MORTGAGE BROKER TOOLS: The Best Marketing Tools for Mortgage Brokers

mortgage broker tools

Marketing should be a key component of any company’s growth strategy. Reaching new audiences and generating new leads might be difficult without marketing. But how can you produce and distribute successful marketing collateral if you’re not a marketer and don’t have a complete marketing team at your disposal? And how can you know if they’re working if you’re not a marketer? Mortgage broker marketing tools can assist you in creating the collateral you require as well as determining the effectiveness of your efforts.

We’ll go through the best marketing tools you can utilize to grow your brokerage in this article. These tools can assist loan officers in connecting with consumers, generating revenues, and learning about new opportunities.

Marketing Tools for a Mortgage Broker

#1. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that may be used for collaboration and planning. It can be configured with lists that track the status of the tasks you add to it. While this tool does not immediately assist you in the creation of marketing materials, it is quite helpful in organising and tracking the work involved.

#2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a platform for managing social media accounts. The quickest and most cost-effective approach to grow your business’s reach is through social networking. Social media, in particular, is a wonderful tool for brokers to communicate with potential clients and spread the word about their business.

Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your social media accounts from a single dashboard. This means that you can see all of your likes, follows, and posts at once. You may also use Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance, giving your team more time to focus on serving your customers and expanding your business.

#3. Canva

Not every company has a designer on staff who can whip up gorgeous graphics at the drop of a hat. Including well-designed graphics and imagery, however, is critical for increasing client engagement. Canva is the ideal choice if you don’t have a designer on staff. It’s an image, gif, illustration, and template-based online graphic design tool that makes creating something beautiful a breeze.

#4. Mailchimp

Email marketing is a crucial component of any marketing strategy. Emails are still useful, despite the fact that they have been a standard for a long time. There is no more effective approach to communicate with your clients and prospects at the same time than through newsletters and e-shots.

One of the most well-known email marketing systems, Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop email editor and ready-made templates are particularly handy for brokers who don’t have the time or extra finances to commission bespoke newsletters.

#5. HubSpot

HubSpot has established itself as one of the top marketing tools available. The information you can observe and measure from HubSpot is great because it is an all-in-one platform that is connected with its free CRM (customer relationship manager).

Not only does HubSpot enable email sends at all tiers, but even the most basic tier (Marketing Hub Starter) has features that can significantly improve your capacity to sell.

In addition to email marketing and contact management, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub includes the following features:

  • Landing pages 
  • Management of advertisements
  • Chat in real time
  • Bots that converse
  • Data collection forms Ad retargeting

HubSpot gives you visibility about your website’s visits and connections, as well as the ability to create effective lead generation collateral.

#6. Typeform or SurveyMonkey

Understanding your audience is essential for good marketing, and what better way to do it than by asking them questions yourself? You may design basic polls that provide real-time feedback using a survey service like SurveyMonkey or Typeform.

The following are the two most effective ways to use a survey instrument in marketing:

Identifying the client’s problems

The most crucial thing you can do to start marketing effectively is to understand the challenges that your clients are facing. You may design marketing campaigns that directly target your clients’ needs after you have a clear picture of what they are dealing with or want to learn more about.

Obtaining responses to marketing efforts

Once you’ve launched a campaign and started receiving leads, it’s a good idea to follow up with the leads that go on to become clients to discover what worked for them. Was it because of the way you positioned yourself? Was it because it was on a platform that they use frequently? This is a wonderful technique to ensure that what you’re doing is beneficial to your prospects.

#7. Google My Business 

Making the most of client testimonials is critical in today’s increasingly digital world. People nowadays read reviews for everything since a peer’s opinion is more valuable to them than whatever a corporation says.

The simplest method to get started with online reviews is to sign up for Google My Business and start requesting client feedback. (Perhaps to go along with that survey your email platform sent out?) As you accumulate more and more positive evaluations, you’ll gain a greater level of confidence from potential customers.

#8. Moz or Google Analytics

One of your most effective marketing tools is your website. It’s difficult to represent your company all day, every day at work. This is why it’s crucial to check in on it and ensure it’s performing its job properly.

While analytics and SEO (search engine optimization) may appear to be difficult beasts, adopting basic information from reliable sources can help you deliver better marketing and generate more leads. Google Analytics and Moz are two of the most well-known tools for doing so.

It may take some time to become familiar with Google’s tools, but the dashboards in place will allow you to have a high-level grasp of your website’s performance.

Moz is a lot more user-friendly tool that evaluates your website’s SEO worth. This means you can check to see if your website appears in relevant queries (mortgage broker UK, for example.) Because these factors change regularly, having a programme that monitors what search engines think of your website can be really beneficial.

In either case, if you’re getting stats that you don’t like, it’s a hint that you should reconsider your marketing plan.

These tools, along with a well-thought-out approach, are all you’ll need to create a marketing campaign that attracts new clients and prospects! As you add more marketing initiatives to your company’s growth strategy, make sure your staff has the tools they need to succeed.

Digital Marketing Tools for a Mortgage Broker

#1. Social Media Platforms

The utilization of social media platforms should be a part of every high-quality marketing strategy. These platforms can be used to connect tools for a mortgage broker. They can assist you in reaching out to potential customers and encouraging consumer interaction.

Cross-promotion and networking with other social media groups can help to raise public awareness of your services, resulting in increased traffic to your website. Participating in online forums and providing a professional point of view on the sector can help you establish credibility as a subject matter expert.

A mortgage broker can increase his visibility and public perception by using social media marketing tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Many social media platforms have built-in capabilities that are tailored to digital marketing. Facebook, for example, has a feature called Facebook Ads Manager, which allows businesses to run and track their online ads.

A good CRM for mortgage brokers should be able to integrate with prominent social media platforms as well. This makes tracking leads generated through social media marketing a breeze.

#2. Tools for Design

It is critical to provide compelling and authoritative content for digital marketing to be successful. Many businesses, however, do not have access to a graphic artist. This makes it tough to create adverts, social media posts, and blogs.

Including high-quality photographs in your posts and blogs will help to raise public awareness of your business. Customers that see beautiful photographs are considerably more inclined to look for more information about your services and visit your website.

Lenders without access to a graphic artist can use design software like as Photoshop and Canva. But what if you don’t have the time or energy to study graphic design?

This is where the CRM you select is crucial. Advertising themes and libraries are available in several high-quality CRMs. You may easily incorporate stock photos into your posts, ensuring that whatever design you make is aesthetically stunning.

#3. Email Marketing Tools

Any successful online marketing approach must include email marketing. While email is a common means to contact existing customers, it is also an effective approach to reach out to new ones!

One of the earliest kinds of digital communication is email marketing. While social media, live chat, and other types of marketing are still useful, email has a global user base of more than 4 billion individuals. Many potential clients still prefer this mode of communication.

Email marketing tools may be used to generate fully personalized email campaigns. These might draw attention to important details concerning unique financing programs and services.

You can send a series of targeted emails to educate purchasers about your VA rates, qualifications, and services, for example, if you want to boost the number of veterans you serve with VA loans.

Added Personalization

Finally, email marketing can be used to strengthen relationships with real estate agents, title companies, and other important partners. Schedule emails to go out once a quarter to invite partners to networking events, to commemorate your first transaction together, or to inform them of new products and services.

These personal touches can leave a lasting impression on your clients and partners. You may modify your approach and interact with various groups in meaningful ways rather than providing vague, generic information to a large list of leads.

Email marketing systems will be integrated with the greatest CRM tools. You’ll be able to create client groups using tags and lists. Once these lists are complete, you may create automatic email campaigns that will be sent out on a regular basis.

#4. Tools for surveying and reviewing

Surveys may be a valuable component of a successful digital marketing plan. Small questionnaires can assist you in gaining a better understanding of your client’s needs and developing relevant solutions to meet those needs.

A survey can be sent via email, social media, or plain text. A survey can provide instant feedback on services, staff, and marketing activities.

For example, after a customer’s loan closes, you can send them an automated email survey. This will allow you to evaluate your own performance as well as that of the other loan officers in your brokerage.

If a client complains about something, you can contact them straight away to try to resolve the issue. This might assist your mortgage brokerage maintain a positive brand image.

Encourage customers who have had a positive experience with your organization to leave online reviews. Public customer comments, testimonials, and reviews are typically more effective than traditional advertisements in establishing a brand reputation.

You may obtain client feedback quickly and easily by incorporating online reviews on your company website or registering your firm on Google Business. Subsequently, you can share these reviews on social media once they’ve been received. You may also send a thank-you email, solicit recommendations, and use feedback to recognise and reward team members for their efforts.

When you provide excellent service to your clients, they will gladly tell their friends and family about it. Any mortgage agency can benefit from this type of word-of-mouth promotion.

#5. Analytical Software

Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Twitter Analytics are just a few examples of analytic tools. However, your CRM should integrate seamlessly with your digital marketing tools as a mortgage broker. Thus, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of each campaign.

For instance, let’s say you use your CRM to create and distribute a Facebook marketing campaign. Following that, you should be able to see how much money you spent, how many clicks/likes/shares you got, how many leads you got, and so on. With this data, you may replicate successful campaigns or alter your marketing strategy for future campaigns.

A effective marketing strategy relies on the use of analytics tools to track a company’s website performance. It may be time to modify your marketing strategy if your analytics show no positive trends. However, you can’t adjust your strategy unless you know what went wrong in the first place!

For all mortgage brokers, real-time, reliable data is critical. If you use this information effectively, you can become a digital marketing master.


A successful digital marketing plan may help mortgage brokers and loan officers acquire leads, nurture them, and convert them into clients.

The tools and software used in marketing by a mortgage broker are constantly evolving. It takes time to keep up with the latest trends and innovations, but it’s well worth the effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do you need as a mortgage broker?

Excellent social and writing abilities are among the most critical qualities you’ll need to succeed as a broker. You’ll require some sales, marketing, and banking experience, as well as a thorough understanding of lending institutions and their laws and rates.

Does a mortgage broker do everything?

A mortgage broker can guide you through every step of the process of locating and applying for a mortgage, ensuring that you obtain the best deal possible based on your unique circumstances. For instance, their service could contain the following: Assisting you in determining your financial status. Make a recommendation for the best mortgage for your needs.

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