CARE HOME BUSINESS PLAN: Template & Best Easy Guide in 2023

care home business plan

Whether you run an agency or a personal care home business, you will need a plan for it to flourish. Starting a care home business can be rewarding, but don’t forget that it comes with hefty responsibilities. These tasks can be lifted off your shoulders when you have a standby plan. To make the journey easier, this article has an example template that can help you formulate a UK care home business plan. This sample template for your business plan covers either medical or non-medical home care. 

If these processes sound overwhelming already, you can also choose to stick with our ready-made care home business plan

What is a Care Home Business?

A clear example of a care home business involves medical and non-medical professional caregivers offering care and assistance to people. Home health care covers a wide range of services that can differ from one patient to the next. Most of the time, care home services may include physical therapy, speech therapy, or skilled nursing. 

A care home business can also cover assisting older adults with normal activities like bathing, dressing up, and eating. In summary, a care home refers to medical treatment or assistive care for patients who do not need hospitalization or facility care but do need help to live safely at home. 

Why Do I Need a Care Home Business Plan?

Operating a care home business can be daunting, especially with the current hit of that industry in the UK. This is why you need a plan. A plan will be responsible for nurturing the vision of your business while convincing lenders and investors that you have a viable business concept. This article will be all you need to create one, and in any case, if you need any extra help, our ready-made care home business plan would go a long way. 

How to Write a Care Home Business Plan

Writing a business plan requires some procedures because, for a business plan to convert and serve its purpose, it must be well composed. These procedures include: 

#1. Remind Yourself Why You Need a Plan

Before you start writing your business plan, you will need to be mentally ready. Remind yourself why you need a business plan for your home care agency. Thorough preparation is important because when you fail to plan, you will plan to fail. You will need to put enough time, effort, and attention into the plan. 

A detailed business plan for your home care agency will not just help you attain success in the long term, it will also secure some funding for your business. 

#2. A Detailed Section About Yourself

This section of your business plan requires that you showcase the most relevant points about you and your career history. Introduce yourself and tell your readers why you are qualified to run this form of business. To make things more explicit, you can include your career background and experience in the care home industry. If in any case, you do not have the required experience, inform your reader of how you intend on gaining it.

List your UK qualifications, which can range from Care Quality Commission (CQC) to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). 

#3. Executive Summary

The purpose of the executive summary for your home care agency business plan is to give a brief description of your business. Most readers and investors go to this section because they expect you to give concise details on what your business is all about. It is best to keep this section simple and engaging. You can write your business name and location and also include your business’s legal structure. Include who your actual target market is and your mission statement. This section is usually the first to appear and the last to be written.

#4. Company Summary

In the company summary for your homecare agency business plan, you will need to go into depth about your business services. Answer some questions that would give your readers more information about your business. Your pricing strategy, sales strategy, legal requirements, and growth potential, among others, should be included in this section of your business plan. Under this section, you should also include the type of services you offer. There is some care home business example you will need to choose from to make your plan stand out. 

One sample for your care home business plan is non-medical home care, while the other is a medical care home. The need for this motive is to define your services to enable you to concentrate on a specific market. If the sample business plan you want to go for is non-medical home care, then you should be aware of the services you will be expected to offer. You will also need to conduct thorough research on them before choosing one example of the care home business for your plan. 

#5. Market Analysis

The market analysis section should be about the information you got from your thorough research of the industry. The importance of this section is to help you understand the intentions of the market. In this section of your care home business plan, you can include your market area, where you will have to identify your primary and secondary markets. You can also include a target demographic, an overview of your competitors, and a demand analysis in your market analysis section. 

#6. Management Team

For the management team section of your home care agency business plan, you will need to include your business’s organizational team. Before a business venture can succeed, the operational team needs to be efficient. While writing this section, you can include an organizational chart, where you will have to describe your key employees. You can also include their work experience and specific roles in the industry. 

#7. Financial Plan

This is mostly the final part of your business plan, so you will need to make it perfect. It should contain some financial statements like your historical financial data, income statements, and organizational budgets. If, in any case, you didn’t complete your market analysis, then it will be hard to manoeuvre through this section. This is because you will need to include some information that only market research can provide. 

Care Home Business Plan UK Template

Aside from having a detailed procedure for composing the UK care home business plan, you will also need an example template. The essence of this template checklist is to enable you to follow due processes that can guide your steps while setting up a care home. Setting up a care home business can be daunting, but a template will always guide your tracks and help you stay in line. Let’s look at some of these necessary steps that shouldn’t be left out. 

  • Choose a starting point
  • Create a care home business plan
  • Pick a business name
  • Get the necessary qualifications and certifications
  • Staffing and management
  • Get insurance
  • Buy supplies
  • Promote your business

Need to Finish Your Care Home Business Plan in 1 Day?

How would you feel when I tell you that you can finish up your business plan today? Yes, it is highly possible. 

The stress of writing a business plan is understandable, especially when you find it hard to fill out each section. That is why we made it easier by offering you a ready-made care home business plan

Businessyield Consult has helped over a thousand entrepreneurs compose a winning business plan. Grab a copy of your business plan here and share your success story with us. 


The increasing number of elderly members of society has led to an increase in the demand for care homes. Meanwhile, getting hold of a new business requires careful consideration and commitment. A care home business even requires more effort, which is why it is wise to start with a business plan. Having a working business plan will spare you from having to handle your business alone. It will serve as a companion while allowing you to map out your business goals and help you achieve those goals as well. 


How much profit do care homes make in the UK?

When you own a care home business, you can make up to 35 to 40 per cent of profits from fees your clients get to pay. You can make up to £250 from a bed per week and will make more profits from other services you render to your clients. 

Who should run a care home?

A care home business comes with responsibilities and not everyone can handle them. To make it in the care home business, you must have compassion and a genuine desire to help the lives of your clients and not just make profits. To successfully run a care home, you will need to have the right attitude. 

What should care homes provide?

A care home should be able to provide accommodation, attention, respect, care and support for any customer that needs help with managing their daily life. As a home care provider, the services you render will be based on an individual’s needs. 

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