Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance: How It Works | Is It Worth It?

Sainsbury's pet insurance

If you keep pets yet undermine the importance of securing insurance for them, you’re doing those creatures no good. It doesn’t just end at securing one; it also includes ensuring it is from the best insurance company. That is why you should look into Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance scheme.

With the varying policies about pets in the UK, it can easily mislead one into getting just any kind of pet insurance. And that is why we bring you this article: to help you know what’s best for you.

The availability of pet protection plans is just so they meet your pocketbook needs. However, it will be nice if you understand the nitty-gritty of what you’re in for.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Usually, these plans for pets are the same across all pet insurance providers in the UK, but the essence is to secure financial security if your pet becomes sick or sustains an injury.

It also saves you money from paying for a reward and publicity in case your pet misses its way and you can’t find it. Moreso, it covers fees for boarding when you need your pet to be taken care of.

But, it does not take care of; conditions that have occurred beforehand, issues that may arise within the first ten days of coverage, breeds covered by the Dangerous Dogs Acts of 1991, new policies for any pet older than 8 weeks, dogs older than a specified age such as 9 years, and felines that are beyond 11 years of age.

What are the Features of Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance?

FeatureA good policy includesDoes Sainsbury’s Deliver?Sainsbury’s Lifetime Coverage
“Must Have” Features
Vet fee limit£4,000+thumbs upLifetime cover: £2,500, £5,000 or £7,500; Time-limited cover: £3,000
Vet cover for accidentsIncludedthumbs upIncluded
Vet cover for illnessesIncludedthumbs upIncluded
Vet cover for long-term and ongoing conditionsIncludedthumbs upIf you buy a Lifetime cover,
Hereditary and congenital conditionsIncludedthumbs upNo exclusions for hereditary or congenital conditions
included if the pet has regular dental checks and advice followed within 6 monthsincluded if the pet has regular dental checks and advice followed within 6 monthsthumbs up“Pet needs annual check-ups and recommended actions taken within 6 months; treatment to relieve suffering; dental crowns, root canals, or fillings not covered.”
Dental care for injuryincluded if the pet has regular dental checks and advice followed within 6 monthsthumbs upIncluded
Alternative treatmentsHomoeopathy, acupuncture and physiotherapy as recommended by the vetthumbs upIncluded
Time to claimAt least 6 monthsthumbs upSubmit within 12 months of treatment
Out-of-hours emergenciesIncludedthumbs upAs long as vet confirms that moving your pet or waiting until normal surgery hours would either endanger its life or significantly worsen the condition
24/7 vet helplineIncludedthumbs up0303 334 0796
LiabilityIncludedthumbs upIncluded for dogs

Should-Have Features

Fixed excessIncludedthumbs upFixed £99 for dogs up to 8 years old, cats up to 10 years old
No change to excess for older petsIncludedthumbs upExcess for older pets is greater of £99 or 20% of the claim
EuthanasiaIncludedthumbs upIncluded
Holiday cancellation and unwell boarding coverIncluded or add onthumbs upIncluded
Prescription FoodIncludedthumbs upUp to 25% for a maximum of 6 months per condition; treatment of obesity excluded
Death due to accident or illnessIncluded or add onthumbs upIncluded for dogs up to 8 years old, cats up to 10 years old
Lost or stolen coverIncluded or add onthumbs upIncluded

Could-Have Features

Vet cover for pre-existing conditionsCover for pre-existing conditions after a healthy periodthumbs upNot covered
New policies for older petsAvailablethumbs upPolicies available up to a dog’s 8th birthday or cat’s 10th birthday
Multi-pet discountAvailablethumbs up£1 per-pet, per-month discount
Cover abroadIncluded or add on for £1,500 of cover up to 90 days travelling to PETS countriesthumbs upIncluded

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How Much Does it Cost?

Sainsbury’s cost is known to be very exorbitant, however, the cost of its pet insurance will vary depending on your pet’s species and age.

You can also compare their prices to other pet insurance companies in the UK before settling in with them.

What Types of Pet Insurance Are Available with Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance?

The decision you take with going with a pet insurance plan does not depict that there isn’t any other you probably would have gone for. So, we’ll look at the various types of plans available with Sainsbury’s pet.

  • Lifetime Pet Insurance
  • Non-lifetime pet insurance
  • Time-limited non-lifetime pet insurance
  • Accident-only pet insurance

#1. Lifetime Pet Insurance

This plan is an all-rounder with the surest form of safety that you can think of providing your pets with. Just as the name goes, it remains effective for as long as your pet stays alive.

From the day you buy into this plan, any injury or sickness that comes up will be taken care of. However, this does not include your pet’s current state of health at the time of securing the plan.

This is to ensure a regular subscription on your part and all you need do is make a mental note of renewing this plan annually. Else, you may not get the kind of protection you want for your pet.

#2. Non-lifetime Pet Insurance

This plan entails spending a certain amount of money for every condition your pet has with no time limits. Once, the money is exhausted, there will be no more rewards available.

#3. Time-limited Non-lifetime Pet Insurance

Sainsbury’s pet insurance offers a limited payout plan that is similar to a non-lifetime pet insurance plan but also has a time limit on how long you can vie for the condition.

When the time elapses, you will no longer be eligible to reimburse for the condition.

#4. Accident-Only Pet Insurance

While this is the most basic form of pet protection that you can get, it covers your pets from accidents and wounds. It is cost-effective but when things turn out the other way, you could even spend more than what you originally thought of simply because your pet isn’t insured.

Why Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance?

Isn’t there a particular reason customers keep going back to Sainsbury pet insurance to seek protection for their pets asides from the exceptional value it gives?

Research shows that some of these are why you would choose them over any competitor in the UK.

  • Round the clock availability of veterinary aid alongside medical caretakers available for phone conversations or in person.
  • There are coverage options to serve you for as long as you live. Currently, there are four levels of coverage ranging from £2,500, £5,000, £7,500, or £10,000 that you can pay annually.
  • Sainsbury offers you a £ 1 discount when you seek protection for over one pet each month.

What Timeframe do I have to Submit my Excess and Claims Form?

As a policyholder with Sainsbury’s pet insurance, you have a year after the treatment date to submit all claim forms. If after then, you do not submit, your claim won’t be repaid.

If your pet is younger, you will pay a 99% excess for every new condition the pet develops. And, if you have older pets; 8, 10, or 5 years for some rare species), you will either pay a higher percentage of 99 or 20% of surplus veterinary expenses made.

What are the Benefits of seeking this Pet Insurance?

  • You choose from the three levels of cover available; standard, premier, and premier plus.
  • There is an option for you to spread the cost of your pet insurance
  • Availability of monitoring how far you go using the online case tracking system
  • You get coverage for your pets from their 8th week until they are 9 years of age
  • Sainsbury’s pet insurance covers all vet bills, on-board and discretionary treatment although terms and conditions apply.

Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance Reviews


Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance comes highly recommended. I’ve only had the coverage for two years and have already had to file two claims in that time. However, filing a claim on the Pet Portal is really simple. Quickly updated. My claims were resolved in 5 business days.


I’ve been a 12-year customer of Sainsbury’s pet insurance. It used to be good, albeit a little pricey. They switched underwriters in the last several years, and the service is now atrocious, especially when filing a claim. They only take claims through their website.


I’ve worked for Sainsbury’s for nine years. Fortunately for me and my son, he was never sick.
He died abruptly at nine years and three months. Because of his age, he could not receive any financial help for cremation or vet care.
He informed them he had left, and they ended the policy in a matter of seconds. Nothing for £1200 a year.

Is Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance Worth it?

Whether a particular investment is worth it has got to be the most common question that needs a proper address in every review article.

So, while one may not foresee the need to use this protection for pets, it is usually unbearable if your pets finally fall ill or sustain injury, and it requires you to pump in some good money, which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to do.

Even if you opt to, you will end up spending a fortune, which is why people choose a lifetime plan to boost their confidence knowing that a great percentage of their pet’s medical care will be covered by Sainsbury’s pet insurance.

So, Sainsbury’s is a good option for pet protection because it offers appealing features, which include; dental injury and sickness coverage.

Final Thoughts

In your quest to obtain pet insurance, it is expedient that you understand what exactly you are getting into. Ask questions, weigh the options available, and ensure that they fit your budget.

Be well aware of how long you should wait before making a claim. If you neglect the entire process of background research, it will shock you that you haven’t secured any protection when an issue arises.


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