DRONE INSURANCE UK: Best Personal & Commercial Drone Insurance Providers 2023

drone insurance UK

If you are a leisure pilot in the Uk, you are not required by law to acquire drone insurance. All commercial pilots, however, must have some type of liability insurance for their drones. As a result, knowing which insurance to select depending on your needs can save you a significant amount of time and money. Let’s have a look at some of the best personal and commercial drone insurance providers in the UK:

Considerations Before Obtaining Drone Insurance UK

The following are some vital things to check before obtaining UK drone insurance.

#1. Coverage: 

Some firms simply provide liability insurance, which covers property damage or physical injury caused by their drone. As a result, if the insurance company provides liability as well as hull coverage (physical damage to your drone), it may be a better alternative. Add-on coverage for equipment, remote controls, and other items may also be available.

#1. Plans: 

Another crucial consideration when selecting drone insurance is your budget. A pricey annual plan might not be the ideal solution for recreational drone operators. As a result, hourly, monthly, and annual plans must be put into consideration. And some companies additionally provide customized plans.

#2. Coverage Amount: 

This is an important issue to consider. The heavier the drone, the greater the risk to people and property on the ground. As a result, selecting a drone insurance company with high liability coverage can help alleviate the fear of damage in the event of a mistake

#3. Drone Type:

The type of drone insurance you get is heavily influenced by the type of drone you own and the operation. If you have a medium-sized drone that weighs roughly 2kg and operates near a lot of people and structures, you may wish to get hull and liability insurance. However, if you’re an FPV pilot flying in confined spaces, recreational drone insurance with only hull coverage would suffice. As a result, examine the type of drone and its operation to better understand your requirements.

Best Drone Insurance Providers in the UK

#1. Coverdrone

Coverdrone is one of the best drone insurance providers in the UK. It has aspirations for both commercial and recreational pilots. Moreover, its coverage alternatives include data protection and invasion of privacy, among many other essentials. It is entirely compatible with EC 785/2004. Coversure also provides Flysafe, an assistant app for airspace maps, environmental conditions, low-flying manned aircraft, and dynamic restrictions.

  • Specialist drone insurance provider
  • Coverage for commercial and recreational drone operations
  • Global coverage
  • Flysafe’s companion app
  • Coverage for training with no drone or operator limitations

#2. Eversure

This is a business and recreational drone insurance service in the United Kingdom. Eversure complies with EC 785/2004. It also has one of the largest liability limits, up to £25 million. Eversure’s insurance can cover limitless flights and many drones.

  • Liability protection that is extensive
  • Policy provisions that are adaptable
  • Global coverage
  • Coverage for numerous drones

#3. Drone Cover Club

The Drone Cover Club (DCC) is an organization for drone and model aircraft enthusiasts. It provides its members with effective insurance for recreational and hobby pilots. It’s a terrific choice for recreational pilots who don’t want to pay for costly insurance. Furthermore,  Drone Cover Club offers four insurance plans: annual, six-month, thirty-day, and two-day. This allows you to get insurance depending on your specific requirements. DCC provides liability coverage of £12 million, personal injury coverage of £10,000, and the opportunity for pilots to add accidental drone damage cover, loss and theft cover, and so on. 

  • Liability coverage is extensive.
  • Add-on coverage options
  • Four insurance plans based on your needs
  • Advantages of Membership
  • Choices for global coverage

#4. The Drone Worx

Drone Worx is one of the best insurance companies for commercial drone operations. This insurer is EU 785/2004 compliant and has an A rating. It provides liability coverage of up to £10 million as well as drone and equipment coverage. You can get a quote online.

  • Liability coverage is extensive.
  • Flexible drone insurance packages based on your requirements
  • Excellent for commercial pilots

#5. Allianz

Allianz is a well-known multinational insurance company that operates in a variety of industries. Its drone insurance coverage is broad and covers all types of business operations. They provide insurance for individual and commercial operators, manufacturers, distributors, and repairers, as well as flight schools and training facilities. Aside from commercial drone operations, enthusiasts can also tailor programs to their specific needs. Allianz provides both hull and liability insurance. 

  • A comprehensive list of insurance policies.
  • Best for commercial operations, with options for hobbyists.
  • Modification of Policies.
  • Coverage for the hull as well as liability.
  • Options for global coverage

Commercial Drone Insurance

Commercial drone insurance is an expert in providing coverage for those in the photographic and media industries who are utilizing this technology. Therefore, commercial drone insurance covers the hull, removable payload, and parts, as well as specialist aviation liability. This critical addition to your coverage satisfies the criteria of EC Regulation 785/2004, which the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) requires for certified commercial drone use.

Is Commercial drone Insurance In Need?

You can possess a drone without insurance, however, in order to legally fly it for business purposes, you must have commercial drone insurance.

Camerasure, like most insurance companies, does not automatically cover media, film, television, and photography businesses. This is because commercial drone insurance includes aviation coverage. Likewise, home contents insurance may not be adequate to cover the loss or theft of a commercial drone used for business purposes.

Commercial drone insurance in the UK is in need in order to attend the CAA qualifying course, both theoretically and practically. Which is required before you can apply for a permit to operate drones professionally in the UK.

Commercial drone UK surveys necessitate the purchase of drone insurance because they are not covered by conventional property insurance. This is also true if you fly the commercial drone over your own property.

Commercial drone requirements from the CAA

UAVs are defined as aircraft in EC Regulation 785/2004, and so UAV operators are considered aircraft operators. Moreover, drones used for commercial purposes are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are utilized in exchange for compensation or other useful consideration. A function Object() { [native code] }, for instance, commissioned to undertake a survey for a charge will need to have a CAA permit to fly for commercial activities, or bring in an operator who does.

To acquire permission to fly for commercial purposes from the CAA. The operator must demonstrate that they have third-party liability insurance with the necessary extensions required by EC Regulation 785/2004. Which our policy will cover. Moreover, this will need to be at least 750,000 SDRs [Special Drawing Rights IMF money], and our beginning level of public liability of £1,000,000 GBP will be sufficient to cover this. But, depending on the weight/payload of the drone, this limit of responsibility may need to be raised. However, without a referral, we can cover up to £50,000,000 GBP.Insurance coverage for commercial drones

Cyber protection in the event that the drone system is hacked. Moreover, data reinstatement is covered under this section.

Third-party liability coverage has been expanded to include hijack coverage, noise, and annoyance coverage, and violation of privacy coverage.

Accidental loss, theft, and damage, including theft from a vehicle.  This covers coverage for transportation damage and detachable payloads like DSLR cameras, as well as accessories and ground control stations and spares like batteries.

Coverage is provided worldwide.

Examples of commercial drone insurance exclusions

It is critical to ensure that you have appropriate coverage when utilizing your business drone.

While our policy does not exclude hazardous places, you must be flying under the authority of your CAA permission to fly for commercial operations. Meanwhile, some activities may require extended authorization from the CAA.

Although our coverage is global, you must notify us if you intend to use your drone in countries or territories where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises no/essential travel. Furthermore, consult your insurance for a complete list of nations, and keep in mind that you must fly with the authority of the country you are visiting.

We do not provide coverage for drones used for racing.

Wear and tear, as well as electrical or mechanical defects or breakdowns, are not covered.

Drones operated for more than 500 hours per year without being referred

Considerations for Purchasing Commercial Drone Insurance UK

Commercial drone insurance in the UK can be limited to liability alone (if you have a smaller, less expensive craft, you may wish to consider this). If you require full coverage for the hull/payload/spares, including damage and theft, this can be coverage in a single straightforward package. However, if the drone is used for commercial purposes, you must always incorporate liability insurance to comply with CAA laws.

We can cover numerous drones and multiple operators, enabling insurance for a single individual drone operator or bigger organizations with more complex needs.

Personal Drone Insurance UK

Insurance experts may lack experience with personal-use drones UK because they were not regulated until 2015. If this is the case, they would most likely want as much information as possible before responding to queries. Prepare by having an answer ready for the following questions:

What will the personal drone be used for and any insurance in the UK?

Will it be utilised for work or for pleasure?

Will it be utilised for racing or competition?

Who will pilot the personal drone, is it with insurance UK, and how old will they be?

Where is it going to take off and land?

What is the altitude at which you fly?

Do you have receipts for how much you paid for your drone? In the case of a loss, ask if they can schedule it expressly on your policy so you don’t have to pay a deductible.

Personal Drone Information and Resources, as well as Drone Flying Safety Tips

Having a personal drone can be a lot of fun, and new owners will almost certainly want to take it for a test flight right away. Expert drone pilots, on the other hand, will advise personal use to continue with insurance UK and caution

What You Should Know Before Flying Your New Drone

Accidents are common among first-time operators. It is best to practice flying your drone in an area free of people and potential obstacles such as buildings or power lines. Just because you’ve flown a UAV or drone previously doesn’t imply every UAV is the same.

In addition, UAV Coach is an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to learn about drones in a welcoming environment. The site includes connections to safety information, and the news part is updated on a regular basis. If you have a specific question, the website’s forum has an active community that enjoys assisting other fans.


Drones are popular with more than one type of user. Some hobbyists utilize low-cost drones for entertainment purposes, whilst professional photographers may use camera equipment on high-end drones. Whichever one you use it for, drone insurance is important for your safety and that of others.


How much does drone insurance cost UK?

Costs for drone insurance in the UK vary depending on the type of cover you require and the length of the term. Drone Cover Club drone insurance starts at £18.95 for a 2 day cover period but our annual membership provides our best value cover at £29.95 for the entire year.

When must you have insurance to fly a drone UK?

Insurance for drones and model aircraft 20kg and above

If your drone or model aircraft is 20kg or more, you must always have third-party insurance, no matter what you use your aircraft for.

Is the UK drone code law?

 Warning It is against the law to fly a drone or model aircraft without having the required IDs. You can also be fine for breaking the law when flying. In the most serious cases, you could be sent to prison.

If your drone or model aircraft is 20kg or more, you must always have third-party insurance, no matter what you use your aircraft for.

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 Warning It is against the law to fly a drone or model aircraft without having the required IDs. You can also be fine for breaking the law when flying. In the most serious cases, you could be sent to prison.

" } } ] }
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