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You’ve decided to pursue copywriting as a profession. You’ve completed your degree, created a portfolio, and are searching for a stable, satisfying job. But, no matter how sure you are or how much expertise you have, it’s easy to become confused about what you should anticipate making. So, what is a junior copywriter’s salary in London, UK, and how can you make the most of it?

How much junior copywriter salary UK?

Junior Salary Employment in Copywriter London, UK, often pays between £20,000 and £25,000 before moving up to a higher pay bracket of middleweight writers, whose compensation ranges from £25,000 to £50,000.

According to various sectors, a junior copywriter might expect to earn:

  • Prospect: £20,000–25,000 per annum
  • Glassdoor: £18,000–26,000 (variable)
  • Indeed: £20,419 per annum (sectoral average)
  • PayScale: £22,349 (average)

While these are reasonable estimations, it is crucial to stress that they are not guaranteed. Pay varies according to the industry you work in, the level of specialisation you have, your level of experience, and your geographic region. As a result, it’s critical to recognise not only your salary but also your worth. A dependable, conscientious copywriter in London is often worth his weight in gold.

How do I earn more at a business?

While your starting compensation may be slightly higher or lower than these figures, copywriters who produce high-quality, dependable content are more likely to advance. While the industry is competitive, modern copywriters have a better chance than ever to earn a competitive wage by doing the following:

#1. Adhering to your KPIs

Because language and content are so heavily metricized, it’s worth talking to your boss about incentives like measurable KPIs to reach. If your firm does not keep track of metrics related to your job, you should make every attempt to keep track of your own statistics, such as views, retweets, likes, and comments. Keeping a brief but thorough note of these figures can aid in justifying future raises or promotions.

#2. Improving your technical skillset

Certain skillsets, the most valuable of which are often SEO understanding, UX training, and web design, can potentially help you negotiate a better wage bracket. Knowing how to write optimised copy can boost your employer’s perception of you, and knowing how to use best practises can save you time if training isn’t an option. Tools like Tweetdeck and Serpfox are simple to learn and can boost your productivity and earnings significantly.

#3. Managing your budget

While this may seem self-evident, many of the most profitable non-remote jobs are located in places like London or Manchester, where exorbitant living costs can easily outweigh the benefits of stable work. If you’re relocating as part of your new job, make sure you include expenditures like transportation, rent, and taxes. At the best of times, copywriting can be difficult work, and having a secure period of time to establish oneself can be crucial.

It’s a different story when it comes to how much money you can make as a freelancer.

How much is freelance junior copywriter salary London UK?

Freelance copywriters, one of the most prevalent routes into the industry, face a more difficult problem when it comes to determining their wages and being able to earn consistent revenue. We go into more depth about this in our ‘How to Become a Professional Writer’ article, but it’s critical to know exactly what you should be charging in order to figure out how much you can earn.

What should my minimum rates be?

Your minimal work rate is an important aspect of determining your worth as a copywriter. If you can grasp this, you can rapidly work backward from your desired income to determine the hours you’ll need to secure and the probable client base that will offer that employment.

According to the National Union of Journalists, starting or junior copywriters should charge no less than the following for professional work (NUJ).

  • 1000 words (intense research or background required): £350.00
  • 1000 words: £275.00
  • Researching links/day: £220.00
  • Researching and compiling a database, per day: £160.00
  • Writing/day: £160.00

For junior copywriter salary London UK, this involves some ‘playing by ear,’ but your hourly rate should be no less than £30 to £40 per hour to be a viable business. Furthermore, freelance self-assessment compels you to pay your taxes twice a year, with the first year paid on account and the second year potentially returned once concrete values are recognized. This might make a low starting charge difficult to justify; as a result, knowing and adhering to your freelance rate becomes extremely vital for a long-term career.

Furthermore, one of the first skills that every freelance copywriter learns is how to effectively negotiate project costs. While it’s vital to be respectful and polite, there’s always room to be realistic about a project’s scope, budget, and how far it will stretch. It’s always crucial to make the customer pitch first and then explain your value in this case. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere, there’s no harm in recognizing the value of a handful of additional hours.

What types of work can I secure?

When it comes to earning money as a freelancer, there are a variety of options available, including:

#1. Shift work

This could mean working at news desks or media companies, proofing services, or social media management, among other things. Because you’ll be working around the employer’s schedule, you’ll have to be a little more flexible with your time, which may limit your ability to take on other freelance work. While this could be a semi-reliable source of income, it must be seen in the perspective of your other obligations.

#2. Commissioned work

Client-led work is flexible and will be determined by the project’s specific requirements, the available budget, and your estimate of the time required to complete the task. When you’ve finished a project, it’s a good idea to take a look at how much time and effort you put into different sorts of writing. This can help you give more accurate estimates in the future and avoid burnout or underpayment.

#3. Day rates

Larger projects that need a lot of document analysis or construction could be charged by the day rather than by the hour. While these can generate consistent income, it is critical that you estimate the work appropriately and that the entire scope is well specified with the customer.

How important is formal education and training?

According to the poll results, formal copywriting training isn’t required to make a living as a copywriter. Only 46% of respondents said they had taken copywriting training.

A third of copywriters (34%) have a degree in English language or literature, a quarter (26%) have a degree in another humanities field, and around a fifth (19%) studied social science, science, marketing, advertising, or communication.

The survey went on to question participants how valuable their degree has been for their career, with slightly more than three-quarters believing it has been useful to some extent (47 percent saying ‘very useful’ and 31 percent saying very useful’).

Are more copywriters self-employed or employed?

According to the poll, nearly three-quarters of copywriters (73%) are self-employed. There are 67% of freelancers and 6% of agency founders in this group.

This isn’t surprising, given how simple it is to start a copywriting business if you have the necessary skills and experience to attract and maintain clients.

You only need a laptop and a good command of the English language. However, despite the fact that many individuals believe they can, the latter isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. As most seasoned writers would already know.

What Do Junior Copywriters Do?

A junior copywriter is a junior copywriter in London who works under the supervision of a senior copywriter hence, determining their salary UK. They must always give good customer service to their firms’ clientele, even if their tasks differ widely from company to company. Junior copywriters should be able to listen to clients’ ideas and put them on paper to bring their dreams to life; as a result, they should have creative imaginations and be able to brainstorm for a variety of needs.

Those in this position should have a portfolio of previous projects to demonstrate their ability to come up with new ideas and advance their careers. They are also responsible for attracting their target audience and driving revenue growth for customers through printed advertisements and campaigns. To investigate their organization and apply their findings to their writing for clients, they should have a strong eye for detail and excellent language abilities.
This employment often requires a bachelor’s degree in advertising, writing, or journalism. Junior copywriters who are creative and forward-thinking may find themselves ascending the corporate ladder to become senior copywriters.

Top-paying locations for Copywriter jobs

LocationAverage salarySalary rangeJobs
HampshireView Copywriter salaries in Hampshire £55,000£55,000 – £55,0001
WorcestershireView Copywriter salaries in Worcestershire £55,000£55,000 – £55,0001
Central LondonView Copywriter salaries in Central London £50,400£30,000 – £84,5005
SheppertonView Copywriter salaries in Shepperton £50,000£50,000 – £50,0001
Sunbury-on-ThamesView Copywriter salaries in Sunbury-on-Thames £50,000£50,000 – £50,0001
Chipping NortonView Copywriter salaries in Chipping Norton £48,334£47,500 – £50,0013
AshbourneView Copywriter salaries in Ashbourne £47,500£47,500 – £47,5002
City of LondonView Copywriter salaries in City of London £45,125£27,500 – £80,0004
North LondonView Copywriter salaries in North London £45,000£45,000 – £45,0002
BasingstokeView Copywriter salaries in Basingstoke £43,750£37,500 – £50,0002


Is copywriting well paid?

The first thing you should know is that copywriting is such a well-paid profession, that many copywriters earn higher hourly rates than lawyers do. They don’t have to price their copywriting services based on the industry-standard rates if they really are that good at what they do.

How difficult is copywriting?

It’s a skill that very few people truly understand and possess and even fewer know it exists. However, learning copywriting doesn’t have to be difficult. It is quite simple if you learn to follow a proven process.

Who is the highest paid copywriter?

Clayton MakepeaceOne of the highest-paid copywriters of all time, Clayton Makepeace, asks dozens of questions about a project before even taking on a client. Anyone who claims they don’t need information like that isn’t worth your money.

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It's a skill that very few people truly understand and possess and even fewer know it exists. However, learning copywriting doesn't have to be difficult. It is quite simple if you learn to follow a proven process.

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Clayton MakepeaceOne of the highest-paid copywriters of all time, Clayton Makepeace, asks dozens of questions about a project before even taking on a client. Anyone who claims they don't need information like that isn't worth your money.

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