Balens Insurance: What Does it Offer?

balens insurance

A better way to figure out if you’re receiving the best rate on your coverage is by considering your alternatives. That is exactly what you’re going to be doing with this article on Balens insurance.

We have helped you gather statistics on the various insurance products it offers as well as other factors we find useful for your consumption.

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About Balens Insurance

It is safe to say that Balens is a 4th generation, ethical, family-owned, and operated insurance brokerage that focuses primarily on guidance, support, and service.

Balens provides her customers with insurance services for health, wellness, beauty, and fitness professionals, affinity groups, charities, and non-profit organizations.

As one of the major Brokers of this sort in the UK and worldwide, this organization has garnered a lot of competence while also trying to meet the needs of its clients through an extensive range of insurance products.

The plethora of services this organization offers includes; therapy or treatment room coverage, schools, clinics, health products, premium installment plans, and a lot more.

What Does Balens Insurance Offer?

Although we have listed a few of the services, this insurance company offers its clients, below is a quick rundown of others.

  • Over 3,500 therapies and techniques
  • Professional Liability & Malpractice
  • Public and Products Liability Cover
  • Legal and Taxation Insurance

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Why Choose Balens Insurance?

Wondering why you should opt for this organization’s insurance services?

Did you know you could be held legally accountable as an individual practitioner or business owner for loss or damage to other people’s property, as well as injury, harm, or financial loss allegedly caused to your clients, patients, or other parties?

As a result, a Professional Liability insurance policy may be required. And, with the unique insurance plan that Balens has created, combines Professional liability, malpractice, and legal protection.

One of the most comprehensive custom policy wordings in the market belongs to Balens, which has a client base of over 100,000 people in the UK who enjoy its offers.

What are the Benefits of the Balens Yoga Professionals Liability Insurance Policy (BYPLIP)?

Over time, Balens continues to prove that it has the flexibility to meet the insurance needs of Yoga Teachers. Then, these groups of people ask; What do we stand to gain from the BYPLIP?

It goes even further to give them a rundown of what they could enjoy as health and fitness professionals, with some eventualities.

See the list of benefits below.

  • Professional Liability Coverage of £4m / £6m
  • Public liability coverage of £4m / £6m
  • products liability coverage of £4m / £6m
  • Extension in retrospect
  • Peace of mind after you stop trading
  • Coverage for temporary work abroad
  • Inclusion of approximately 3,500 distinct therapies and activities
  • Coverage for online jobs
  • Legal advice up to £1,500 for pre-disciplinary hearings
  • Important restrictions and exclusions

Additional Benefits

  • Loss of reputation expenses to assist in the repair of harm to your business if a claim is made against you
  • Coverage for intellectual property breaches and client confidentiality protection
  • Loss of document coverage worth up to £50,000
  • Inclusion of coverage for good samaritan Acts and First Aid
  • There are no fees for ordinary policy updates or supplementary documents.

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How Do I Make a Claim with Balens Insurance?

One reason you buy your insurance is for the support you get when you want to file a claim. And, at Balens, every member of staff understands how important it is to you.

However, to curb the stress, time, and cost implications for you, the amazing team in-house whose goal is to make the claims process for you is readily available to support you through the process.

Or, you can also reach them at 01684580798. It is expedient to remind you that different timescales and procedures abound for the different claims you may want to file.

These are the documents to submit while filing a claim. This is just so they add up to whatever it is you have in your claim form.

  • Details of conversations or text messages
  • Statement detailing the incident
  • Copies of treatment records
  • Photos
  • Training records
  • Risk assessments
  • Pay information
  • CCTV data

How Do I Contact Balens Insurance?

The Balens Insurance contact information is listed below.’s email address is

FAX: 01684 891 361
TELEPHONE: 01684 893 006

Address: Balens Ltd, Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern, WR14 2TA

Balens Insurance Review

Thank you Beth. I’ve been really impressed with your excellent customer service. I’m pleased to be back with Balens!

My goodness how efficient! I think you are a great company and I often recommend you.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your help and support over the past few years since I began practicing as a massage therapist. Your customer service, in particular the professionalism and helpful nature of all of your staff members I have spoken to over the phone has been exceptional.

I am greatly indebted to Balen’s Insurance for going beyond the norm and finding a way to serve me when I needed it the most. The type of customer service and integrity that was afforded to me by Balen’s is rarely seen any more from any type of service oriented business.

Thanks for the excellent service over the last few years. Your staff were always professional and helpful.

May I again praise Balens for your excellence in customer service. We often find ourselves in need to contacting you for our peace of mind and in every single occasion everyone in your company has replied with the outmost professionalism and care.

What We Think?

We have done our beat by providing you a grounded background information that’ll guide you through becoming a client with balens insurance.

However, it is important to carryout your findings by comparing quotes and in the market. Reviews help avert a great deal of circumstances.


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