All You Need To Know About Smart Cover Insurance

Smart cover insurance
Smart cover insurance

What every person seeks first in an insurance company they want to go with is the flexibility of their services and coverage which is what smart cover insurance grants without stress. You definitely do not and would not want to get your cover with and from a company whose services cannot be trusted.

If you have been looking for a good insurance company recommendation for your insurance needs, You may have wanted and been searching for a long where to get your cover from.

A good recommendation for you today is smart to cover insurance. They are an award-winning insurance company that covers you on a wide range of services.

In this article, we are going to take you through all about smart cover insurance. Their service offers, the things they cover, why they are good and also a few of the reviews from their customers.

Keep reading to get the answer to whatever question you may have had about the company.

About smart cover insurance

Smart cover insurance is an award-winning insurance service provider. They provide cover on a wide range of insurance products and ensures a high-quality service to their customers.

The insurance service provider, smart cover, is a UK-based company and is subjected to UK regulations. Smart cover insurance is a trading name for smart cover direct limited.

Their service provision is on a wide range of insurance products, ranging from home to vehicle insurance and gadget insurance. We are not going to forget the importance of telling you about all their services and in comprehensive terms too.

The insurance company is in partnership with different recognized bodies like AIG, AVIVA and others. Over time, the company has won several awards and is eager still, to win more.

Why choose smart cover insurance

Smart cover insurance stated that its aim of service is to provide quality service to the customers. They ensure their customers are satisfied with their services and also consider their reviews to make adjustments where necessary.

From the reviews of their customers on trust-pilot and on their home site, they have not failed their customer’s expectations.

The company as its name says provide also, smart coverage for your appliances and gadgets. They are not one of such companies that claim to be the provider of multi-insurance services and lag in their services.

Furthermore, this insurance company has an excellent rate on trust-pilot. They also, make sure that their customers receive reliable coverage and have their peace of mind in full. It is not of them to deny customers from making claims, they provide also a streamlined claims offer. Not forgetting to mention, their service provision is prompt and on time.

What smart cover insurance covers

The general service cover of the smart cover insurance would be listed here. You would not want to blindly follow an insurance company without first getting to know what they offer.

Asides from the services they provide, you need to know the benefit you are open to if you get your insurance cover from them.\

Some of the benefits you get from getting your insurance covered from smart cover are listed below.

  • cover for kitchen appliances
  • Home emergency cover
  • Cover for motor breakdown
  • Gadget insurance cover
  • Home insurance cover (contents and building cover)

The above listed are the types of policies they provide as an insurance company.

Smart cover insurance benefits

Besides the policy types that are listed above, there are still covered benefits that a customer stands to gain.

The benefits are for the body, given you are a smart cover insurance customer. How interesting it is that you get your insurance cover from a company and yet there are still cover benefits.

List of the benefits that are assured of anyone who has decided to become or already is a customer of smart cover insurance.

The benefits are listed below;

  • The claim process is rapid and streamlined
  • Assured price match
  • You get engineers nationwide for fixation of damages
  • Your damaged properties or items are replaced like-for-like
  • Emergency repair cover on you
  • Coverage on items no matter the brand or make
  • Your peace of mind is not disturbed
  • Professional service and providers

Those are the few out of many things you stand to gain as a customer of smart cover insurance. There are still private benefits which some come with the type of policy that suits your need.

Cover for kitchen appliances

Unlike other insurance companies, smart cover insurance provides their customers with cover for their kitchen appliances.

Although some cover for contents in your home may come with the benefit of covering the items in your kitchen. For anyone who specifically wants to get a special cover for the things they use in cooking for their family, this is the policy type which covers that.

The policy covers your kitchen appliances from mechanical breakdowns or electrical. If any of your appliances are damaged accidentally, the policy covers the repair or replacement.

Home emergency cover

As humans anywhere, emergencies may occur in the home at any time without pre-information.That fact is the reason why the home emergency cover is important as provided by smart cover insurance.

This policy type covers the repair or replacement of damages done to expensive items in your home. individuals under this policy benefit annual claim limit of up to £5000 from the company.

The cover for home emergencies includes,

  • Cover for leakages
  • Boiler breakdown
  • Gas damage

Cover for gadgets

In this type of policy, your gadgets are what is covered, from your phones, laptops, MacBooks, etc.

The cover is for every electrical gadget in your home, below is what the policy covers;

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft is not covered
  • Breakdown
  • Liquid Damage not covered
  • Repair Or Replace

Those are the situations where your gadget’s repair or replacement is covered and not. Individuals under this cover type benefit from the following according to the policy;

  • Expert claim handling team
  • Quality customer service
  • Accidental damage cover
  • A low excess fee of ​£50
  • Fast claim settlement service

Car breakdown cover

If you have experienced a breakdown of your car on the road you would know the experience. You can not wish your enemy the experience of a car breakdown.

Sometimes it may happen where there are no passers-by, smart cover insurance would send an engineer down to you where ever it may be you are. The average wait time for roadside recovery is 60-90 minutes.

Car breakdown cover is a goodbye to stress unforeseen and a welcome hello to peace of mind for absolute. The cover is not limited to a type of car, it covers Vans, minicars, motorcycles, taxi cars, and private cars.

This policy type covers the below

  • Road Assistant & Recovery
  • Alternative Travel 

Smart cover insurance reviews

As an insurance company, smart cover insurance has received over 1065 reviews and counting, on the trust pilot.

The company, from the reviews of their customers over time, has been discharging their duties and dully.

They also have been meeting the standard they set for themselves as a company. One of their standards counts also, providing peace of mind and quality service.


Smart cover insurance is a trading name for smart cover direct limited. The company has stood and won different amazing awards over the years and is ready to go for more. Their services are on a wide range of insurance products including a motor breakdown insurance cover.

The uniqueness of their service is also related to the fact that they offer services on policies that are rare. Customers of the company have also given or written interesting reviews telling how helpful and amazing the company’s service has been.

Furthermore, the company has different amazing offers and benefits that accompany each policy. Also, whatever offer or benefit besides the general benefits that one gets from the company is dependent on the policy chosen. Finally, smart cover is a company that has chosen to make the peace of mind of their customers a priority.

FAQs about smart cover insurance

Is smart cover insurance worth it

Smart cover insurance has proven over time their worth and up to standard services. They have made sure to live to what they say of themselves and their services.

Is car breakdown cover important

It may not be legally important but think of the stress relief from roadside breakdown. If you have ever had your vehicle break down on the way, you would know how frustrating it could be. You, therefore, need a motor breakdown cover.

What kind of cars does motor breakdown cover

The motor breakdown cover is not limited to a particular type of car. Taxi cars, bikes, mini-bus, private cars etc.

What do i gain from getting my insurance policy with smart cover insurance

The offer that the smart cover insurance gives is according to the policy you have chosen. You go for a policy that suits your need and enjoy the offers that come with it. Also, you can check the article to see the different policies and their offers and benefits.

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The offer that the smart cover insurance gives is according to the policy you have chosen. You go for a policy that suits your need and enjoy the offers that come with it. Also, you can check the article to see the different policies and their offers and benefits.

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