Selling Candles From Home UK: Step By Step Guide For Beginners

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You’ve always had a passion for making candles and wax melts, and now you’d like to start selling them. Do you already have a website, reliable suppliers, and, most importantly, a stockpile of heavenly-scented candles? Keep reading to learn how to start selling candles, including Yankee products, in the UK from home.

Selling Candles From Home in the UK

To turn candle selling into a part-time or full-time job, learn how to make candles and how to market your business well.

#1. Make beautiful candles.

If you want to start making candles as a side job or even a full-time business, then designing and making them is the fun part.

Candle making gives you the chance to play around with the shape, fragrance, and colours of the products you make to make them look good. As an example:

  • Try making candles with photos from your past.
  • Candle-making is a fun way to use colours and moulds to make candles that look like everything from desserts to landscapes.
  • Design centrepieces for weddings, parties, and other events.

#2. The first candle you make

If so, are you going to make candles at home? Or do you have a business or a workshop? YouTube has a lot of good videos on how to make candles at home.

In its method, pouring too hot or too cold could make your wax lumpy. It’s a lot like baking.

#3. Expanding your product line

Once you’ve mastered making candles, you might want to start making other things. There are a lot of wax melts that are popular on Etsy and Not On The High Street, and you don’t need any extra things to make them.

How to make wax melts to sell

  • Wax melts are candles that don’t have wicks. You heat them with a burner or tealight to get the fragrance out. They’re also very easy to make:
  • Bring water to a boil in a saucepan.
  • Pour the wax into a heat-proof bowl and stir with a spoon over the saucepan.
  • Add your perfume or essential oils.
  • Then, put the wax in the ice cube trays.

#4. What about candle company names?

Many things go into a name. Is a way to show off your brand’s personality and make your business stand out from the rest. You should also be aware of intellectual property and copyright laws that protect products and brands from being stolen or copied.

The following are some of our suggestions for finding the right name for your company.

  • Choose something that no one else has thought of first.
  • make it stand out.
  • Look up your name on Google and see what else comes up.
  • Make sure the web address isn’t already taken. Even if you aren’t making a website right now, you should check that the address isn’t already taken.
  • do not be afraid to grow your business – make sure the brand name works if you decide to add more products in the future.

#5. Find a niche for yourself

Decide what your product is and who your target audience is, and then start from that point onward. Check out what your competitors are up to to see if there’s a need in the market that you could fill. You might also find it useful to do a SWOT analysis of your business and your main competitors to figure out which areas you should work on.

#6. Make a business plan and a budget to start your own business.

A business plan helps you understand your purpose, your strategic goals, and your competitors. Even though we could all use a break from business administration, a business plan helps you understand your business. It can also help if you want to get a start-up loan.

In the next step, you’ll need to think about costs and figure out how much money you can spend.

It doesn’t cost a lot to start your own candle-making business. The start-up costs can be as little as £50, depending on what you buy.

To figure out how much money you have, you’ll need to think about:

  • There are costs for setting up (including equipment and supplies)
  • the amount of time it takes you to make your product
  • The cost of making each candle.
  • shipping costs if you sell online

#7. Make sure you buy the right tools to make candles.

Here’s a list of the things you’ll need for your candle business:

  • candle wax – soy wax, paraffin wax, beeswax, coconut wax (or a combination)
  • candle wicks – usually made of braided cotton or paper
  • scents – choose from a mix of organic and synthetic fragrances
  • dyes – liquid or powdered dyes can be added to your melted wax
  • molds – these come in all shapes and sizes, or you can make your own
  • candle glasses – you can use these instead of molds if you prefer
  • thermometer – to make sure your wax doesn’t heat above 80°C
  • saucepan and heatproof bowl – for melting your wax using the ‘double boiler method

Think about how you’re going to package your candles and get branded labels and gift boxes to make them look more like your business.

Legally, there aren’t any rules for selling candles in the UK. You should, however, be aware of the following:

  • a set of rules from your local trading office
  • Safety and testing rules: The British Candlemakers Federation has put out guidelines for businesses that sell candles on how to test their products and how to label them.

#9. Organize your insurance

People who buy your products will want them to be safe, no matter if you run a craft stall or just sell them on the web. The reason it’s important for crafters to get insurance is that they could get hurt.

If you want, you can choose from a wide range of covers:

  • People who work in public places, like a store, need to have insurance in case someone gets hurt, like by tripping in the store.
  • Product liability insurance is for when your product causes someone to get hurt or lose money, for example, if your candle has dangerous ingredients in it.
  • stock insurance: to protect any stock you’re storing out.

#10. Start marketing and selling your candles

People who make their own candles can make money by thinking about where they will sell them and how they will market their business. People often ask this question: Are you going to be selling your products online or at a store in person? Or, maybe you want to start selling candles at flea markets and craft fairs, so you can make more money. When you use platforms like Shopify or Etsy, it’s very simple to set up an online store.

Writing a marketing plan can help you figure out how to go about your business.

Selling Candles From Home 

To deal with the local authority Trading Standards services, you’ll have to sell your candles at a retail level. It’s a good idea to keep in mind the location of the Trading Standards office in your area.

#1. Make a name for your candle business.

Branding your candle business is an important part of becoming successful and making your brand of candles stand out from the rest of the pack. Getting into the candle-making business can be very intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you are new to the market and don’t know how to make candles on your own yet.

Next, you need to come up with a logo for your candle business, which is important. Because your logo will most likely be on the label that comes with your candle, this is very important for candle sales. This means that customers will see this a lot more often than if the logo was only on the website.

#3. Use social media to make yourself known online.

Social media is one of the best ways to market today. Depending on what kind of media you want to make and share, you can start a social media account for your candle-making business. This could be on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat.

You should choose a URL or page name that reflects your candle-making business and that, if possible, is similar to your website’s domain name so that it’s clear that all of them are linked to each other.

#4. Use hashtags and a social media calendar

This will help you keep track of your social media posts. When you want to build your online presence, you need to do more than just set up a page and put your candle company’s logo on it. Social media pages should be updated at least once a day to stay in the news feeds of your followers and clients.

These updates to your social media platform can include blog posts, promotions, and candles that you want people to see. This will help you get more people to interact with you online. Respond to people who comment on your social media pages. This will help you get more followers and keep them interested in your brand and the process of making candles.

#6. Make a good marketing plan.

Succeeding in the candle business isn’t always easy or simple, especially if you’re making candles in a niche that’s also pretty well-known. Create a marketing plan that fits your brand, your budget, and your target market. When you’re advertising your candles, think about what will make you stand out from the rest of the people who make them. Choose a voice that fits with the people you want to reach and appeal to. If you want to attract the customers you want, you should offer them discounts and promotional codes that they will like. You can do this both in-person and online.

#7. Make an inventory system.

Anyone who wants to start a candle business needs to have a way to keep track of their candle inventory and the ingredients they need to make them. Even if they’re making candles at home and locally. You can set up an inventory system by hand or with the help of software that is best for your business.

To keep track of what you have, use an inventory system. It’s also a way to figure out how much you spend on ingredients like fragrances and dye and wax over time.

#8. Decide on the best shipping method.

Not all candle-making businesses offer the same shipping services and solutions, so be sure to check out what is out there. If you want to sell candles online, think about how you’ll be able to ship them to your customers. Will you include the cost of shipping in the price of the candle, giving you the chance to advertise free shipping? For bulk orders, do you plan to offer discounts on shipping? For a certain amount of money, no. When you figure out your profit margins, add up the shipping costs for each candle that you have for sale.

#9. Track finances and revenue at all times.

As soon as you start your own business or start selling things you make yourself, it is important to keep track of all of your money at all times. Keep track of your gross income, net income, and the costs you have to run your candle business. This will be very important when you figure out how much tax you have to pay each quarter to the IRS or your own tax authority if you’re not in the UK.

Selling Yankee Candles From Home 

Yankee Candles are made by master candlemakers in Massachusetts, where the company was started by Michael Kittredge II and is still run.

A large jar costs £21.99, which is more than double the price of other candles. Yankee candles are some of the most popular candles in the world, but they also cost the most. However, in selling Yankee candles from home, there are many ways to make money with them.

Ways To Make Money With Yankee Candles.

If the candles are rare, Yankee fans will spend a lot of money on them. If you want to make money by selling Yankee candles from home, you can source these and sell them online.

#1. Buy them before they are out of stock.

The rush starts when Yankee says they won’t be making a certain candle fragrance anymore. People buy them up, hold on to them for a while, and then sell them on for a lot of money. Waxaddicts is a great place to keep an eye on this because it lists everything that is going away.

#2. Buy on sale and sell for the full price

The best way to get a deal on selling Yankee Candles from home is to be smart about where you look for them. You can get a large jar for £14.66 at Boots right now because they’re on sale for 3 for 2. If you sell them on Amazon or eBay for close to full price, you’ll make a small profit.

#3. Watch for old ones that are worth more than £400.

They can sell for a lot of money on eBay if they are old Yankee Candles. People who sell things on eBay and on Facebook groups like this one, called “Rainbow’s End,” can get more than $300 for it, but Silver White Winters can sell for more than $400.

#4. To make money, sell accessories.

Even though it’s hard to find good accessories in the United Kingdom, there’s still money to be made.

When do they go on sale?

#1. After the holidays

People have a lot of fun after big events like Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. Yankee makes candles and other things for the holidays, like the “Witches Brew” candle. It’s best to buy them after the holidays when they’re 50% to 75% off. If you want to smell pumpkins all year long or keep them around for a year, that’s the best time.

#2. Before a new season

Like its holiday scents, there are fragrances that come out at different times of the year. Make sure to buy spring scents just before summer to get better prices.

#3. When a perfume or style is going away

In selling from home, make sure to keep an eye on the Yankee Candles website to find out when scents or product lines are going away. As a result, many stores will put these items on sale in order to clear out their stock.

#4. Black Friday

Most of the time, selling Yankee Candles from home is having a great sale of about 60 percent off on Black Friday.

How do I start selling my candles from home?

  • #1. Make beautiful candles.
  • #2. The first candle you make
  • #3. Expanding your product line
  • #4. What about candle company names?
  • #5. Find a niche for yourself
  • #6. Make a business plan and a budget to start your own business.
  • #7. Make sure you buy the right tools to make candles.
  • #8. Check legal requirements for selling candles
  • #9. Organize your insurance
  • #10. Start marketing and selling your candles

Which is the best wax for candle making?

The best wax for the production of candles are soy wax, paraffin wax, beeswax, coconut wax (or a combination)

Is it cheaper to make or buy candles?

It doesn’t cost a lot to start your own candle-making business. The start-up costs can be as little as £50, depending on what you buy.

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