Aviva Health Insurance Reviews 2023

Aviva health insurance
Aviva health insurance

Aviva Health Insurance reviews are a free introduction to the scheme and the professionalism of the company in giving out health insurance to people. Just as it is in our everyday lives, before you go ahead to patronize a person on their market, you go ahead to ask others who have done business with them before.

You do that to make sure you are going in the right direction. Sometimes it was too much to avoid, had I known. If you are someone who is in search of a good company to get your health coverage from and you think Aviva is good.

You should also check out what existing customers of theirs are saying about their services. Aviva Health review is a trip to the qualitative service rendered by the Aviva Group.

In this article, we are going to tell you or show you word for word, what customers are saying about Aviva Health Insurance.

Aviva health insurance.

Before we proceed to the main point, you need to be sure you understand what aviva health insurance talks about.You need to make sure you understand what they do and not cover as well as their cost.

Aviva health insurance just like in general health insurance is the cover you get for your health conditions.Health insurance typically pays for medical, surgical, prescription drug, and sometimes dental expenses incurred by the insured.

Aviva health insurance does everything that general health insurance says and offers some more to top the market. Health insurance is just a contract that requests that an insurer has to pay some or all of a person’s healthcare costs in exchange for a premium. 

You only need to be a permanent resident in the UK to be able to take out an insurance with Aviva. This health insurance company makes sure that their customer is healthy by any possible means and they will cover the cost of doing that.

You insurance providers will take care of the cost of treating any sickness you have. Aviva health insurance offers a large number of excess options you can choose from for your policy. An excess is the amount you agree with your insurer to pay towards a claim. The higher the excess you choose, the more your premium will reduce.

Aviva health insurance benefits

There is a list of things you will stand to gain when you get your health insurance cover from Aviva health insurance department. Apart from the fact that the company is the largest insurance company in the UK, their service quality is good.They make sure that for every of their customers, they serve them well.

The list of things you benefit from Aviva health insurance will be listed below.

  • When you pay for your eldest child of 20 years to get health insurance cover, all the other children below him/her will be covered.
  • Palliative care, aftercare, and total care of cancer patients are not negotiable.
  • You can get their emergency attention if you need it every 24 hours.
  • Patients or customers can access private hospitals.
  • They have a helpline for those who are experiencing stress which is always open to attend to you for 24 hours.

Aviva insurance as a whole company has won many awards from their start, and in 2019 they won two awards at the same time. The company has over time been recorded as the best insurance company in the UK with over 15 million insurers.

Even as we proceed, which is the main aim of this article,you will get to know what people who has worked with them have to say about them.

What Aviva health insurance covers.

Even though it is health insurance, there are still areas that aviva health insurance may not cover. They can give you what you ask for as far as insurance is concerned, but there are things they cannot promise you.

Sometimes too, you can get those covered as an extra premium or just state it, but in general, as health insurance,your policy may not cover them. A person who is a great mathematician may simply not be good at an area unless they give it special attention.

That is what happens with aviva health insurance coverage. Some things they do not cover you on.It may be because they want you to value the process, as it will be an optional extra, which means you will pay extra cash too.

Or, it may just be that they consider the cost on their head for that area of your health care needs to be met or covered.

The list of things covered

  • Outpatient cover
  • Dental treatment is not included in your main cover, but you can still get it as an extra option, which will include routine dental care and check-ups.
  • You are covered for up to £200 of optical cover, which may come as an extra option.
  • If you are diagnosed with an acute psychiatric condition, Aviva health insurance will cover your mental health treatment costs.
  • Surgical conditions, if you have any issue that requires you to undergo the knife, then Aviva health insurance will cover the cost of doing so.
  • Child speech therapy, if your child is learning how to talk, you can register him/her under Aviva health insurance under your policy to undergo the speech therapy sessions.
  • Treatment for complications in pregnancy, at whatever cost, will be covered.
  • The nursing parent will be seen as an in-patient by the Aviva health insurance and therefore will be cared for.

What is not covered.

Even though Aviva health insurance covers a lot of things for their customers and patients per say, So,it is important you check out the list of things they cover. And as well as those that they do not cover.

You should know the in and out of a company you are about getting your health insurance from. From what they do to how they operate down to what they cover and what they do not cover.

The list of things that the Aviva health insurance do not cover are in the list below;

  • Treatment for infertility
  • Long-term chronic conditions that are incurable and long-lasting, like diabetes and epilepsy,
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • pregnancy and childbirth, although the extra option will cover the nursing period, not as a standard though.
  • Treatment for alcoholism or substance addiction is not covered as a standard.
  • Organ transplants may not be covered under standard insurance.

Cost of Aviva health insurance.

Just like every other type of Aviva insurance, health cover doesn’t cost the same for everyone. It depends on individuals to make some smart choices. Therefore, you can help make it more affordable for you as an individual too.

You have understood what Aviva health insurance is about, what they cover and what they do not cover. And also, you know the benefits you stand to get by getting your health insurance cover from them.

Now, we proceed to how much it would cost you to get your insurance cover with them.The amount you may spend on getting your insurance from Aviva can be determined by some things like;

Your age, Your location, Your past claim history etc.

If you are aged, the cost of your health insurance will definitely be higher than a younger persons’. And the reason for that is very obvious.

Which obviously means that the more you get sick as a result of a bad environment, the more your insurance providers will be spending to cover your treatment costs.

That is an obvious reason why your location or environment would affect how much you spend in getting your health insurance.

Aviva health insurance reviews

It is of very much importance that you get to know about what people are saying about the company you want to vet your health insurance from.

Health like they say, is wealth, so you or anyone would not like to joke with their health.

That way, anyone who is about to get health insurance needs to wash their eyes with water and make background researches about the company they are about to go into.

No matter what you may be thinking, do not jump into any company you meet to get your insurance whether health or nay other type. You have to make sure you know close to all about the company and their system of operation.

In sum, Aviva health insurance is a company you should trust when it comes to getting health insurance. Visit the company here.


Aviva health insurance is cover under Aviva insurance to cover the cost of treating any sickness you may have. They have different offers to their customers and offer a reliable service of insurance to everyone who may need it. It is important that you check out what people have to say about the company you are to get your health insurance from. Hence, health is not a thing to play with. You can get your health insurance at a cost depending on your age and several other things like where you live and claims history.

FAQs about Aviva health insurance.

Can i cancel my aviva health insurance

Yes. Anytime you feel you do no longer need your health insurance with Aviva, you can ask to cancel your policy.

Is Aviva a good insurance company

Depending on what good means to you. Aviva insurance is a good company to get your insurance from.

You can get any other insurance cover you may want from Aviva.

How does Aviva health insurance work

Aviva health insurance is meant to cover you from any health issues you may be having, cancer, malaria etc. If you are diagnosed of any disease or sickness, they will cover the cost of your treatment.

You can get any other insurance cover you may want from Aviva.

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Aviva health insurance is meant to cover you from any health issues you may be having, cancer, malaria etc. If you are diagnosed of any disease or sickness, they will cover the cost of your treatment.

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