Saga Home Insurance| is a saga worth it?

Saga Home Insurance
Saga Home Insurance

Saga is an insurance company that began by focusing on travel for people over the age of 50. But today, it expanded to offer other insurance services including saga home insurance

The company has grown to become one of the UK’s leading insurance providers for people over the age of 50, winning numerous awards for its products and services. Saga placed third out of 16 insurers in Finder’s 2021 Home Insurance Customer Satisfaction Awards, with 79 per cent of customers saying they’d recommend the brand.

Once you build a house, it is important to note that maintenance is costly. If you are considering saga as your policy insurer, this article is here to give you the insights you need about what saga is and how they operate.

About saga home insurance

Saga is an insurance provider, which has over 14 million subscribers and includes house insurance, which accounts for a significant portion of the corporation.

It’s now a well-known and respected specialist provider of a wide range of products and services for the over 50’s, including cruises, holidays, personal finance and motor insurance.

Saga insurance UK.

In recent years, Saga’s house insurance has received praise, including being named Best Big Insurance Company and Best Home Insurance Provider at the Insurance Choice Awards 2021.

Saga Home insurance has two types;

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance.

Buildings insurance.

This involves a case where only the building is covered, from the roof to the foundation.

Your insurance policy under this level only covers the cost of any damage done to the building and not with the inside properties, where a building gets damaged by a flood or earthquake, this type of policy covers it.

Contents insurance.

In this type of insurance cover, only the contents of an insured house are covered, it is a protection for only your personal belongings.

What saga covers

Saga offers two levels of cover both with the same great level of service.

Saga plus.

This comes with a 3-year fixed price home insurance with added extras, which means;

It covers whatever saga select would cover plus a fixed 3-year cost and other extras.

Your insurance cost will not go up for 3 years and you can make changes to your policy whenever you need to but you do not have to renew if you do not want to.

Most claims will not affect your fixed price when you are under saga plus, too.

It also offers;

  • Accidental damage: covers any accident at home, for example when you slip and fall on a spilt oil on the floor or when you sit on a glass.
  • Garden cover: you get up to 5,000 million dollars extra to cover garden contents like shrubs, flowers and children’s play equipment.
  • Student’s cover: Protects the belongings your child[ren] takes with them to their school residence from home.

Saga select

With this cover, you can protect your home with up to E1 million of building cover and up to E100,000 contents cover and you can also choose to include accidental.

Saga home insurance called this cover their “no-nonsense cover”.

This cover does not come with a 3-year fixed price like the saga plus and no extras too.

What saga home insurance does not cover.

The coverage level you get depends on the home insurance policy you choose, which is why it is always important for you to read your policy documentation carefully.

  • Mechanical or electrical freak-outs: Your Saga home insurance policy does not cover mechanical or electrical concerns such as a broken drawer or a damaged electric cable.
  • sabotage by you or anyone legally resident in your home: If you or anybody legally present in your home damages any of your belongings, saga home insurance is not chargeable.
  • Issues resulting from defective construction or the use of faulty materials: it is your duty if the person you hired to fix your property does not get it right at some point or if you obtained faulty materials without knowing it.

Saga home insurance for landlords.

Saga insurance for landlords includes:

  • Contents insurance -Not different too from content home insurance, it is there to cover items you own inside the property you are letting out to enter as a landlord and not the ones you have in the house you are living, like carpets and furniture.
  • Accidental damage – covers the replacement of any items your tenants accidentally damage.
  • Legal expenses – to cover legal costs up to £100,000 in relation to the property.
  • Landlord advice line: There to help you get free legal advice for any issues you have.

What does landlord insurance cover?

Saga landlord insurance covers the following plus extras:

  • Up to £500,000 buildings cover – covers harm caused by things like fire, storm, and theft.
  • Flexible levels of cover
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Legal expenses cover – unlimited legal advice and up to £100,000 to cover the cost
  • Cover for malicious damage by your tenants
  • Alternative accommodation cover

What’s not covered by landlord insurance?

  • Damage caused by wear and tear or poor maintenance
  • Damage or loss caused deliberately except if it’s malicious damage or vandalism
  • Storm or flood damage to fences, hedges, and gates

My Saga logs in.

You can log in to my saga account whether you are a new or old customer, for new customers, the site login is self-explained, and you can follow the procedures to create your account. P

Saga home insurance claims

You can get a replacement if you leave your iPad on a train, drop your phone on the floor, or have your camera stolen while on vacation.

How to make a claim

Step 1: Check if you’re covered

Check to see if you are covered by Saga.

Step 2: contact Saga using their contact information.

Call Saga with the contact information from your home insurance policy or any other insurance policy you’ve registered for, such as car insurance, pet insurance, etc.

Step 3: Wait for a response.

Depending on the type of claim you’re making, there are various ways they can handle the case.

They will first review your claim, and if it is for minor damage, they may request additional documentation via mail or email. This could include items like estimates or photographs.

Saga home insurance contact address.

  • Saga home insurance contact address:
  • Sales:03300946098
  • Renewals: 03300946103 or 01303757330
  • Existing customers: 0330094613 or 01303757301.

FAQs about Saga home insurance

How do I contact saga?

You can contact Saga at 0800 092 3903

What does Saga Home cover?

Saga TailorMade Home Insurance covers you for damage caused by incidents such as fire, storm, subsidence, flood, and theft. The policy covers your buildings and their permanent fixtures and fittings, such as fitted kitchen units.

Who is saga insurance part of?

Customers must be over the age of 50 to qualify for Saga car insurance, but there is no upper age limit. Acromas Insurance Company Limited, Liverpool Victoria, AXA, Covéa, and Zenith Marque underwrite Saga’s policy.

Who is underwriter for Saga?

Saga is underwritten by AXA, Covea, ABC, and Zenith, as well as its own in-house underwriter AICL.

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Customers must be over the age of 50 to qualify for Saga car insurance, but there is no upper age limit. Acromas Insurance Company Limited, Liverpool Victoria, AXA, Covéa, and Zenith Marque underwrite Saga's policy.

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Saga is underwritten by AXA, Covea, ABC, and Zenith, as well as its own in-house underwriter AICL.

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