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Do you need a business plan to launch or grow your property development business? A business plan or investor presentation of some sort will likely be required to attract investors. A business plan is a crucial foundation for property development companies because it details the management and operations of the company and seeks to attract investors. We have a ready-to-download property development business plan template to make it easier to write your plan.

What is Property Development Business Plan?

A property development business plan is a written document that details your intended business’s structure and operation. The first fallacy is that a property development business plan cannot be changed. In other words, it’s a living, breathing thing that changes as your ideas develop and you flesh out the finer points of the project. It provides a structure within which you can organize and modify your ideas as necessary.

The property development industry requires a business plan that is similar to the standard business plan but with more emphasis on the specifics of the industry. You’ll also give more consideration to the finer points of the property development sector. Your property development business plan will account for any factors that will have an out-of-the-ordinary effect on your company.

The Importance of Having a Business Plan

You need a business plan if you want to start a property development business or expand an existing one. You can also increase your chances of success in the property development industry by putting together a thorough business plan that you will use to solicit investments and map out the company’s future expansion. Get in touch with us at Business Yield Writers if you struggle to put together a comprehensive plan in writing. Our team has extensive experience in writing successful business plans for the property development industry, and we can use the data and insights gleaned from our collaboration with you to develop a comprehensive plan for meeting your specific goals.

How to Write a Property Development Business Plan

There’s always that anxiety about starting to write a business plan for your business, but you need to know that it’s important that you know how to write a business plan for your property development business. Download our property development business plan template to help you construct a plan of your own.

#1. Executive Summary

Although it serves as an introduction to the rest of your business plan, the executive summary is typically written last because it summarises all of the other major sections.

Your executive summary should quickly interest the reader and get them to read the rest of your work. Also, educate them on the nature and current state of your property development business. 

#2. Company Overview

The nature of your company will be described in your company overview.

You could, for instance, focus on a specific kind of property development company, such as:

  • Single-family detached housing: Developers who specialize in single-family detached homes create properties that are not attached to any other structures.
  • Multifamily housing: Developers specializing in multifamily housing construct apartment complexes, condominiums, and other mixed-use projects.
  • Developing and Subdividing Lots:  Subdividing and developing lots involves the purchase of developed or undeveloped land, it’s subsequent clearing and its subsequent sale to builders.
  • Commercial buildings: Developers specializing in commercial properties construct and manage office and retail complexes.

The company overview should provide context for the business in addition to describing the nature of the property development company you intend to run.

#3. Market Research

Market research is essential to any industry and it allows you to have a deep understanding of the market you’ll be going into. The best way to do it is to do market research first. Look at overall data within the market, as well as more niche data sets. You can use this method to create a successful plan for expanding your business.

#4. Customer Analysis

Your property development business plan’s customer analysis needs to include specifics about the types of clients you currently work with and those you intend to attract in the future.

Customers can be broken down into groups such as individuals, families, and local businesses.

You should also segment your potential buyers by their demographic and psychographic characteristics.

Also, a customer’s wants and needs can be described in detail using a psychographic profile. A company’s ability to attract and retain customers depends on its ability to identify and meet these needs.

#5. Marketing Plan

More and more people are opting out of using an agent entirely, and this means you have a wide variety of options when it comes to selling and advertising your property.  Find out what’s new in marketing, and talk about the social media other approaches you’re thinking about trying.

#6. SWOT Analysis

 If you’re trying to convince banks or investors to give you money, this section is crucial. The four pillars of SWOT are material costs, current market values, projections, and competitors; write down everything you can think of that fits into these categories.

Your property development business would also benefit from a business plan, even if you are not actively seeking investors. Your understanding of the risks increases, and you can adjust the rest of your strategy accordingly.

#7. Management Team

Do not put a description of the company’s staff in the middle of your business plan; instead, put it either at the beginning or the end. Director names and bios, a list of any outside consultants you can expect to work with on a long-term basis, and a clear depiction of the organizational structure should all be included.

#8. Financial Plan

This section lays out your financial forecasts, arguably the most crucial part of your business plan. Projected profit margins should account for profit as a percentage of revenue, profit as a percentage of costs, and return on investment, all three of which can be more easily understood than a single numeric value.

You can also learn more about the methods used to evaluate profitability in property development if you need help determining how to arrive at a number for this.

In addition to an annual financial statement, your 5-year financial plan should also include monthly or quarterly projections for the first year. The three main documents that make up your financial statements are the income statement, the balance sheet, and the cash flow statement.

#9. Appendix

Include a full set of financial projections and any other supporting documents that will help your plan stand out in the appendix. You can also add a detailed plan for your showcase properties and a rundown of the various construction methods you employ.

Property Development Business Plan Template

A persuasive property development business plan for your company requires not only following the aforementioned steps but also making use of a template checklist. Also, the essence of a checklist is to help you keep track of all the necessary processes you need to achieve while starting your new business.

However, we advise you to download our property development business plan template to make sure you follow the right steps while writing your property development plan. Here is a property development business plan template checklist:

  • Join a property development community
  • Narrow down your niche
  • Have a financial plan
  • Get your management team
  • Get a business plan
  • Adopt a marketing technique 
  • Manage the properties

How Do You Start a Property Development Business?

To start a property development business, you’ll need to:

  1. Pick a name for your company
  2. Register your company with Companies House or a formations agent
  3. Register your business address
  4. Appoint your directors and a company secretary
  5. Allocate shareholders and shares
  6. Submit your memorandum and articles of association
  7. Register for corporation tax

Is Property Development Profitable?

Yes, it is.  if it’s done right, property development is extremely profitable. Once you understand how things work, you can make careful plans and avoid pitfalls so that you can put all of your energy into making as much money as possible.

How Much Money do You Need to Get into Property Development?

The scope and scale of a development project will determine the financial resources required to complete it. Generally speaking, you should have between 25% and 35% of the total estimated cost of development.

How Can I Start Property Development With no Money?

You can start a property development business with no money with the following means:

  1. Visualise Your Success
  2. Learn about the Industry
  3. Get Some Hands-on Experience
  4. Informal Loans
  5. Commercial Finance
  6. Commercial Mortgages
  7. Buy-To-Let Mortgages
  8. Auction Finance

Where Do Property Developers Get Money?

You might be asking about how a property developer gets the money. I want you to know that it’s possible that a property developer gets approved for a loan from a private lender who specializes in property investment. In addition to traditional mortgage lenders, there are countless online and offline resources dedicated to finding investors for new construction projects of all sizes.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be a Property Developer?

To begin a career in property development, formal training is unnecessary. However, furthering your education through coursework is one way to boost your credibility with potential clients and expand your knowledge in areas like planning regulations.

What Makes a Good Property Developer?

The following makes you a good property developer:

  1. Know your exit strategy, know your plan
  2. Write a business plan
  3. Work out your financing
  4. Know your target audience
  5. Buy well
  6. Have a vision

Do you wish to Finish Your Property Development Business Plan in 1 Day?

Creating a business plan from scratch is a tough task, especially when it is your first time, but the good news is that you are not alone. However, it’s understandable that you become fixated on a certain aspect of your plan; all you need is some guidance or an already made property development business plan. Here at Businessyield Consult, our experts assist business owners in creating a winning business plan. We’ve assisted numerous companies, and we’re always up for taking on more. Why not get our already made property development business plan today?

Final Thought

Considerations such as the intended audience (whether investors, third parties, or banks) are essential in crafting a successful property development business plan. They need to hear from you directly, and you need to make sure the plan is well-researched and convincing before you approach investors with it.

If you have trouble composing one, you can choose our already-made property development business plan to get your business running.


What does a property development company do?

They make a living erecting new structures and restoring older ones to resell at a profit.

What does a property developer actually do?

Property developers are responsible for overseeing the entire process of designing, obtaining approval for, building, and selling new properties, including managing architects, builders, real estate agents, and other third parties.

Why do property developers make so much money?

Property developers generate a profit when they sell a piece of land for more than it’s worth. They accomplish this by constructing multiple homes on a single lot and subsequently subdividing them into smaller units.

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Property developers are responsible for overseeing the entire process of designing, obtaining approval for, building, and selling new properties, including managing architects, builders, real estate agents, and other third parties.

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Property developers generate a profit when they sell a piece of land for more than it's worth. They accomplish this by constructing multiple homes on a single lot and subsequently subdividing them into smaller units.

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