Microsoft Bookings: Benefits, Uses And All You Need To Know

microsoft bookings
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Scheduling appointments and managing bookings can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process, especially for businesses and organizations with multiple appointments and staff members. This blog post discusses what Microsoft Bookings is, how to use it, and the advantages and uses of Microsoft Bookings.

What are Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft Bookings is a web-based appointment scheduling tool designed to help businesses and organizations manage appointments more effectively. It is part of the Microsoft 365 app suite and works with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook and Teams.

Microsoft Bookings enables businesses to create a customizable web page from which customers can schedule appointments online. Microsoft Bookings offers what is called automatic reminders and simple scheduling management features to help businesses manage their appointments.

How Does Microsoft Bookings Work

Appointments can be made in two ways: customers can schedule their appointments using the online booking page, or staff can manually enter appointments. To schedule an appointment, the customer first chooses the service they require. Then, based on the availability schedule you created, they can select a day and time for the appointment and enter their contact information to book it.

The customer receives an email confirmation notice as soon as the appointment is submitted. The notice includes information about the appointment as well as a link to directions. It also includes a link through which the customer can change or cancel the appointment.

At the same time, the date is automatically added to your calendar or the calendars of your employees. Bookings are compatible with Outlook and Google calendars. Your customers will only see the Bookings calendar you publish online, not your linked business calendars.

The configuration is highly customizable and simple to set up. To get started, simply do the following:

  • Enter your company’s information.
  • Establish your scheduling policies, such as appointment length, acceptable cancellation times, and automatic notifications.
  • Define your service offerings, which should include the service name, description, location, and pricing. Make a list of your employees.
  • Establish employee working hours.
  • Schedule vacations and other business closures.
  • Make your booking page public.

Bookings are available to Microsoft customers who have a subscription to Office 365 Business Premium. The Microsoft Bookings mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Features Of Microsoft Booking

Microsoft Bookings is a feature-rich online scheduling tool that offers numerous advantages beyond what other scheduling tools can offer. Here are some of Microsoft Bookings’ key features:

#1. Online Booking

Microsoft Bookings offers a customizable web page that businesses can use to accept customer online bookings. Customers can schedule appointments at their leisure without having to call or email the company.

#2. Automatic Remainders

Microsoft Bookings sends out automatic reminders to customers about upcoming appointments. This lowers the likelihood of no-shows and cancellations, which can be costly for businesses.

#3. Simple Scheduling Management

Microsoft Bookings has an easy-to-use interface that allows businesses to manage their appointments. It enables businesses to easily view their appointment schedule, change appointments, and reschedule appointments.

#4. Microsoft Product Integration

Microsoft Bookings works with other Microsoft products like Outlook and Microsoft Teams. This enables businesses to manage their appointments within the Microsoft ecosystem while also providing seamless integration between various Microsoft products.

#5. Configurable Options

Microsoft Bookings offers customizability, allowing businesses to tailor the tool to their specific requirements. Businesses can customize their booking page, add services, and set availability based on their availability.

How to Create a Microsoft Bookings Account

Sign up for an account on the Microsoft Bookings website if you haven’t already. Microsoft Bookings is available as part of the Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Business Premium plans. Then you must enter your basic information and create your booking page.

#1. Customize Your Booking Page

Once you’ve signed up, you can personalize your booking page. You can add your logo, customize the color scheme, and choose which services you want to offer. Here’s an example of our booking page for customers who want a free cloud migration consultation.

#2. Set Your Availability

The next step is to set your availability. You can set your working hours, time zones, and vacation days. You can also schedule time between appointments. An example of setting time off on your Bookings calendar is shown below.

#3. Add Your Staff

You can add staff members who will be booking appointments to your account. In the Microsoft appointment booking system, you can configure their availability and grant them access to your booking page.

#4. Share Your Booking Page

You can now share your booking page with your clients once everything is in place. You can embed it on your website, share it on social media, or send it via email.

#5. Schedule Your Appointments

You will receive notifications as clients book appointments, which you can manage through your Bookings application. You can change or cancel appointments, send client reminders, and manage your calendar.

By following these steps, you will be able to manage your appointments and streamline your booking process using the Microsoft Booking app.

Uses Of Microsoft Booking

Microsoft Bookings is appropriate for organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Let me offer you some examples of how organisations make use of Microsoft bookings to make their work easier

#1. HR Department

HR departments may utilize Microsoft Bookings to conduct interviews, onboard new employees, and give any necessary training.

#2. Education 

Microsoft Bookings and Teams can be used for setting up virtual appointments for school counseling, parent nights, tutoring, pre-admission events, contacting potential pupils, conducting webinars, and meeting academics, staff, and students.

#3. Health Care 

Microsoft Bookings is a healthcare tool that allows patients to schedule appointments, manage virtual consultations, and maintain secure patient information, ensuring compliance with healthcare standards and privacy in their online calendars.

#4. Retail 

Microsoft Bookings streamlines employee calendars, schedules, and appointment types, allowing for flexible business hours, automatic reminders, self-service rescheduling, and 24/7 online booking. It also manages finances and creates estimates and invoices.

Bookings is a comprehensive tool that streamlines staff schedules, work hours, and availability, sends automatic email reminders, and offers workplace flexibility for hybrid or remote workers.

Benefits Of Using Microsoft Bookings

If your company already knows how to use Microsoft apps, you should take advantage of Microsoft bookings. Aside from that, here are some advantages:

#1. Simple to Set Up and Use

Microsoft Bookings is a user-friendly scheduling tool that is simple to set up, and learning how to use it is not hard. It is intended to simplify appointment and scheduling management for businesses and individuals by streamlining the booking process.

#2. Integrations

The Microsoft Bookings app seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft applications, such as Outlook and Teams, making it a useful tool for businesses that already know how to use Microsoft products.

#3. Customizable

Microsoft Bookings users can personalize their booking page with their logo, brand colors, and appointment types. This makes it simple to provide clients and customers with a personalized scheduling experience.

#4. Mobile App

Microsoft Bookings has a mobile app that allows you to manage appointments on the go. This is especially useful for companies with employees who need to access the scheduling tool while working away from the office.

#5. Analytics and Reporting

Microsoft Bookings offers detailed analytics and reporting features to users. This enables businesses to track appointment volume, cancellations, and no-shows, allowing them to make data-driven scheduling decisions.

Disadvantages Of Using Microsoft Booking

When you finally understand how to use Microsoft Bookings, you will notice that it has many benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. Microsoft Bookings has the following drawbacks:

#1. Limited Customization

While Microsoft Bookings does allow for some customization, it is not as versatile as other scheduling tools. Businesses with specific scheduling needs may find that they are unable to customize the tool to meet their needs.

#2. Integrations are Limited

While Microsoft Bookings integrates with other Microsoft applications, it has fewer third-party integrations than some other scheduling tools. This could be a disadvantage for companies that use a variety of third-party tools.

#3. Limited Features

Microsoft Bookings has fewer features than some other scheduling tools, such as advanced automation and scheduling rules. Businesses with complex scheduling requirements may find that Microsoft Bookings is insufficient.

#4. Pricing

Microsoft Booking starts at £9.40 per month, which is higher than the price of some other scheduling tools on the market.

Where Does Microsoft Bookings Data Reside?

All data received through Microsoft Bookings is saved on the Microsoft 365 platform and Exchange. All Microsoft 365 apps adhere to the same regulations, ensuring that all data is safe, secure, and compliant. The Microsoft Bookings app leverages Exchange shared mailboxes to keep all of your customer, worker, appointment, and service information in one safe and secure location.

Microsoft Bookings vs. Calendly and Doodle

Calendly and Doodle are two popular scheduling tools that compete with Microsoft Bookings. Both tools have distinct features and benefits, so it’s critical to compare them to the Microsoft 365 Scheduling app to determine which tool is best suited to your needs.


Calendly is a popular scheduling tool that enables users to easily schedule meetings and appointments. Calendly’s simple and user-friendly interface allows users to set up and customize their availability as well as share their calendars with others. It works with a variety of calendar apps, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar. Calendly also provides advanced features such as reminders, custom branding, and analytics.

Calendly’s pricing model, on the other hand, is not as adaptable as Microsoft 365 calendar scheduling. The basic plan allows users to create only one type of event, and the premium plans can be prohibitively expensive for small businesses and individuals.


Another popular scheduling tool that allows users to create and share polls to schedule meetings and appointments is Doodle. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool that does not require participants to register to schedule meetings. Doodle also includes features such as reminders and calendar integration.

Doodle’s features, however, are limited when compared to Microsoft Bookings and Calendly. It does not provide online booking, so users must schedule appointments with participants manually. Furthermore, Doodle’s free plan has limited features, and the premium plan can be costly.

Microsoft Bookings has more features and flexibility than Calendly and Doodle, making it a better choice for businesses and individuals looking for a comprehensive scheduling tool.

Is it Worthwhile to Use Microsoft Bookings?

Overall, it’s been a fantastic experience. It is well-liked by both staff and clients. I like how the software connects to our Outlook calendar. I can easily change user availability, and it makes scheduling appointments for clients and our staff a breeze.

What is the Distinction Between Microsoft Bookings and Bookings with Me?

Bookings with me are intended for scheduling meetings with specific users. Bookings is a more comprehensive app for managing scheduling for a group of people.

Is it Possible to Book Multiple Attendees with Microsoft Bookings?

Owners and staff members of a booking calendar can now manage and update group service attendees. See Define your service offerings in Bookings for more information on service offerings. On the Bookings service, ensure that the maximum number of attendees is greater than one.

What is the Longest Possible Lead Time for Microsoft Bookings?

The minimum lead time is calculated using regular hours rather than business hours. This is the setting to use if you want to limit how far in advance customers can book appointments. You have the option of setting the maximum to 365 days or more.

Is It Possible to Export Customers From the Software?

Yes. Navigate to the Bookings home page and select Export. Save the file under a name of your choosing.


Microsoft Bookings is a simple appointment-booking application with numerous advantages in today’s world. Its easy integration with Calendar and Teams, as well as the diverse use-case scenarios for both internal and external purposes, make it even more popular and desirable.

Of course, like every tool, Microsoft Bookings has advantages and disadvantages. However, we strongly recommend Microsoft Bookings to enterprises and organizations seeking a powerful and dependable scheduling solution.


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