DOG TRAINING BUSINESS PLAN: Template & Best UK Practices

dog training business plan

If you can picture the number of dog owners that stay in the UK, then you will understand that the dog training industry can be a tough one. However, do not be discouraged about getting paid for doing what you love most. Instead, you should come prepared to maintain a striking balance with the competition. The only way you can achieve this is by getting a professional business plan. In this guide, we have created a working template that can help you create a UK dog training business plan. We will also discuss some basics of running a dog training business to help you start on the right foot. 

Just in case you don’t feel the need to write one yourself, you can opt-in for our pre-made exclusive MBA standard dog training business plan.

What is a Dog Training Business Plan? 

A business plan is a living document that is responsible for outlining your business goals and then telling you how to achieve them. It is called a “living document” because it is not like the normal documents you get and store safely; it is a document you will constantly need to check and make a few changes when necessary. Being a dog trainer takes more than just knowledge of clicker training and being a lover of dogs; it has more to it, especially when you wish to make a living from it.  

Having a business plan will also help make your business credible, especially when you need any form of financial support from the bank or an individual investor. When they analyse what your plans and business ideas entail, they will be able to decipher how unique you are compared to other competitors. Once you work hand in hand with your plan, you will have a hard time figuring out your next course of action. Having known this, let’s look at how you can construct a winning UK dog training business plan using our template below. 

How to Write a Dog Training Business Plan

A proper business plan appears in sections or bits, and from there, each section is then explained according to the specifications of the company involved. You might have had a hard time trying to create a plan in the past, but this template has proven to be different. This self-explanatory template we have created will serve as a guide that can help you create a UK dog training business plan with ease. Without further ado, let’s go into details.

#1. Executive Summary    

Your executive summary, being the first section your readers will see, should provide an introduction to your business. The main goal of this section is to engage your reader by explaining the kind of services you offer and how you offer them. You should also include a brief summary of all the sections that will appear in your business plan. Talk about your competitors, marketing, management team and target market. 

#2. Company description

This is where you will give an in-depth explanation of the business. Tell your readers about your company’s history and how you started your dog training business. You should also specify the type of dog training business services you offer. Are you a trainer for service dogs, scent work dogs, protection dogs or all? 

#3. Market Analysis

Before writing the market analysis of your dog training business plan, you should research thoroughly on your market. Any information that you provide here should be clear and accurate. It should show your readers how well you understand your market and how you can take advantage of that to make your business grow. You can also include a little information about your customer here and how you intend to serve them well.

#4. Competitive Analysis

Your competitive analysis is also another piece of research that needs to be carried out in your industry. Every business has a competitor, and to get ahead of them, you need to research them to know what they do best. You should also know their strengths and weaknesses. Also, discover how well they serve customers and then include the full details here. Lastly, tell your readers what makes your business unique and special compared to theirs.

#5. Sales and Marketing strategy

A proper marketing plan should cover your product, price, place, and promotion. The essence of formulating a marketing plan is to increase sales with your potential clients and also create awareness for your company. In this section, you will need to tell your readers how you intend to attract customers and what your marketing plan entails. 

#6. Financial Plan

Your financial plan is also a crucial part of any business plan, especially when seeking financial support from lenders or investors. It is essential that you include an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement in this section of your plan. This information should clearly analyse your financial projections and how you intend to make profits over a given period.

#7. Appendix 

Lastly, this section should contain supporting documents that will make your plan more valid and compelling to me to add any licence, certification, or qualifications in this section of your business plan.

Is Dog Training Business Profitable?

Running a dog training business can be really lucrative especially when you’re being consistent with the process. You can also make lots of large returns from owning this type of business. You need little maintenance and more of your skills. 

How do I Start a Successful Dog Training Business?

Starting a successful dog training programme is not as hard as keeping to the rules that will make you successful. If you want to run a successful dog training business, you should be ready to market your services either by referrals or word of mouth. When you receive gigs from time to time, then it means you are running a successful business. 

Can Dog Training be a Side Hustle?

No matter what you wish to do with your dog training talent, whether as a life-long career or a change of pace or a fun side hustle, it does not matter because the dog training industry is flexible enough to accommodate anything. The most important fact is that you should always stick to satisfying your clients and always stick to time. 

How do Trainers get Clients?

To generate clients that can request your dog training services, there are some options you can take to ensure it happens. The first thing is to open your other social media platforms and try to manage your SEO and make use of hashtags. You can also use some veterinarians’ referrals; partner with a local non-pet business or a shelter; or even meet clients at festivals, among others. 

How do I Market myself as a Dog Trainer?

When it comes to every business, you need to take extra care in planning your marketing strategies and your dog training business is not an exception. Marketing yourself as a dog trainer can draw attention and a great customer base to your business and thus enhance profits. To market yourself, you need to pick a brand name, create and personalize your brand, define your products and market your services to the right audience. 

How do Dog Trainers Stand Out?

You can stand out from every other dog trainer by acquiring what they do not have. This can be through special skills, qualifications, unique dog training services, licenses or any standard of knowledge or experience. 

Finding it difficult to create a Dog Training Plan Yourself?

Most people won’t tell you this, but creating a business plan can be fun and daunting at the same time, especially when it’s your first time trying. 

But because time waits for no man, you have to take the easier route out, and for this reason, we have created a ready-made dog training business plan for your convenience. 

Over the years, businessyield consult has specialised in creating professional business plans and, so far, has helped millions of businesses stand on their feet, and we are happy to help you too. Get started here.

Final Thoughts

The dog training business can yield you a thriving income if managed and handled efficiently. The number one way to start the process is by having a business plan that can help you outline your plans and help keep track of them till growth is ensured. When constructing your UK dog training business plan, it is best to refer back to our unique template above for a proper guide. Remember that you should always keep track of your business plan to keep your dog training business afloat from other competitors.  


What kind of dog trainers make the most money?

Every business has diverse niches, including the dog training business. And some types of these dog training niches tend to be more profitable than others. Some of these popular niches include trainers for service dogs, scent work dogs and protection dogs. These training niches can attract a huge profit for you. 

How do I train my dog to succeed?

To train your dog effectively to produce more actionable results there are some attributes you should emulate. Some of these tips include being consistent with reinforcement, practising in different environments, using positive reinforcement, taking time to study behavioural science, understanding their body language and knowing when to take a break from training. 

What are the three main methods of dog training?

There are popular methods you can employ while training your dog, and they include the traditional dominance method, the scientific method and the positive reinforcement method. 

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There are popular methods you can employ while training your dog, and they include the traditional dominance method, the scientific method and the positive reinforcement method. 

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