Drive Drinking Insurance: How Much Is Car Insurance After Drink Driving Ban?

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Drinking and driving is a serious offense with serious implications. Aside from the risk to your own and others’ lives, it can result in a substantial fine, a driving restriction, or even a lengthy prison sentence, which is why drive drinking insurance is important. This guide will go over the meaning of car insurance after a drinking ban, drink driving car insurance, car insurance drink driving and how much is car insurance after drink driving ban. Furthermore, acquiring insurance after a conviction can be difficult and costly.

Drive Drinking Insurance

Driving a vehicle after drinking alcohol is known as drink driving. The insurance you go for after that is called “drive drinking insurance.” There is a legal limit for the amount of alcohol in your blood. If you’re caught with anything above this limit, you’ll be charged with driving while inebriated. Because it’s difficult to predict how much alcohol will push a person over the limit; it’s always best to avoid drinking and driving.

Drinking and driving convictions can have serious consequences. You can be sentenced to up to 6 months in prison, a driving restriction; or an unlimited fine even if you are not involved in an incident, which leads to the fact that you will need drive drinking insurance.

Someone might face up to 14 years in prison if they cause death while driving under the influence of alcohol.

You are not the only one who may be affected by your drunk driving. According to numbers just provided by the Department of Transportation; there were 9,050 injuries and 240 deaths in drink-driving accidents in 2016.

Drinking and driving is a high-risk, low-reward activity that can result in irreversible repercussions. If you’re detected driving under the influence, you’ll face harsh consequences, including a 12-month driving prohibition, fines, and, in rare cases, prison time.

Many insurers are wary of providing coverage to drivers who have received a DR10, DR20, or DR30 driving prohibition. Plus, those that don’t rule you out are notorious for inflating your insurance prices.

Can You Get Car Insurance Again Following a Drink Driving Conviction?

Insurers are wary of drivers who have been convicted of drunk driving because of the necessity of car insurance after a drinking ban. It can be tough to find an insurer willing to cover you if you’ve been banned from driving due to a conviction. This is due to the fact that you are now considered a high-risk driver.

Remember that whether you’re getting a new policy or renewing an old one, you have to tell your insurer about your conviction when getting car insurance after a drinking ban. Should you need to make a claim, your policy will very likely be void if you don’t do so.

A drink-driving conviction (DR10) can drastically raise your car insurance after a drinking ban. Even if your original insurer is willing to cover you, your payment is likely to more than double as a result of your conviction. It could be considerably more expensive, depending on the severity of your case.

How Much Does Car Insurance Go Up After a Drink Driving Ban?

This is determined by a variety of criteria, including the type of conviction you obtained, the number of points you received, and whether or not you were involved in an accident as a result of your drunk driving. Whether you have points on your license will surely affect how much a car insurance policy after a drunk driving ban costs

There’s a fear of how much car insurance after drink driving costs, If you’re looking for affordable car insurance after a drinking ban, the best thing you can do is compare multiple quotes – including those from specialist insurance providers – to discover the cheapest deal for the level of coverage you require.

How Will Drink Driving Affect the Cost of Car Insurance?

Depending on the firm, insurers typically need you to reveal a conviction, such as drink driving for a minimum of three to five years. More significant convictions, on the other hand, can result in points on your license lasting up to 11 years. During this time, your auto insurance is likely to remain expensive.

Tips to Reduce the Cost of Car Insurance After a Drink Driving Conviction

Undertaking the drink driving course may result in lower insurance rates and a reduction in the length of your driving ban of up to 25%. Here are a few more ways to help you lower your car insurance prices, in addition to taking the drink driving insurance rehabilitation course:

  • Compare quotes: It pays to look around and examine insurance quotes from various insurance firms.
  • Accept a higher voluntary excess: Almost all automobile insurance providers will need you to pay a minimum voluntary excess, which is the amount you contribute to the cost of any claim you make on your policy. Your insurance cost will be lower if this value is higher.
  • Try to lower your annual mileage: You are less likely to engage in an accident if you drive less.
  • Limit the policy to cover:  Rather than allowing everyone to drive the insured car with your approval, limit it to only particular specified drivers.
  • Increase vehicle security: The insurance industry’s research center Thatcham evaluates automobiles available on the UK market to determine their degree of standard fit security. Vehicles equipped with security systems that meet the Thatcham standards may qualify for lower insurance prices. Older cars may benefit as well if they are later installed with a security system that fits the requirements.
  • Keep your car in a secure location: When your car is not in use, such as a garage or driveway.
  • Consider getting a car with a low insurance group rating : When you first get back on the road following a driving prohibition, this will help you save money on your insurance until your driving record changes (typically five years).

How Long Do I Have to Declare a Drink Driving Conviction?

For the next 3-5 years, most insurers will need you to record any drunk driving convictions. If you’re convicted of a more serious drink-driving offense, though, your license might be suspended for up to 11 years. The following offenses will stay on your license for 11 years:

  • DR10
  • DR20
  • DR30
  • DR31
  • DR61
  • DR70

Why Is Car Insurance For Drink Drivers More Expensive?

If you have been convicted of a drink driving offense, you will be deemed a higher risk than someone with a clean driving record, and your insurance prices will reflect this. Many insurers assume that if you’ve once committed an offense; you’re more likely to do it again.

Many people with a drink driving offense conviction on their record, on the other hand, have just made a mistake and are not inherently dangerous drivers. You won’t have to pay the higher premiums indefinitely; it may take some time, but drunk driving convictions will eventually be removed from your record. This means you won’t always need a specialist insurer, but in the interim, this means you won’t always need a specialist insurer, but you will get assistance in the interim.

Will a Drink Driver Rehabilitation Course Make My Insurance Cheaper?

This is entirely up to drive drinking insurance. It’s not uncommon for insurance providers to view your alcohol driver rehabilitation course as a positive move. It’s also possible that your drink driver course will shorten the length of time the conviction remains on your license, meaning you’ll have a clean driving record sooner rather than later. It is not impossible to find affordable car insurance for convicted drivers.

Drink driving endorsement codes


Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol above the limit. 3-11

Driving or attempting to drive while unfit through drinking 3-11

Driving or attempting to drive, then failing to supply a specimen analysis 3-11
DR31 Driving or attempting to drive, then refusing to give permission for analysis of a blood sample that was taken without consent due to incapacity 3-11
DR61 Refusing to give permission for analysis of a blood sample that was taken without consent and was due to incapacity in circumstances other than driving or attempting to drive 10

In charge of a vehicle while the alcohol level above limit

In charge of a vehicle while the alcohol level is above limit 10

In charge of a vehicle while unfit through drink 10

Failure to provide a specimen for analysis in circumstances like driving or attempting to drive 10

Failure to cooperate with the preliminary roadside test 4

Can I take a course to reduce my driving ban?

Attendees can decrease their driving ban by up to 25% by completing a Drink Drive course, for example, reducing a 12-month driving restriction to 9 months.

What is the sentence for drink driving UK?

14 years in prison is the sentence. A fine of an indefinite amount, a minimum of two-year driving prohibition

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