelf life for years.

A new tabletop vacuum machine costs between $200 and $400. The cost of a heat sealer is $40. Pouches mixing PET and PA are roughly the same price as those manufactured entirely of PE.

Tin Can

Cans provide excellent protection against a variety of elements. They don’t easily distort in normal settings, thus they can hold both solid and liquid foods. Perishables are hermetically sealed inside a metal container, commonly made of tin, during canning. It is possible to chill cans. Some folks also use them to heat their food. The plastic inner lining used by large food manufacturers is absent from simple cans. Because Cans have seals that are more difficult to tamper with. Food can be preserved for a long time by canning it. A manual canning machine can cost between $400 and $600. Wholesale prices for one-liter tin cans range from $4 to $25.Cans are recyclable and also extremely adaptable.

Some of the drawbacks to using this packaging include;

  • Canning expenses rise as a result of easy-open tops.
  • The majority of cans are quite heavy.
  • Food ingredients are totally hidden behind cans.
  • Corroded cans are hazardous to one’s health.
  • Sharp edges have the potential to injure the skin.
  • When water freezes, it expands, causing lightweight fluid-containing cans to distort and tear. Microbes can enter the container through surface dents.
  • The upfront costs of operating canning equipment are higher.

Polypropylene Box

Microwavable plastic food containers made of polypropylene (PP) are common. Some people use sticky tape to seal them, while others shrink-wrap the lid. They can be had for as little as $1to $10 each.

Advantage of this packaging idea

  • The material is quite light.
  • When correctly sealed, these rigid containers are leak-proof and provide great physical protection.
  • They have the ability to package both solid and liquid foods.
  • Typically, they are translucent. Lids come in a variety of colors and can be see-through or opaque. Labels increase the customizability of the product.
  • It’s simple to open, close, and reseal PP boxes. They can be microwaved, frozen, and reheated without issue.
  • Tamper-proofing and increasing shelf life are two benefits of shrink wrap-sealing.

One of the drawbacks of this packaging idea is the fact that when ripped, PP boxes have poor recyclability. ill-fitting lids can also cause leakage.

Metal Canister or Lidded Metal Box

metal tin image credit pintrest

Tin or aluminum are used to make metal boxes and canisters. These containers protect your products from air, moisture, compressive forces, and other hostile environmental elements. Although they have lids, they are not as tightly sealed as regular cans. Even without frills, they are substantial, solid, and appealing. They are also the most expensive if you buy them in bulk.

Advantages of using this packaging idea

  • Shrink wrap-sealing can improve security and extend the life of a product.
  • It’s simple to open, close, and reseal them. They have the ability to tolerate frigid conditions.
  • Because of their appearance and recyclability, they appeal to a wide range of people. They’re also simple to embellish.
  • They keep solid foods from falling apart.

One of the drawbacks of this idea is the fact that the lids are frequently loose and leaky. They cannot also be used on liquids or solid-liquid combinations unless they are utilized as supplemental packaging. The visibility of the products is limited by lids.

Although they can withstand high temperatures, they are rarely used to heat food, which can compromise their design. Metal containers are bulky and costly. They can also corrode if not chemically treated.


Once you understand your small business needs and customer expectations, make sure to choose packaging that helps identify your brand, protect your products, and grow your business. Keep in mind that low-cost packaging options can be a great place to start!

Hope this article has helped your creative thinking come alive? You can also add your touch of love to every package, like a thank you card or a season card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my packaging unique?

  • Lit up your packaging with an intresting packaging idea, not an idea that’s going to bore your consumers.
  • Make every package your own.
  • Make the unboxing special and give customers a treat.
  • Choose a color and style that is consistent with your brand.
  • Use Packaging Materials in a Fashionable Way…
  • Organize the products in a neat manner.

How can small businesses improve packaging?

  • Use an eco-friendly or userfriendly packaging idea that fits your products perfectly.
  • You could test packages and see which one is best for your product.
  • Be extra sweet with your words, this is a magic that works a every time!
  • Your choice of colour should attract people to your brand. So, go for an interesting colour that fits your brand perfectly.

How food packaging should be?

Food packaging should preferably be resealable with ease and safety. Another topic that is gaining in popularity is the precise prediction of a food product’s best-before date. So, it’s only wise to make sure your food packaging ideas help your products last longer.

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