What Is DocuWare? A Complete Review of Document Management Software

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One of the greatest document management systems is DocuWare, which is suitable for small and large businesses alike. More than 500 widely used software programmes, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce, can be integrated with the system.   

Integrating DocuWare with your current applications provides a productive way for your business to get rid of errors and save time. DocuWare promises a transition to paperless offices in less than 90 days and caters to the demands of SMBs with different processes with user-friendly features like automation and drag-and-drop functionality. 

While OCR automates document indexing, the smart search tool allows for speedy document retrieval. Complete change tracking is ensured using version history. While Mac and Linux users can access the programme through their browsers, Windows users can use the specific application. Additionally, employees can access files conveniently with the help of mobile applications available for iOS and Android.

In this article, we will give a review of the setup, cost, user interface, usability, features, pros and cons, customer service and security of DocuWare.

Setup for DocuWare

To assist you with system setup and personnel training on the elements that are critical to the platform’s effective implementation, DocuWare provides free live demos. Businesses can talk about a reasonable timeframe for launching their DocuWare software during the demo, allowing teams to start familiarising themselves with the solution ahead of schedule. DocuWare recommends that a company switch to a paperless system in around 90 days.

During these ninety days, paper records will be digitised, and an organisational structure will be established to index them. While part of this labour-intensive work is relieved from users by DocuWare’s AI indexing, manual entry is still advised to maximise system performance. After laying the groundwork for a paperless system, users can start integrating DocuWare into their routine. 

Even though the programme is more user-friendly than some of the other systems, we nevertheless strongly advise training with the DocuWare staff. Windows users can download a desktop client for DocuWare, and the web service is available without charge. Additionally, the business provides an iOS and Android mobile app.

Features of DocuWare

DocuWare has several capabilities that are intended to automate repetitive processes, increase productivity, and simplify work. With full-text indexing, its sophisticated search feature gives users a variety of ways to find information quickly. DocuWare uses artificial intelligence (AI) to categorise documents according to key terms contained in them. Users can further improve accuracy by adding sophisticated information using file name fields.

DocuWare lets you create customised tasks, triggers, and conditional statements to help automate your workflow. When papers need to be addressed, users are informed, and the system moves smoothly on to the next stage until the workflow is finished.

DocuWare functions as a control tool with the version history feature, which saves alterations as new document versions and gives users easy access to the whole document history. Its intuitive interface offers several ways to add documents and supports drag-and-drop capabilities. The programme ensures effective organisation by automatically classifying and indexing documents upon their addition.

DocuWare has integrated OCR software with its imaging process to streamline the metadata insertion procedure. As a result, metadata for scanned documents is automatically generated, along with a confidence rating that shows how well the indexing process went. Users might choose to manually add to the metadata if necessary. 

Popular CRM and enterprise resource planning software are easily integrated with DocuWare, allowing for seamless document sharing throughout the whole company. Additionally, it ensures compatibility with current hardware configurations by supporting integration with a variety of scanners and all-in-one printers. The official DocuWare website offers thorough guidelines for anyone looking for help integrating DocuWare with other systems, making it easy to integrate with current infrastructure. 

Furthermore, DocuWare estimates that implementing a “paperless” office environment will take about 90 days, and even less time for businesses that are already accustomed to digital file management procedures. DocuWare is a flexible and effective solution for streamlining document management procedures across a range of businesses, thanks to these capabilities.

DocuWare Pricing Plan

Base, Pro, Enterprise, and Large Enterprise are the four price tiers that DocuWare provides. Every DocuWare plan contains a fully functional version of the programme, unlike comparable alternatives at many other companies; the only things that vary depending on the plan you choose are storage capacity and the number of users supported. 

Base offers 20GB and licences for four users; Pro offers 50GB and supports fifteen users; Enterprise provides 100GB and supports forty users; and Large Enterprise provides 250GB and supports one hundred users. It is estimated that the full-featured cloud system would cost corporations between £20 and £80.30 per user each month. 

Pricing for on-premises services can start at £4 per user per month. Get in touch with the business directly to arrange a product demo or to receive a quote for more precise pricing. 

DocuWare User Interface

Because of its user-friendly design, DocuWare offers a quick learning curve and instant productivity. Users may easily become familiar with its capabilities and get to work right away because of its clear and simple interface. With the wide range of customization options available, customers may easily adapt the system to meet their own needs and tastes. 

One of DocuWare’s best features is how easy it is for users to upload documents, index them, and conduct searches. DocuWare stands out as a very effective and efficient document management solution because of its remarkable usability, which helps you with a variety of activities and workflows.

Docuware Usability

The platform has a drag-and-drop capability that makes navigating through its intuitive user interface simple. We appreciated the ease with which paper documents could be swiftly uploaded in various formats, including via a mobile device, allowing you to customise the workflow to suit your team’s needs. Additionally, DocuWare automatically classifies and indexes documents that are uploaded, saving you a lot of effort upfront and simplifying the organisation of your digital collection. To go even further, users can manually add additional metadata to each document, allowing for a thorough, personalised arrangement of your digital files.

You can enter and examine sophisticated metadata in DocuWare’s file naming fields, which facilitate later document retrieval and search for specific documents. Furthermore, customers may effortlessly incorporate their most crucial applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce, to ensure smooth operations. Nevertheless, DocuWare users on Mac and Linux are limited in their options; the desktop application is currently only compatible with Windows operating systems, so they are forced to use the web-based version.

Users have the option of configuring the programme using ready-made settings or designing unique process automation that suits their needs. Any user can easily construct a workflow with custom workflows because they don’t require programming knowledge and the system’s drag-and-drop capabilities are still applicable. The Knowledge Centre offers tools for users to learn more about efficiently and accurately configuring their workflows.

Pros and Cons of Docuware

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using DocuWare

Advantages of DocuWare

  • Scanners, printers, and other office devices are all integrated with DocuWare.
  • Users can automate their workflow with digital personnel records and forms by combining their payroll and HR administration applications.
  • Scalable packages of DocuWare Cloud are offered, with storage ranging from 20 to 1,000+ GB, unlimited users, complete feature sets, and intelligent indexing included.
  • A document management roadmap explains the best ways to use DocuWare inside existing business processes and offers alternatives for training and assistance.
  • Email, CRM, and ERP programmes that already exist can be easily linked to the platform.
  • DocuWare Cloud, hosted in the EU, conforms to stringent data protection regulations: it is fully encrypted, GDPR, CCPA, ISO27001 certified, and SOC 2 compliant.

Disadvantages of DocuWare

  • Businesses that require a large amount of paperwork may find it difficult to utilise DocuWare’s storage capacity.
  • Businesses are unable to budget for DocuWare without first requesting an estimate from a sales representative due to the company’s opaque pricing.

DocuWare Customer Service

In contrast to other companies in the sector, DocuWare provides a competitive degree of customer support along with a selection of choices, such as community forums and a knowledge centre. For step-by-step instructions on setting up your system, users can use DocuWare’s Knowledge Centre, which includes the How-to Portal.

By checking in with your credentials and completing the online form, you may access DocuWare’s support site and obtain answers to queries regarding your configuration or business-critical issues. Users can browse through solutions to frequently asked issues and make requests for assistance from experts. Five days a week, 24 hours a day, support is offered through the portal (Monday through Friday).

In the community forums, users can ask the DocuWare community questions to get assistance. DocuWare offers a variety of customer service channels that make it simple to get the assistance you require. Customers from all around the world can get in touch with customer service by completing an online form, calling the number or email address provided, or using the company’s web tools.

Limitations of DocuWare

Businesses that want to use document management systems as their primary storage solution might discover that the base plan’s 20GB storage capacity does not provide much room for flexibility. Since 100 people share the 250GB of storage space on the Large Enterprise plans, those who are on these plans might also quickly reach their storage limit. When evaluating DocuWare, businesses should take their storage requirements into account. 

Additionally, since DocuWare’s desktop application is limited to Windows operating systems, companies must consider the operating systems that their staff members use. This implies that users of Mac and Linux must rely on the web browser application, which may lead to issues with teamwork.

DocuWare Security and Support

DocuWare is a document management software that places a high priority on security and privacy. Some of its features include secure cloud architecture, audit trails, encryption, and access control. It provides choices for disaster recovery and data backup in addition to compliance with laws like GDPR and HIPAA. 

DocuWare offers thorough training materials, thorough documentation, and first-rate user assistance. They provide several channels through which users can get support. Users can rely on the Support Portal, which is open 24/7, Monday through Friday, and the educational community forums. Through the Support Portal, users can easily submit a form to receive prompt support. 

Is It Simple to Use DocuWare?

DocuWare is a user-friendly document management software that is appropriate for small and midsize organisations (SMBs) and perfect for organisations looking for comprehensive integrations. It may be customised to fit almost any workflow thanks to its versatile workflow automation system.

Which Tools Are Part of the Docuware Suite?

One of DocuWare’s numerous capabilities is intelligent indexing, which uses AI-based technology to transform documents into indexing terms. It also provides a plethora of integration options, like the ability to incorporate documents and data from archives into other programmes. Data export, versioning, import from any email account, and mobile upload capabilities are further important features.

In What Languages Is Docuware Accessible?

DocuWare is used globally. Additionally, individuals on teams are becoming more and more multilingual in their original tongues. DocuWare comes in 24 languages to make everyone’s workday as simple as possible.

Docuware Is Hosted Where?

This DocuWare Cloud is a “software as a service” (SaaS) solution. DocuWare in turn relies on the services of Microsoft Azure as a “platform as a service” (PaaS) offering. All customer documents, files, and metadata are stored on Azure Storage. The databases are hosted by Azure SQL (a managed service).

What Are Docuware Desktop Apps?

You can use DocuWare Connect to Outlook, Edit & Send, Import, Export, Printer, Scan, Smart Connect, Windows Explorer Client, Workflow Designer, and other administrative features with the help of DocuWare Desktop Apps.


DocuWare distinguishes itself as a top solution in the industry with its user-friendly interface, intuitive features, and broad automation capabilities, including OCR and AI-based document scanning. Even though the desktop application is limited to Windows, its easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature makes document management even more convenient for users. 

Utilise the all-inclusive document management software to streamline corporate procedures, improve teamwork, and boost output. DocuWare offers the resources you require to centrally store, manage, and safeguard your important documents, regardless of the size of your company. To get started, register for the 30-day free trial to see how convenient it is for you.


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