LAPTOP INSURANCE: Definition, Best Laptop Insurance & All You Need to Know

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Our laptops and tablets have the ability to feel like extensions of our bodies. We use them on a daily basis for both business and recreation, and we carry them with us when we travel. With all this heavy use, we increase the likelihood that they might get lost or damaged. Accidental damage insurance for laptops in the UK can help protect you and your wallet from these costly mishaps, even as a student. Here’s all you need to know about this crucial sort of insurance, as well as why you might want to invest.

Laptop Insurance UK

Laptop insurance in the UK protects you in the event that your laptop is stolen, lost, or damaged. While it is sometimes marketed as gadget insurance, many ordinary homeowners insurance policies include some form of coverage. Laptops that are stolen or damaged as a result of covered risks such as fire, water, or some other form of natural disaster are covered.

Laptops are costly, and insurance may be worthwhile, especially since they are such an important part of our everyday lives. If you’re self-employed and rely on your laptop for work. For example, your productivity would come to a complete halt if your laptop broke down.

When choosing a laptop insurance UK student plan, make sure you pay attention to what it truly covers, policy limits, and any exclusions to coverage. To assist you in making your decision. We’ve compiled a list of the top five laptop insurance policies for UK students based on price, coverage, where you use your laptop, and more.

Best Laptop Insurance UK of 2023

#1. Worth Ave. Group

Worth Ave. Group takes the top rank because it provides the most comprehensive coverage, including coverage for accidental damage, theft, and extended warranties. It also boasts a long track record of good customer satisfaction as well as discounts from partner retailers.

The best laptop insurance for UK students is available from Worth Ave. Group for individuals, college students, and K–12 students. Because it covers the greatest range of risks we’ve encountered and has a long history of excellent customer satisfaction, it stood out as the best overall. The insurer only has one accidental damage policy for the Laptop student plan, but it covers a wide range of risks, including theft, vandalism, power surges induced by lighting, cracked screens, natural disasters, and spills.

Policies are available for all laptop models, including new and old ones, and are available nationwide. You can request a quotation by filling out their online application form. Which requires you to provide information such as your state of residence, user type, coverage amount, and insurance term.

The cost of your policy will vary depending on your state of residency, the length of your policy, and the amount of coverage you need. For example, if a Louisiana resident wants $500 worth of coverage for a one-year term. They can expect to pay $48 if they pay annually. A Florida resident, on the other hand, will pay $37 for the same coverage. All quotes obtained through their website will, however, be subject to a $100 deductible.

#2. Asurion

Asurion stands out by offering a policy that either has individual warranty coverage or can be combined with other electronics in your home for a low monthly fee.

Because of their ability to package additional types of equipment for one monthly charge (also known as their Asurion Home+ plan), Asurion took the top rank for multiple policies. Furthermore, you can acquire coverage from Amazon at the same time as your new laptop. Asurion, which was founded in 1994 and has offices all over the world, has a high customer satisfaction rating.

Although it does not cover loss or theft, it does cover dangers such as power outages, cracked screens, spills, and damage from natural wear and use. If you opt for the Asurion Home+ plan, you may purchase insurance through Amazon or their website, but there’s no need to acquire quotations.

The Asurion Home+ plan is $24.99 per month, with coverage beginning 30 days after enrollment. Drops and spills, shattered screens, and hardware malfunctions are all covered by different accidental damage insurance plans for laptop students. Policyholders can file a claim by going to Asurion’s website.

#3. Securranty

We’ve found that security has the best cost for individual coverage. Additionally, policyholders receive a discount for purchasing longer terms, and a 10% discount when purchasing two or more policies.

We chose security as the best option for affordable premiums because it offers a variety of discounts, including savings for purchasing numerous policies. The insurer, which is based in Houston, Texas, was founded in 2011 and is a registered insurance agency that offers extended warranties and insurance policies.

The company provides insurance for both adults and students in K–12 settings. With two plan categories for accidental damage and loss, standard dangers (such as a fire), and theft coverage. Policies are available across the United States, and you can get a quotation by filling out information on the company’s online form (warning: it’s not very user-friendly) or calling 1-832-304-2015.

The cost of insurance varies depending on the type of laptop and the period of coverage; it does not depend on the worth of your laptop, which is unusual. A one-year accidental damage policy for a new laptop. For example, it costs $29.95 per year, while a five-year plan for the same coverage costs $19.95 per year.

Policyholders can submit a claim by logging onto their account or calling customer care at any time.

#4. SquareTrade

SquareTrade is best for new devices due to the fact that it covers spills and liquid damage from the first day of coverage, one of the most common accidents for new laptops. In addition, SquareTrade offers some of the best overall protection while providing customers with an easy claims process online and add-ons to their standard plan. Launched in 1999, this insurer partners with larger companies such as Allstate to provide laptop insurance for students at major retailers such as Costco.

Their plans include:

  • Standard protection: This plan kicks in when your manufacturer’s warranty expires and covers mechanical failures such as power supply burnout and screen failure.
  • Accident protection: This plan provides coverage beginning on the day you purchase it and includes accidents like drops and spills in addition to what’s covered in the standard plan.

The insurer covers all types of new computers, as long as they are purchased. Registered within 30 days of purchase, making it the best option for new laptop owners. The online purchase process is simple: select the laptop’s purchase price, preferred deductible, and coverage period. After you’ve entered your personal and payment information, you’ll have three days to register your plan (this is optional). If you ever need to file a claim, doing so will save you time.

Policies start at $79.99 for two-year coverage with a $25 deductible and go up to $39.99 for a three-year policy with no deductible. To register a claim, go to their claims page and fill out the required information. Such as the details from your purchase receipt and the serial number of your laptop.

#5. Upsie

Upsie is one of the few firms that provide protection for used, open-box, and refurbished laptops. It also offers a cheap deductible compared to other companies that cover old computers.

Upsie, a relatively new firm that began operations in 2018, is best for older gadgets. Because it is one of the few companies that cover used and open-box items. You may be eligible for coverage if your laptop is within the last 60 days and has a 30-day seller’s warranty. The majority of laptop brands are supported.

Obtaining a policy quote is straightforward. You’ll need to supply information like the type of gadget, brand, whether it’s new or used, purchase price, and plan length on their online application form. You can choose between a two- or three-year plan, with a $25 deductible on all options. Screen cracks, accidental damage like spills, and power surge damage are all covered. Policies are available nationally, with premiums ranging from $41.37 for a two-year policy to $321.01 for a three-year policy, depending on the cost of your laptop.

What kind of insurance do I need for my laptop or tablet?

If you’re lucky, your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance coverage will cover your laptop and other electronic gadgets. This usually means that your equipment is from theft, fire, and defacement. Outside of your house, however, this is unlikely to defend you against accidental damage or theft. Additionally, if you file several claims in a short period of time, your monthly premium may increase. Furthermore, these policies may only cover the market value of your item at the time it was stolen. Which may not be enough to replace it.

That’s why getting separate device insurance could be a good idea. You will avoid having to file a claim with your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance if you insure your electronics. You will be safeguard from accidental damage such as cracked screens. N26 Electronics Insurance can now protect your laptop, tablet, smartwatch, or smartphone for as cheap as €4.76 each month. Theft, burglary, vandalism, accidents, and liquid damage are all covered under this policy. In addition, you can file a claim immediately from the N26 app.

How much does laptop insurance typically cost?

Laptop insurance, as previously noted, may be in other regular insurance packages. Depending on your policy and where you live. When it comes to choosing an insurance policy to cover your laptop even for students, however. Prices vary depending on the scope of coverage. It also depends on your laptop’s age and brand. As well as whether you want to cover many electronic devices with single insurance.

It’s also crucial to think about the cost of the insurance package in relation to the cost of the item you want to protect. The math doesn’t add up if you’re paying €50 a year to ensure a €100 tablet, for example. In this case, you may end up paying more in insurance than the total cost of the equipment because most insurance policies require you to pay a minimum excess in addition to your monthly or annual insurance contributions.

Laptop insurance student, on the other hand, is a little different. Given the high cost of laptops. Paying €100 a year to cover a €2,000 laptop makes sense in the long term. Your laptop’s age and model should be into account once more. If you’re insuring an outdated, low-priced computer. It’s worth weighing your annual insurance rates against the cost of replacing them in the event of an accident.

What isn’t covered with laptop or tablet insurance?

It’s vital to realize that neither your accidental damage insurance for laptop students nor your home insurance will likely cover you for ‘negligence. If you leave your laptop alone in your car or at a cafe and it is taken. That is an example of negligence. In this case, your insurance company will argue that you put your laptop at risk. Thus you are to blame. It’s also unlikely to compensate you for lost music or other material.

You might be in luck if your housemate accidentally floods your keyboard after knocking over a glass of wine. If they have liability insurance (which we strongly advise you to obtain if you don’t already have it). Their policy will cover the cost of replacing it. It’s worth mentioning, however, that filing a claim could raise their insurance price. So you should still strive to keep your devices safe from spills and falls.


When it comes to accidental damage insurance for laptops, it’s crucial to know what kind of coverage you want. While all of the businesses listed above provide coverage for dangers such as mechanical breakdowns, spills, and broken screens, not all of them provide coverage for theft and loss. If you need that level of protection, keep in mind that your policy rates may be higher. Overall, we choose Worth Ave. Group for its extensive coverage, although Security is also a viable alternative for those on a tight budget.


Is laptop insurance worth getting?

The short answer is likely yes. Of course, there are caveats, like if you buy a secondhand or old laptop that’s not actually worth that much then the cost of insurance ends up being a waste. It also goo to get accidental damage insurance for laptop

Does insurance cover laptop?

Yes. Just like any other type of personal property, homeowners insurance provides coverage for laptops for the same scenarios it would for everything else. However, if a laptop is extremely valuable, you might want to purchase extra coverage to insure it for the full replacement cost.

Can I claim for a broken laptop on contents insurance?

An accidental damage policy added to your contents insurance for a laptop can offer cover for: Accidental damage to your laptop, mobile phone, or smartwatch at home. A TV that’s been physically broken

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Yes. Just like any other type of personal property, homeowners insurance provides coverage for laptops for the same scenarios it would for everything else. However, if a laptop is extremely valuable, you might want to purchase extra coverage to insure it for the full replacement cost.

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An accidental damage policy added to your contents insurance for a laptop can offer cover for: Accidental damage to your laptop, mobile phone, or smartwatch at home. A TV that's been physically broken

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