Zettle Review: Is It Right for Your Business? (2023)

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Zettle, a PayPal-affiliated company, provides a wide range of solutions, from card readers to POS apps, to help small businesses compete effectively. We’ll take you on an enlightening journey around the world of Zettle, the all-in-one solution for your company needs, in this post.

What is Zettle? Brief Overview

Zettle, a PayPal-affiliated finance company, is changing the way small businesses do business. It provides a variety of creative solutions, ranging from mobile card readers to point-of-sale software, allowing small businesses to compete effectively. Zettle caters to varied business needs with a comprehensive portfolio of financial products that includes payments, point of sale, funding, and partnership applications.

One of Zettle’s distinguishing characteristics is its user-friendly card reader technology, which enables seamless card payments everywhere, at any time. The Zettle Go app, which is available for free, simplifies transactions, sales tracking, and inventory management. For full business administration, the recently announced Zettle Terminal combines a card reader with a point-of-sale app.

Zettle’s pricing plan demonstrates its dedication to transparency: there are no beginning costs, lock-in contracts, or hidden fees. Instead, firms are given a comprehensive toolkit to help them establish, run, and expand their enterprises. Zettle, backed by PayPal, is a reliable partner committed to assisting small businesses to survive in today’s competitive landscape.

The Primary Characteristics of Zettle

Zettle’s POS app provides users with a robust collection of capabilities that make selling and collecting payments simple and quick. Here’s a taste of what Zettle can do in your day-to-day operations.

E-commerce Zettle

Zettle’s e-commerce connections provide a simple option for building and managing your online store.

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established virtual storefront, Zettle’s e-commerce connectors provide a smooth bridge between your products, inventory, and sales platforms. Your whole inventory is kept up to date across all channels with automatic synchronising.

Bringing It All Together

The power of centralization becomes clear when you link your e-commerce platform with Zettle. Inventory data and product information are combined in one location, easing management operations.

The following are the benefits of this integration:

  • Sync Online and In-Store Inventory: Easily keep your online and in-store inventory in sync, avoiding confusion and overselling.
  • Centralised Product Library: Manage your products directly from Zettle’s centralised product library, removing the need to switch between platforms.
  • Automated Inventory Tracking: Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of manually tracking inventory changes across platforms.
  • Real-time Data Tracking: Real-time data tracking provides a full perspective of your growth across various sales channels.
  • Payment options: Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and other payment methods, as well as cash and cheque sales.
  • Product data: Enter product data, such as photographs, descriptions, and barcodes, and organise them into lists or groups for simple management.
  • Customer tracking: consumer tracking entails recording consumer information such as name, phone number, and email address.
  • Staff tracking: Create multiple staff accounts to track productivity.
  • Seamless checkout: Quick-search goods to ring up, apply set or custom discounts, and provide digital or print receipts.
  • Refunds: Impress customers by retrieving sale data quickly and accurately.
  • Gift cards: Sell digital and physical gift cards, as well as track balances.
  • Track invoices: Create and send service invoices, collect online payments, and track outstanding invoices.
  • Sales reports: Track sales data by date, payment method, product or product group, customer, and employee, as well as get a quick report on bestsellers.

How to Get Started With Zettle

It is simple to begin the process of integrating Zettle with your e-commerce platform. Follow these simple steps to connect your online business and benefit from centralised management.

#1. Log In

Begin by going to my.zettle.com, your portal to Zettle’s array of tools. Once inside, go to the Integrations area of the Backoffice menu. This is your starting point for improved e-commerce capabilities.

#2. Explore Categories

The Integrations section contains several categories that reflect numerous apps and platforms. Your objective here is to choose the category that corresponds to the app you want to integrate with Zettle. By selecting the appropriate category, you are laying the groundwork for a happy interaction.

#3. Connect

After selecting the appropriate category, investigate the various integration possibilities.

Find the app you want to integrate with Zettle among these alternatives. Click on the desired integration to go to its own page.

The crucial “Connect” button is located here. Give it a click, and you’ll be redirected to the login page for your chosen integration account.

#4. Integration is now complete.

Congratulations are due! You have successfully linked your chosen app to Zettle. At this point, you’ve laid the groundwork for a unified e-commerce experience.

To fully realise the benefits of this integration, choose to import and sync goods, pricing, and other pertinent data. This step will boost your online business’s productivity and streamline its operations.

Zettle Card Reader

Zettle’s card reader stands out as an excellent solution for managing payments in retail settings. One appealing feature of this device is its portability, which allows business owners to accept card payments from nearly any location.

What distinguishes it is that customers do not need to have a merchant account in order to handle card payments.

Furthermore, the corporation has gone through a considerable alteration of this item. The most recent version allows for simple Bluetooth synchronisation with your mobile device. This enhanced version accepts contactless NFC payments from a variety of brands:

  • Maestro
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • American Express
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • V Pay

The device can process around 100 transactions and has a battery life of up to 8 hours. Zettle not only assures secure transactions, but it also employs strong data encryption mechanisms.

Zettle Pricing

Also, Zettle knows that various organisations have different needs, which is why they provide a number of hardware alternatives. Zettle’s POS hardware cost is intended to be accessible and affordable:

  • Card Reader: The first card reader is available for £29 from Amazon. If your company need numerous card readers, additional units are reasonably priced at £79 each. This adaptability is ideal for organisations with multiple checkout points or personnel serving clients.
  • Terminal: Zettle provides two pricing choices for the terminal, which serves as a central centre for your transactions. The terminal-only option costs £199 and offers a clean and efficient payment solution. If you want to further streamline operations, a terminal with a built-in barcode scanner is available for £239, allowing for quick and accurate product scanning.

Zettle’s hardware solutions appeal to organisations of all sizes, allowing you to select the solution that best meets your operating requirements and budget restrictions.

In addition to its hardware solutions, Zettle’s clear transaction fees add to the platform’s allure. Knowing exactly what you’ll be charged for each transaction allows you to better plan and manage your budget. The following is a breakdown of the transaction fees:

  • Card-Present Transactions: When your clients make in-person purchases, Zettle charges a normal 2.29% fee plus a set £0.09 cost per transaction. This transparent price ensures that you understand the costs involved with each sale.
  • Manual Card Entry Transactions: When entering card information manually, such as for phone orders or when a customer forgets their card, Zettle charges 3.49% of the transaction value, plus a £0.09 transaction fee.
  • QR Code Transactions: Zettle charges a competitive price of 2.29% of the transaction value, plus a £0.09 transaction fee, for businesses who accept modern payment methods such as QR codes.
  • Invoicing (PayPal Payments): Zettle charges 3.49% of the transaction amount plus an additional £0.49 fee per transaction for the ease of invoicing your customers through PayPal.
  • Invoicing (Cards and Alternative Payment Methods): If you utilise invoicing for card payments and alternative payment methods, Zettle charges 2.99% of the transaction value plus a set £0.49 transaction fee.

Zettle POS System

Zettle stands out when it comes to Point of Sale (POS) systems. The system’s expertise is difficult to overlook, as it flawlessly integrates software and hardware to provide a superior user experience. This optimisation guarantees that the POS App runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices.

It is vital to remember that the App acts as a gateway for payment processing with the card reader. The dashboard, with its user-friendly layout, houses a complete toolkit that enables businesses to conduct transactions professionally. The Zettle Pro POS has been meticulously designed to meet the specific demands of bar, restaurant and cafe businesses.

Highlighted App Features:

  • Customised Receipts: Users can personalise receipts to add a touch of brand identification.
  • Staff Account Management: The App makes it easier to create and maintain staff accounts, assuring a smooth operation.
  • Transaction History: Zettle’s App keeps a detailed record of all transactions, providing insight and responsibility.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Creating reports and tracking sales over certain time periods is made simple, allowing for more informed decision-making.
  • Product Management: The merchant can upload products, variants, and images, which speeds up the sales process.
  • Data Export: Data may be simply exported using Excel, making it easier to do further analysis and record keeping.

Convenient Hardware Solutions:

Zettle’s hardware components are indispensable for in-store businesses, providing a variety of advantages. The Zettle store set, which costs £738, includes:

  • Receipt Printer: Enables quick and organised transaction documentation.
  • Card Reader: A necessary instrument for securely and efficiently processing payments.
  • Cash Drawer: A necessary component for organised cash handling.
  • Tablet Stand: A stable and accessible stand for your tablet that ensures smooth interactions.

As a result, the Zettle POS system creates a cohesive ecosystem by integrating efficient software with practical hardware to optimise every aspect of in-store transactions.

Zettle Customer Support

When you need assistance, Zettle is there to aid you every step of the way.They have a physical office in London and use social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

On weekdays, you can simply phone their official mobile number (020 3984 8464) if you have any questions. You can also use their live chat box if you have a quick question.

Support hours for individuals on the Go Plus plan have been extended from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. This means that they are generally available when you require them.

With Zettle’s customer service, you have a trustworthy companion on your business path.

Zettle Pros and Cons

Still on the subject of the review, consider the following benefits and drawbacks:

Zettle Pros

User-Friendly Interface: Zettle’s simplicity shows through; establishing an account is all that is required to begin successfully managing payments and spending.

No Monthly costs: Zettle’s lack of monthly costs is a significant benefit, giving it top rankings for its pricing structure.

Effective Till Management: Zettle outperforms the top-ranked Square in till management. Its repeat payment option is especially useful for merchants with limited product inventories.

Unrivalled Portability: Because the Zettle card reader is 100% portable, you may accept payments from major credit cards wherever there is a signal.

Zettle Cons

  • Higher Transaction Fees: Payment links have a 2.5% transaction fee each sale, which may be viewed as relatively high. While setup prices remain reasonable, this is something to think about.
  • Payment Settlement Time: Zettle’s payment settlement can take up to 2-3 working days, which may be a disadvantage for individuals looking for faster access to their assets.

Does Zettle Charge a Monthly Fee?

No, Zettle does not charge its consumers a monthly subscription.However, it’s crucial to remember that, while there is no fixed monthly subscription, Zettle does charge per-transaction costs, so using the service isn’t fully free.

Can I Use Zettle Without a Card Reader?

Zettle can be used without a card reader. Zettle has a handy feature called “Tap to Pay,” which allows you to take contactless payments via digital wallets or by tapping your customer’s card on the back of your phone.

If your consumer insists on paying using a card that must be inserted into a card reader, you can recommend another card or a mobile wallet (such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay). You can also send them a Payment Link so they can pay using their phone.

Can You Use Zettle Without a Phone?

Yes, Zettle may be used without a phone. All you need is a WiFi or 3G/4G enabled tablet or smartphone. You’re ready to manage transactions with the Zettle Go app and the card reader linked through Bluetooth.

Zettle also provides a fully integrated solution known as the Zettle Terminal. This device includes the PayPal Zettle app, removing the need for a separate smartphone or tablet. With the Zettle Terminal, you can easily manage inventory, update stock, and accept payments from a single device.

Is Zettle the Same as PayPal?

Yes, Zettle is a member of the PayPal payment network. It replaces PayPal Here for users who want to execute in-person payments with a PayPal card reader. In 2021, PayPal purchased Zettle, which adds a fully mobile and in-store POS app, mobile card readers, and in-store checkout stations to PayPal’s business offerings.

Is PayPal Zettle Free?

Yes, you may download the PayPal Zettle app for free and there are no monthly fees. The only continuous expenses are credit and debit card processing fees of 2.29% plus £0.09 for in-person transactions and 3.49% plus £0.09 for keyed-in sales.

To accept in-person sales, you will need to purchase a mobile card reader. The first reader costs £29, while additional readers cost £79 each. Starting at £159, you can also install in-store checkout stands and stations.


So, whether you’re just getting started in e-commerce or looking to improve your present system, Zettle is a candidate worth investigating. Empower your company with Zettle today and discover new levels of growth and success.


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