Student Finance For Undergraduates In The Uk

Student finance
Student finance

Student Finance is the system through which the UK Government provides financial support for undergraduate students, through an organization known as Student Finance England (SFE). This system and help have saved a lot of students from dropping out of college or university.

Although it may sound almost like a student loan, student finance is different in all ways from student loans as it is an offer from the state Government to help undergraduates who for some reason or the other cannot further their education.

It is a great thought for them to have come up with such an idea to help students. Many students, when they enter college or university, find out that it is not really what they pictured it to be.

Some people might have expected that it would be a wide and smooth path for them to walk through. Some others too might have thought that it is all just for show and pleasure.

The truth remains that, after going through high school and sixth grade, college or university can be a very tough phase of education for students to go through.

So, if you find yourself in a situation and it is as though college is beginning to deal with you in the case of finance and you are thinking of quitting. There is still hope for you.

In this article, we have taken the time to explain to you what student finance is all about and how it works, plus how to apply. Continue reading to the end to find out more about it.

What Is Student Finance?

Student Finance is the official government fund you apply for as an undergraduate in order to be able to pay for college or university tuition fees or living costs while studying.

The government is the main body that bankrolls and regulates the cash, then they dole it out through an official student finance organization.

This scheme is a means that the government wants to use to help students whose finances have become their major challenge in education, to continue with school.

Student Finance is, therefore, the system of financial support provided by the UK government for undergraduate students through an organization called Student Finance England (SFE). The finance is on tuition fees and the daily cost of living while studying.

Some students get halfway through their education and then quit because they did not get what they had hoped for before going into university. Some think it is about freedom from the eyes of people who monitor your activities.

While others too think it is about the ability to make as many friends as possible and meet different people from different places. Studying at university is very interesting and, at the same time very stressful and discouraging.

So, the UK government might have thought about these things and decided to make and provide this scheme to help students quit education.

Why do I need student finance?

If you are an undergraduate student, you will understand the fact that many of the people you started off with dropped on the way. Some did so because they wanted to forget the whole stress and focus on living a carefree life.

Others did also because they could no longer access funds for their schooling, so they looked for alternatives. Instead of negative alternatives that may, in turn, destroy the lives and destinies of the student(s), the UK government provided this scheme.

to provide hope for those who think there is no hope. Student finance, although it is a loan that you need to repay, the student finance helps you to go through university as you should, even though your parents, guardians, or sponsors do not have the whole finance to send you to continue.

The main reason why students apply for student finance is, as undergraduates, to be able to graduate from a university where their funds can not take them further.

To be eligible to apply for this scheme, there are things that you will be required to have and stages you should attain before you can apply.

To find out the stages to attain to be eligible to apply for student finance, continue reading this article.

Who can apply for student finance?

In a broad sense, Student Finance is available for UK students who have lived in the UK for not less than the last three years before the time of their application.

Each of the four student finance bodies always asks you to live on a normal, in that part of the UK, this request comes on a regional level. So, to apply for funding from Student Finance Wales, for example, you will need to live in Wales on a normal basis.

If you are from the Republic of Ireland or you have refugee status, you can also apply for this scheme.

When your application is for Tuition Fee Loans then there is no upper age limit for applicants. But if your concern is for a Maintenance Loan to be able to cover the cost of your daily living then you will need to be a student in the UK below 60 years of age.

You will need to make sure that you meet the mentioned status on the first day of your course before you can be eligible.

That you must be below 60 years of age before you can be eligible simply means that you have to be between 16 to 59 years of age.

There is also no lower age limit required to be eligible for any Student Finance funding. Also, you need to be studying in a reputable university for your financing to be quickly attended to.

When can I apply for student finance?

The student finance form is always available for students who are eligible and are interested in getting the fund every academic year.

You must apply on or before the first 9 months after the start of your academic year. You do not need a confirmed place at a university or college to apply.

So, if you have interested to apply for student finance anytime, you have to keep your nose on the ground to be able to get the knowledge of when they start for s new academic year.

When you begin a new academic year, the first 9 months, if you have the interest to, you can go for student finance. If it exceeds the first 9 months since a new academic year, then you may not be able to apply again.

How can I apply for student finance?

You can be able to apply for student finance as a new student and or a s a returning student. On the two levels, there are things and documents you will need to provide before you can be eligible.

New students

Here is a list of the things you will need to provide as a new student to be eligible for student finance:

  • A valid passport details
  • Details of your university and course of study
  • Your bank information
  • Your National Insurance number(optional)
  • If there is a need for that then, your parent’s or partner’s details, plus their National Insurance number and source of livelihood (you can also provide this later).

How to apply Without a national insurance number

On the national insurance number issue, if you do not have it for yourself or your parents or partner, there is a bespoke process that you can take to get your application.

This process has been set up by DWP for such students without national insurance numbers to follow.

  • After you complete the application form and, you do not have your National Insurance number, then you can leave the space blank.
  • After processing your Student Finance application, they send a file is sent to DWP who then provides and matches the National Insurance number for the student.
  • Another means for the no National Insurance Number association is for the Exceptions Team within DWP to then activate the postal process of sending a letter.

They send the letter through the postal process attaching a form for you to complete and they give you instructions on what to do. You must complete this form and return it to them. 

You can also apply for this scheme online and you will request a password. it is important for you to be patient after the initial request for the new password.

The online process is not usually instant and you will need to wait for an email with the new password that they will issue to you.

If you would prefer to apply on paper which is another way, you can download and complete a paper application form.

The continuing student will only need to honor the invite to re-apply for their student finance which they can do online or on paper too.

Student finance deadline.

To make sure you do not apply for your funding when it is already late, you should check this out to know the deadline for application. This deadline is for different countries and or states that are involved in the scheme.

You can only apply for this scheme, if you did not apply early enough, on the 9th month after the start of the new academic year. Anything later than the 9th month will no longer be valid.

Although the deadline may vary by state, Ireland may have a different deadline from England as well as the UK, but it must not be later than the 9th month on a general note.

Student Finance Login

With your student finance login details, you can do the followings:

  • View statements and letters from Student Finance England (SFE)
  • Track an existing application
  • Check when your payments are due
  • Update some of your personal or application details
  • Reset your password or find your customer reference number
  • Apply for finance as a new or continuing student

You can also use this service if you are assisting with a student finance application and SFE has requested information about your household income. Visit the link to create your student finance login.

Student Finance Wales

The Student Finance Wales Government Learning Grant FE is available to students aged 19 and up who are enrolled in a Further Education course at a college. If you qualify, you could receive up to £1,500 per year.

Student finance contact

Call Student Finance England’s general inquiries line at 0300 100 0607 if you’re in the UK, or +44 300 100 0607 if you’re calling from another country.

This phone number can be used to apply for a maintenance loan, report missed payments, or calculate your remaining student debt.

For general inquiries, contact Student Finance England at 0300 100 0607 (from within the UK) or +44 300 100 0607 (from abroad) to apply for a loan to cover your tuition fees, for maintenance grants, and to calculate the amount you are entitled to receive.

Existing students may also call this helpline to complain about missed payments or to report a change in their familial circumstances that will affect their payments, such as a change in parental income.

Similarly, after graduating from university you can use student finance contact to confirm the amount of debt you will have to repay on your tuition and maintenance loans.


Student finance is a scheme by the UK government to help undergraduate students to continue their education when finance should stop them.

This scheme will not work for students who do not have identification in the UK. You can apply for this scheme as a new student or a continuing student.

If you do not get to apply for this scheme at the start of a new academic year, you can still do that within the first 9 months since they start. Anything after the first 9 months then you can no longer apply for this scheme. It is available every new academic year.

FAQs about student finance

Can i apply for student finance without national insurance number

Yes. You can go through the process of application without your national insurance number by the DWP.

Are there available finance offers for students

Yes. You can choose maintenance fee loans, tuition fee loans, and student loans as the available offers for you.

Who can apply for student finance

Anyone can apply for student finance, that resident in the UK for the last three years before application, students in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, or England. This scheme is for undergraduates.

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