15 Quick Certifications that Pay Well in 2023

Quick certifications
Quick certifications

Quick certifications can be less expensive to get compared to college or classroom learning. If you cannot afford to compile student loans on your own, going for a quick certificate program is the best option you could choose. There are different vocations and technical fields that these certificates can cover,

For tech, it may include, web design, computer science, and health care. It does not take as much time for quick certifications as it does to sit in a classroom for a degree.

You do not need the panic in your mind; these quick certifications would land you high-paying jobs Within the time frame, you would have been in school.

If you’re searching for a quick certification that pays well, then search no more! This article will assist you in your search.

Let us quickly dive right into the certificate programs that pay well in 2023.

What are quick certification programs

Quick certification programs are skills you acquire within the space of six months to one year.

They do not require you to sit in a college classroom for four to seven years. They are skills you learn or acquire, something you could do them online and other times it could be offline

But from a professional or expert in that field. They are also affordable, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get ready for a safe landing in your dream and high-paying job.It could also be designed or seen as part of continuing education. In that case, it would build on

There are programs in the tech fields like web design, business, computer science and health care.

Why you need quick certifications

Having a certification keeps you verified formally to prove your qualification and capability in a certain field of study. It can as well, help you land a good and high-paying job.

Some of these skills really do not need you to work under someone necessarily, it is an added advantage that with them, you can be able to be your own boss and also, get people to work under you, thereby creating job opportunities for others.

It does not matter if you are too old or too young, imagine where you acquire a quick certification, which, the highest long it took you was one year to complete the program, and you may even earn higher than someone who spent four to seven years in college.

Who needs quick certifications?

It does not make it a bad or wrong decision to want to attend college, most of the people who go for this quick certifications program had been done with college, and may just want to add to their bowel of knowledge.

Anyone can get a quick certification, what you just need to do is, with the help of this article, choose your preferred field, then enrol into the program and get certified quickly, that way you are good to go.

Even while in college, you can still get these quick certifications and by the time you are done with college, land a high incoming job.

What you gain from quick certification

Skills have become the sole means that people earn in the 21st century. There has been a maximum increase of competition in the world these days, it could be for jobs, payment, or even a skill outside your acquired college certificate. Quick certifications offer one hope for an increase in academic success, and a third-party assessment of your skills.

Besides landing a high paying job, quick certification could also expose one to opportunities in relation to their college courses.

Some key benefits of quick certification are below

Increase in confidence level

You can be confident in all your ways, boasting of the fact that you are skilful.

In an organization, the rate of being asked “what can you offer?” is reduced to 0%.

Respect from peers

Having a quick certification or being exposed to a skill or even more, keeps you outstanding from your peers

Society largely does not respect and or acknowledge people who do not offer anything, not even your group does and would.

Validation of knowledge

Knowledge about a skill which you may have admired a long time ago does not come from heaven

You need to commit yourself to the certification program for the little while it would take to acquire quick certifications

And only then you can have the knowledge of what your admired skill is all about.

Earning power

Some skills can make you a boss on your own. Attending a quick certifications program can help expose you to more job opportunities and you will be able to earn more.

15 quick certifications that pay well in 2023

Depending on the jobs you wish to pursue, you have a variety of credential possibilities to choose from.

While some programs run for 2 years or even longer, others run for as little as six months or one year.

These quick certifications programs as listed below can help you find or access jobs faster and help you earn more quickly too.

  • Web development
  • Physical therapy assistant and aid
  • Flight attendant
  • Electrician
  • Behavioral technician
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Photography
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Phlebotomy technician
  • Industrial engineering technology
  • Professional coder
  • Medical front office administration specialist
  • carpentry
  • Welding
  • massage therapist

#1. Web development:

Web development is the most common and well-paying quick certification. This field pays $69,430 per year, and the program is delivered online. Web developers are those in charge of designing and building websites. Web developers keep those websites running smoothly by constantly monitoring their speed and capacity. Web developers can find work in a variety of settings, including design firms, marketing firms, and even self-employed individuals.

#2. Flight attendant

A middle-class flight attendant earns $59,050 per year, while an experienced flight attendant earns up to $84,790 per year. It does not take long to become a flight attendant, but it pays well and comes with several other benefits, such as touring and traveling, being exposed to new things, experiences, and learning new things.

Prior knowledge of customer service is an advantage after being certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. Your job as a flight attendant is to serve food and drinks to passengers and assist them.

#3. Electrical quick certifications

If you want to work in the power industry, you can enroll in a short electrical course that pays well and start earning $52,720 per year. The course lasts four months. An electrician installs, maintains, and repairs electrical wiring in homes and/or buildings.

#4. Carpentry quick certifications

As a Carpenter, you will construct homes as well as frameworks for other types of structures. You’ll also have to do a lot of repairs. You earn $43,600 per year and do the majority of your work outside. Additionally, the course takes 5 months to complete.

#5. Pharmacy technician professional

Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in the preparation and filing of medical prescriptions. It could be in a retail pharmacy or a medical facility. The annual salary is $30,753, and the job takes 24 weeks to complete.

#6. Medical Front Office Administration Specialist

They are a necessary component of any medical practice. MFOAS performs administrative tasks and acts as the first point of contact for patients checking in at the front desk, similar to that of a receptionist. They are in charge of maintaining medical records, scheduling appointments, transferring lab results, and operating office equipment. The annual salary is $30,000, and the program lasts three weeks.

#7. Behavioral Technician Specialists

Behavioural Technician Specialists work with Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) to make the most significant changes for a patient. They can work in mental health facilities, medical centres, schools, and child development centres, among other places. The annual salary is $31,522, and the program lasts 11 weeks.

#8. Welding quick certifications

You can work as a Welder in a variety of fields, such as sales, project management, engineering, and more. You begin as an apprentice and work your way up to become a senior welder or underwater welder. The starting salary is $39,390, and the program lasts up to 9 months.

#9. Professional Coder

The program lasts 20 weeks and pays $32,670. It is their responsibility to prepare coded information for use by healthcare insurers or researchers. They are typically employed in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They assign diagnostic codes.

#10. Industrial engineering quick certifications

Their role is to help revise methods of operation, equipment layout, and more, to make a factory run more smoothly. They earn a salary of $55,460 per year, and the program mode is online.

#11. Phlebotomy Technician quick certifications

A phlebotomist spends his or her days drawing blood from people. Their job is to collect blood for individual testing, research, or donations. They must explain to patients why and how they will be taking their blood. The salary is $32,710, and the program lasts 1-2 months.

#12. Physical Therapy Assistant and Aid

Physical therapists and therapy assistants collaborate to help patients recover from illness or injury. They will be in charge of setting up equipment, moving patients, and performing administrative tasks. The program lasts one month and pays $45,290.

#13. Massage therapist quick certifications

Massage therapists can find work on cruise ships, wellness centers, gyms, hospitals, and other locations. It is also a low-stress job that pays well without a college diploma. To become a massage therapist, you must first complete a post-secondary program with specific study hours. For admission to courses such as anatomy, physiology, and pathology, candidates must have a high school diploma. Standards vary by state, as do the requirements for licenses and certifications.

#14. Photography quick certifications

If images and photos pique your interest, you can enroll in a photography course. You do not need a diploma to begin, but if you want to advance your career in areas such as scientific photography, medical photography, and photojournalism, post-secondary education is required. The annual salary ranges from $41,280 to $86,850.

#15. Cloud infrastructure

Professional Cloud Architects assist organizations in maximizing the use of Google Cloud technologies. Cloud architects create, develop, and manage solid cloud architecture solutions. Their annual salary is $169,029.


Quick certification courses are simple and may require less of your time, energy, and resources. The only thing that may be required is a small amount of money to register for some of the programs. You combine your college education with obtaining a quick certification for yourself, as the paycheck may assist you in paying some bills.

FAQs about quick certification

Do i need a college diploma to enroll in quick certification program

No. some of the programs do not require college diplomas, at the starter level except if you wish to upgrade.

Can i take the certification programs while in college

Yes. Even while in high school, you can enrol in the certification programs, the sole aim is to make ends meet. It does not matter if you are still in college as the courses do not take much time and some are run online.

Do i need capital to start earning from quick certification programs

No, if you are to work under someone or a firm, and yes if you are to start some of them on your own like photography and web design.

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No, if you are to work under someone or a firm, and yes if you are to start some of them on your own like photography and web design.

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