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Being homeless, even for a day, is quite distressing. You may likely get worked up in such a situation. Emergency housing is indeed helpful as it provides an immediate shelter while you sought yourself out. If you are about to become homeless and meet the immigration requirement for non-citizens, then you have to take advantage of emergency accommodation available to the public. But the real question is, how can single mothers, young people, or just about anyone who is stranded get emergency accommodation? This guide provides guidelines, answers as well as other viable information you need if you are homeless and need shelter.

Emergency Accommodation

Emergency accommodation is temporal housing made available to individuals in need of shelter. These individuals have a place to stay while the council investigates your house situation and determines what assistance you will receive eventually. It is a temporal shelter you receive in the meantime while waiting for better alternatives. The housing option may be a hostel, a Bed and Breakfast hotel, or a refuge. Furthermore, if you have to pay the emergency housing, they are mostly affordable. The council will take care of your furniture and a few other certain personal belonging if you can’t do it yourself.

Additionally, If you are eligible for the main housing obligation, then the council is responsible for finding you a suitable place to live. If you are homeless or about to be in the UK, you can contact your local council.

Who is Eligible For Emergency Accommodation?

Well, just about everyone can apply for emergency accommodation if they are homeless, but not everyone will be able to secure one though. Why? The council will assess the individual and will only provide emergency accommodation when they prove;

  • The individual in question is legally homeless.
  • When the individual meets the requirements for immigration for non-citizens
  • The urgency of the housing need.
  • The level of risk or vulnerability especially when a child or children are involved

Requirement For Emergency Housing And Accommodation

Before you will receive emergency housing, you will be assessed by the council. The following are the necessary requirement for assessment;

#1. Means of Identification

You will be asked to provide a valid I.D card. Make sure to carry it with you.

#2. Provide your Housing History

You’ll need to confirm where you’ve lived previously and how long you’ve been there. Bring documentation of your most recent permanent address if you can.

#3. Prove Of Homelessness

You need to provide proof of homelessness. It may be an eviction notice or a copy of your lease agreement.

 Types Of Emergency Accommodation

The type of emergency accommodation an individual will receive differs depending on the person’s need, the number of people involved, and other circumstances. Moreso, emergency accommodations are most basic in terms of quality. However, people who need help will likely get one of the following;

  • A refuge 
  • A Hotel or Bed and Breakfast stop
  • Self contain flat
  • Being homeless at home

While self-contained housing is more likely to be supplied to families with children, it is not always available. Remember, the priority in every case of emergency accommodation is shelter, not comfort. Being homeless at home is an option to stay with a family or friend rather than the other provisions made by the council.

How Can I Get Emergency Accommodation?

For anyone who needs emergency housing; you can contact the council to apply for emergency housing. They help you identify your rights, determine your options as well as contact accommodation providers for you. Councils or organizations who act in their stead are accessible 24 hours daily and all through the year via phone calls too.

Generally, they provide advice and emergency accommodation. You can also contact the following organization for help.

  • housing department (these are people who provide advice on housing and homelessness)
  • tenancy relations service ( these are people who provide advice on issues between landlords and tenants)
  • Any women aid organisation for help in case of domestic violence.
  • The police
  • social services (These are people who provide help for children and young persons, older people and some people with health problems)

Emergency Housing Accommodation And Location

If you are homeless in the UK, it is advisable to contact the council closest to you. In terms of location, you will most likely get a house within the council area you contacted. You will only be sent to another location if there is no emergency housing option within its environment. However, the council will have to put the following into consideration before sending you to a different location; The distance between the housing and your child or children’s school, the distance to your place of work, and even the distance to strategic places such as the hospital and so on.

Emergency Housing And Pets

What if I have a pet? Will my temporal housing accommodate my pet? Well no, it is maybe unfortunate for your pet but most of the emergency shelter available does not include accommodation for pets. Especially a Bed and Breakfast stop or a hotel. This does not mean you will not be able to get one. Luckily, there are pet concerned individuals who already made provisions for pets. There are also charity organizations that provide a home for a pet whose owner needs emergency housing or accommodation. Some of these are;

  • Hope project| Dog trust
  • Companion Animals| Cinnamon
  • Paws Protect Cats protection
  • Endeavour| Pet fostering in North West England
  • Pet Care In Emergency| Carers Trust

Must I Stay In The Emergency House?

The answer is NO. However, when any booked appointment is cancelled, getting another one may not be easy. This is because the council will no longer owe you any obligation if you cancel their booking and appointment. Moreso, if you have a better alternative, you do not have to contact the council. You are also free to leave your temporal housing when you get a better alternative.

Staying In An Emergency Housing

A bad record may make the council withdraw from trying to help get a long-term shelter or you. This simply means you must adhere to all instructions as stipulated by the temporal house provider. The non-profit group or council will not be liable for your actions.

How Long Will I Stay In An Emergency Accommodation

The other name for emergency housing is temporal housing. This means it is only a temporary place of refuge while the council or other non-profit group fix you a long-term shelter. Well, it may take up to two weeks for the council to fix you up with something more standard than a regular temporal house. However, if there is a need to leave the place before that time, that’s great.

Emergency Accommodation For Single Mothers

Stranded single mothers who need emergency accommodation should not hesitate to contact the council. The council will provide advice, emergency accommodation as well as other relevant help these single mothers need. Government and non-profit groups make emergency accommodation available for single mothers across the county. You only need to identify these opportunities and harness them. The Independent report that there is over 75% increase in the number of single mothers staying in emergency accommodation. There are close to 40,000 women living in temporary housing in the UK.

What Happen to My Child Or Childen Schooling?

While it is advisable to keep your children in the same school, tasked themselves to ensure that the situation does not affect their schooling. However, the cost of transportation is minimized both for single mothers and their children in cases of emergency accommodation. Still, on the independent report, Sophie Walker says single mothers with young children account for 44% of all households in emergency accommodation, which is more than double the percentage of households with two parents.

What if the Single Mother is Facing Domestic Abuse?

For single mothers who are victims of domestic violence, the council may be able to provide you with emergency housing in a different council area. However, if you require or choose to be near support networks, you should not be forced to live beyond your council area. The distance is just to protect you from further danger.

Tips For Single Mothers Emergency Accommodation

The following tips will help single mothers in search of a temporal housing option.

  • If you have nowhere else to go, then please do not say no to emergency housing. Even when the place is not what you desire. Accept it, for the time being, be conscious of your safety and that of your kids. You may have to tolerate lower standards than you would in a longer-term rental for your safety.
  • Raise any issues you have about the accommodation’s safety, quality, or location. The city council should address any safety concerns and may also propose something else.

What If I Do Not Like My Temporal Accommodation?

What do I do if I don’t like my temporal housing? If you don’t like what the council made available to you, address it in the following way;

#1. Informally Request for Relocation

You can request relocation if you do not like your emergency housing. However, no rule binds the council to your demand. This simply men’s the council may choose not to listen to your plea. In order cases though, you may be lucky. If you thought the offer was appropriate but it is no longer, ask your council to reconsider it. However, never refuse an offer because the council can conclude it no longer owes you a legal obligation.

#2. Accept the Offer And Formally Request For A Change

Accepting your offer and asking the council to review the property is usually the best option. That way, you’ll have a place to stay while the review is going on.

There Is A Change With My Living Condition Help!

If your circumstances change and your housing needs change, notify your local council as soon as possible. They’ll have to assess your situation to see if the house is still appropriate for you. The circumstance that demands a change includes the following; pregnancy or childbirth, medical condition or threat.


Rather than stay homeless or stranded on the street, contact your local council and be sure something will be fixed for you in record time. Finally, it may not be what you desire but it is enough to get you off the road.

FAQs On Emergency Accommodation

Do I qualify for emergency housing UK?

Qualifying for emergency housing in the Uk is quite simple, once you need a shelter, get the necessary documents and head over to the council. The council will fix something for you as soon as your complaint have be assessed.

How can I get a council house fast?

The council line is available 24 hours daily. To hasten your assessment and get housing faster, you need to follow these tips;

  • Try to be as open and flexible as possible.
  • Contact council with the relevant document and means of identification
  • Corporate with them during the assessment by providing answers to their questions.
  • Check to see if you’re in the proper band.

What situations are prioritized by council housing?

The council place certain cases above others. Some of these are domestic violence, mobility difficulties, mental instability, depression, pregnancy and so on.

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The council line is available 24 hours daily. To hasten your assessment and get housing faster, you need to follow these tips;

  • Try to be as open and flexible as possible.
  • Contact council with the relevant document and means of identification
  • Corporate with them during the assessment by providing answers to their questions.
  • Check to see if you're in the proper band.
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The council place certain cases above others. Some of these are domestic violence, mobility difficulties, mental instability, depression, pregnancy and so on.

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