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LV pet insurance

Pet insurance can help you cover the cost of treating your pets if they get sick or hurt in an accident and require immediate veterinary care. Depending on what kind of coverage you have with LV pet insurance, it can possibly take the yoke of a huge and unexpected charge off your neck.

If you own a pet, be sure to receive excellent services for what your money’s worth, especially if it is the ever-popular French and English Bulldogs, which are almost exorbitant to insure.

Read on to find out the various coverages you can find with LV pet insurance and how much they cost.

What Types of Pet Insurance Does LV Offer?

Basically, there are five levels of pet insurance coverage available for cats and dogs with LV.

As a customer, you can choose between the two-time limited policies with vet charge coverage of £1,500 or £2,500, which usually take effect on the day you begin treatment for each condition and stop 12 months after or when you meet the maximum vet charge.

Also, it offers three-lifetime policies, with each covering £3,000, £5,000, or $10,000 in vet fees. As long as your pet has had an annual dental checkup and all vet-recommended preventative treatments, the lifetime plans will cover dental care.

In addition, the lifetime coverage service is the only policy plan where third-party property damage receives coverage, and these policies cover travel abroad, vacation cancellation, loss, theft, or death.

However, there may be varying restrictions, as all of its coverage is suitable for pets as young as 8 weeks old.

In most cases where your dog is way below the age of 8 and your cat is under 10, you can get new insurance from LV. It is also expedient to remind you that the death from disease coverage for your pet ends once your dog is 9 and your cat is 11.

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More about LV Pet Insurance Pet Cover

At LV, there are certain policy plans you need to know about if you are worried. So, you’d know how to go about it.

See them below.

#1. Complementary Treatments

Did you know you could also receive some acupuncture, hydrotherapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, etc. at LV?

These kinds of treatments are all part of the Time-Limited and Lifetime policies.

So, if your veterinary doctor recommends any of the above for your pets, you can have up to 5 sessions for the Time-Limited policy and up to 10 sessions for the Lifetime option.

Interestingly, you could have additional sessions if your pets improve after the previous administrations.

#2. Accidental Damage

You can claim up to £750 if your pet causes inadvertent damage to someone’s personal property while you’re visiting them. This coverage comes with some limitations, so make sure you read your policy documentation thoroughly.

However, only the LV £10,000 Lifetime policy includes accidental damage coverage.

#3. Overseas Cover

If you desire that nothing come between you and the good time you’re having during vacation, you should, as a matter of fact, consider insuring your pets with LV.

In the event, your pet becomes ill while on vacation, LV takes care of the expense of veterinary care overseas up to the amount of your policy.

Also, LV pet insurance covers the costs of quarantine kenneling and the replacement of a pet passport or official vet certificate from a third country.

With these in place, you can go all the way out to enjoy your vacation.

#4. Pet Minding Fees

If you’re in the hospital for four days or more and no one can care for your pet, you can get up to £1,500 in boarding charges for the duration of your stay.

Additional boarding charges are included in lifetime insurance if you are delayed returning from your vacation.

#5. Holiday Cancellation

LV pet insurance can also assist you if you need to cancel your vacation at the last minute because of your pet.

If you have to cancel or cut short your vacation within seven days of your departure date because your pet went missing or needed emergency life-saving care, LV= pet insurance will refund your vacation expenditures.

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How Much Does LV Pet Insurance Cost?

There are many factors that affect the cost of LV pet insurance. These factors include; the breed of pet, age, and medical issues.

While the smallest time-limited policy costs roughly £12 to £16 per month, the most expensive lifetime policy costs about £33 to £42 per month.

However, you can pay their premiums in monthly installments, incurring no additional fees.

Do I get a Discount with LV Pet Insurance?

Yes, you get mouth-watering deals, to say the least. If you insure two or more pets, LV offers you a 10% discount online and another 10% discount for each additional pet.

Interestingly, discounts are also available on a plethora of other LV insurance products. Hurry now to check out the many services they offer and grab your sweet portion of the discount deals.

How Can I File a Claim with LV?

To file a claim with the LV pet insurance claim form, you can follow the steps below

  • Take your pet to a veterinary doctor for an examination
  • Call LV to request a claim form by calling 0800 7568567
  • Double-check that the form has the correct information in it, fill out the remaining parts, sign, and put a date on it.
  • Let your vet fill out the important sections of the paperwork and sign it
  • Mail the claim form along with other documents to the address on the form

Interestingly, all claim forms that are valid are settled within 7–10 days upon receipt, and if your doctor agrees, your veterinarian gets an immediate payment.

Alternatively, you can download a copy of the claim form on the LV website.

Does LV Pet Insurance Cover Dental Treatment?

As long as you do your regular check-ups and take preventive measures, LV pet insurance covers the dental treatment for your pet.

Only dental work required as a result of an accident is covered under LV’s time-limited insurance.

Your pet’s first set of teeth is also covered by LV, but only if your pet has been insured with LV since before it reached 16 weeks old and is currently over 6 months old.

Benefits of LV Pet Insurance

If you insure your pets with LV, below are some benefits you’d enjoy.

  • It offers lifetime insurance with varying amounts of vet charge coverage of up to £3,000, £5,000, or £10,000 and time-limited insurance for two levels of cover of £1,500 and £2,500.
  • You can get up to £2 million in third-party liability insurance to pay your costs and compensation if your dog injures someone or damages someone’s property.
  • If you are hospitalized for over 4 days or your pre-booked transportation is delayed, it could charge you up to £1,500 in boarding or pet-sitting fees.

`What is the Excess I Can Get on LV Pet Insurance?

On LV pet insurance products, the typical excess is £75. You would pay this once per condition on Time-Limited plans.

The excess is paid once per condition every year on Lifetime plans. In addition, policyholders have the option of paying an additional voluntary excess of £75 or £125 besides the statutory £75 excess, bringing their total excess to £150 or £200.

Raising your excess should reduce your premium. Finally, on Lifetime policies, you must pay a copay of 20% of all leftover vet expenses (after the fixed £ excess is met) for dogs and cats aged 8 and up.

What Customers are saying about LV Pet Insurance | Review

Great value for a Lifetime policy, especially compared to other Pet insurance providers.

Unable to purchase the 3k lifetime policy as migration from previous L & G policy, as only offering the 2k or 4k policies.

Covers potential problems that may arise in any dog. And 24-hour helpline.

Probable increase every year.


From the reviews of the LV pet insurance, you will find out the positive outnumbering the bad. It may read a good meaning to you. However, our team will always advise you to take out some time to carry out thorough research about their policies and find one that suits your pets best.


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