Drive Away Insurance: What Is Drive Away Insurance?

drive away insurance
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Drive-away insurance is a great and important cover option to get while you are waiting to shop around on annual motor insurance but you really want to drive your new car home right away. Failing to do this could drive away the happiness and excitement you feel about your great achievement.

Buying a new car can be so exciting and is worth celebrating, but having drive-away insurance to cover your new car is more exciting. If you badly want to show you have gotten your own car, you really cannot wait for annual car insurance.

Getting a temporary cover for your new car is what we will be talking about in this article. When you buy yourself or anyone a car, you need to get a cover for it straight away, even before you drive it home.

With drive-away insurance, you can get covered on your new auto ride for as little as an hour – so no need to worry about getting a full insurance policy at the moment. If you are planning to buy yourself a new ride, your loved ones or you want to gift it to anyone, and you want to know about drive away insurance.

In this article, you will get to know everything about drive-away insurance, from the meaning to how it really works and the companies that sell the policy.

What Is Drive Away Insurance?

Drive-away insurance is sometimes called “Temporary auto cover”. It is a case where you take out a short-term policy for a car you’ve just bought, in order to drive it home safely. Drive-away policy cover is typically flexible and very easy to set up.

If you hit a favorable bargain or deal for the car you’ve been looking at or admiring, you can go ahead with the purchase straight away. And use temporary auto cover for some time while you shop around for the best long-term car insurance policy on the market.

The temporary cover gives you the peace of mind you deserve on your new car achievement. In case you are afraid of facing another stress after the stress of getting your new ride to get a temporary cover too, Drive away insurance is super flexible, you can quickly and easily get it and access it too.

Who Needs Drive Away Insurance?

If you have always had your eyes on a car and you have struck a deal with the seller and it has favored you. You want to go ahead and purchase the car. The car may not only be yours, but maybe you went to get your mom, wife, child, or even just anyone a car present.

You would obviously not carry the car on your head as you return home. It could be you or anyone who would be driving the car home to get it to the person that it was gotten for, for that simple reason then you need to cover the car till it gets home.

Therefore, whoever needs this insurance cover is a person who just got a new ride. Even if you are hoping to get a new car soon, then you should have this cover policy option in mind.

The Importance of Drive-Away Insurance.

There’s nothing really beautiful like buying a new car. With all the happiness and excitement it can be easy for you to forget about the practical things you need to do, just like taking out drive-away insurance.

You will need to have insurance cover to be able to drive your new car home, no matter how short the distance is. If you have gotten your annual policy already in place before getting your new car, the policy will cover your drive home.

But if that is not the case, then you will need to take out a drive-away insurance policy. This policy is very important to protect your new car and yourself and keep your excitement intact as you drive home.

It is important to take out this cover because your life and peace of mind are also as important to you. If you are buying a car from a car dealer but you are not yet sure if you want to keep the vehicle or not.

Or if you are buying a car as a gift for someone, also if you are debating whether or not to add a newly acquired vehicle to your present policy. Then, in that case, a temporary few days’ insurance covers may be important.

What Does Drive-Away Insurance Cover?

This insurance policy covers every single thing that an annual car insurance covers. The only slight difference there between drive-away insurance is that the cover is temporary while annual car insurance is permanent until the policyholder decides to take out the policy.

Most of the time your temporary policy can cover only physical damage (comprehensive and collision). If in a case where the operator is at fault for an accident that happened, then the temporary physical damage coverage will cover the cost of fixing the vehicle.

However the policy may not provide you any liability coverage, hence it makes the operator become vulnerable to lawsuits from third parties. When you choose a company to buy your drive-away insurance cover from, it is important you check out the elements of coverage offered, limitations, and terms and conditions.

Finally, drive-away insurance covers you and your vehicle against an accident, injury to you, and damage to the car or a third party.

How Drive Away Insurance Works

Sometimes when you are purchasing a new car from the dealer, the dealer may offer you a drive-away cover to buy. The policy could last for 5 to 7 days from the day of purchasing it.

Sometimes too, when you already have a standby annual car insurance policy coverage that you might have gotten when you purchased your other cars. The cover for your old cars which is the annual car insurance might have an option to include your new cars in the policy cover.

Including your new ride to your annual auto insurance could be automatic or manual. That means you have to check to confirm if your policy will automatically include your new ride when you get one, or you will have to fill out a form to include it.

If your already existing car insurance policy covers your new car, then you may not have to proceed to get a drive-away insurance policy.

But if on the other hand, your policy would not allow you to include the newly purchased car in your existing policy, then you will necessarily have to take out a drive-away policy cover for your new car before driving it home.

Most importantly, it is necessary to know what terms and conditions are included in your insurance cover whether your policy is temporary or permanent.

Cost of Drive-Away Insurance

The cost of taking out drive-away insurance policy may vary depending on the insuring company and some other factors. For many new drivers looking for the best insurance deals, getting a one-off insurance policy would not only save you time but also money.

Driving a car without insurance would not only put you at risk to other drivers on the highway. But if you get caught by the police, the cost of fine charges and getting your vehicle back can be too much and many may not be able to bear it.

So, if you’ve realized how important it is to obtain drive away insurance, you’ll want to know how much it will cost you. The cost of obtaining this policy coverage will be determined by factors such as;

  • The radius of your operation
  • Your location
  • The uniqueness of your situation
  • Your occupation
  • The experience you have in driving
  • Type of car to be insured

Companies That Sell Drive-Away Insurance Policies

Some of the companies that sell annual car insurance also offer drive-away insurance.

There are a few companies that are based on offering drive-away insurance like the ones below;


Since 2006, the company has been in the business of selling temporary car covers. According to customer feedback, they have proven to be adaptable and smooth. You can buy your cover online in 90 seconds and get a quote quickly and easily.

#2. Dayinsure

The company’s partner is AVIVA, and they provide insurance coverage in minutes. The temporary policy lasts from one hour to thirty days.

#3. Navy

Their services extend beyond temporary auto insurance to motorcycle insurance. Life insurance and other insurance services are also available. They also provide a good deal on drive-away insurance.


The insurance company provides a variety of cover options to their customers. Included are £5 million in claims and £2 million in medical expenses for other drivers. Accident, theft, attempted theft, or fire damage payouts of up to £40,000 for you or yours.

FAQs about Drive-Away Insurance

Is drive away insurance free

No. Drive away insurance is just like the annual car insurance just that the cover last temporarily.

What does drive away insurance cover

Drive-away insurance covers you in the event of an accident or injury while driving your new car, or even damage to other drivers on the highway.

Do i need drive away insurance

If you are a new car owner and do not have an existing car insurance policy or it would not cover your new car, drive away insurance is the way out of risk.

How long does drive away insurance last

Drive-away insurance can last between 1 hour to 30 days.

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Drive-away insurance can last between 1 hour to 30 days.

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Not only is drive away insurance important for protecting you against accidents or damage to your vehicle. It also protects other drivers on the road, and your coverage extends to fixing their vehicles. If any damage occurs as a result of your negligence. The thrill of purchasing a new vehicle can be overwhelming. It may also distract you from doing the right thing. Drive-away insurance is a must-have for any new car owner.

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