Freshsales Review: Meaning, Features & Pricing

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Freshsales is a salesforce automation solution that streamlines lead handling, client contact, marketing insights, customer relationship management, and other processes for enterprises of all sizes. Organisations can use the platform to create bespoke workflows using event-based triggers to automate repetitive processes. Freshsales allows teams to design bespoke sales pipelines based on regions, teams, procedures or other criteria and manage a product library with pricing, discount and tax information. 

In this article, we will be given a review of what FreshSales CRM is, the features of FreshSales, the pros and cons, the customer care service and the pricing and plan of FreshSales

What Exactly Is Freshsales?

Freshsales is a one-stop shop that offers unified sales, marketing, chat, and phone capabilities. The Freshsales CRM is accessible by browser or mobile app, making it simple to refer to or add contacts wherever you are. It’s also a fully customizable tool, so you can change the layout of your dashboards to suit how you see your contacts or data. 

How Does FreshSales Work?

Freshsales assists you in more successfully managing your sales process by organising, tracking, and following up on leads while creating client relationships. The interface is clean and simple, with easy access to all of the major features and functions. Users may see all prospects, current customer touchpoints, and historical engagements with the all-in-one view functionality.

One of the key differences between FreshSales and other systems is how they handle lead tracking and management. Freshsales prioritises AI-based lead scoring, which is incorporated within your CRM platform. Lead scoring allows you to prioritise leads based on their level of interaction and conversion likelihood. 

It rates your company’s sales leads based on both explicit and implicit lead data. From web forms, emails, and chats, these leads are immediately supplied into the CRM system. The FreshSales user experience is typically favourable, as most users believe the system to be useful and simple to use. 

Pricing and Plans at FreshSales 

This section of the review will reveal the different FreshSales pricing and plans, as well as the features of each plan

#1. Free Plan 

You can use the FreshSales Growth Plan for free for up to three people. It’s a one-stop shop where you may get a free jump start on your small or growing business. You can send emails, handle transactions, monitor and track business success, and more with the free sales and marketing tools.

The free version is available to new Freshsales and Freshsales Suite accounts that sign up without a credit card. Existing users can use the free version by creating a new account. The free edition permits only three users and 1,000 marketing contacts, but you may add more users and contacts as well as any add-ons at any moment.

#2.Growth Plan

The Growth Plan is ideal for expanding sales teams that want to spend less time on monotonous tasks and more time selling. It has built-in email, phone, and chat, so you can communicate with customers and track and manage deals in Kanban, timeline, or funnel views. Tasks can be automated, records can be updated, and automated campaigns may be launched. The following are included in the growth plan: 

  • Workflows – (20) Automate repetitive operations such as record updating, emailing, invoicing, and more
  • Storage for File Sequences – Manage documents with 2GB (per user)
  • Five automated steps (per user) in a sales sequence
  • Email Limit for Sales Sequences – 500 per day (per user)
  • 250 personalised bulk emails each day (per user)
  • 2,000 free bot sessions
  • £800 per hour (per account) API access

#3. Pro Plan

Everything you need to manage numerous sales teams and grow revenue is included in the pro plan. Everything in the Growth plan is included in the Pro plan, plus more sales pipelines, enhanced workflow automation, AI-powered sales insights, and WhatsApp integration. All of these capabilities make it easier to nurture leads at the proper moment without manual effort, manage several pipelines, and determine which of your products or services is trending so that you may change your efforts. The Pro Plan contains the following features: 

  • Workflows – (50) Automate mundane jobs
  • 50 (per module) Auto Assignment Rules for Contacts, Accounts, and Deals
  • Create up to ten different sales pipelines.
  • Sales Teams: 50 maximum
  • 5GB of file storage (per user)
  • 10 sales sequences (per user)
  • Email Limit for Sales Sequences – 1,000 per day (per user)
  • 1,000 personalised bulk emails each day (per user)
  • 3,000 free bot sessions
  • 50 custom roles
  • £1600 per hour (per account) API access

#4. Business Plan

The Freshsales Enterprise plan is the top-tier plan, ideal for larger enterprises with more sophisticated sales procedures and higher sales volumes. This package includes extensive lead scoring, bespoke reporting, dashboards, numerous sales funnels, territory management, and team-based selling, as well as advanced customization, governance, and controls. The enterprise plan additionally provides the following features: 

  • Workflows – (100) Automate mundane tasks
  • 100 (per module) Auto Assignment Rules for Contacts, Accounts, and Deals
  • Custom Modules: There are ten custom modules.
  • Create up to ten different sales pipelines.
  • Limit of 100 sales teams
  • 100GB of file storage (per user)
  • 25 sales sequences (per user)
  • Email Limit for Sales Sequences – 2,000 per day (per user)
  • 5,000 personalised bulk emails each day (per user)
  • 5,000 free bot sessions
  • 100 Custom Roles
  • API access costs £4000 per hour (per account).

#5. Add-Ons

Freshsales also offers various add-ons. For an additional £15 per month, you can generate branded papers such as invoices, quotations, onboarding paperwork, and contracts, purchase more bot sessions, and automate chat flows for £60, including 1,000 bot sessions each month. Additional workflows to automate repetitive operations are available for £4 for ten processes, and additional phone credits to make and receive calls begin at £4.

The Benefits of FreshSales

What are the characteristics and benefits that have earned Freshsales a positive reputation and a significant position in the CRM market? In this section of the review, we will be discussing some of the advantages of FreshSales CRM. some of these advantages include

#1. Email Monitoring

Salespeople must understand who reads their emails and who ignores them. This allows them to learn who is interested in their product and cultivate these prospects. Freshsales’ key features include tools that allow sales professionals to send mass emails based on personalised templates, as well as scheduling and calendar syncing. Automatic linking occurs, and pertinent information is promptly exported to contact records. The solution is selective in its representation of metrics, and it finds the important facts in an email without your intervention.

#2. Direct Contact

Freshsales is one of the few platforms that allows calls to be forwarded directly to it without the need for any hardware or software installations. You won’t have to spend time moving your data to this solution to track the history of your chats, and you can easily assign notes or numbers to your contacts or call them from within the app. You can also use an auto-dialer, route calls, use personalised greeting messages, identify callers, and track the performance of the agents that answer those calls.

#3. Event Monitoring

The capacity to track previous conversations and use them to plan future communication is a crucial feature of a CRM solution. Freshsales allows you to check into a contact’s past while speaking with him to learn what interests them and how they connects with your solution. This will allow you to close more deals with hot prospects and leads. The software also gives a neat timeline where contacts are sorted depending on their behaviour and listed with interaction information and emails so you can simply score them.

#4. Management of Leaders

A good CRM should assist users in effectively managing and nurturing leads so that they become loyal clients. Freshsales allows successful contact management by providing a 360-degree view of all important facts and interactions, as well as assisting you in distinguishing between pending, won, and lost deals. 

It employs an AI-based lead grading algorithm that speeds up the entire lead generation process. This technology works in tandem with a 360-degree customer view feature, which aids in advanced and specifically personalised lead engagement. Furthermore, the site sends out timely reminders to help you remember appointments and chores.

#5. Sales Administration

Freshsales is an excellent sales CRM that provides total visibility into the sales process at all stages. The following are the main aspects to consider: Visual Sales Pipeline, Deal Predictability, and Deal Rotating. The app allows users to simply sort and filter close dates, find bestsellers and stagnating transactions, and alter actions as needed. You can easily customise follow-up, uncover patterns, analyse wins and losses, and identify impediments that affect your performance by using the solution’s intuitive drag-and-drop navigation.

#6. Analytics, Dashboards, and Reporting

The finest thing about FreshSales is that it not only accepts information but also allows users to quickly manage this data once it is available. It provides a range of standard reports, including email reports, territory, pipeline, and more, all presented in attractive dashboards. You can also create personalised reports for all contacts, deals, and opportunities. You can also generate reports at any moment and summarise the data while making adjustments to your campaigns. Its user-friendly interface provides immediate access to reporting tools.

#7. Seamless Integrations

Freshsales helps you with your Freshdesk tickets by providing pertinent rep chats and other facts on detailed lists. This integration can help you learn what your consumers think of your product and forecast renewals and sales. Furthermore, you can use the same solution to address CRM tickets because you can edit all field properties and keep your team members informed. 

Freshsales also seamlessly interacts with Google Calendar and Segment, allowing you to manage your events and avoid missing any meetings or appointments. You may also sync and follow all scheduled demos and events using your mobile device. Freshchat, Freshconnect, Freshcaller, Mailchimp, Zapier, Quickbooks, and Xero are also integrated with Freshsales.

Disadvantages of FreshSales

In this section of the review, we will list some of the disadvantages of using FreshSales CRM.

  • More choices for exporting data are required
  • Enhancements to collaborator accessibility options
  • With overloaded databases, the software takes longer to load
  • There are fewer third-party integrations than competitors
  • Reports are not available in the free plan

Customer Service and Assistance

Freshsales offers customer service via email, phone, and live chat. Freshsales chat support is accessible from the bottom right-hand corner of your web page, account, or the Freshsales support portal. Freshsales phone, chat, and email support is very responsive.

Some users also claim that getting help from the support team was nearly impossible on the free plan but that as a paying customer, the quality of support received improved. Other users report that customer support was frequently delayed and that the software’s usability could be improved.

Is FreshSales GDPR compliant?

Freshworks is dedicated to assisting you in meeting GDPR compliance. With this in mind, we are developing several GDPR-specific features and enhancements. Web form opt-in: Web forms will have the option to include “opt-in” checkboxes to record consent.

Is FreshSales Hosted in the Cloud?

Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM), a cloud-based CRM for your sales and marketing teams, is a good place to start. Freshsales CRM enables businesses to scale more quickly and puts cutting-edge business software in the hands of both small and large businesses.

What Data Is Not Covered by GDPR?

The GDPR does not apply if the data subject is dead. The data subject is a legal person. The processing is done by a person acting for purposes that are outside his trade, business, or profession.

Is Freshsales the Same as Freshworks?

Think Fresh! Try Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM), an all-in-one sales solution that helps you acquire, engage, nurture, and close leads.

Is FreshSales Easy to Use?

The interface is really good, and the software is very easy to use. You may also execute campaigns and sequences on your contacts with FreshSales. Deals and pipeline management are quite good, and you can build all types of reports to keep track of everything.


If you are still uncertain if Freshsales is right for you with this review, you can book a Freshsales product demo. A Freshsales product consultant will lead you through a one-hour session showing you how you may enhance your sales and marketing productivity. You can also discover all the strategies to excel in your career by subscribing to the Freshworks Academy. 

Here, you may discover courses, be taught skills, become a certified product expert and join a community of like-minded individuals from across the globe. You can go through the FreshSales pricing list above and decide which one is convenient for you. It is advisable to go for the 30-day free trial before subscribing to any plan. 


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