GreenLight Insurance Review | Is it Worth It?

GreenLight Insurance

Sometimes, you are torn between finding coverage for you, your family, or your beloved properties and the fear of rejection. GreenLight insurance comes with the assurance that, while it will meet your peculiar insurance needs, the team won’t have a reason to reject you from receiving coverage.

Going a little deeper, this article will examine the nitty-gritty of GreenLight insurance and help you know whether it is worth being a client with them.

So, let’s go!

About GreenLight Insurance

Founded in 1996, GreenLight Insurance is a specialist vehicle insurance provider whose focus is to provide higher coverage, service, and technical knowledge to owners of high-performance vehicles.

The combination of staff members at this company is contrary to what you can find with other car insurers. This is because the team is basically made up of car aficionados who also know their onions about car insurance.

The organization takes into consideration what other underwriters overlook. One of which is; treating with the utmost care the vehicles that people wish to own, and the coverage plans that you get with Greenlight insurance reflect this.

What Coverages Does the GreenLight Insurance Agency Offer?

There are lots of insurance services that you can find with GreenLight Insurance Agency, and you can even become a client with them. The services they provide include:

  • Modified car insurance
  • Ht Hatch car insurance
  • Modified van insurance
  • Modified 4 x 4 insurance
  • Revised electric car insurance

Are Modified Cars More Expensive to Insure with Greenlight Insurance Company?

Finding the best insurance provider for the type of car you own is key in this situation. Just like every insurance provider, GreenLight Insurance Company specializes in offering different forms of protection to different sections of the market.

And, due to limited experience in covering specialty or modified vehicles, modified car insurance can be more expensive when you purchase it from everyday insurance providers.

Therefore, finding a unique vehicle insurance provider would be a wise move if you wanted to change your car.

However, this GreenLight insurance will apply premiums to your car or van that are reasonable for their impact on it. This company will also typically replace the specific upgraded or modified part with a like-for-like one if it is available. This is just to make sure that your actual modification is properly covered for replacement, rather than just acknowledging it.

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What Modifications Affect Car Insurance?

Insurance companies classify any upgrade or change that goes beyond what your car was designed to be as an upgrade or modification. Calling your current insurer to inquire about the impact on the policy and rating with them would be the safest course of action.

You might find that they either apply terms or deny covering your vehicle with the suggested modifications installed if they are not a specialized insurance provider.

The only thing you’ll do is look for a specialized insurance company that will understand the modifications on your vehicle and will assess any changes to your car or van rationally, depending on a variety of factors.

How Can I Handle a Claim with Greenlight Insurance Company?

A complete list of all declared modifications is sent to the customer with a GreenLight Insurance amended policy. In order to prove that all changes have been fixed, you can handle a claim with the GreenLight insurance company in the following ways.


If the car is thought to be repairable, it would be fixed with modified parts that would be replaced like for like.

Overall Loss

The impartial engineer would determine the vehicle’s current market value with a total loss. This is frequently accomplished by looking for current listings of vehicles with comparable specifications and conditions. You are then presented with an offer.

You may decide to keep the damaged car for future repairs or break it down for spare parts, depending on the category of total loss.

Eligibility Criteria for a Modified Car Insurance Policy with GreenLight

Before you can get an insurance policy quote with GreenLight insurance, you must:

  • Be at least 21 (this applies to every driver)
  • Have at least one year’s bonus for no claims earned in your name.
  • Own a full UK driving license for at least three years.

Does Greenlight Insurance Have a Phone Number?

Yes, GreenLight Insurance’s phone number is 03229498. And, you can call if any of the following happens.

  • You go bankrupt, have an IVA, DRO, or CCJ. Rather than apply online, you can call for a quotation and notify the representative you speak with. Although this is hard to find with other insurance providers, GreenLight Insurance may still provide you with a quotation because of your situation.
  • You get a conviction f any non-motoring fence
  • I have been denied any motor insurance or continuation there
  • Have a claim payment refusal due to non-disclosure or fraudulent behavior.

What Happens If I Don’t Tell My Insurance About Modifications?

Your silence may cause your insurance to become invalid. It would also expose you as a driver to a potential IN10 motoring conviction for no insurance and could leave the driver liable for all accident/third-party damage costs.

Therefore, you should get modified car insurance from GreenLight and declare all modifications.

Is GreenLight Insurance Agency Worth It?

With the numerous innovative services this insurance provider offers, you need no seer to tell you it is about the best you can get in the UK. Being in operation since 1996 is a traceable history of Genuity, good customer service, and the availability of help to clients and drivers who want their cars modified.



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