FESTIVAL INSURANCE: Coverages And Policies In The UK

Festival insurance

Everyone looks forward to the festival seasons. Aside from the fact you get to have a lot of fun, you also learn one thing or the other from it. A guest at a festival event is completely ignorant of the extra effort the organisers put in place to ensure its success. The endless calls and random checks at the venue. Time and money are invested in it and no one wants their event not to pull through. That is why you need festival insurance to protect you from any such event. Consider buying an insurance policy for your next music festival, concert, fashion show and so on in the UK and anywhere in the world. Find out the benefit of festival event insurance, getting quotes and the cost of purchasing one thrush this guide.

Festival Insurance

Preparing for festivals cost money, time, energy and many more. So it is disheartening when it fails to pull through after you gave it your best shot.  The most painful aspect of it is the money pumped into it. That is why you need to get a festival insurance policy once preparation kick-off. Putting up a good festival requires a lot of hard work to be successful–in the euphoria of these activities, a lot can go wrong as well. However, festival insurance helps in recovering expenses or taking care of expenses should the event turn out negatively. 

When Is The Best Time To Get Festival Insurance?

One major setback that most festival encounters are cancellations. The perfect time to buy festival insurance is as soon as your plans come together and before you make any reservations. This is because cancellations can happen at any moment after that. And once you are insured, you have nothing to worry about in the event of cancellation.

What Does Festival Insurance Policy Cover?

Remember, this is a special event policy. It covers the following:

Event Cancellation

An event can be cancelled at the last minute. Even though no one looks forward to it, it sometimes happens. You will have to get this insurance policy to avoid losing out completely.

Property Liability

There may be damages to property at the end of your festival.

Public Liability

Generally, the most festive event involves general public participation. And any event that involves the public, is exposed to dangers. It may be a bodily injury or others. So there is a need to insure for public liability in the event of uncertainties.

Other situations that require covering

Loss of Money

Crisis Containment

Event Equipment and so on

Cost Of Getting A Festival Insurance

The cost of getting an insurance policy that will cover your event varies with location, the number of expected guests and so on.

Cost Of An Event Policy In the US

If you intend to host a festival in the US, you can look up eventhelper.com There special event policy costs as low as $140 and above.

Example of a policy quote using Eventhelper Us

The cost of the following aggregate for a festival in the US coat $918.52


Event location-Washington

Length of days-1day

attendance -4000

Type of event-Rock concert

Cost Of A Festival Event Insurance In the UK

The cost of getting an insurance policy in the UK also depends on the insurance company For instance Protectivity insurance give you the privilege to customize your policy to suit your needs. You can get the quote online. But their premium public liability for 2500 guests is £372.05.

Benefit Of A Festival Insurance Policy

The main benefit of this policy is that it helps in the recovery of expenses that might otherwise be lost. It also takes care of unforeseen mayhem that may arise too, such as damage to equipment, property or bodily injury.

Festival Insurance UK

I am sure you heard of the Vault festival that was cancelled in 2022. The Vault Festival is an annual event that features stand-up, theatre, and cabaret.  The event that was supposed to hold January to March was cancelled due to covid uncertainties. You sure must have known countless other festivals that were cancelled too Or encountered damages that cost a fortune.

Ever wonder how the organisers recover from the losses? It is through festival insurance in the UK. Getting a festival insurance policy protects you In the event that the festival event is postponed, cancelled, or interrupted. Generally, this will incur unrecoverable costs and lose revenue in the UK. 

Do you Love Going For a Festival Event?

Make sure you go with travel insurance especially when you are travelling from one state to the other. Furthermore, keep your NHS handy in cases of emergency.

Music Festival Insurance

A music concert is among the most common festival events people look forward to. Companies make millions from it.

Why do you need Music Festival Insurance?

It covers clients for a variety of reasons, such as severe adverse weather, venue unavailability, earthquakes, wildfires, power outages, communicable disease outbreaks, non-appearance of a key person, presenter, or entertainer, major riots and civil commotion, or national mourning. These and many more may disrupt your music festival, that is why we recommend purchasing a festival event insurance policy as soon as you start making plans for your next festival. Fans get the opportunity to see their favourite artist during music festivals. this is one of the reasons why music festivals are never out of style. But what if your event is cancelled due to bad weather, venue issues, or other factors? Trust me, it is not a pleasing situation.

Therefore, we highlight some of the best special event festival insurance you can get before your next big music festival.

Top Best Insurance For Your Next Festival

The following are some of the special event insurance companies that may meet your festival insurance need.

RVNA – Suitable for all kinds of event

WedSafe – Websafe is perfect for wedding insurance.

Eventhelper.com – The Best for a special festival event

Thimble – Want to organise a part-Time Event, then choose thimble insurance.

Markel – Best for Customizable Specialty Insurance 

Allrisk.com – All-risk is a great  insurance policy for a music festival


Dealing with a cancelled event is hard enough, handling the expense is heart wrecking, that is why you should always protect yourself from such heartache by adding a festival insurance plan to your to-do list for your next festival event.

Festival Insurance FAQs

What is covered in event insurance?

Event insurance is purchased to cover an event host’s liability in case of an accident. It includes coverage for Event Liability (Bodily Injury and Property Damage) and for Tenant’s Legal Liability.

What is the purpose of event insurance?

Special event insurance is an insurance policy that helps protect your investment in a specific event, such as a wedding. Event insurance may help cover your costs if you unexpectedly need to cancel your event or if you’re found responsible for property damage or an injury caused during your event

What insurance do I need to host an event?What Insurance do you need for your event?

Public Liability is designed to cover your legal liability in the event of a third party injury or property damage that occurs during your event. It is one of the most important covers you may need for your event.

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