Office Christmas Party Ideas:

Office Christmas party ideas

Office Christmas Party ideas are needful whenever the Christmas festive period is fast approaching. Even when you totally forget Christmas is around the corner, the colorful lights blinking around malls, and schools are a reminder that it is time to prepare for one. Everyone loves holidays and Christmas is one holiday season everyone looks forward to seeing. Employees are not left out of this exhilarating period. While some are busy making a list of parties to attend or drafting a shopping list, others are busy making plans on the exact party ideas they will incorporate. This article explains what is an office Christmas party, game ideas and how important is an Office Christmas party gift as ideas. It is indeed a thrilling journey.

What exactly is Office Christmas Party all about?

An office Christmas party is a get-together put in place by organizations to celebrate their success over the year. It involves loads of thrilling ideas specifically put together to make employees feel valuable and important. These ideas of course in turn make the employees’ time memorable. An organization can decide to do without one but it denies employees the privilege of oneness and social life. Therefore, it is advisable to start making plans for this year’s Office Christmas Party Ideas now.  

How often does Office Christmas Party hold in a year?

The office Christmas party comes once a year, usually towards the end of the year

This explains why there should be adequate preparation in drawing up the office Christmas party ideas. Essentially, it must also include thrilling ideas that will engage people properly. The office Christmas party ideas must also build relationships.

What to consider when Planning an Office Christmas Party?

There are a couple of things to consider when planning an office Christmas party. They are things that can make your Christmas get-together lose its spark when overlooked. 

One should consider the following:

  • Planning team: Decide who will handle your Office Christmas Party ideas, should it be some of the staff or an event manager.
  • Date: The exact day the event will hold
  • Venue: This could be the. Office environment or a more pronounced place such as a restaurant,event hall,guest house e.t.c This also decides whether the office Christmas party ideas would be indoors or outdoors.
  • Decorations: The colourful display of green, red, white colours is the hallmark of Christmas. Trees with ornaments dangling around them in addition to the big guy on red-Santa Claus.
  • Food: Decide what kinds of meals will be served. It can be a three course meal that includes all kinds of snacks.
  • Drinks: Consider the varieties of drinks available
  • Possible gifts: Close attention is crucial here. This is because, it is a memorable reminder of the day the office celebrated its employees. There should be something for everyone.
  • Moderators: You can have one of your employees serve as the anchor of the day’s event or hire an MC.
  • Invitations: Make sure everyone gets an IV. The IV for the Office  Christmas party idea can either be a hard copy fancy card or in soft copy form. Soft copies can also be sent to employees by mail. You can include a  RSVP feed back to the IV. However,ensure it gets to everyone possibly with their names on it and in time too.
  • Games: Parties are incomplete and boring without games. What is a time out without fun? It will definitely be dry. So make out time to outline games and then select the most engaging.

How do you spice up an Office Christmas Party?

While making plans for your office Christmas party ideas, ensure you add activities that will make the event memorable.

Thrilling Office Christmas Party Ideas

A party should be enjoyable and full of fun. There are no rules regarding the types of games or activities that will brighten things up. 

Are you thinking of hosting an Office Christmas Party For your firm? 

Then these office Christmas Party  Ideas will spice up your firm’s event ensuring it is memorable, engaging, and interesting.

#1. Office Carol

This involves having a carol session in the Office Christmas Party. Some of the employees can volunteer to be lead soloists and others will gladly sing along to ancient Christmas songs. 

#2. Raffle Draw Prizes

Here, a raffle ticket will be given to everyone that attended the event. Additional tickets can be given to two sets of persons – those who volunteer in one thing or the other and people who emerge winners in try the day’s games. 

Before the end of the day, someone goes with the star prize. However, it will be nice if everyone goes with something, irrespective of what it is. This builds memories.

#3. How well do you know your colleagues?

This category suggests writing the names of employees on a piece of paper and then putting it back in a box. Someone ruffles the papers and employees nominate another person from their department to represent them. The person in turn picks two or three names and then tells everyone what they know about the other person.

#4. Christmas Carnival

You can consider a Christmas carnival too. It is an office Christmas party idea that involves every employee to represent diverse cultures in society. It is an outdoor event that involves loads of fun-filled activities. Ranging from a colorful atmosphere with Christmas decorations, fun parks, as well as food stalls. Carnival is a whirl of fun and excitement, as it entails employees coming with their loved ones. Of course, it also involves carol, drama, dancing as well as diverse food.

#5. Charity Christmas

This Particular idea is a give back to social activity.

Employees come with anything they don’t use anymore. The organization appoints people to divide these gifts into little sets and then assign a place to visit. Of course, the organization or firm will also provide gifts to people. Then on a particular date, each team visits a particular community and then meets together to talk about the outcome.

#6. Movie Night 

A movie night is also one of the beautiful ideas that you can introduce into an office Christmas party.

It technically means there is a slot for one or two film shows added to the activities of the day. There is also no fast rule guiding this, as the idea of the office Christmas party is to celebrate and appreciate employees.

#7. Games

This is another means of getting people excited. Games are exhilarating and help to create bonds among people. 

It is a good way of engaging people. It is a must whenever one desires to draft a good office Christmas party ideas plan.

You can consider adding the following games to your list of office Christmas party ideas.

Game Ideas for an Office Christmas Party

  • Decorate the tree: To do this,you will have to provide  mini Christmas trees. You will also provide ornaments for its decorations. Such as elf,balls,light,candles, candy canes, Santa,e.t.c Then you split participants into groups. Each group should get the Christmas tree standing within a given time. Then the best team wins.
  • Holiday photo booth: This office Christmas Party game ideas includes different photo booth stands. The photo booth stand must involve Christmas memes. The memes can include Santa,elf, Angels, shepherd e.t.c
  • Sing along with the Karaoke: Here, Christmas Sounds can be played and two or more persons volunteer to sing the songs.
  • Rip the Tree: To play this office christmas party game ideas,you need to blindfold the participants. Each of them will receive cut green cards of various shapes. The participants are  to build a Christmas tree,by feeling the green cards.
  • Carol competition: you can get the employees to form little groups. Each group is to sing carol songs. To make it more astounding,you can decide on the exact songs. Then,the best group wins.
  • Ringdeer: This is a ring game toss possible game ideas for the offic christmas game ideas. Each participant receives rings and will have to hang the ring by tossing it from a standpoint.

Gift Idea for An Office Christmas Party

  • Christmas gift hamper: Basically we find this in every stores season.
  • Food coupons: A night out for two at a fancy restaurants
  • Additional incentives: A possible 10 percent increase in pay check 
  • Box of chocolate: Everyone loves chocolate. Different brands of chocolate can be put in a box in a neat wrap.
  • Bath Towel: A new bath towel at the end of the year is amazing. It is a perfect gift for your office Christmas party ideas
  • Bath rope: Imagining starting the new year with a new bath rope,the feeling is awesome.
  • OTT Subscription: Free Netflix Subscription sounds out of the world. It enables family to spend time together of course with loads of snacks and also considered anoffice christmas amazing party gift.
  • Customized diary: A new diary customized with the firm’s Logo, is a perfect way to begin the new year. Consider adding this to your list of possible gifts for your Office Christmas Party. Everyone who loves to planning or having things organized will not thank you enough.
  • Ear pod: People love to reflect or meditate because it helps them to be at the top of their games. Ear pods are an amazing gift because they separate you from the world at large.
  • Customized mug: Coffee mug, customized with the Company’s name, is  perfect for your office Christmas party gift ideas
  • Free spa treatments: Imagine a thorough massage at a renowned Spa. The Employee will definitely thank you forever.
  • Coffee maker: A sizable coffee maker, possibly an office table size.
  • Pen: You can give this to everyone who attends the office Christmas Party.
  • Coffee warmer: This should be a stand by for coffee lovers. This is because, one can get carried away while working, allowing the coffee to get cold.
  • iPad pack: You can equally consider adding a customized iPad pack to your office Christmas party ideas.
  • Desk Organizer: A small box that keeps things in place is also a very good gift to consider,while drafting an office Christmas party idea.
  • Bluetooth speaker: Music is love,a Bluetooth speaker is perfect for an inhouse mini party.

Office Christmas Party FAQs

How important is the office Christmas Party?

The answer is very important. Remember, it is not about you, your brand, or the organization. It is all about your employees. Everyone loves to be celebrated, people love to be relieved off duty once in a while. And an Office Christmas Party is an amazing way to bring your employees together. It also helps people to get familiar with one another.

Is an Office Christmas Party really needful or important?

Of course, hosting an Office Christmas Party is an amazing way to end the year and begin the holiday. It is also an annual event and should therefore be part of every company’s plans. It also creates a platform for employees to build relationships.

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