Rippling Reviews: Pricing, Cost & Features 2023

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Rippling is a personnel management software that uses simple automation to transform the often-arduous process of people operations into a seemingly effortless digital experience. Employers may use the platform to send offer letters, do background checks, gather new-hire paperwork, add employees to payroll, and manage health insurance enrollments.

The platform can also be used to order and send work equipment to new hires, as well as provide them with everything they need to succeed, such as Google Workspace, Slack, and Microsoft Office 365. Read on to get a full review of the Rippling software. 

Why Rippling Is Best for Employee Onboarding

The onboarding process is simple and user-friendly with Rippling, especially for small business owners who do not have a professional HR employee to manage the process. Rippling’s CEO reportedly used the platform to onboard every initial hire himself. It includes comprehensive functionality for each stage of the onboarding process, such as the offer letter, E-Verify, payroll setup, benefit selections, and onboarding documentation.

Employers may onboard new employees in minutes, which was the quickest onboarding procedure we discovered in our assessment of HR software. The employee-facing side of the onboarding process is also straightforward. Employees can even use their smartphones to complete all of their new-hire paperwork.

Ease of Use

In terms of day-to-day navigation, we consider Rippling to be one of the more user-friendly HR software systems. Administrators can use the Quick Action Springboard on the left side of their dashboard to jump to tasks like onboarding new staff, producing custom reports, and syncing new third-party applications once setup is complete. With a to-do list linked to high-level deadlines, approval requests, and major milestones, the home dashboard view keeps administrators on track.

Rippling gives you quick access to its applications for payroll services, onboarding, and preconfigured corporate equipment that can be shipped to your various facilities or the home of your newest remote hire. Following the ripple apps is a list of third-party software programs, allowing administrators to manage user access across the organisation from a single sign-on page.

While it may appear that there are too many options, the structure provides you with valuable fields to analyse your data. The dynamic reporting tool populates the specified variables in the top right corner after each selection. If you can’t find the variable you’re looking for in the left-hand navigation menu, try the search feature.

Once you’ve selected the raw data for analysis, you can focus on specifics or rearrange your data sets to suit your needs. While Rippling’s reporting functions were not our first pick for reporting and analytics, we discovered that they were more robust than those of other HR software packages.

Features of Rippling Software

Rippling’s core offering, its workforce management platform, contains a foundational module that can help your firm with onboarding, offboarding, and task management, to mention a few. You can then choose to include capabilities such as payroll processing, employee benefits administration, talent management, and app and device management.

Although the services and tools available to you will vary depending on your Rippling package, below are some of Rippling’s user-friendly features that can assist in streamlining your HR tasks.

Consider some of its features:

#1. Onboarding

Every HR software platform emphasises accelerating the onboarding process, but none does it better than Rippling. Administrators can use this highly automated software to complete operations like as sending offer letters, completing new-hire paperwork, handling payroll, and enrolling employees in benefits in only a few minutes from the home dashboard.

The integrated document management features of Rippling make onboarding even easier. All critical onboarding documentation, including as offer letters, W-2 forms, and direct deposit paperwork, can be rapidly distributed to new recruits. The process of signing them is likewise simple for the new hire.

The documents are then signed and loaded into the employee’s electronic file on the Rippling platform. Employers can also implement guidelines to guarantee that each new hire obtains all necessary documentation.

#2. Offboarding

Rippling also has a strong employee offboarding procedure, which we believe is critical for ensuring a smooth transition when an employee leaves the organisation. Employers can quickly fire employees and include notes about their reason for leaving or eligibility for rehire in the system. They can also delegate tasks to another employee in the platform for a smooth transition. Rippling also enables administrators to reset all of a terminated employee’s passwords to a selected master password, allowing them to obtain access to the accounts and ensuring that no ex-workers have access to business accounts.

#3. Device Management

Many firms now prefer to supply company gadgets rather than allow employees to bring their own. From the dashboard of the Rippling platform, you can manage all of your company-issued computers and gadgets. Administrators can check the inventory of equipment, create password restrictions, and enable hard drive encryption. Rippling’s online store allows you to purchase and ship equipment as well as preconfigure software based on each individual’s job in your organisation. You can also remotely wipe and reassign a device after an employee’s termination.

#4. Third-Party Integrations

Rippling’s open API enables you to exchange data with the applications your company already utilises on a regular basis. Your team has access to over 500 third-party cloud-based solutions, all of which can be accessed with a single sign-on from a single location. The administrator’s dashboard makes it simple to change your employees’ access to the software and apps they need to conduct their tasks.

#5. Benefits Management

Administrators can use the home dashboard to auto-enrol new hires, update payroll deductions, create contribution methods, and conduct other activities. Guided enrollment features, with straightforward navigation and side-by-side comparisons of your company’s health and financial benefits, are available to new and existing team members who have had a qualifying life event. For easy management, all of your employees’ benefits are instantly synced with payroll deductions.

#6. Payroll

We loved how Rippling’s automated deduction calculations and tax filings allowed us to run payroll in minutes. Rippling can also assist you in automating payroll compliance by enforcing state and municipal rules concerning minimum wage, overtime, food and rest breaks, and other issues.

#7. Reporting

With quick access to built-in reports, you can make smarter business decisions for your organisation. For businesses that require more detailed information, there are additional customisable reporting alternatives. Data from any endpoint tracked within the platform can be visualised. Payroll, paperwork, time off, hardware, and insurance are all examples of data.

How Do You Set Up Rippling?

Payroll websites necessitate a lengthy setup process. Rippling’s setup tools guide you through each step as you specify which services you require and your preferences. Because the site has the tools and power to serve a company with hundreds of employees, small business owners will be able to skip several phases, especially if they do not require Rippling’s IT support.

Rippling, on the other hand, has done an excellent job of creating a step-by-step approach for preparing employee and contractor remuneration. It employs an automated wizard to guide you through the procedure. It either seeks more information or moves you to the next step based on your responses. Rippling does this preliminary work through an easy-to-use user interface. Its navigation tools almost never leave you unsure of how to proceed.

When you open an account, Rippling asks if you’ll be using payroll. You may be able to select another payroll service from a drop-down list if you already use one. The list covers payroll industry giants as well as accounting software providers such as QuickBooks Online, Sage, Intacct, and NetSuite.

Rippling imports tax information from all of them automatically, and it can import practically all payroll data from Gusto and Zenefits, including employee details, pay schedules, and benefits data. You provide the last paycheck date from your current service as well as the start date to be handled by Rippling.

Rippling Pricing

The basic subscription begins at £8 per month per user. Rippling does not provide the regular monthly service options that many other companies in this area do. As a result, most organisations will need to discuss specific pricing options with a Rippling sales representative.

A single personnel database, onboarding/offboarding automation, e-document management, time and attendance tools, workflow and approval automation, customised reporting, an open API, and over 500 third-party cloud-based application interfaces are among the basic features.

Customer Service

You’ll work with a dedicated contact who is available by phone and email throughout setup; once your system is up and running, you can use email or Rippling’s self-help features, which are accessible with your login details. To troubleshoot issues that arise, your staff will need to contact your team’s Rippling administrator.

Users of Rippling can get live chat and email help. The company takes pleasure in delivering rapid help via live chat, and it even offers up-to-date data on response times on its website. For an additional monthly cost, you can add the HR Help Desk service to your subscription if you want one-on-one support from certified HR professionals.

In addition, there is a Help Centre with articles that walk users through major functions. Active Rippling subscribers get access to the Help Centre articles. Rippling also hosts events based on major topics or features on a regular basis. Users can also access a library of recordings from previous virtual events.

Drawbacks of Rippling Software

The lack of phone help may cause annoyance, particularly for smaller businesses lacking a tech-savvy HR administrator on staff. This implies that your administrators should devote time to learning how the system operates and anticipating challenges or concerns that employees may have while completing activities or understanding their benefits.

The chance to speak with someone outside your organisation regarding a technical HR issue is frequently the most appealing choice for some employees. That’s something we’d like to see Rippling better in the future.

The benefits of automation may not be worth the time it takes to establish the correct workflows for very small businesses. For example, if your organisation only onboards and offboards a few employees each year, it may not be worthwhile to create a bespoke procedure for a single role that is only utilised once or twice a year.

How Secure Is Rippling?

Another administration function provided by Rippling would delight security-conscious IT pros. Rippling supports multi-factor authentication (MFA), which requires anyone attempting to log in to provide an additional way of identification. Sites that implement MFA often issue a code through SMS or email that the user must enter in order to obtain access.

The company also ensures that Rippling complies with industry standards. To provide Rippling’s services, it adheres to industry best practices. Every Rippling employee has been vetted and trained, and the application has been designed with security and quality in mind. Some of Rippling’s security capabilities, such as MFA and the real-time Activity Log, are visible, while others operate in the background.

Is Rippling a PEO?

If you want to utilise Rippling’s HR services through a co-employment model, it can operate as a professional employer organisation (PEO). Small and medium-sized firms can share ownership of their employees and gain access to improved HR perks by collaborating with Rippling as a PEO. Rippling also provides a stand-alone HR solution without a PEO co-employment model, allowing you to switch between the two as needed.

Does Rippling Provide Benefits?

Yes. Rippling can manage your employees’ benefits. Medical, dental, and vision insurance are available, as are flexible spending accounts (e.g., HSAs and FSAs), retirement plans, commuter benefits, COBRA, and workers’ compensation. To make the process easier for your employees, the programme can automate benefits enrollment.

Is Rippling an HRIS?

Rippling is a one-stop shop for employee management. It contains both basic HRIS tools and advanced capabilities that link payroll and IT activities for more thorough onboarding and employee management.

Does Rippling Have Performance Management?

Employers can use Rippling for performance management by integrating it with one of the many compatible third-party integrations. Rippling has a learning management system for training and development as well.

How Much Does Rippling Cost?

Rippling’s HR software options begin at £8 per month per user. Employers interested in implementing Rippling should contact a sales representative for a personalised estimate.


Rippling is at the top of our list of payroll services. You can probably find something less expensive, but will it be as simple and eliminate as many HR headaches as Rippling? You’ll have to give it a shot to find out.

So, do we suggest Rippling as your next payroll software provider? Yes, especially if you want to consolidate HR, payroll, and IT.

However, if you’re searching for a simple payroll solution, you might discover something lighter in our top list that matches your needs better.


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