Top Reasons To Do What Makes You Happy

do what makes you happy
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You’ve probably heard the adage, “Life is too short.” You don’t know what tomorrow holds for you or where you’ll finish up. So why squander your time on a job that does not make you happy?

According to studies, happy people make greater wages, and it stands to reason that these high earners are content—at least in part—because they have occupations they enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should constantly do things that make you happy.

What Stops You From Doing What Makes You Happy?

Everyone wishes to be happy. So, why is it so difficult to simply do more of what makes you happy? What is it that prevents you from performing these things?

What are the root causes of your discontent?

Are you unhappy because your soul-sucking job demands all your energy? Do you experience constant agitation as a result of stress? Are you suffering an ailment that hangs over your head like a gloomy cloud?

Do you wish to establish a family but are unable to? Are you ambitious but too sluggish to begin doing the work? Some of these unhappiness factors are just uncontrollable. In fact, there is nothing you can do if you are diagnosed with a potentially fatal illness.

If you leave your soul-sucking job, you’ll definitely end up with many more problems due to your upcoming mortgage, medical, and auto payments.

As a result, it’s critical to do the things that make you happy only in situations where you have complete control.

Why Is “Do What Makes You Happy” Bad Career Advice

Don’t be concerned if your job does not make you happy. Many studies have shown that you are part of the majority. Only 13% of American workers are happy with what they do for a job.

If you’re part of this small group, doing simply what makes you happy will almost certainly get you fired. You don’t get paid to play video games or read Reddit all day at work, do you?

Instead, you should recognise that your employment is merely a means to an end. You can approach your task differently if you adopt that perspective. Even if you work 40 hours per week, you still have control over the majority of your leisure time. Your job’s pay permits you to live the remainder of your life on your own terms.

And during that moment, you should really just focus on what makes you happy.

Why Is “Do What Makes You Happy” Good Advice? Anyway

Even though there are many things in life over which we have little control, it is still a good idea to do more of what makes you happy. This is because it allows you to focus on the positive aspects of your life rather than the negative aspects.

Even if you are unable to quit your work, eliminate all stress, or just “be happy,” you will be able to focus on the positives when you engage in happy activities.

Instead of obsessing about things you can’t control, consider focusing on smaller ones you can.

And by doing so, you’ll have access to one of life’s most powerful mechanisms. We are more likely to improve our health, productivity, and social relationships if we focus on happy activities. Also, being happy makes us more likely to be successful and long-term. To put it another way, being happy makes us a better person.

As a result, focusing on tiny happy activities initially increases our chances of success in dealing with larger challenges in our lives.

If you’re still having trouble coming up with ways to do more of what makes you happy, I’ve got you covered.

Reasons for Doing More of What Makes You Happy

As previously said, merely doing more of what makes you happy is not guaranteed to improve your life. You must be deliberate and select to focus on the areas that are under your control.

Here are the top reasons to quit your job or stop doing something that makes you unhappy:

#1. When you are happy, you will be at your best!

Nothing motivates people more than a sense of well-being. Happiness has no definition because it signifies different things to different people. You will take activities to be the best version of yourself simply because you are happy and exude positive energy, which will attract more of the same!

#2. You doing what makes you happy is a great example to set! 

Who is keeping an eye on you? Your children, mates, friends, and coworkers will all learn from your behaviour. If you are unhappy all the time because you have chosen a life of doing what others have instructed you to do or what you believe is expected of you rather than what makes you happy, those around you will learn that from you as well. The decision is yours to make, and if you’re unsure, consider if you’d be proud of the attitude lessons you taught people around you.

#3. Who will do it if you don’t?

Who will take the activities required for you to be happy if you do not? If you’re waiting for happiness to be brought to you, provided to you, or to come from someone else’s mouth, take a seat because you’ll be waiting till you die! You must truly do what makes you happy in order to be happy!

#4. Happiness promotes health.

Others who choose happiness live longer lives than others who choose unhappiness. Misery attracts negative energy, which manifests in your body and causes health problems. This falls under the heading of stress. This is when a doctor has no idea what the hell is going on and labels it as stress-related. It makes no difference what you call it. If you let it, it will kill you. Of course, we will all die, but choosing happiness will give you the best chance of enjoying a healthy life while you are alive!

#5. You are worth it!

If anyone is deserving of happiness, it is you! Whatever happened in your past is irreversible and can only be used as a learning experience now. Making the decision to be happy, regardless of your circumstances, will give you a deeper sense of self-worth. Remember this: You deserve to be happy in your life. You have complete control over your happiness, and the activities you make to obtain it are the proper ones for you…which is what matters in this case.

#6. Today will be over before you know it!

You should choose to do what makes you happy right now! You will be dissatisfied for as long as you procrastinate. If you wait until “Tomorrow” to start working on yourself, the weeks, months, and years will fly by, and you will be sitting in your old age lecturing some stranger how they should seize the day before it is gone! Wouldn’t you rather tell a stranger about your own experience with seizing the day? Instead of intimidating them, inspire them! You have been granted this moment and nothing else!

#7. Happiness increases confidence

When you choose to do what makes you happy, you immediately boost your self-esteem. You are reminding yourself that you are worthy and deserving of soaking up as much enjoyment as you possibly can! When you choose to do what makes you happy, there is no room for doubts because happiness triumphs over them. People lack confidence because they choose to trust what others say, but happiness is also muffled when you choose happiness!

Questions to Consider Before Making a Career Change

It’s one thing to realise you don’t enjoy what you’re doing now; it’s another to figure out what you want to do next. Consider investigating these techniques to discover a job you love to assist you in navigating your career path.

#1. As a child, what did you wish to be?

While it may feel unusual to return to your childhood dreams, they may be very close to what you would be happy doing. Sure, not everyone can become an astronaut, but whatever the initial objective was, the desire to pursue that vocation most likely began from someplace.

Consider your dream career. Even if you no longer desire it, the previous aim may assist you in discovering what motivates you. Those who wished to work in law enforcement, for example, might be motivated by justice or assisting others. Maybe you liked school or working with kids if you wanted to be a teacher. To discover the ideal position, tailor your motivators and strengths.

#2. What do your friends and family think your strengths are?

Talking to those closest to you might sometimes help you make better-informed judgements since they see aspects of you that you may overlook. Ask your loved ones what they think your strengths are, and think about what career might allow you to put those skills to use. When you hear other people’s opinions, you obtain a new viewpoint. Your judgements of your own strengths may differ from those of your family and friends.

#3. Who was your biggest role model when you were younger?

You may recall somebody you idolised as a child, similar to how you discussed your dream job as a child. Did you admire this person because they benefited others? Did they have the specialised expertise you were looking for? Did you notice any parallels between their abilities and your own? You might find a profession that suits you if you consider why you looked up to this individual. Even if you didn’t think about it as a youngster, doing it now may help you discover your genuine aims and desires.

#4. What is it that you absolutely despise doing?

Knowing your flaws is equally as crucial as knowing your strengths. Understanding what you are afraid of doing can help you choose a career path. If you don’t consider this, you can find yourself back at square one, seeking a new job down the line. For example, if you despise working with spreadsheets, a job dealing with large volumes of data may not be for you.

Is it Okay to Do What Makes You Happy?

Happiness is a fantastic sensation because it allows us to notice the positive in life and keep ourselves motivated to achieve what we want. There are difficult days, but there can also be extremely nice days, and it’s crucial to do things in your life that will make you happy.

Why Do We Do What Makes You Happy?

When you choose to do what makes you happy, there is no room for doubts because happiness triumphs over them. People lack confidence because they choose to trust what others say, but when you choose happiness, your confidence suffers as well.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Says Do What Makes You Happy?

To do whatever makes you happy rather than being concerned with what makes others happy. Not being a conformist to those things that are unworthy of giving a uniquely personalised sort of satisfaction.

Is it Realistic to be Happy all the Time?

It is one thing to strive for a happy existence, but it is ridiculous to expect to be happy all of the time. According to a recent study, psychological flexibility is the key to increased pleasure and well-being.

Who Wrote the Quote Do What Makes You Happy?

The quote was written by Rachel Nunes. Spend time with people who make you happy. Laugh as much as you can and love as long as you can… Rachel Nunes is an author.


There are numerous reasons why you should do what makes you happy, and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments area! You are far too amazing to squander another minute of your life being unhappy!

Take a chance and do what makes you happy. It will turn out better than you could have hoped and will have a good domino impact on your life! Get out there and infect everyone you can with your incredibly optimistic attitude!


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