BUSINESS PLAN APP: Best 10 Apps for Writing a Business Plan

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Have you always thought of creating a business plan? Do you have that killer idea for a startup but lack the time and resources to develop a plan for your business? Well, you are in luck because you can now make use of a business plan-generating app. With the best business plan app, which can be either a free or paid plan, you can be able to craft a business plan for yourself. Because there are a bunch of options to choose from, this article has outlined the best business plan apps that can help craft an outstanding plan.

However, before we delve further into breaking down the best 10 business plan app options, we will also give you some basic insights into what a business plan app is about.

What is a Business Plan App?

A business plan app is programmed software that can be used to compose a business plan for the growth of a company or to obtain business capital and loans. This same business plan can also be highly necessary for any business, but most of the time, creating a business plan can be daunting, and this is where a business plan app comes into play. A business plan app can help you handle the tedious and complicated process of crafting a good plan. 

To use a business plan app, you will need to provide some information about your business, which the software organizes and then makes the best out of it. A business plan app is mostly aimed at helping entrepreneurs and business developers with their new startups. 

The Best 10 Apps for Writing a Business Plan

Without much fuss, let’s dash into our top 10 picks for the best business plan app. We will carefully analyze each software program in detail so you can choose the business plan app that best works for you. 

#1. Enloop

Enloop is the best all-in-one web business plan app that helps its users through every step of writing a business plan. When you download the app to use it, Enloop will automatically generate sales, profits, and losses. This app will also take care of your cash flow, balance sheet projection, graphs, and other graphic elements a plan should have. Enloop takes time to customize each section of your plan and focus on the details that you provide. 

To use this business plan app, you can either subscribe to its free and easy package or more fully featured paid versions that range from £8.24 to £33.08 per month. You should keep in mind that each plan comes with its own unique benefits.

#2. ProofHub

ProofHub is a complete business planning and collaboration software that can help you keep track of your projects. This business plan app also has some amazing team collaboration tools that can ease the stress of writing a plan.

Aside from having features like an existing project template, Gantt charts, a business plan app, and an in-built chat tool, it also integrates with third-party apps like Google Drive and Dropbox, among others. You can use this business plan app on a free trial or on a monthly paid plan, which ranges from £37 to £74.   

#3. Bizplan

Bizplan is also one of the best business plan apps that can help you create business plans that are tailored to attract investors. With Bizplan, you can incorporate your financial projections into your plan, use a step-by-step builder feature that allows you to create a plan in an easy-to-follow manner, and also track your progress. You will also have access to add elements like market size and your management team. This business plan app has no free trials; you either choose a paid plan. 

#4. LivePlan

LivePlan is another unique software that you can use to create a business plan for your business. This business plan app is a complete business planning tool that comes with customizable features, learning resources, and free online help in case you get stuck. 

The LivePlan app has 500 templates and loads of sample plans, and any user of this software will discover that its interface is attractive and user-friendly. You can only subscribe to paid plans to use this software because it is no free trial. You can either pay for an annual plan of £12, a 6-month plan of £15, or the pay-as-you-go monthly option of £17. 

#5. GoSmallBiz

GoSmallBiz is a user-friendly app that offers its users a step-by-step template and an in-built advice module that can help them create a business plan. It helps you with your financial projections and thus creates a wide range of reports that can give an attractive edge to your plan. This software also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a single pricing plan for £32.

#6. Plan Guru

Plan Guru is a forecasting and budgeting software that allows you to create a business plan while having premium access to your financial reports. It has an in-built video tutorial to help a user navigate the software better. With Plan Guru, you can export your reports to Excel, Word documents, and PDF formats. It only accepts a paid plan.

#7. Cuttles

This software is basically for startup business planning, and it also comes with an educational and interactive platform that makes it simpler to use. This tool can help you make awesome presentations and also tell you how to best present them to your investors and stakeholders. It also has some monthly plans with mouthwatering features. 

#8. Upmetrics

Upmetrics is an all-around business plan app that can help you actualize your business plan, right from drawing your ideas, taking your financial forecasting, and creating a great pitch to discuss with just about anyone. You will also get a unique custom design on the cover pages according to your brand colors. You need to subscribe to this app to access these features. 

#9. StratPad

If you are trying to write your first-ever business plan, then this app would suit your mission. This is because it is packed with several free how-to tools that can help beginners find their way. There is also a free basic plan available for students and paid plans for entrepreneurs. You won’t have a hard time using this app because of its multiple guides.

10. BizGym

BizGym is another business plan app that you can use to pitch your new business idea and get your business moving. The app is simple to navigate, and each process can be done online, section by section. You can also track your progress and share it when completed. This business plan app is free. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Software

Before choosing a business plan app that will produce the best business plan for your company, some criteria can help influence your choice. 

#1. Features

Looking out for features is the first thing you should do when choosing an app. You can choose which features are more important to your business needs. You may need a business plan app that has an extensive template, a learning centre, or even one that can track your business. 

#2. Price

Some business plan apps offer a free trial, while others don’t. It is best to consider your budget and choose the software you can afford. 

#3. Number of Users

You should also consider the limited number of users each program comes with. If you will be using the software for personal use then any app can work for you, but if otherwise, you will need to select the one that matches your specifications. 

But Can I Really Trust a Business Plan App?

Most times using an app might not be the best option because your plan might lack important details or have a cookie-cutter appearance. But meanwhile, at BusinessYield Consult, we help entrepreneurs like you build unique business plans for their companies. 

What is that business you are looking forward to creating a plan for? The bakery business has proven to be the most popular form of investment in the UK, and we have just the right ready-made Bakery business plan for your use. What is the wait for? Grab a copy of that unique plan you have always wanted now!


It is a fact that properly crafting your business plan is important for the growth and success of your small business. Fortunately enough, you now have the opportunity to use software and make the whole process easier. You should also remember that using an app has its disadvantages, and to get the best results, you need to find the best app that suits you. You can also refer to our ready-made business plan.


How often should I update my business plan?

If you want your business plan to be effective, you should update it at least annually. By doing this, you can constantly refer to it to inform your company’s strategies. You can also update your plans and keep your business on track. 

Should I write my business plan or hire someone to do it for me? 

You can either hire someone, write it yourself, or use a business plan app to compose your business plan. Your decision should be based on what works best for your company.

How long should a business plan be?

A normal business plan should have 20 to 30 pages, with 10 pages for appendices. This illustration is the ideal length for a complex business plan. The length of the pages can be trimmed if you are creating a simple business plan. 

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A normal business plan should have 20 to 30 pages, with 10 pages for appendices. This illustration is the ideal length for a complex business plan. The length of the pages can be trimmed if you are creating a simple business plan. 

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