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Motability has made a significant contribution to assisting disabled drivers in obtaining modified vehicles and experiencing the freedom that driving provides. Read on to get a clear picture of what Motability car insurance rules are, the excess you have to pay, and things to gain when you make your damage claims.

However, for those with partners, children, or caregivers, there may be some misunderstanding regarding who is eligible to drive the automobile and who can make insurance policy modifications.

Motability Insurance

Motability insurance enables persons with disabilities to become mobile by swapping their mobility allowance for a lease on a new car, wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV), scooter, or powered wheelchair.

Who Can I Put on the Insurance?

We will accept drivers who possess a valid driver’s license. Drivers with non-UK driving licenses will face greater scrutiny.

Only drivers specified on the Certificate of Motor Insurance as licensed drivers are insured to drive your Motability car. During your lease, you may quickly check, add, or update your named drivers in the ‘Insurance cover’ part of your Motability Scheme online account, which saves you from having to contact RSA Motability (RSAM).

How Do You Qualify for a Motability Car?

Numerous individuals receiving benefits due to a mobility-related handicap are eligible to lease a car through the Motability scheme. At the moment, the following awards are eligible: 

  • Allowance for Daily Living (higher rate mobility component) 
  • Payment for Individual Independence (enhanced rate mobility component) 
  • Payment for Armed Forces Independence. 

Note: To apply, you must have at least 12 months remaining on your benefit payments. 

If you want modifications, these must be installed prior to the vehicle being delivered. This is to ensure that driving under the medical circumstances specified by the DVLA when your license was issued is safe and legal.

Who Is Eligible to Drive a Motability Car?

A Motability automobile can be insured for up to three people. These individuals may be friends, relatives, or caregivers. Each driver must possess a current driver’s license. Additional checks may be required if the license was not issued in the United Kingdom. The named drivers must not have been disqualified or convicted in the preceding five years.

Wherever possible, named drivers should live within five miles of the incapacitated individual. Any change in the circumstances of a specified driver, such as a change of address, a conviction, or a health condition, should be notified immediately to both the DVLA and Motability.

Drivers may be added or removed at the leaseholder’s discretion. The new driver must agree to the scheme’s terms and conditions and consent to their license being checked against the DVLA’s driver database.

Misuse of Motability vehicles

If the car is abused, the lease may be revoked, and the driver may be barred from using the Motability plan in the future. The following constitute automobile misuse:

  • Utilizing the automobile in ways that are detrimental to the disabled person
  • Illegal conduct, such as driving without a valid license or while prohibited
  • Lending or selling the automobile
  • Utilization of the automobile for business reasons.

Is It Possible for Me to Drive a Motability Car if I Have Points on My License?

Existing points will have been disclosed to the applicant during the application process. Any additional points should be reported immediately to Motability to evaluate whether coverage can continue. If a driver’s information is not updated, the lease may be canceled.

Motability Insurance Rules 

A Motability lease includes insurance, breakdown cover, and tax as part of the package. However, this is not an unlimited deal, as drivers are subject to a variety of restrictions when operating the vehicle.


Motability automobiles come with a three-year mileage allowance of 60,000 miles. Each mile exceeding this restriction results in an additional penalty.


All named drivers are permitted to use the vehicle for travels that help the disabled person, such as shopping for food or other necessary items. The leaseholder is not required to remain in the car at all times. This implies that disabled people as young as three years old can claim cars to guarantee they do not miss out on services and care owing to their lack of mobility.

If the named drivers do not live with the disabled person, the vehicle may be equipped with a location tracker to monitor trips and guarantee proper vehicle usage.

Bonus for Making No Claims

While driving a lease car under the Motability plan, drivers cannot accrue any claims bonus.

Motability Car Insurance 

Motability has arranged for insurance coverage on all cars and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles leased through the Motability Scheme. Read further for more information on mobility car insurance.

Who Can Drive The Motability Car?

When you apply for insurance, you can name two people who can drive the car, but that doesn’t have to be the person who gets the Mobility Allowance (the person that the Motability vehicle has been leased for). Motability cars and WAVs are available to people who qualify but don’t drive. You can nominate two people (family, friends, or caregivers) to drive the car for you. Drivers under the age of 25 are subject to rules, too.

No one else can drive the Motability car, even if they have their own fully comprehensive insurance, even if they drive it.

Can I Add A Third Driver To The Motability Insurance Cover?

Yes. Motability has changed its rules so that they now allow you to add a third driver for no extra charge. At the time you place your order, you can name two drivers. If you need to add a third driver during your Motability lease, you can do so by getting in touch with RSA Motability.

What are the rules for young drivers?

A Motability car that has an insurance group of 16 or lower and an engine that has a power output of 120 brake horsepower (BHP) or less can only be used by people under 25. (This rule does not apply to young people driving wheelchair-accessible vehicles.) Only one person under the age of 21 can drive.

What Isn’t Covered By The Motability Insurance Policy?

If you have to make a claim on your car insurance, you’ll have to pay an extra fee. This is the same for all types of car insurance. This is usually £100, but the amount varies and is based on the driver’s age and how long he or she has been behind the wheel.

Any personal items in the car lost keys, any non-standard equipment or modifications, any damage to the inside of the car that is too bad for business use, and so on are not covered by the policy (other than traveling to and from your usual place of work)

Who Funds Motability Cars?

The Motability Scheme uses your mobility payment to help pay for a new car. This is how it works: Payments for moving around can be used on the scheme:

  • Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HMRC DLA) – this is currently £62.25 per week
  • Enhanced Rate of Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP) – this is currently £62.25 per week
  • War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement (WPMS) – this is currently £64.80 per week
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP) – this is currently £139.75 per week

Are there any other costs?

As part of the Motability scheme, many of the costs of owning a car, such as insurance, repairs, and breakdown cover, are covered. There are still other things to think about, though.

You’ll have to pay for things like fuel and consumables like oil and screenwash, as well as any changes to your car that aren’t covered by the scheme. You’ll also have to pay for any optional extras that you add to your car. Costs like insurance claims and parking or speeding fines that you may have to pay are also yours.

How to lease a Motability car

In the Motability program, you can rent a car from a car dealership and use it for free. A lot of dealerships that sell Motability cars can be found all over the UK. You can use the Motability website to find your nearest dealer.

People who buy cars that need an advance payment have to pay this before they get the car. This is called a “down payment.”

Sometimes, you can trade in your car and use its value to help pay for your Motability lease. This should be discussed with your dealer first.

What are the best cars on Motability?

It’s possible to get a car from any of the major automakers through the Motability scheme. Motability has a lot of different types of cars, from city cars to family cars, SUVs, and executive cars. There are also some electric cars to choose from.

Note: The cheapest cars don’t require a deposit and are paid for entirely by your mobility allowance.

Motability Insurance Excess

Currently, the insurance excess on a UK Motability policy is £100. Therefore, if repairs are required, you must contribute to the expense. If your vehicle is still driveable (like mine was), you have the option of declining the repairs.

It’s worth noting the £600 “Good condition incentive” that you receive at the conclusion of your three-year Motability car lease. If you do not have the repairs completed, you are unlikely to receive the £600. Therefore, by paying the £100 excess, you will save £500 in the long term. (Assuming no further mishaps.) This is critical when contemplating what happens if your Motability automobile is involved in an accident.

What excess do I pay?

Each policy includes a mandatory excess of £100, which you must pay in the case of a claim. Additional charges are indicated on your itinerary. These may be applicable to the following:

  • Teenage drivers
  • Certain types of vehicles
  • Modifications
  • Discounts for no-claim

In your lease agreement and policy schedule, you’ll find the amount of money you’ll have to pay if you make an insurance claim. In order to make sure the amount is correct, or if you have any questions, please call RSA Motability.

Motability Insurance Claims 

As the car is owned by Motability Operations Ltd., you won’t get a personal no-claims bonus because it’s not yours. As soon as you leave the Scheme, your personal no-claims history may no longer be accepted by insurers.

How can I file a claim with my insurance?

If you need to file an insurance claim following an accident involving your powered wheelchair or scooter, contact RSAM at 0800 294 0790. They will arrange for any necessary repairs to be made. If your motorized wheelchair or scooter is stolen or vandalized, you must first notify the police and obtain a crime reference number before reporting the theft or vandalism to RSAM. Additionally, RSAM will need your customer reference number, the date, time, and circumstances surrounding the incident, as well as any other information pertinent to your claim.

Can I Drive Other Cars?

No. You are only covered to drive vehicles provided by the Scheme. If your automobile requires repairs, you will be allowed to drive any short-term substitute vehicle offered by the Scheme, such as a courtesy car given by a recommended repairer.

Am I Covered if My Car’s Personal Belongings Are Stolen?

No, and this includes optional sat-navs and stereos. If you desire to insure personal possessions, you must arrange your own coverage. One alternative is to add items transported in your automobile to your household insurance.

Who Is Permitted to Drive My Car?

It’s critical to note that the car can only be driven by designated drivers. On the Certificate of Motor Insurance, named drivers are listed as ‘permitted drivers.’ They are the drivers of the Motability Scheme vehicle that you select. Your insurance coverage may include up to three named drivers. Two named drivers can be selected when submitting your application, and a third driver can be added during the lease period by contacting RSA Motability (RSAM) at 0300 037 3737.

What to Do if You Are Involved in a Road Accident and Have Motability Insurance?

  • Stop Your Vehicle, and note that if you do not stop, it’s considered a criminal offense in the UK
  • Switch off your engine
  • Turn on the warning lights
  • Make an attempt to move and inspect yourself and your passengers for any injuries or discomfort.
  • If you or anyone else is hurt, dial 999 to contact an ambulance and the police.
  • Inform the third party or any other parties involved of your insurance information.
  • Collect whatever witness information you can, including their name, address, and phone number.
  • Take photographs with your phone and, if feasible, record a video.
  • Notify your insurance carrier of the accident, but only when it is safe.

Numerous insurance providers will attempt to obstruct the payment of your claim. To avoid being a victim of these tactics, always take photographs at the scene of the accident, film movies, exchange information, and obtain the phone numbers of any witnesses. If you are hurt or discover that anyone else involved in the accident is injured, call an ambulance immediately. If the car is severely damaged and is impeding traffic, the police should also be contacted. Once you are safe, call the Motability Insurance claims department. Attempting to flee the scene of an accident is illegal.

In some instances, you may encounter fraudsters on the road. They may be operating crashes for cash scams; if you suspect this is the case, contact the authorities.

Motability Insurance FAQ

Does Motability insurance count as no claims?

While driving a lease car under the Motability plan, drivers cannot accrue any claims bonus.

Who is eligible for Motability?

A Motability automobile can be insured for up to three people. These individuals may be friends, relatives, or caregivers. Each driver must possess a current driver’s license.

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