Santander Home Insurance Reviews 2023 | Coverage, Policy and Claim

Santander Home Insurance Reviews
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You will agree with me that your home is vulnerable to any type of risk without home insurance.

Whether it’s a little water leak or a fire outbreak, you are responsible for any repairs – regardless of the cost. And this can be a burden if you’re not financially stable.

To lift this burden is why a UK based home insurance like Santander home insurance has come to stay.

Santander home insurance is one of the best UK home insurance policies that protects you against damage caused by unforeseen events.

Unforeseen events or circumstances can include theft, fire, and natural disasters that cause leaks, flooding, and other problems.

Additionally, Santander home insurance provides other coverage, which makes it stand out from other home insurance policies in the UK.

Read on to learn more about Santander home insurance coverage, how it works, and its policy procedures in this Santander Home Insurance Review.

Santander Home Insurance Reviews: What exactly is Santander?

The Santander Group was formed in 1857 and is a Spanish commercial banking and financial services corporation.

Santander offers car, travel, life, and house insurance in addition to typical banking services. Aviva Insurance Limited underwrites Santander’s house insurance.

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What are Santander’s choices for a cover?

Santander provides both buildings and contents insurance and two levels of coverage for individuals who want to bundle their buildings and contents insurance into one policy. These are:

  • Everyday house insurance from Santander. The most basic level of protection, with a Defaqto rating of three stars.
  • Home insurance from Santander Premier. A comprehensive policy with a limitless sum insured and a Defaqto 5-star rating.

Santander Home Insurance Coverage

What is more important than safeguarding the place where you and your loved ones sleep?

When you apply for home insurance with Santander, you can protect the structure of your house (buildings insurance), the contents of your house (contents insurance), or both.

Santander Buildings and Contents insurance

Basically, Santander offers three different forms of home insurance:

  • Insurance for structures
  • Insurance for belongings and contents

How Santander Home Insurance Works

Santander home Building insurance is right for you if you have a home. This insurance policy covers any damage to your walls, floors, ceilings, windows, sheds, garages, and other structures.

Also, you can add permanent fixtures, such as bathrooms, to your building insurance policy.

Meanwhile, Santander Content Insurance takes care of any damage to your possessions inside your home or garden. In fact, it covers anything that isn’t structural.

For instance, in the event of a fire, buildings insurance will compensate you for any damage to your home’s structure, including walls, roofing, and other structural elements, while contents insurance will cover any damage to your household appliances, furniture, jewellry, and other valuables.

What is the procedure for filing a claim on my Santander home insurance?

Aviva, as previously stated, underwrites Santander. As a result, you’ll need to contact Aviva’s insurance provider to file a claim.

To file a Santander Home insurance claim, you can call the claim manager team (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

The company assigns you a personal claim manager. Except if you contact us outside of business hours, your claim manager will call you back within two hours. You can also start your claim on the Aviva website.

Then, you’ll provide your insurance policy number and information about the claim, such as the date and time, photos, and any other parties involved.

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Are there Additions Coverage?

Yes. Aside from the major coverages this Home insurance offers, it also provides:

Accidental Damage Cover: This includes up to contents sum insured for everyday cover. And also unlimited coverage with the Premier plan.

Home Emergency: This includes up to £1000 per call out.

Boiler Cover: This covers the failure of a boiler or central heating system.

Legal Protection: Legal protection covers up to £50 000 for expert lawyers’ fees. Also, it is available as an extra for both policies, every day and Premier. Note that the minimum sum insured is £1,000, and the maximum sum insured is £15,000.

Mobile Cover: This only covers phones, not phone calls.

Bicycle cover: This takes care of a choice of limit based on the highest value cycle (minimum £300).

How much does Santander Home Insurance cost?

Basic home insurance is available from Santander for £12 per month, but the cost of your policy will depend on several criteria, including:

Your level of protection.

The type of policy you choose, as well as any additional coverage options, influences the entire cost of your insurance.

Your entire sum

This is the amount you’ll receive if your house or belongings need to be rebuilt or replaced.

The bigger your sum insured, the higher your premiums will be, but you will be covered for more in the event of a claim.

Your current location

The location of your home has an impact on the magnitude of your premium. Some places are more vulnerable to disasters such as floods, fires, and theft, which is reflected in insurance premiums.

It’s your home

The cost of your insurance depends on the size, style, and structure of your home.


You may usually lower your insurance premiums by enhancing the security surrounding your home. Cameras, fences, and locks are examples of this.

Customers who pay for their premiums with certain Santander savings accounts can get a 2% return on the cost of their premiums.

What is Santander Home Insurance’s claim procedure?

Because Aviva underwrites Santander home insurance, you must contact them if you need to file a claim.

You can file a claim online or by phoning the toll-free number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When filing a claim, you will need to give the following information:

  • Your insurance policy number
  • The time and date of the incident.
  • Any receipts, quotes, or invoices that are relevant.
  • Photographs showing property that has been lost.
  • If you submit a claim outside of regular business hours, you may not receive a response until the next working day.

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What is the excess on Santander Home Insurance?

The excess is the amount you must pay each time you file a claim with your insurance company.

For buildings and contents claims, Santander gives you the option of choosing an excess. Customers with Everyday protection can pick between £200 and £500 in excess, while Premier customers can choose between £100 and £500 in excess.

If you need to make a claim for an escape of water, you’ll have to pay an excess of £350 on an Everyday policy or £100 on a Premier policy.

Regardless matter whose policy you have, there will be a £1,000 excess on subsidence claims. Your policy document will tell you more about your excess.

What is the procedure for logging into the Santander customer portal?

To log in to the Santander Customer portal, visit Https://

This will give you access to the Online Banking customer interface. Here, you will see your insurance schedule and get your contact number.

However, you will report a claim on Aviva’s website rather than through Online Banking. If your claim is more complicated, you can use the branch locator to contact a local agent.

How do I get a Santander home insurance Quote?

Getting a Santander Home insurance quote is very easy, especially if you go through an online process.

All you have to do is to compare it with the major home insurance deals on the market.

And if Santander is the best fit for your needs, just click the ‘Get quote’ option and complete the steps outlined on the Santander official website.

How Do I Get Santander Home Insurance Rate?

To obtain Santander house insurance rates, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Information about yourself: identification, age, phone number, and occupation
  • Your postal code and address
  • Your history as a homeowner (claims included)
  • Residence’s description
  • Your property status, such as whether you own it, rent it or have a mortgage on it.

During the process, they will expect you to answer some questions. The following are examples of the questions you’ll be asked:

  • Has there ever been a flood on the property?
  • Are you a first-time home purchaser?
  • Has the property ever had any evidence of sinking, cracking, or subsidence or undergone any underpinning?
  • Has someone who lives continuously on the property made or been the subject of a house claim for loss or damage in the last X years (typically 3)? etc.

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What is the Santander claim number for homeowner’s insurance?

The Santander Claim number is 0345 301 0661. With this number, you can file a claim with Santander Insurance.

Where can you buy Santander home insurance?

This home insurance can be purchased online and over the phone. Santander’s home insurance policy is available on the following price comparison websites:

  • Compare The Market
  • MoneySuperMarket

Can I Cancel a Santander Home Insurance Quote?

Yes, you can. Santander Home Insurance has a cancellation process like every homeowner’s insurance quote. To cancel Home insurance with Santander, call 03453010661. Note the cancellation fee outside the cooling-off period is 25 Euros.

After requesting for cancellation, you will get a cancellation notice if Santander cancels your policy.


With Santander home insurance policy, you can be sure of securing your home from any unforeseen circumstance.

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