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If you own a small business that relies on one or more tractors, you should consider purchasing tractor insurance coverage. These are essentially comprehensive commercial auto insurance packages that are tailored to cover a variety of tractor models. All states require drivers to maintain insurance coverage in order to operate on the road, whether they own a small farm tractor, a large tractor-trailer, or an entire fleet of semi-trailers and trucks. Even if you only have a small agricultural tractor for farm use, getting it insured to safeguard it from theft or physical damage is a good idea. We’ll cover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about classic or vintage tractor insurance in the UK in this article.

Tractor Insurance UK

Tractor insurance in the UK is a type of farm insurance that protects farmers against property damage if something goes wrong with their vintage tractor or other agricultural machinery. This could involve colliding with another vehicle or having equipment damaged as a result of a natural disaster. Tractor Insurance UK also includes liability coverage in the event that your vintage tractor causes injury or property damage to others. While traditional farm insurance policies may cover your tractor and agricultural equipment against specific dangers. You may also purchase standalone policies to ensure that high-value equipment is appropriately insured.

The Best Classic Tractor Insurance UK for 2023

#1. American Family

Classic tractor and farm equipment insurance from American Family protects a wide range of farm equipment from accidents, fire, theft, liability, and natural disasters. They also offer a variety of customization choices and add-ons.

Because it provides so many customizable options with a blanket or scheduled coverage for tractors and equipment. American Family wins the award for best overall. Scheduled coverage lets you select particular pieces of equipment and insure them for a specific value. Whereas blanket coverage covers all of your equipment under one total maximum. Liability, fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, smoke, theft, vandalism, and collisions are all covered under both policies. Tractors combine harvesters, planters, field equipment, farm office equipment, irrigation equipment, tools, and supplies are among the items included.

You can add additional coverage for things like irrigation system replacement costs, machinery and equipment replacement costs that are 10 years old or newer, farm equipment breakdown insurance, open perils coverage (to cover perils that are specific to your situation, like rodent damage to wiring or collapse due to snow), ingestion of foreign objects for farm machinery (like a rock), and farm equipment rented or borrowed on top of your standard policy.

The cost of tractor and farm equipment coverage for the American Family varies depending on the type of equipment. It’s your age, the add-ons you select, your location, and other considerations.

You can work with an American Family Insurance agent, chat with agents online, or call American Family Insurance to get a quotation. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You can submit a claim online, over the phone, or with your agent directly.

#2. Travelers

Farmers may insure their high-value farm equipment with a blanket policy from Travellers Farm and Ranch Insurance, Which allows you to receive a low-cost policy for all of your agricultural equipment.

Travellers are the winner of the best blanket equipment coverage award because it provides farm and ranch insurance that covers liability. Property coverage for farm equipment as part of a comprehensive blanket policy. They also cover farm residences, personal property, agricultural structures, and farm animals as part of that coverage. Additional coverage for farm operations, pollutant clean-up, and equipment failure. Other items can be added, making it one of the most configurable blanket equipment solutions available.

Travellers’ farm and ranch insurance costs vary depending on a variety of factors, including the level of coverage you require, your deductible, whether you choose blanket or scheduled coverage, where you live, the types of add-ons you select, and more.

You can’t get a price for a speciality product like farm and ranch insurance online. So you’ll have to find a local Travellers representative to discuss your needs. Travellers make it simple to file a claim online. They also provide a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year hotline for reporting claims.

Travellers have been in business since 1853 and are a reliable name in commercial insurance. In the categories of financial strength and claims-paying competence, they are now rated A++ by AM Best.

#3. Trusted Choice

Trusted Choice is a digital insurance platform that connects you with independent insurance agents. Partners who can help you get the right amount of tractor and farm equipment liability coverage for your needs. More so, the ability to access numerous firms and policies through the digital platform gives you more customizable alternatives. Including the opportunity to receive the proper level of liability coverage.

Trusted Choice takes home the award for best liability coverage because they deal with independent insurance brokers who can find you the best policy for your needs. This gives you more alternatives when it comes to things like how much liability coverage you want. Whether you want to ensure your tractor with a blanket policy or a scheduled policy. Which risks you want to take, your deductible, and so on. Working with a Trusted Choice insurance advisor who can educate you about different farm equipment insurance carriers is like searching for the best policy without doing all the legwork.

Trusted Choice’s policy options include coverage for accidents, natural disasters, weather, crimes, civil unrest, collisions, and equipment replacement. Normal wear and tear are not in their plans. The cost of their classic tractor and equipment insurance varies widely depending on the type of coverage you want. As well as considerations such as the value of your equipment, your deductible. Whether you choose a blanket or scheduled policy, your location, and many others.

To obtain a policy with Trusted Choice, you must first contact one of their independent insurance representatives to discuss your case. You can schedule an appointment with an agent on their website or by calling them. The method for filing a claim will be determined by the insurer from whom you bought the insurance.

#4. Shelter Insurance

Farm equipment insurance from Shelter Insurance protects you from liability and property damage. This includes the possibility of purchasing theft coverage on a regular basis, ensuring that if your high-value farm equipment is taken, you will be completely reimbursed.

Shelter Insurance takes home the prize for best theft coverage since it provides scheduled farm equipment coverage that can be added to your existing farm owners’ insurance policy. You may repair or replace your tractor or other farm equipment with Shelter Insurance’s policy if it is damaged or destroyed by fire, theft, falling items, windstorms and hail, cab glass shattering, overturned vehicles, vandalism, flooding, lightning, or collapse.

The cost of your coverage will be determined by the value of your equipment, your location, the deductible you select, and the level of coverage you select.

Shelter Insurance does not provide online quotes. But you can meet with one of their representatives in person or phone them from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CST Monday through Saturday. If you need to report a claim, you can do it by phone or online at any time.

Shelter Insurance, a well-known farming insurer, was created in 1946 but only operates in 15 states.

#5. Nationwide

Nationwide offers blanket tractor and farm equipment coverage that protects against a number of risks that other policies don’t cover. Including rented and borrowed equipment.

Also, nationwide takes up the award for best leased or rented classic tractor insurance in the UK because their AgriChoice farm vintage insurance policy includes tractor and agricultural equipment coverage for rented or borrowed equipment. Farm residences, farm structures, personal property, liability, and livestock are all covered.

They provide a variety of alternatives for customising your coverage so that you only pay for what you require. Rental reimbursement for farm equipment, equipment breakdown coverage, towing coverage, cab glass repair, and a variety of other choices that protect your farm equipment against specific risks are all included in their coverage. They also provide equipment liability insurance.

For a general limit, the blanket policy lets you cover everything on your property. If you want greater protection for a high-value tractor or other farm equipment, you can purchase scheduled coverage.

The cost of your policy is by a variety of criteria, including the amount of coverage you require, the add-ons you select, the value of your equipment, the amount of deductible you wish to pay, your location, and many others. You might be able to save money if you purchase it as part of a larger farm insurance policy.

#6. AG360 Insurance

AG360 Insurance’s base coverage includes a variety of unique insured dangers that can help protect your farm. Equipment breakdown insurance covers power surges, mechanical breakdowns, motor burnouts, and operator mistakes, among other things.

Because they cover unique risks like equipment breakdown and lost revenue that isn’t covered by other plans, AG360 Insurance wins the variety of perils category. Heating and cooling systems, production equipment, boilers and water heaters, pumps, electrical distribution systems, and refrigeration equipment are among the items that are not normally covered. Power surges, mechanical breakdowns, motor burnout, and operator error are all covered by policies. It effectively serves as an add-on to standard property insurance.

The cost of a policy will vary depending on criteria such as the cost of the equipment, and the money generated by your farming enterprise. The amount of insurance you want, your location, and other factors.

The disadvantage of AG360 Insurance is that it only provides coverage in Kansas. You can reach them by phone or email during business hours, and they will assign you to an agent who will work with you. In order to file a claim, you must cooperate with an agent.

#7. Farm Bureau Financial Services

Farm Bureau Financial Services offers flexible farm vehicle coverage that allows you to ensure that all your vehicles are covered based on how you use them, ensuring that you don’t overpay for your policy. This keeps costs down for those operating hobby farms. 

Farm Bureau Financial Services takes home the award for best hobby farm insurance because it offers farm vehicle insurance that covers your farm truck, ATVs, and tractors for liability and collision, and customises that coverage based on how you use them, potentially saving you money. They provide coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists. As well as roadside assistance and reimbursement for the cost of replacing modern automobiles. They tailor the degree of coverage you require based on how the vehicles are used. Making their coverage ideal for hobby farmers who require less coverage.

The cost of your insurance will be by a variety of criteria, including the cost of your farm equipment, your deductible, how you use your vehicles, where you live, and many others.

You can contact an agent by filling out an online form or calling them from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CST Monday through Friday. They also give you the option of reporting a claim to your agent or calling a claims hotline.


The top classic tractor insurance providers on our list all offer solutions to safeguard your vintage tractor or other farm equipment, but their plans vary slightly. Some farm insurance policies include coverage for farm equipment, while others protect farm equipment from specific hazards or perils. Some insurance companies let you modify your coverage to acquire blanket or scheduled coverage. Others provide unique add-ons to assist in the event of device failure and other situations.

Overall, we recommend American Family’s classic tractor insurance in the UK because it provides a personalized vintage policy that allows you to select from a variety of options and covers a wide range of dangers.


How much is tractor insurance per year?

How much Does It Cost to Insure a tractor? Tractor insurance typically costs on average about $5,000 to $12,000 per year.

Is a farm tractor covered under homeowners insurance?

Your home insurance may cover your tractor as long as it’s on your property and is used for maintenance or farm use. Once you drive it off your property, you’re likely on your own, if you don’t get additional coverage.

What is farm liability coverage?

Farm liability coverage is designed to protect the people who come to visit your farm or the property of others if it is damaged due to your farm operations.

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