Insync Insurance Review 2023 | How it Works and Policies

Insync Insurance Review
Insync Insurance Review

Insync Insurance is one of the UK’s fastest-growing insurance providers, specializing in aesthetic and cosmetic insurance, as well as medical, business, and commercial insurance.

They use their latest technologies to take a fresh and unique approach to arranging insurance. This feature and many more distinguish it from other UK insurance companies.

This article’ll discuss Inysnc’s insurance features and how they work.

What is Insync?

Insync is a replacement for the traditional insurance approach, which is slow, obsolete, and inefficient. Insync employs cutting-edge technology to connect with and adapt to the new way you wish to interact and manage your business.

They use web platforms to make company insurance current, simple, and easy. And, because the organization understands that business is about people and relationships, it prioritizes guidance and personal service in everything they do.

What are the Available Insync Insurance Policies?

Insync Insurance offers various insurance policies. Their policies include;

  • Beauty Insurance
  • Products Liability
  • Medical Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability Insurance

1. Beauty Insurance from Insync

Insync Insurance’s beauty insurance solutions are tailored to the needs of professionals in the beauty industry.

Find award-winning hairdresser and beauty therapist insurance with customized coverage for treatment risk, product and equipment, commercial property, public liability, and more.

The company’s goal at Insync is simple. It earns by providing the UK beauty industry with full and comprehensive insurance coverage.

The Insync team takes pride in their in-depth knowledge of the hair and beauty business, and they offer expert advice on everything from hairdresser insurance to beauty therapist insurance. 

From the start, you’ll have your own specialized beauty insurance advisor who will take the time to get to know your business and customize coverage to your specific needs.

They can provide coverage for the most up-to-date therapies provided by qualified professionals and the risks of running a business.

Whether you’re a self-employed beauty therapist or a salon owner, you can obtain the required coverage.

Why Should I Get Insync Beauty Insurance?

Many interesting things made Insync beauty insurance stand out from other insurance companies’ beauty policies. 

Opting for beauty insurance from InSync isn’t a bad idea for these reasons. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

  • Their panel of premier beauty salon insurers compares pricing and coverage.
  • Instant quotes: you’ll have your coverage and insurance documentation in minutes.
  • Monthly payments and flexible coverage – only pay for the areas you need.
  • Hair and beauty experts provide expert guidance.
  • Claims Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Personal – You’ll have your own dedicated insurance professional as well as access to digital services.
  • Products, Public, and employer Liability Insurance are all simple to arrange.
  • From £1 million to £5 million in public liability insurance
  • As a standard, treatment risks are provided.
  • A wide range of treatments are available 
  • Equipment, goods, stock, and specialized machinery for the beauty industry
  • Options for money and legal fees.

Aesthetic & Cosmetic Insync

Insync offers aesthetic insurance plans for a variety of cosmetic procedures. They provide customized indemnity insurance for aesthetic practitioners with various medical and non-medical backgrounds.

You can now get an online price for Insync aesthetic and cosmetic insurance by filling out the form below.

They continually examine and update their exclusive schemes in collaboration with leading industry specialists, accreditation bodies, and training providers to ensure they remain current with modern beauty and aesthetic industry practices and innovative treatments. 

Moreso, they take pride in their adaptability, enabling many new and current aesthetic enterprises to receive the appropriate insurance coverage. 

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Insync offers aesthetic insurance plans for various cosmetic procedures.

They provide customized indemnity insurance for aesthetic practitioners with various medical and non-medical backgrounds.

To break it down further, let’s look at the insurance policies offered in this field:

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The following are examples of typical policies that Insync offers:

  • Coverage for both doctors and non-doctors
  • Practitioners of beauty and/or aesthetics who work for themselves
  • Clinics for Aesthetics and Cosmetics
  • Salons of Beauty and Aesthetics
  • Professionals in aesthetic training, academies, and schools
  • At Lloyd’s of London, you can choose from several A-rated insurers that are completely underwritten.
  • Medical Malpractice and Professional Indemnity Claims to range from £1 million to £10 million+
  • Public liability insurance ranges from £1 million to £10 million.
  • Employers are liable.
  • Contents and/or Business Equipment
  • Breach of Professional Confidentiality is one of the policies.
  • The costs of libel and slander, as well as inquest hearings
  • Hearings before Regulatory Bodies include a wide range of topics.
  • Options for Legal Protection and Excess Insurance
  • Extension of Indemnity to Principle is now accessible.

Why Insync for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Protection? 

Here are reasons for Insync Aesthetic and Cosmetic Protection:

  • An experienced aesthetic insurance team serves thousands of established practitioners and clinics.
  • Access to a Personal Account Manager who is well-versed in your risk.
  • Flexible coverage and monthly payments – pay just for the areas you require.
  • Aesthetic Insurance experts provide expert advice.
  • Support for Claims and Risk Management

2. Medical Indemnity

Insync offers a dedicated, experienced medical indemnity insurance staff that can design your coverage for your specific needs at the greatest price. 

Over the phone, their skilled medical indemnity experts can advise, compare, and arrange your bespoke policy. 

Medical Indemnity insurance is included in all of their medical practitioner and clinic packages, and policies can be customized to incorporate as many or as few additional coverage elements as needed. 

Under medical Indemnity, there are:


Indemnity Insurance for Dentists

Dentists’ Professional Indemnity Insurance provides dental defence indemnity in the event of professional negligence claims or charges of malpractice brought against a dental practitioner while they are performing their professional obligations.

A dental defence insurance policy will cover defence costs and any compensation awards up to the maximum indemnity paid if a patient seeks compensation for harm or disease due to the care you provided.

Nurses Indemnity Insurance 

They can provide a cost-effective solution that meets your legal duties set forth by the Nursing & Midwifery Council, whether you are an advanced nurse with a limited company or a self-employed agency nurse (NMC).

Nurses Professional Indemnity Insurance provides medical defence indemnity for professional negligence lawsuits or allegations of malpractice brought against a nurse while performing their duties.

A nurse’s PI Insurance will pay defence expenses and any compensation awards up to the amount of indemnity if a patient seeks reimbursement for injury or illness due to the care you provided.

Professional Indemnity for Paramedics 

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Paramedics provides medical defence indemnity insurance for professional negligence lawsuits or malpractice charges brought against a paramedic while performing their duties.

A paramedic PI Insurance policy will cover defence expenses and any compensation awards up to the maximum of indemnity acquired under the policy if a patient seeks compensation for harm or illness due to the care you provided.

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Sonographers and Radiographers Insurance 

The Society & College of Radiographers’ preferred insurance broker is Insync (SCoR).

To ensure that their specific professional indemnity insurance cover is suited to the ever-changing needs of radiographers and sonographers, they work closely with o insurer partners and the SCoR.

Many products on the market simply do not fulfil all of your demands. And with litigation and legal concerns on the rise in your industry, now is the most important time to guarantee that all aspects of risk are covered.

Insync will ensure you’re fully protected, tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

Surgery Insurance

Surgery insurance provides a comprehensive protection package for doctors, dentists, and veterinary practices.

This comprises the practice’s facility, fixtures and fittings, contents and medical equipment, stock, computers, laptops, and other IT equipment.

Locum Insurance

Following an injury, accident, or illness to a practice’s Practitioners or other important staff members, locum insurance reimburses the costs of hiring a locum.

Locumsure provides indemnity up to £3,500 per week with coverage tailored to each practice’s specific needs.

With this, you can have financial peace of mind and budget stability while enabling you to focus on your patients’ primary needs.

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3. Commercial Insync Insurance

Insync specializes in commercial insurance. Their knowledgeable staff is available to provide guidance and compare quotes from a variety of reputable insurers. 

They can customize your company insurance by deleting the items you don’t need and replacing them with the ones you do. 

On the phone, everywhere. They work with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries, utilizing a panel of leading UK insurers who provide A-Rated Cover underwritten at Lloyd’s of London.


For businesses, public liability insurance covers the legal costs of compensation claims filed by members of the general public or other third parties for third-party injury, illness, accidental death, property damage, or loss.

Accidents happen, and no amount of risk management can prevent them – that’s what makes them happen. Still, it’s also why Public Liability insurance is such an important part of business insurance coverage.

In a variety of situations, public liability insurance will protect you. For instance, a customer stumbles on a damp floor at your place of business and cracks their back or coccyx. 

The individual is self-employed and sues your company, claiming compensation for lost wages and medical expenses.

Some claims may arise directly from your acts, such as drilling a hole in a conduit, dropping a hammer and shattering a glass table, or damaging costly flooring.

Essentially, all sorts of public liability claims will be related to occurrences that occur during your business operations, that is, as a result of your or your employees’ acts.

4. Public Liability Insurance 

The Public Liability protection at business insurance specialists may be tailored to your individual needs and business operations, and they compare public liability from 5 prominent insurers.

Coverage for contractors, manufacturers, mobile workers, and home workers.

  • Small and medium-sized business insurance
  • Legal and compensation costs are covered.
  • Limited companies, partnerships, and sole traders
  • Coverage for subcontractors is included.
  • Compensation payouts and legal fees
  • Coverage for employees or contractors
  • Employers Liability Insurance is an optional benefit.
  • Standard Product Liability
  • Experts in specialized or high-risk trading
  • Legal Expenses and Personal Accident coverage are available as options.

Why is Insync important for Public Liability?

Here are reasons Insync Public Liability is important:

  • They compare rates and coverage from the most reputable liability insurers.
  • Instant quotes – you’ll have your cover and insurance documentation in minutes.
  • Flexible coverage and monthly payments – pay just for the areas you require.
  • Liability insurance experts provide expert counsel.
  • Coverage for legal fees
  • You’ll have your own dedicated insurance professional as well as access to digital services.

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INSYNC Business Healthcare and Private Medical Insurance

Private health insurance is one of the most sought-after employee perks, with Health Insurance being rated as the most valuable employee benefit by 43% of UK employees.

Offering this to your team has the potential to boost employee engagement and retention, as well as lower absenteeism.

Also, they have a selection of options to fit any budget, starting at just £7 per person each month, and all of it can be set up in minutes with no forms or hassle!

To learn more about Insync insurance, visit the official site by clicking the link below:


Insync takes a fresh and innovative approach to ensuring your business’s or rental property’s success, utilising the latest technology to enhance relationships, not replace them.

They provide digital-yet-personal service at an affordable price more than most leading insurance companies, ensuring you get the protection you want without paying through your nose.


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