Vavista Car Insurance Benefits(+Pros and Cons)


Vavista Car Insurance is a car insurance broker that provides standard types of car insurance policies to fit a variety of budgets. Its car insurance has a 5-star Defaqto rating and options to meet unusual insurance needs, such as modified cars.

Furthermore, Vavista policyholders can take advantage of a health and wellness program comprised of six learning videos on topics such as better sleeping, thinking, eating, drinking, and more. Here’s what else we believe you should be aware of.

In this article, you will get to learn about the benefits of Vavista Car Insurance and why you should get your car insured.

What is Vavista Car Insurance?

Vavista car insurance is a brand of Eldon Insurance, which was founded in 2007. The Bristol-based broker sources insurance policies for its customers from Sabre, Southern Rock, and Watford, covering private cars, light commercial vans, and bikes. It aims to provide high-quality, low-cost insurance, and it can even accommodate more specialized vehicles, such as vintage cars or modified vehicles.

Vavista provides its customers with third-party only, third-party, fire and theft, and comprehensive coverage. While third-party insurance is typically a very basic policy that provides only the legal bare minimum of protection, the other two cover levels may include some additional features.

They may include, for example, glass cover, key cover, fitted in-car entertainment and navigation equipment cover, personal belongings cover, medical expenses, personal accident cover, use of a courtesy car, and overnight accommodation and transportation in the event of a claim.

If drivers want more coverage, Vavista car insurance offers some optional policy extensions that they can purchase for a fee.

Also, Vavista also aims to improve the health of its policyholders by providing them with access to various health and wellness programs and resources.

Why get car insurance

Here are the top benefits of car insurance like vavista car insurance:

  • Financial protection is provided by car insurance
  • Car insurance can protect you against the cost of repairs
  • Auto insurance aids in protecting your passengers
  • Auto insurance assists you in protecting yourself
  •   No claim bonus

>. Financial protection is provided by car insurance

If you cause a car accident, you may be held liable for the costs that result from it. These may include legal fees, medical expenses, or lost income if the injured person is unable to work as a result of their injuries. These expenses may be covered by Vavista Car Insurance. You would most likely have to pay these costs out of your own pocket if you did not have liability coverage (or adequate liability limits).

>. Auto insurance may be required by your lender

Your lender may require you to purchase collision and comprehensive coverage if you are financing or leasing your vehicle. Because the lender or leasing agent holds the lien on your vehicle while you make payments, these two coverages may help protect their investment.

However, if you have gap insurance on your auto policy, Vavista Car Insurance can help pay off your car loan if it is totalled or stolen and you owe more than the vehicle’s depreciated value. Gap insurance is optional and usually works in conjunction with collision and comprehensive coverage.

>. Car insurance can protect you against the cost of repairs

Even if you own your vehicle outright, you should consider adding collision and comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy. While mandatory liability coverage pays for damage to another driver’s vehicle, it is also important to have coverage for your own vehicle.

Assume you hit a mailbox by accident and damage your car’s front bumper. Vavista Car Insurance coverage may assist in the repair of your vehicle if you collide with another object or vehicle, regardless of fault.

You would have to pay for your car’s repairs out of pocket if you did not have comprehensive or collision coverage.

>. Auto insurance aids in protecting your passengers

Vavista car insurance may also assist in covering the expenses incurred by your passengers as a result of the accident. This coverage may assist in the payment of hospital visits, doctor bills, and surgery.

>.Car insurance assists you in protecting yourself

Having adequate car insurance coverage can go beyond meeting a legal requirement. A car insurance policy( vavista car insurance )can protect your vehicle, your wallet, and even give you peace of mind. Speak with a local agent who can assist you in selecting the coverage that is best for your needs.

>. No claim bonus

The no-claim bonus is one of the most significant benefits of having car insurance (NCB). This benefit is available to the customer for each claim-free year. This may be available as a premium discount, making car insurance even more affordable.

Vavista Car Insurance policy

While Vavista offers comprehensive insurance from three different insurers, customers may receive different benefits depending on which company underwrites their policy. However, most policies include the majority of the “must-have” features recommended by the Money Advice Service.

Here is Vavista car insurance policy document.

Vavista Cancellation and Administration Fees

Vavista, as a broker, will charge administration fees for arranging or renewing a policy, making changes, cancelling your policy, and so on—you may also be required to pay an underwriter fee. Those who need to make a change, such as changing their address, can save money by doing so online through the customer portal.

Factors you must consider before choosing a car insurance company

Here are factors you must consider before making the choice of an insurance company:

  • Ensure the procedure is simple and quick
  • Customer support

Ensure the procedure is simple and quick

When purchasing a car insurance policy, it is critical that you do not have to go through a lengthy and time-consuming process. The entire procedure must be straightforward, quick, and convenient. Also, it is recommended that you select an insurer that allows you to purchase the policy online.

Customer support

A reputable insurance company employs trained and experienced personnel to assist you in resolving all of your concerns.

The Vavista Car Insurance policy provides complete peace of mind.

Vavista Car Insurance claim

To file a claim, call the Vavista claims line at 0344 8409 537.

You can also log your claim online using the Vavista website’s online claims form.

In order to file a claim, you must provide the following information:

  • Your data and personal contact details
  • Information about the incident such as date and time
  • Details about the damage to your vehicle and whether it is driveable
  • Information of all third parties and their passengers involved in the incident
  • Details of all passengers in your car and any witnesses of the incident
  • Crime reference number, if demanded

Even if the incident was not your fault, it is critical that you notify your insurer as soon as possible.

Vavista Car Insurance Pros and Cons


  • Defaqto rating of 5 stars
  • A variety of optional extras are available to supplement coverage.
  • Coverage for a variety of budgets
  • Unusual protection options
  • Policyholders can participate in a health and wellness program.


  • Even if you are not at fault, your no-claim bonus may be affected.
  • You will be charged to cancel your policy during the 14-day cooling off period, and the fee more than doubles after that.


Vavista car insurance provides all three types of coverage (comprehensive, third party only, and third party, fire and theft), with comprehensive being the best. Vavista, as a broker, works with three underwriters to provide comprehensive coverage.

FAQs about Vavista car insurance

How do I find the best car insurance?

Vavista auto insurance has received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, which is a fairly high rating for car insurance from approximately 300 customers.

who underwrites vavista car insurance?

Vavista car insurance is a brand of Eldon Insurance, which was founded in 2007.

Is Vavista car insurance Affordable Car Insurance?

Vavista provides low-cost car insurance with a variety of policy options to suit a wide range of customers and budgets.

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