4×4 INSURANCE: Cheap And Modified Coverage Options

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Obtaining insurance for your four-wheel-drive vehicle in the UK can be more difficult than obtaining normal automobile insurance. This can make finding the best and cheapest 4×4 insurance even more challenging, especially if you modify your car. However, You’ll be able to get the best insurance for you with ease if you know what 4×4 car insurance products are available, what factors influence getting your car insurance, and how the cost of your 4WD insurance is established with the best insurance specialists, especially for a young driver who needs cheap insurance.

This article will shed light on the various aspects of obtaining a 4×4 insurance policy.

 What Is A 4×4 Insurance?

A 4×4 car insurance policy protects a 4×4 vehicle from damage or loss when it is being driven off-road. Off-road vehicle coverage and 4×4 vehicle coverage overlap to some extent. The key difference is that 4×4 coverage is often reserved for four-wheel-drive vehicles. Off-road coverage, on the other hand, may apply to vehicles that were not designed with off-road capabilities in mind.
It’s also worth noting that by default, a 4×4 vehicle may not be covered for off-road use. However, double-check the details of your coverage before taking your 4×4 off-road.

Moreover, Off-road vehicles that are designed to be used primarily off-road are more likely to have 4WD. For example, a corporation that specializes in desert dune research will almost certainly have this sort of protection for their vehicles.

Hence, some insurance companies automatically add this form of coverage (at no extra cost) to any classification of vehicles as “off-road competent”. On the other hand, reservation of 4×4 automobile insurance is often reserved for off-road cars with four-wheel-drive capability. In other words, the vast majority of them.

What to Look for When Buying 4×4 Car Insurance?

If you’re thinking about getting 4×4 insurance, make sure you read your insurer’s policy thoroughly to see what it covers and what it doesn’t. Insurers frequently impose coverage restrictions based on the car’s age, kind, model, and odometer reading.

Always double-check your coverage with your insurance specialist. Different 4×4 policies can meet a variety of requirements. Many coverages are tailored to high-performance 4×4 vehicles built for off-road conditions and extreme or adventure sport driving. Others may seek to insure automobiles that go on rural dirt roads for deliveries or other commercial purposes because these vehicles may or may not be 4×4 competent.

Types Of  4×4 Insurance in the UK 

There are four different types of 4×4 auto insurance you can acquire for your automobile in the UK. They are as follows

#1. Third-Party Car Insurance

In the event of an accident, this insurance will cover any damages, legal fees, and repairs to other vehicles. This coverage does not involve your own car.

Uninsured driver coverage may be included in third-party insurance. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver who is at fault, your repair costs may be partially covered.

#2. Third-party With Fire And Theft

An advance from ordinary third-party car insurance, which covers fire and theft damage. As previously stated, this may also include coverage for drivers who are not insured.

#3. Comprehensive Car Insurance 

This offers the highest level of protection. Comprehensive car insurance will cover the cost of repairing and replacing your vehicle in the event of a variety of damages (fire, theft, weather, accidental, and malicious damage).

This insurance will pay for the repair or replacement of any other cars or private property a third party owns that damaged as a result of an accident you caused.

Cheap 4×4 Insurance

If you currently own a 4×4, you’re well aware that they’re not cheap to operate because most 4×4 vehicles are large and powerful with increased weight and are equipped with a variety of devices, such as terrain selection or electronic air suspension, which can be costly to fix, Nevertheless, there are measures to ensure that you’re not overpaying for your vehicle insurance.

Thus, a variety of criteria, not only the 4×4 insurance itself determines insurance costs. For example,

  •  Your driving record
  • Claims history
  • Occupation
  •  Address
  • Types of Insurance you choose
  • Value of your vehicles
  • Number of seats in your car

4×4 Car Insurance Specialists

Here are some 4×4 car insurance specialists or companies in the UK you might want to take a survey on to find out what insurance policy is suitable for your 4×4. Their offers vary based on the information you provide on your quote form.

Some of these specialists include

  • Adrian flux 
  • Quote zone
  • Mustard 
  • Performance Direct 
  • County insurance services
  • Confused.com 
  • Brentacre
  • Admiral 
  • A-plan insurance
  • Keith Michaels PLC
  • Classic Car Insurance Heritage
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Lancaster insurance etc

Visit their sites to shop around for policies that meet your needs. 

Modified 4×4 Insurance

Based on how you want to operate your 4×4, you may need to make modifications. Certain changes will have an impact on your insurance. This is because some changes may impair your vehicle’s performance, increasing your chance of an accident. 

Modifications may also potentially reduce visibility or make your vehicle more difficult to control in off-road situations. Some modifications even make your automobile more attractive to thieves, and virtually all changes are expensive to fix or replace if you have an accident.

Thus, modified 4×4 insurance is specifically created for cars that have been modified for off-road and green-lane driving, as well as Overlanding. It’s a sort of specialized vehicle insurance for 4×4s that is utilized as backup vehicles, has minimal mileage, and has been modified for this purpose. 

Most 4×4s that meet the specialized vehicle insurance criteria for low mileage and driver age (25-75) are eligible for modified 4×4 insurance, as long as they have at least three off-roading modifications.

Covers For Modified 4×4 Insurance Coverages

The following insurance policies are from a specific 4×4 insurance company. It’s possible that this isn’t the same as the others. However, this only serves as a sample of what other specialists have to offer.

  • Coverage for a variety of off-roading modifications, including snorkels, winches, extra lighting setups, suspension alterations, rock sliders, and more.
  • Off-road and green-lane driving coverage: protection when you need it most.
  • Standard coverage includes 90 days of European driving cover a standard, ensuring that you are covered when travelling abroad. 
  • £500 glass cover (including off-road damage) 

How Do I Know If My 4×4 Is Eligible?

  • The vehicle must be 10years of age or older.
  • Your 4×4 must have at least three off-road modifications
  • You must have covered 5,000 miles or less in it
  • You must be between the ages of 25 and 75

Cheap 4×4 Insurance For a Young Driver

4×4 cars may cost more to insure than other cars due to the specialized driving circumstances as well as the greater size, weight, and performance of your car. This is especially true if you are a young driver with little expertise behind the wheel.

However, if you’re a young driver in need of 4×4 car insurance, there are a few things you can do to assist save money on your premium.

What To Do To Get A Cheap 4×4 Insurance As A Young Driver?

  • To lessen the chance of theft, park your vehicle in a well-lit place, such as a driveway or garage.
  • Make modifications with caution. Some could raise your insurance premiums.
  • To get a discount, build up a no-claims bonus. Yes, you may have to pay a higher premium at first for coverage. However, if you can show that you’re a safe and reliable 4×4 driver, you’ll be able to save money in the long run.
  • You might also choose a insurance company that recognizes your needs as a young driver and offer cheap 4×4 insurance .


Finally, you definitely need insurance coverage If you drive a 4×4 or a modified 4×4 that suits your special needs if you take the vehicle off the road. Ensure to go through different 4×4 car insurance specialists or providers to find which one best fits your needs.  


Are 4×4 cars more expensive to insure?

All-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive systems are generally more expensive to insure than front-wheel-drive systems. The reason for this extra cost is that all-wheel-drive systems have more moving parts, which means more opportunities for something to need a repair on your vehicle

Are Modified cars more expensive to insure?

In most instances, a car’s value will increase as a result of its modifications – hence the reason why modified car insurance is more expensive than a standard policy

Which insurance company is cheapest for new drivers?

Allstate and GEICO offer the cheapest minimum-coverage car insurance rates for new drivers, and State Farm has the best rates for full coverage.

Is 4WD good for snow?

4WD systems are good for dealing with very deep snow and for off-road driving. However, the low range makes it possible to crawl over boulders, up steep hills, and through thick mud. Truck-type 4WD is the choice for drivers who live in remote or rural areas where roads are not plowed regularly

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4WD systems are good for dealing with very deep snow and for off-road driving. However, the low range makes it possible to crawl over boulders, up steep hills, and through thick mud. Truck-type 4WD is the choice for drivers who live in remote or rural areas where roads are not plowed regularly

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