Jewelry Insurance: Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry Insurance

Jewelry insurance
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Jewelry insurance gives everyone who has expensive jewelry or a piece like an engagement ring, gold chains, and all. The cover works to protect the financial cost should there be an accidental loss or damage.

Insurance these days is no longer all about life, you can now ensure anything you value so much. It is even possible to insure your beautiful slippers if you want to lose them. Over to jewelry, if you have that special gold chain or valuable watch that armed rubberneckers are ready to cut off your neck because of, then you should protect it.

Protecting your valuable gold chain does not mean you stop using or wearing it; it only means you need to get a cover for it. It is not stupid talk or a senseless one; there are chains made of pure gold you could, if not really.

You could just have so much expensive jewelry in your box; you need to be sure it is protected. Should thieves break into your house and take them all away, you can rest assured they will get to you. On a normal basis, if thieves steal your stuff, you would need to use your money to purchase it again, even if not exactly.

This article has been provided to guide you through the process of getting insurance coverage for your valuable jewelry.

If you want to know how important it is for you to insure your jewelry, how you can go about it and whatever is important about jewellery insurance then you are on the right track.

What is jewelry insurance?

Jewelry insurance is the cover you get to financially protect your valuable belongings such as rings, necklaces, watches and earrings if they happen to be stolen, destroyed or damaged. 

Let us say, maybe your grandma slipped an heirloom ruby necklace worth over $10,000 as a precious gift from granny kinda.

Or perhaps you’ve got an engagement ring on your finger from the person of your dream. You may take it that those items are safe because you put them in a jewelry box that has a padlock.

For an instance, let us just say there is a fire outbreak in the place you live or armed robbers visited your home and take them all away. One may think that because the jewelry is item in the home your homeowner’s insurance will cover it.

Your home contents insurance per se, covers other items in your home except for your jewelry and gadgets like the camera.

So, if you want to get insurance cover for your gadgets or jewelry, you have to get them a special policy.

That being said, therefore, jewellery insurance is a cover that a person gets for their valuable pieces of jewellery.

The cover is to take care of the financial aspect of replacing your jewellery if they are lost, damaged or stolen. No matter how careful a person or you may be, circumstances of course, do not say when they are happening.

Thieves do not inform a house owner the day they would be visiting, and of course, what thieves want is money and valuables. So should those thieves carry your jewelry box, the expensive jewelry you bought for a high worth will be replaced for you by your policy providers?

Why do I need jewelry insurance?

Sometimes the jewelry could also be the type you wear daily like your engagement or wedding ring. You know that they are highly susceptible to damage, loss or theft. Even if you keep them at home, they are the most frequently stolen item in cases of burglary.

The jewelry insurance sometimes may not be allowed by some companies, they ask that their customers go for add-on insurance to their existing policies.

Jewelry insurance is sometimes called “rider” or “floater”. These policies although, may not be extended to some items like watches which could require special watch insurance.

You can get jewellery insurance as a special policy or as an add-on to your existing policy, maybe homeowners insurance. They help you recall emotions, moments, and milestones that took place in your life.

That reason is why it can be devastating if the jewelry that represents special moments in your life is damaged, lost, or stolen. A jewelry insurance policy is the best way to make sure your favourite items are protected and helps make the jewelry understand how much you care about them.

What jewelry insurance covers

Before you proceed to get your insurance cover for the valuable items in your life, it is important that you have the knowledge of what it will cover.

you need to know a list of the things that jewelry insurance will cover that will help you know more about what you are bout going into.

Your insurance company can only cover damage to your jewelry when it is in the policy.

  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Earrings
  • Wristwatch
  • Antique jewellery.

Some companies although like USAA do not cover accidental damage or loss when your jewelry insurance is under typical homeowners insurance.

What jewelry insurance does not cover

Separate jewelry insurance has a list of things it does not cover too. Although most of the time the things uncovered are by the insuring company so you need to read the policy terms of the company before agreeing if it suits you. Jewellery insurance doesn’t cover every type of loss.

A jewelry insurance policy generally does not cover the listed below;

  • Already existing damage to jewellery before the insurance
  • Wear and tear as a result of jewellery being old
  • Intentional damage by the owner or anyone
  • Pest damage to your jewellery

Jewelry insurance companies

It is important to shop around for the best company to get your jewelry insurance.

When you have found the one you think you like, be sure to read the policy terms and coverage offers and again check if it suits you.

The above-listed companies have a list of things they offer to their customers, which is based on the policy you choose.

Insurance on Zillion jewellery

When your insurance is from Zillion, you are already sure of no deductibles. Therefore, you will be able to file claims. The cost of their cover is typical for an annual payment and customers can save up to 15% too.

There are no extra charges for the number of claims you make with the zillion. It does not matter if you want to Insure all your jewelry collections or just a single jewellery, zillion insurance will do it for you at the same low cast rate.

The main focus of the zillion insurance company is jewelry insurance, and they do not charge deductibles.


You can carry your jewelry with you anywhere when your policy is with Chubb and they will not charge an extra fee. Unlike some other companies that request that you get a special standard for moving your stuff around, Chubb will cover it for you if you lose your jewelry on your travels.

If you acquire a new piece of jewelry over time, your policy will automatically include it on your cover for 90 days.


The Lavalier insurance company lets you get a free online quote for your jewelry. You do not have to share your contact or personal information other than your ZIP code while getting a quote. This attribute makes them ideal for those who prefer to keep their information private. Their coverage limit is $50,000 per piece.


This insurance company, Geico, offers a wide range of insurance services other than jewelry insurance. They offer homeowners’ insurance and others. Geico Insurance has been in the insurance company for a long time, and they are teaming up with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group.

The cost of your jewelry insurance depends on where you live with Geico. Although for most people, jewelry insurance will cost 1–2% of the main value of your jewelry. For instance, a $5,000 engagement ring could cost as little as $50 per year to insure, which is 1% of the main value.

Jewelry insurance cost

The amount of money you will spend to cover your jewelry will depend on: the value of jewelry, insuring company, amount of jewelry to be insured, etc. Most importantly, the cost of your jewelry insurance will depend largely on the insuring company. A separate jewelry insurance policy will cost 1% or 2% of the jewellery’s value in general.

Here is an example: If you have a  £10,000 ring, you could pay  £100 or $200 annually to cover the ring. Before you settle for any company to insure your jewellery, you need to compare the prices and quotes of other companies.


Jewelry insurance is something that is worth doing. Until you lose your jewelry, you may not know its value. They may serve as a means of transporting you back to memory lane. Always seeing your engagement ring will help you remember the day the love of your life popped the question and you said I do.

Your wedding ring reminds you of the alter vows and the walk down the aisle. The jewelry is from Grammy and many others. There are reasons you need to insure your jewelry. The cost of insuring your jewelry is 1% of the value of the jewelry.

FAQs about Jewelry Insurance

Is jewelry insurance worth it

Yes. Jewellery insurance is something that is worth spending your time on getting. Those pieces of jewelry are precious and could serve as a means to transport you back to memory lane.

How much does engagement ring insurance cost

The cost of insuring your engagement ring depends on the main value of the engagement ring. if you bought it, let’s say at  £5000 the cost of insuring it could be at 1% or 2%.

Do jewelry sellers need insurance

Yes. What if thieves come into your jewelry store and get away with your goods? You need to make sure you can get back the financial cost of the stolen items.

Does homeowner insurance cover for jewelry

Yes. Most insurance companies include jewelry as a standard. You may not get it automatically, so you have to make sure you get it or get a stand-alone cover for your jewelry.

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Yes. Most insurance companies include jewelry as a standard. You may not get it automatically, so you have to make sure you get it or get a stand-alone cover for your jewelry.

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